Đồng nghĩa của sleepyheaded

Tính từ

Lacking energy or alertness
sluggish lethargic inactive dull inert listless lifeless slow torpid unresponsive apathetic languid sleepy unenergetic indolent lazy passive phlegmatic slothful weary dopey drowsy enervated fatigued heavy-eyed idle somnolent tired asthenic bovine dozy heavy lacking in energy neurasthenic quiescent slow-moving sluggardly yawny half asleep logy lymphatic blah comatose down draggy drippy hebetudinous laid-back languorous leaden lumpish mooney off sluggard slumberous stiff sullen lackadaisical slack snoozy quiet indifferent flat stupid spiritless stagnant supine impassive weak limp shiftless stolid sleepyhead yawning otiose out of it uninterested static dormant slumbersome moony dumb thick unconcerned unintelligent dense witless languishing mindless dim thickheaded doltish nodding obtuse vacuous exhausted boneheaded lamebrained unenthusiastic dim-witted dunderheaded chuckleheaded birdbrained lax dead slumbrous lacklustre lackluster dry simple unhurried half-witted brainless senseless unsmart depressed boring narcotic nebbish dopy asleep cold oafish fatuous slow-witted pinheaded lamebrain bonehead opaque weakened sleeping energyless empty-headed gormless dorky softheaded knuckleheaded airheaded lunkheaded fainéant brain-dead wimpy soft bubbleheaded tedious loafing numb weak-minded thick-witted uninteresting stupefied flagging monotonous dreary wooden debilitated foolish do-nothing plodding spent idiotic wooden-headed laggard blockheaded motionless dotish insensible vapid dreamy soporific easy blahs pining negligent placid out leisurely dilatory dead from the neck up feeble work-shy insipid half-baked unproductive ignorant wearisome drab dull-witted stuporous sedentary uninspired blockish ponderous unexciting without energy prosaic colorless groggy glaikit divvy emotionless unemotional oscitant tiresome disinterested passionless unfeeling colourless muttonheaded bone idle imbecilic pig-ignorant simple-minded pea-brained moronic insensitive half-hearted relaxed still dof latent slow on the uptake somnific benumbed resting faint sickly infirm imperceptive unmoving peaceful uninspiring hypnotic sedative faineant remiss drained opiate workshy drugged good-for-nothing bland wearied tame knackered pococurante Laodicean tranquil stoical sapped pooped shot shattered characterless beat daft effete vigorless vigourless hebete droopy humdrum wearying stale lumbering stodgy tired out worn out silly undemonstrative tiring pedestrian slow-going somniferous unimaginative slumbery chowderheaded crass numbing jading arid lukewarm somnifacient uninvolved dead tired naive dog-tired cretinous ho-hum impassible dead beat drudging jejune dusty old stuffy dispassionate detached affectless monochromatic inane mind-numbing cold-blooded not the full shilling dippy gullible lacking vitality out to lunch lacking energy burned out as thick as two short planks asleep on one's feet subdued not busy slow as molasses snail-paced foot-dragging tardy dallying laid back inattentive lagging procrastinating devitalized impaired in the doldrums vegetating paralyzed sodden paralysed spineless yielding careless laboured plain commonplace goofy bleary-eyed stilted acquiescent submissive servile pliant docile imbecile asinine soporous soporose heedless hibernating braindead slow-paced slumberish inconscious labored forced downcast unanimated simpleminded unoccupied numskulled boorish fatheaded thick-skulled dunce-like fat-headed soft in the head half awake half-awake nodding off unflappable anencephalic anencephalous thoughtless unthinking dummy uncompassionate frigid desensitized deadpan unexcitable dozing vegged out out cold wishy-washy dazed shortsighted insensate thick-headed puerile laughable deficient run-of-the-mill kaput along for the ride desensitised restful stretchy silent serene smooth dead to the world easygoing drony having spring fever uncomprehending unkind coldhearted anaesthetic bloodless anesthetic ready for bed deactivated slumbering fallow undisturbed calm in abeyance inoperative immobile half-asleep done in all in bear hardly able to keep one's eyes open unmoved unagitated gentle unruffled weakening slumping declining uneventful cool thick-skinned stoic at rest log-headed uncaring hulking worn woodenheaded falling failing aweary non-committal bored unprogressive cumbersome unambitious unmotivated wasted one-horse tuckered overgrown lubberly thick as mince rundown callous untouched dispirited slow on uptake depleted dead-and-alive elephantine dead-beat dog-weary ready to drop burned-out worn to a frazzle out on one's feet on your last legs dead-tired bone-weary tuckered out burnt-out out of gas worn-out run-down as dry as dust shambling inanimate could care less don't give a damn what the hell couldn't care less lead-footed heavy-footed chowderhead thick as two short planks lustreless lusterless nothing prosy mechanical expressionless hollow inexpressive joyless lank soulless two-dimensional vacant mundane sterile empty banal trite blank routine anaemic anemic fixed barren ordinary lame unremarkable unexpressive inscrutable stony glazed poker-faced bromidic vanilla hackneyed ho hum unstimulating straight-faced workaday unoriginal unvaried catatonic nondescript pallid glassy zestless repetitious matter-of-fact featureless derivative desolate undistinguished everyday mediocre quotidian dull as dishwater muted nowhere unimpassioned milk-and-water weariful samey dry as dust common poor ineffectual ineffective depressing pathetic fruitless repetitive unvarying watery absent zero flavorless gray grey deadly flavourless middle-of-the-road plain vanilla dullsville innocuous desiccated dreich soul-destroying worthless common or garden bleak dismal perfunctory conventional uncreative platitudinous irksome pointless unexceptional unfruitful inadequate sombre unreadable tasteless monochrome sad tepid inoffensive halfhearted neutral hacky antiseptic etiolated fatiguing corny yawnsome unchanging flat tire namby-pamby somber unentertaining unenjoyable drivelling driveling pabulum lacking variety run of the mill lacking excitement lacking interest no great shakes dispiriting futile big yawn nothing to write home about powerless infertile distant faraway threadbare irresolute unexcited plebeian laborious aimless well-worn puny uninventive unadventurous derived turgid lacking in vitality stereotyped unimpressed non-stimulating interminable usual fishy impotent pale deadly dull clear serious unromantic abstracted uncultivatable waste meager bog-standard unspirited vague deadening unrelieved meagre toneless unprolific lacking variation ornery unpalatable dull as ditchwater prolix sapless white-bread absent-minded unmemorable banausic not up to much monotone gloomy deep glum dingy dark cheerless a dime a dozen nobody home unlively forlorn shadowy tenebrous miserable depressive macabre funereal lonely grim dolorous morbid second-rate bummer drag cloying drear moth-eaten bomb remote inferior musty unfocused glassy-eyed unconvincing dry-as-dust flaccid devoid frail reluctant aloof reactionless earthbound stock weakly pedantic clumsy unnatural awkward artificial desert bare anodyne heavy-handed yawn unimpressive solemn undistinctive fish-eyed crude simplistic backward devoid of emotion unwilling paltry blasé average droning waterish nerdy unappealing unsentimental unvarnished unembellished unpoetic nitty-gritty literal terrestrial factual unadorned overlong backwoods beige tenuous slight half-pie OK so-so dowdy day-to-day least Milquetoast uniform old hat phoned in dragging enervating mortal exhausting poky snooze unpassioned cardboard customary normal typical regular truistic useless nerveless mat matte dulled desultory uneager offhand unsmiling po-faced lacking personality lacking charisma endless dreaming behind the times not so hot nonreproductive uninflected treadmill garden-variety garden variety unenthused false insincere fake unseasoned whitebread blind not fun long-drawn-out vain profitless run-of-the mill mopish insouciant ditzy incurious raw wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy unrewarding lacking feeling not amounting to much daydreaming lead balloon predictable unartistic valueless unprofitable purposeless unavailing unsuccessful bootless inefficacious abortive automatic stereotypical inept inefficient incompetent instinctive feigned unfilled unfertile hardscrabble impoverished stark bony boney involuntary unenterprising square unconscious overused masklike meaningless uncommunicative noncommittal lean habitual machine-like irresponsible feckless improvident timeworn meek cursory impersonal low indecisive deceitful unindustrious dubious dishonest suspicious directionless untrustworthy devious unobjectionable harmless mainstream safe naff passé cliched diluted spontaneous robotic casual mechanic inhuman instinctual knee-jerk boiled down without punch motorized powered useful standardized reflex programmed mechanistic systematic laborsaving standardised motorised

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