Đồng nghĩa của bony

Alternative for bony

bonier, boniest

Đồng nghĩa: boney, cadaverous, emaciated, gaunt, haggard, osseous, osteal, pinched, skeletal, wasted,


Composed of a notably small degree of body fat
lean skinny thin gaunt angular emaciated scrawny skeletal spare cadaverous hollow-cheeked underweight anorexic half-starved raw-boned size-zero skin-and-bones underfed anorectic fatless fleshless gangling gangly haggard lithe macilent rangy scraggy slender slim spindly svelte gracile rawboned spindle-shanked starveling undernourished lanky thin as a rake like a bag of bones skin and bones lank attenuated pinched gawky wasted starved boney slight meager willowy meagre attenuate spindling wiry stringy twiggy reedy sylphlike tall beanpole narrow wizened shrivelled shriveled weedy leggy beanstalk lissom puny looking like a bag of bones trim long-legged as thin as a rake withered awkward slightly built long-limbed stick-like graceful slinky stalky delicate weak very thin stick rarefied featherweight fragile twiglike skin and bone as thin as a reed shrunken drawn famished skin-and-bone peaked lumbering scraggly wan ethereal rickety small threadlike lightweight snake-hipped all skin and bones clean-limbed thin as a rail hungry undersized lantern-jawed malnourished atrophied skeleton shadow consumptive skeletonlike ultrathin fine uncoordinated ungainly inelegant frail hollow-eyed lissome extenuated ungraceful graceless elongated light loosely built loosely jointed loose-jointed without an ounce of fat wraithlike feeble sharp over-thin spidery underdeveloped sinewy hairline paper-thin needlelike slim-jim raddled stilted muscular phthisical peaky tapered stark worn to a shadow tapering no fat thin as rail pint-sized like a rail looking like death warmed up subtle stilt pole unco lithesome wispy aciculate acicular stringbean waifish sticklike ghastly ghostly like a matchstick lymphatic etiolated sallow like a skeleton dead shadowy bare tenuous little rattleboned broomstick extended slimmed thread-like refined thinned lengthened corpse-like stretched out thinned down bag of bones spun out drawn out starving small-boned deprived of food limber dainty diminutive tiny pygmy petite Lilliputian undersize dwarfish bantam not heavy shrimpy elfin pint-size fun size flexible long gossamer sapped taut shrunk off-color pale sickly ill-fed slimline sleek agile straggling straggly jerky irregular squiggly diminished airy macerated fit loose-limbed not large bulimic remote faint devastated midget sickly-looking flimsy sickly looking without appetite short outside ruined battle-scarred desolate war-torn wrecked meek peewee squat runtish homuncular stunted stubby dwarf shrimp mere a slip of a … improbable unlikely distant minute ravaged pocket wee dinky smallish toylike subnormal pocket-size pocket-sized half-pint lightly-built


Unsuitable for, or inconducive to, growing crops or vegetation
barren unproductive infertile desolate waste stark unfertile dead poor impoverished hardscrabble boney arid sterile bare unfruitful uncultivatable depleted desert empty fallow exhausted fruitless dismal wild bleak inhospitable windswept lonely exposed uncultivated lifeless dry lean unprolific drained solitary devastated uninhabited spent void unpopulated dreary weakened unyielding sapped reduced diminished enervated denuded sucked dry used up infecund played out worn out uncultivable unvegetated effete deserted harsh austere parched unbearing dry as dust unoccupied vacant godforsaken unfrequented isolated unpeopled abandoned vacated forsaken remote untenanted secluded evacuated neglected depopulated forgotten unused disused unvisited free derelict idle unsettled impotent open dormant unwelcoming stagnant sequestered gaunt unprotected unsheltered quiet lonesome flat rejected out of the way in the back of beyond off the beaten track in the middle of nowhere ineffectual nonreproductive virgin marooned grim ruined untended untilled rough trackless unmanaged unfarmed rugged windy colourless joyless characterless soulless lone non-fertile uncivilized untouched destroyed not occupied colorless alone uncivilised blowy forbidding unremunerative hard tough unprofitable windblown hostile forlorn uninhabitable uninviting tenantless without living things without life bad moneyless unfriended bereft inimical cheerless left in the lurch left discarded uncouth left stranded lorn cast off inactive severe spartan unfavorable unfavourable slow depressed inert raw treeless lunar defoliated forestless clear static weather-beaten unshielded unwooded poverty-stricken uncreative slow-moving slack stripped cleared blank without vegetation bombed burned deforested scorched bulldozed blighted obscure private retired secret removed unhampered unimpeded unlimited passable unrestricted vacuous unstopped unclosed unencumbered unhindered unobstructed unclogged unfilled unblocked cut off out-of-the-way


Of or like bone
hard anatomical osseous ossified skeletal hardened inflexible unyielding self-willed stubborn uncompromising hardheaded immovable hard-nosed obdurate unbending adamant implacable unrelenting mulish adamantine self-opinionated headstrong rigid intransigent pertinacious obstinate inconvincible pat petrified solid opinionated frozen wilful bullheaded pigheaded stiff-necked perverse fixed dogged willful fossilized indurated rigidified fossilised determined intractable firm inexorable relentless tenacious unshakeable resolute single-minded refractory steadfast indurate bull-headed bloody-minded recalcitrant iron-willed tough unpersuadable uncooperative unwavering strong-willed unmalleable steely contumacious unshakable contrary deaf to reason persistent stubborn as a mule unflinching stiff hard-line strong-minded strict balky froward cross-grained persevering cussed locked in dead set on set in stone hardline bolshie diehard insistent resolved uncompliant difficult harsh remorseless unswayable hard and fast hard-core pig-headed unswerving cantankerous indomitable unmanageable unbendable unsparing rock-ribbed unreasonable stern merciless set rigorous pitiless incompliant lapidified wrong-headed hanging tough solidified calcified unadaptable restive unaccommodating assiduous iron tireless ruthless defiant indefatigable unappeasable grim severe cruel staunch unbreakable stroppy unchangeable unalterable immutable dogmatic dead set stringent unforgiving unmovable dyed-in-the-wool narrow-minded contrarious set in one's ways brick-wall iron-fisted hardhearted dug in not giving an inch standing one's ground standing pat rocklike purposeful importunate inveterate unbudgeable resistant hidebound stiffened haughty blinkered obstreperous renitent boneheaded unreceptive immalleable durable brassbound unfaltering stalwart proud aloof disobedient ungovernable wayward insubordinate locked-in hard-shell set-on one-sided ornery unfailing set in your ways stony awkward unmoved heady opinionative impassive constant unimpressible crisp unflexible doctrinaire as stubborn as a mule convinced unrepentant bullhead uncompassionate unemotional impertinent mean stony-hearted unimpressionable unshaken with one's feet dug in steady with one's toes dug in quiescent permanent unmodifiable do or die hold the line hard as nails hold one's ground sticking to one's guns hold the fort tough nut to crack cold fish proof against persuasion sedulous unflagging unstoppable stand pat set in concrete tough nut stick to guns unabated mortal bound hard-headed pounding dead bound and determined prehistoric extinct authoritarian strong uncharitable dour by the book disciplinarian exacting absolute browbeating callous extreme formidable rough hard-hearted austere ascetic fierce oppressive imperious drastic pressing unsympathetic dire astringent no-nonsense draconian ascetical autocratic disciplinary heavy-handed domineering grave demanding tyrannical decided rugged categorical die-hard dead as a dodo

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