Đồng nghĩa của characterless

Alternative for characterless

characterless /'kæriktəlis/
  • tính từ
    • tầm thường, không có bản sắt
    • không có giấy chứng nhận


Showing or displaying weakness of character or will
weak effete spineless wimpish soft frail weakling wet wimpy weakened nerveless invertebrate wishy-washy limp-wristed namby-pamby weak-kneed milk-and-water feeble cowardly timid pathetic timorous ineffectual irresolute spiritless yellow-bellied fearful impotent ineffective pusillanimous lily-livered enervated gutless craven insipid weedy inept boneless wussy chicken debilitated chicken-hearted vacillating languid weak-willed nervous vapid squeamish frightened useless indecisive jejune yellow fallible nerdy sissy submissive sissified slight delicate sapped unsubstantial enfeebled wasted asthenic tender faint easily led wavering faint-hearted prostrate infirm softened candy-assed down-and-out prostrated afraid milksoppish inadequate silly petrified foolish simpering colourless cowed drippy innocuous scared daft panicky intimidated shaky jittery tremulous colorless unnerved unassertive limp bland half-hearted meek fickle passive jumpy startled susceptible malleable vulnerable impressionable errant defenceless apprehensive terrified faltering dithering tame feart listless sapless flavorless flavourless mediocre watered-down dull imperfect flawed erring resistless indeterminate powerless undetermined corruptible supine yielding hemming and hawing unreliable unsure waffling undependable easily tempted defenseless recreant unheroic dastardly poltroon chickenhearted unmanly forceless pithless chicken-livered milk-livered poor-spirited without a will of your own afraid of one's shadow quaking trembling cowering pigeon-hearted shrinking diffident fainthearted hesitant easily frightened lacking courage shy retiring tentative abject compliant anxious mousy mousey skittish coy daunted scary base weak-minded biddable pigeonhearted persuasible persuadable nervy dismayed caitiff feeble-minded spooked low running scared self-effacing inefficient incompetent reserved quiet modest unassuming demure easily scared bashful humble reticent fearsome trepidatious funky mean-spirited insufficient coward shuddering niddering insignificant lame poltroonish doubtful deceitful offensive treacherous sneaking unprincipled unethical tricky without guts changeable white-livered sookie dishonourable dishonorable cringing ignoble afraid of one's own shadow unresisting cowhearted backward worthless obedient acquiescent tractable unprotesting deferential paper tiger no guts having the willies alarmed like a lamb to the slaughter tense uneasy exhausted drained spent worried wired disquieted affrighted horrified horror-struck aghast terrorized hysteric hysterical shocked decrepit afeared frit scared stiff rabbity worried sick quivery in a blue funk sheepish goose-bumpy disturbed in a dither perturbed solicitous phobic have cold feet scared to death in a funk aflutter terrorised agitated discomposed worn out vitiated washed-out declining played out cringey gentle browbeaten Milquetoast capricious bullied unassured having cold feet


Dull or uninteresting in nature
boring bland dull insipid nondescript soulless tepid uninspired uninteresting colourless colorless commonplace prosaic humdrum uninspiring mundane run-of-the-mill lifeless unremarkable flat unexciting ordinary monotonous dry drab pedestrian lacklustre lackluster tedious trite vapid tame dreary stale common spiritless routine undistinguished unexceptional wearisome everyday vanilla unimaginative plain mediocre average unmemorable uneventful banal workaday middle-of-the-road tired usual garden-variety normal jejune ho-hum hackneyed conventional tiresome common or garden anaemic quotidian bog-standard nothing standard indifferent wishy-washy anemic no great shakes nothing to write home about blah plain vanilla stodgy arid ornery so-so leaden torpid simple typical vacuous stuffy gray grey stupid lame tiring passionless slow drudging featureless barren ponderous weary a dime a dozen mainstream sterile second-rate bromidic heavy limp jading unnoteworthy monochromatic cut-and-dry cut-and-dried standard-issue draggy ho hum listless apathetic wearying not up to much bloodless feeble middling numbing old generic OK fair nowhere mind-numbing weariful prosy weak unanimated dead lustreless unpretentious zestless modest dusty familiar irksome passable homespun hacky corny antiseptic zero plebeian empty customary nothing special garden inferior bog standard pabulum garden variety unvaried dull as dishwater expressionless unoriginal repetitious platitudinous stiff medium unimpressive neutral soporific wooden forgettable tolerable fatiguing derivative pointless stock run-of-the-mine run-of-mine second-class regular mechanical unentertaining unenjoyable dry as dust unstimulating milk-and-water insignificant predictable half-pie faceless dime-a-dozen dim muted mean as dry as dust big yawn worn-out not much cop blank stereotyped inane suburban threadbare interminable pallid non-stimulating anonymous homely lethargic household inconspicuous watery pathetic plodding ubiquitous frequent passive languid namby-pamby inconsequential desolate subdued inoffensive samey unmoved yawnsome unspirited half-hearted adequate humble enervated sluggish prolix bleak deadening dismal depressing languorous lackadaisical lacking excitement lacking interest habitual decent dreich dullsville slothful fair-to-middling practical lacking variety intermediate lacking vitality yawn lusterless nothing to get excited about fair to middling not so hot formulaic old hat lowly impersonal bummer drag cloying drear moth-eaten bomb well-worn matter-of-fact unexceptionable anodyne unadventurous derived straightforward static mindless acceptable sombre somber clinical trivial unspectacular moderate general basic no-frills uninventive day-to-day casual nitty-gritty terrestrial informal unrelieved lacking variation deadly institutional monochrome laborious unvarying undistinctive unchanging dowdy cold hollow unlively unpassioned businesslike overlong bare waterish flavourless flavorless nerdy wimpy unappealing sapless amateurish amateur unimpressed uncreative heavy-handed lacking personality lacking charisma inexpressive emotionless meh low-grade stereotypical disinterested deadpan not very good of poor quality fairish dragging enervating mortal exhausting poky snooze uninhabited par for the course run of the mill two-dimensional unimportant overused time-worn overdone overworked two a penny uninterested middle of the road run-of-the mill endless diddly actual practicable square matter-of- fact prose clean null widespread indistinctive noncommittal accustomed useless spent bush-league worn out phoned in vigorless vigourless energyless unoccupied stark irrelevant inconsiderable paltry neither one thing nor the other blending into the background not amounting to much cornball dime-store clichéd piddling immaterial worthless obvious played out matter-of-course starch familiar tune ten a penny natural boiler plate prevalent of little consequence of little importance of no consequence meaningless not worth mentioning of no importance whatever of no great concern of no account lacking energy unenergetic long-drawn-out deadly dull joyless not bad plastic white-bread lacking in character unenthusiastic droopy meek irresolute submissive melancholic dejected spineless unimpassioned languishing melancholy dispirited despondent depressed mopy desiccated low blue down cowardly disconsolate gutless dopey inanimate indecisive unconcerned broken downhearted sad drippy downcast down in the mouth down in the dumps flat tire cast down lacking in vitality poor inadequate soft mild drivelling nebbish driveling beige fatuous tenuous slight innocuous unnoticeable okay no big deal repetitive tasteless unpalatable banausic soul-destroying turgid unpleasant unattractive distasteful unappetizing uniform laboured unsavoury vacant unsavory dull as ditchwater labored uninviting disagreeable inedible uneatable stilted quiet fuddy-duddy heavy-going verbose monotone staid ugly dispiriting long-winded off-putting difficult disgusting serious constant repeated sleepy unproductive nauseating yucky hack pedantic unobjectionable savourless toneless revolting loathsome safe forced foul nasty iterative stagnant gross ceaseless reiterative insistent continual treadmill sick-making savorless one-horse truistic unseasoned hoary timeworn dead-and-alive cliché-ridden heavy going gloomy deep forlorn shadowy tenebrous glum miserable dingy depressive macabre funereal lonely dark grim dolorous morbid cheerless sedate pompous long usual thing prosing over-serious sickening annoying irritating shiftless indistinct menial unprepossessing unsympathetic repugnant clumsy unnatural awkward artificial droning trying frustrating puerile unshareable boresome vexatious unspecial unromantic stolid solemn duplicative earthbound vile wordy slack backward crude meagre simplistic meager workday watered-down thin unfeeling mat unexpressive matte unexcited dulled backwoods comatose formal noisome least Milquetoast cautious unprogressive inactive uninflected unfateful noneventful inconclusive without variety cardboard circumspect whitebread blind unambitious lazy raw wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy reiterated samely monotonic all the same recurrent sing-song unchanged prudent unflavoured behind the times weighty chary inert harmless attentive futile lead balloon flat as pancake unpleasurable halfhearted diluted timid puts one to sleep vain profitless unmotivated shopworn cliche obligatory musty hackney cobwebby hard to digest boiled down without punch gingerly considerate careful heedful wary calculating charmless unrewarding out of date outdated without spice big zero conservative old-fashioned facile noplace dumb hokey cornfed tripe outmoded incomprehensible inarticulate incoherent archaic fruitless obsolete defunct unenterprising extinct antiquated antediluvian aimless valueless unprofitable purposeless repulsive superannuated dense unreadable leery passé superficial lightweight insubstantial undemanding ineffectual otiose unavailing unsuccessful bootless inefficacious ineffective abortive yucko regimented badly written antwacky out of the ark cut and dried unfruitful unfilled unprolific clear yukky abhorrent brackish detestable frequentative governmental utilitarian corporate functional rudimentary elementary icky grody unenticing stinky standard issue


Not clearly visible or attracting attention
inconspicuous unobtrusive unnoticeable plain hidden ordinary discreet modest unassuming unostentatious insignificant unremarkable concealed quiet retiring undistinguished unexceptional unimposing unspectacular forgettable inobtrusive low-key low-profile run-of-the-mill unmemorable backstage invisible muted unnoticed unseen camouflaged dim faint indistinct secretive shy soft-pedalled subtle tenuous unemphatic behind the scenes in the background out of the limelight out of the spotlight out of the public eye subdued restrained unpretentious understated simple commonplace normal downbeat workaday sober conservative dull repressed toned down relaxed average mediocre toned-down soft low-keyed indifferent reserved everyday minimalist prosaic uneventful common routine self-effacing usual unflashy out of sight played down garden-variety typical nondescript meek humble demure circumspect diffident tasteful easy-going boring mundane timorous shrinking timid humdrum laid-back unassertive unfussy withdrawn reticent cut-and-dry standard cut-and-dried standard-issue bashful unconfident mild natural insecure bland stock quotidian softened muffled uninspired mousy neutral unnoteworthy nothing special common or garden par for the course bog standard silent light unglamorous casual informal tame flat down-to-earth unaffected lowly genuine lacklustre lackluster easy equable insouciant nonchalant easygoing modulated loose unpretending artless unambitious prim ingenuous backward prevailing formulaic settled popular familiar habitual wonted traditional customary established garden accustomed frequent general public unshowy played-down unimpressive pedestrian sombre at ease together cool somber unflappable soft-sell middle-of-the-road bog-standard soft-pedaled acceptable adequate tolerable decent OK so-so conventional vague delicate free and easy downhome fair-to-middling fair no great shakes anonymous second-rate unexciting gentle tempered slight pale imperceptible unsubstantial indefinite moderated stifled middling negligible mellow nothing to write home about not much cop insinuated lowered indirect suggestive feeble enervated plodding introverted unaggressive introvert unpresuming unforthcoming amateur amateurish washed out delicately complex hardly noticeable hardly detectable vanilla hackneyed keeping a low profile trite ornery jejune suburban nothing out of the ordinary generic inconsequential okay no big deal a dime a dozen plain vanilla


Suffering from anaemia
anaemic pale bloodless colorless colourless pallid wan ashen sickly white chalk-white chalky dull feeble frail gray grey jaundiced milky pasty pasty-faced waxen weak drained drawn ghostly infirm peaky sallow sapped tired-looking whey-faced bleached deathlike deathly enervated etiolated washed out white as a ghost white as a sheet like death warmed up ashy blanched peaked ashen-faced anemic cadaverous whitish washed-out peakish livid ghastly lymphatic peely-wally deathly pale waxy pinched doughy lurid paled mealy corpse-like as white as a sheet as white as a ghost wheyfaced faded alabaster unhealthy leaden ivory cream milk-white creamy insipid green faint haggard white-faced unhealthy-looking ghostlike watery listless sick thin sickly-looking wabbit bilious wishy-washy spectral down flat lacklustre lackluster languid greyish light-coloured grayish light-colored looking as if one has seen a ghost yellowish jaundiced-looking yellow muddy greenish-yellow corpselike pale-faced discoloured grey-faced milk-and-water namby-pamby banal clouded opaque unwholesome forceless depressed worn low discolored ineffectual ineffective anaemic-looking cloudy deathful deadly deadened nacreous snow-white off-white drained of color pearly misty translucent opalescent lacteal opaline frosted lactescent lacteous poorly ill bad indisposed unwell crook ill-looking liverish queasy nauseated nauseous neutral muted lustreless funny out of sorts rough peculiar off colour under the weather off gloomy dreary dingy awful rotten crummy grotty seedy punk sickened not oneself dreadful lousy ropy unsound emaciated run-down ailing terrible off-color run down peelie-wally below par fair lusterless mousy pastel vapid unlustrous waxlike sombre dull-coloured drab dusty somber not up to par green about the gills in poor shape fair-skinned light-skinned queer not well diseased debilitated under par in poor health not very well bedridden dizzy giddy not in good shape not up to snuff sick as a dog lightheaded laid up off-colour in a bad way light-headed valetudinarian groggy infected invalid tired woozy on the sick list squeamish impaired fatigued rocky afflicted laid-up unfit invalided iffy sickish queerish qualmish suffering delicate bummed disordered feverish laid low at death's door exhausted rundown queazy pukish grim hospitalized incurable in bad shape the worse for wear rickety hospitalised confined out of action under medication on sick list out of condition feeling awful feeling rotten broken down down with slightly unwell not up to the mark horrible ugly failing mean ropey unsightly weary worn-out qualmy reeling not yourself unstable uneasy light wasted off one's feed off form strange dying languishing gaunt achy hypochondriacal in pain decrepit not a hundred percent sick as a parrot in bed wasting enfeebled declining out of commission dragging shaky tottering in bad health hors de combat confined to bed got a bug knackered not so hot imperfect wretched defective not healthy wobbly not feeling well seasick in ill health out of shape in poor condition in a decline carsick trainsick airsick travel-sick uncomfortable upset worn out not feeling up to snuff uncertain restless dubious unsettling troubling odd suffering from motion sickness concerned unsettled doubtful fidgety suffering from altitude sickness green around gills running temperature a wreck got the bug feeling terrible off one's feet


(of a building) Very large and characterless
monolithic giant huge gigantic massive colossal monumental enormous immense vast imposing mammoth solid substantial faceless featureless immovable impenetrable intractable big bulky consistent elephantine gargantuan grand great hulking permanent titanic towering whopping sizable humongous monstrous cosmic prodigious ginormous sizeable oversized astronomical tremendous vasty husky walloping mastodonic broad Bunyanesque galactic humungous strong stupendous brobdingnagian leviathan extreme cavernous mountainous heavyweight astronomic cosmical wide spacious thumping oversize jumbo appreciable biggish largish outsized goodly king-size king-sized large king size numerous decided fat abundant massy protracted excessive Himalayan bull supersized extended long outsize boundless extensive voluminous herculean high whacking terrible expansive pronounced mondo prolonged ample bumper considerable lengthy super lofty mighty monster grandiose inordinate tall overgrown muscular sturdy thick meaty Herculean muscly fleshy pharaonic heavy beefy chunky weighty cyclopean hulky staggering powerful brawny formidable strapping commodious heavyset stout thickset burly stellar capacious well-built liberal roomy Falstaffian boxcar fubsy paunchy flabby hunky greater larger zaftig buxom whacking great giant-sized man-size whopping great thumping great giant-size gross of considerable size blimp man-sized dirty great barn door not inconsiderable roly-poly corn-fed solidly built well upholstered big and strong broad in the beam powerfully built muscle-bound broad-shouldered well fed hefty mega handsome Brobdingnagian generous heroic extraordinary epic heroical gigantesque tidy supersize oceanic planetary super-duper very large significant major profuse very big plentiful lavish immeasurable full plenteous infinite intense copious impressive serious magnificent remarkable marked noble deep bountiful superabundant overwhelming substantive elevated fantastic incredible terrific gallant sublime comfortable almighty large-scale exceptional princely bounteous very great respectable healthy profound limitless ponderous splendid acute awesome severe dramatic good prolific lordly far-reaching superb rich comprehensive indescribable phenomenal inexhaustible wonderful marvellous supreme overflowing complete august majestic marvelous sweeping extravagant magnanimous exorbitant glorious teeming chivalrous cornucopian lank outstanding much striking imperial consequential stately magnific material widespread unwieldy Homeric regal open noticeable greathearted galore opulent aplenty plenty royal impossible abounding flush immoderate unutterable utmost awful expanded palatial cumbersome reasonable baronial astounding important stunning notable sufficient natural unlimited decent high-minded meaningful superior not to be sneezed at proud luxuriant crucial rife thorough dreadful statuesque critical amazing exalted behemothic a gogo endless fabulous momentous spectacular thick on the ground kingly sensational unreal outrageous mind-blowing surpassing paramount behemoth spread out earthshaking portentous earth-shattering replete far vital dignified exceeding worthwhile excellent thundering fearful no end prosperous profitable incalculable uncrowded wide-ranging long-lasting unbelievable cumbrous distinguished miraculous advantageous lucrative entire roaring airy marathon wondrous maximum shocking whole productive titan rip-roaring unusual countless resounding breathtaking innumerable sky-high full-size uttermost mind-boggling myriad historic decisive awe-inspiring pythonic well built packed lengthened top eventful far-flung real multitudinous memorable larger-than-life lumbering stuffed very long incommunicable great big whopper chock-full no end of awkward clumsy a whale of a superlative ungainly a dime a dozen super colossal gaping soaring frightful yawning eminent deadly long-drawn-out outspread unqualified chasmal ultimate fundamental out-and-out resplendent ambitious unreasonable eternal illustrious astonishing urgent uncommunicable cracking long-term rare long-lived long-drawn interminable pressing harsh mortal steep illimitable abnormal increased sovereign magisterial extra-large measureless wholesale splendiferous brilliant stiff thunderous lumpish sumptuous sky-scraping spacey portly jumbo-sized mesomorphic transcendent Cyclopean unbounded of considerable length super-colossal multistorey all-embracing universal well-provided munificent exhaustive extremely large wide open altitudinous fancy many socking great fertile unrestricted thewy inclusive fair mahoosive stalwart crammed skyscraping prodigal several Gargantuan pivotal grave rangy outstretched bonny fruitful all-inclusive noteworthy swarming steady exuberant fateful conclusive emphatic smashing fab all-encompassing unstinting swelling buff ripped shredded tectonic dense forceful wealthy affluent legion rambling crowded interdisciplinary multidisciplinary radical towery jacked detailed eye-opening headline cross-disciplinary scopious scopic lush principal impactful megalithic lots of good-size good-sized in abundance all-important stinking with distinct a lot of plenty of brimming awash populous lousy with whale of a spread-out out of this world no end in sight crawling with heavy-duty a great deal of adequate rewarding paying max laborious disproportionate daunting remunerative gainful aristocratic Moby OS unrestrained maxi imperious elephantic pre-eminent inexpressible cavelike moving renowned irresistible dynamic extra large drastic ecstatic well-stocked undescribable startling Brobdignagian whaling decent-sized prime heightened intemperate escalated jacked up classic oafish unsparing wide-open rank unmistakable appalling arduous fierce horrific philanthropic well-supplied in plenty high-ceilinged flabbergasting what legit loutish heavily built clodhopping clunky fairly large mundo robust tolerable billowing booming deafening ear-splitting ear-piercing fantabulous proliferous mucho pretty global sensible above average intensified central essential unco stark streets ahead fine all that and a bag of chips surprising pleasing wicked baggy measurable dripping crashing through the ceiling gorgeous life-size shattering never-ending incorrigible dire showy unmitigated solemn maestoso telling ominous stocky rolling plenitudinous the extremely big Olympian sonorous fair-sized family-sized economy-size swelled family-size fair-size economy-sized wide-reaching mass stretched-out haughty stink with very loud devastating eloquent formal high-flown queenly right latitudinous beamy what great tough amazeballs jaw-dropping ascending rising raised high-rise loose-fitting ultra nationwide pompous key ridiculous silly titantic dynamite abysmal desperate loud ceremonious cool worth taking into account something else unconscionable overextravagant undue insane plethoric baroque unmerciful overmuch overdue overweening intolerable devilish firm sound surpassing belief rugged proper high-reaching leading intercontinental worldwide across-the-board international sundry simple various convoluted multifarious covering far reaching wide physically too much unhandy useful durable valuable obese overweight exciting paralyzing crushing paralysing overcoming athletic sinewy unmanageable inflatable expanding stretching elastic dilating corpulent unmanoeuvrable competent swimming fulsome superfluous enough flowing improvident incommodious preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable unmeasurable girthy overpowering hearty outlandish preposterous absurd high rise upraised alpine uplifted stretchy extendable enlargeable distending landmark pervasive faraway redoubtable big-deal major-league preponderant obvious cardinal especial high-priority special unforgettable capital keynote burning milestone glaring high-level newsworthy particular distinctive earnest signal resonant worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum uncommon front-page unordinary ponderable potent climacteric conspicuous dilatant unsuppressed sprawling expansile unrepressed apocalyptic blubbery pudgy tubby podgy prevalent blanket lasting distant transcendental supernatural godlike uncanny preternatural unearthly supernormal magical obdurate full-blooded manly lusty manful epochal catholic indiscriminate comprising across the board porky plump chubby bloated lardy rotund round maximal pursy abdominous earth-shaking unexclusive omnipotent superhuman bionic porcine adipose life-and-death life-changing of consequence epoch-making of moment world-shaking of importance world-shattering of significance highest greatest wall to wall lard-arsed elongated enough and to spare beyond human consummate multiple enlarged elongate umpteen untold filled raging covered unfurled proffered widened drawn-out unrolled conferred crawling innumerous jammed choked thronged seething greatest possible stretched drawn out dragged out spread unfolded strung out stretched out spun out continued close bursting congested numberless uncountable compact bristling fraught tight pullulating lousy serried thronging mother of all jam-packed like Piccadilly Circus heaped overrun by abounding in bursting at the seams chock-full of cram-full of chock-a-block having a considerable amount of full of having a copious amount of like sardines chocker compressed populated millions of loads of all kinds of a shedload of infinite numbers of very many billions of quite a few an abundance of gazillions of a multitude of a multiplicity of heaps of bazillions of a slew of quantities of a quantity of hundreds of scads of stacks of scores of a great many oodles of a swag of a bunch of zillions of a profusion of masses of beaucoup bags of dozens of tons of a great number of piles of thousands of a fair amount of more than enough more than human

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