Đồng nghĩa của corporate

Alternative for corporate

Tính từ

Of or shared by all the members of a group
collective shared allied collaborative joint united combined common communal pooled amalgamated concerted merged business company cooperative house associated community group incorporated mutual conjunct consolidated public multiple conjoint coordinated aggregate cumulative reciprocal intermutual bipartite collated dual multiparty undivided compiled composite assembled grouped gathered unified hand in hand concentrated massed piled hoarded heaped interactive connected bilateral linked interdependent joined related two-sided dependent correlative synergetic mass give-and-take interchangeable affiliated convertible respective general complementary corresponding cohesive synergic returned reciprocated requited confederated leagued partaken participated interchanged two-way communistic given and taken two-pronged consensual harmonious unanimous reciprocative team symbiotic synergistic conjugate equivalent combining neighbourhood neighborhood interconnected integrated social confederate coupled in league hand in glove in partnership incident in cahoots for all conglomerate mingled mixed conjoined simultaneous all-party planned prearranged jointly planned agreed upon banded together overall socialistic broad ensemble conjunctive consistent uniform global all-embracing complete open in common reciprocatory exchanged widespread congenial multilateral consentient coadunate blanket unrestricted firm homogeneous accessible concordant universal supplemental alternate supplementary total available free popular congruent correlated commutual in unison accessible to all concomitant matching coordinate duplicate exchangeable companion twin equal double fellow changeable coactive of one mind of the same mind accompanying community-based free for all open-door not exclusive free-for-all without charge free to all not private open to the public solid cross-party kindred coadjuvant collaborating coacting agreeing coefficient joining participating collusive uniting collegial concurring bound similar married intertwined incidental knit together interrelated in touch with germane correspondent pertinent tied up relevant enmeshed interwoven akin cognate comparable like parallel tied analogous syndicated cooperating homologous aligned connate wed friendly partnered agnate

Tính từ


Tính từ

Joined by an agreement or treaty
confederate allied federal federated associated combined amalgamated confederated cooperating united affiliated in alliance incorporated in league joined leagued organised organized syndicated unionised unionized linked integrated unified banded together consolidated cohesive merged collective aggregate joint undivided homogeneous cooperative concatenated fused homogenized pooled in partnership homogenised banded assembled coalition umbrella solid unitary coadunate federative joined up joined together hooked up state civic national fed centralized central collaborative group centralised concerted common cumulative mutual mass synergetic composite synergistic conjunct communal concentrated collated conjoint assimilated synergic bipartite interactive shared coordinated compiled public multiple coherent blended meshed related interspersed mixed mutually dependent included mingled connected kindred similar married bound equivalent cognate comparable interconnected like coupled parallel akin tied corresponding homologous analogous aligned connate wed friendly partnered agnate incident in cahoots hand in glove reciprocal alike matching accompanying close correspondent correlated consanguine concurrent grouped connatural kin interdependent resembling suchlike such ditto resemblant involved same yoked concomitant harmonious conjoined interrelated associate intertwined germane dependent fellow one sister congeneric correlative twin team consistent intermutual dual symbiotic compatible complementary identical uniform agreeing combining equal undifferentiated indistinguishable hand in hand two-way interchangeable even duplicate carbon copy Xerox double dead ringer much the same ranged attendant together tied in co- belonging affiliate multiparty business house company patrilineal agnatic gathered partner generic general universal consanguineous community twinned fixed together hinged heaped massed piled hoarded a unit entwined wedded interlaced paired hitched welded conjugated touching affixed intermixed attached cemented bracketed comparative coactive attractive likeable likable closely related closely connected cross-party respective unanimous interallied interfused put together stuck together inseparable interclasped coadjuvant collaborating coacting coefficient joining participating collusive uniting collegial concurring cognate with connected with congruous congruent approximative commensurate contingent near companion synonymous jibing exact symphonious congenerous conformable allying not unlike equaling congenial selfsame conforming tantamount relating invariant one and the same substitute equalling substitutable consonant approximating fungible homogenous unvarying unvaried coextensive relative referring conditional qualified reliant incidental pertinent relevant enmeshed interwoven consentient conjunctive conjugate knit together tied up in touch with like-minded in rapport at one in agreement of the same mind same difference of a piece much of a muchness cut from the same cloth approximate facsimile proportionate like peas in a pod look-alike Tweedledum and Tweedledee spitting image matched the same like two peas in a pod like Tweedledum and Tweedledee mated more or less the same

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