Đồng nghĩa của virgin

Alternative for virgin


Đồng nghĩa: firsthand, fresh, green, new, original, pure, spotless, unused,


A novice in a given field
novice beginner apprentice greenhorn tyro neophyte newcomer rookie tenderfoot fledgling newbie recruit novitiate punk freshman babe rook cub colt abecedarian learner trainee amateur probationer initiate new kid on the block raw recruit new boy new girl starter new recruit student newie new kid pupil noob mentee new member proselyte buckwheater inexperienced person fresher convert postulant newb probie catechumen fish greenie dilettante newling hacker plebe new person Johnny-come-lately undergraduate dabbler hack frosh undergrad freshman/woman first-year student underclassman new boy/girl freshwoman cadet youngster lad new entrant puppy inexpert whippersnapper jackleg trifler n00b heel intern flunky gremlin prentice mark stripling simpleton naif ingenue ingénue rube hayseed first of May know from nothing new kid on block new chum new hand outsider stranger parvenu latecomer new arrival johnny-come-lately late arrival nonprofessional layperson putterer layman disciple uninitiate smatterer inductee follower member potterer tinkerer ham conscript hopeful aspirant nubcake nonexpert hobbyist non-professional nub bush leaguer Sunday driver incomer bookworm entrant selectee parishioner believer laic secular draftee devotee dallier non-specialist first year scholar upstart scrub hire inexperienced worker normie entry padawan pledgee pledge muggle new kid in town nouveau arrive aesthete enthusiast new believer esthete dabbler out fan buff casual participant … lover schoolgirl schoolboy protégé impressed man enlisted man understudy junior senior brain sophomore attendant satellite resident immure doctor loafer pretender lay person graduate student student doctor med student medical student person doing work experience


Having never engaged in pleasures of the flesh
virginal chaste maiden maidenly pure abstinent celibate self-denying self-restrained uncorrupted undefiled unmarried unsullied unwed immaculate incorrupt innocent unblemished vestal virtuous decent demure modest moral sinless clean pure as the driven snow G-rated wholesome stainless single continent decorous spotless spouseless husbandless proper intact upright uncontaminated unstained unaffected nunlike good wifeless unattached guiltless prudish bachelor unwedded partnerless free unhitched squeaky clean available eligible widowed spinster uncoupled sole divorced separated young, free and single footloose and fancy free refined quiet elegant simple righteous restrained austere impeccable seemly untainted inexperienced neat impotent intemerate controlled subdued monogamous honest blameless nunnish monklike monkish irreproachable nice monastic angelic exemplary white inculpable free of sin untarnished squeaky-clean on the shelf left on the shelf nonmarried faithful sober discreet respectable ascetic flawless polite severe coy delicate pristine impeccant in good taste faultless perfect uncorrupt holy platonic clean-living cleanhanded free from sin unoffending sackless lily-white free of not guilty whiter than white as pure as the driven snow ethical saintly reputable honourable upstanding true pious honorable noble worthy guileless unspoilt unblighted inviolate unprofaned unspotted wide-eyed lily white solo above reproach anti-corruption uninvolved uncommitted lonely lone solitary alone wet behind ears unengaged independent companionless unbetrothed babe in woods pure as driven snow by oneself not going out with anyone not spoken for living alone having missed the boat footloose a bachelor unloved all alone going one's own way without a partner a spinster with no ties without a wife not married on your tod footloose and fancy-free not tied down by yourself unfettered marriageable unaccompanied on your own without a husband on one's own unescorted fancy-free retiring reserved shy bashful diffident self-effacing timid shrinking coquettish kittenish backward reticent withdrawn skittish sheepish introverted recessive humble unassertive blushing unimpeachable unmarked gentle arch flirtatious girlish simpering aw-shucks overmodest rabbity evasive just principled dignified estimable moralistic redoubtable irreprehensible incorruptible unobjectionable high-minded morally correct high-principled right-minded abstemious ideal unpolluted untouched temperate self-abnegating abstentious seamless picture-book without fault absolute picture-perfect letter-perfect indefectible without blemish model unflawed unmarred uninjured whole beyond reproach sound unimpaired undamaged unhurt clear inhibited bridled curbed unsoiled gleaming ultra-clean shining snowy snow-white antiseptic fair snowy-white spic-and-span spick-and-span shiny perfectly clean speckless spick and span sanitary clean as a new pin freshly laundered hygienic unassuming meek prim mild prissy timorous strait-laced ladylike sedate staid priggish old-maidish down-to-earth straight puritanical unpretentious goody-goody lowly starchy retired niminy-piminy uptight affected square close silent earnest serious unassured solemn prim and proper


In a natural state, having never been tampered with
pristine unblemished untouched fresh spotless unsullied intact untarnished unspoilt undefiled unmarked untainted flawless unpolluted stainless unaffected unchanged unused unadulterated preserved inviolate impregnant immaculate pure perfect clean undamaged unstained unbroken virginal unharmed unimpaired unmarred unflawed faultless unsoiled clear new brand-new unscathed spick-and-span natural squeaky-clean sound uncorrupted mint impeccable unspoiled uncontaminated spic-and-span entire as new unhurt in perfect condition unmutilated chaste wholesome uninjured unspotted white whole brand new complete scatheless unimpeachable antiseptic fair bare unmoved empty undisturbed snowy sanitary solid raw shining excellent plain unaltered uninfluenced vacant crisp incorrupt span-new void unfilled blank unimpressed unstirred organic spanking secure shipshape untried earthy spanking-new original in mint condition mint condition invigorating in good condition primal restorative undebased brand spanking new envigorating salubrious spanking new unagitated glowing unblackened native first-class uncultivated bright burnished polished shiny as good as before as good as new unprofaned sacred unopened firsthand unworn indigenous unseasoned untrodden in tiptop condition brand-spanking new unviolated unfermented not rotten sweet luscious not sour crude wilding agrestal together unsevered integral plenary compleat full grand comprehensive total blameless wild imperforate indiscrete uncut lily-white innocent irreproachable recent gleaming sinless guiltless in one piece all in one piece refreshing current whiter than white late newfound above reproach squeaky clean indifferent newborn just out unconcerned dry-eyed as pure as the driven snow vacuous stark good hot off the fire hot off the press free devoid unmixed delicate distilled purified taintless barren toom sterile sterilized uncompleted sterilised out of danger safe and sound without a scratch unwritten on neat hygienic speckless tidy washed laundered trim spick and span straight refined fine simple unprocessed cleansed unmodified undiluted unalloyed sparkling dirtless squeaky unsmudged cleaned ultra-clean snowy-white spic and span spruce orderly well-kept neat as a pin neat as a button dirt-free neat and tidy like new clean as a new pin as clean as a whistle cleaned up exemplary rustproof artless scrubbed snow-white perfectly clean sanitized modest freshly laundered decent impervious immune sponged laved showered sanitised very clean clean and tidy not liable to not influenced not subject to aseptic healthy absolute apple-pie order germ-free uninfected disinfected germfree errorless exquisite unexceptionable cleanly vanilla elegant graceful healthful sanative prophylactic neat as a new pin


Being or involving the first attempt, act, or thing of its kind
first initial earliest inaugural original maiden foremost premier headmost pioneer leadoff introductory initiatory opening embryonic inceptive commencing infant incipient nascent inchoate primary initiative early beginning leading elementary prime fundamental foundational germinal starting antecedent basic primeval primitive preliminary primaeval archetypal primal primordial pristine rudimentary pioneering unprecedented budding aborning first-time launching dedicatory head lead fledgling experimental native preparatory indigenous aboriginal trial test pilot avant-garde inductive young foundation premature prototypal autochthonous rudimental autochthonic prototype underivative underived first-hand previous lead-in virginal unmarried intact pure unwed proving undefiled chaste untried new untapped unused unbroached maidenly fresh prefatory prior precursory prelusive elemental preparative essential underlying prelim abecedarian preceding basal meat-and-potatoes precursive advance preludial exploratory proemial anterior developing forward prodromal prelusory prodromic ancient emergent emerging radical provisional simplest earlier substratal primo explorative prefatorial necessary dawning growing old preambular preambulatory prolegomenal principal exordial key easy chief central ahead cardinal domestic endemic born local capital paramount bog-standard master tentative important number one numero uno past major ABCs uncomplex plain simplified simplex clear before duck soup child's play meat and potatoes prolegomenous raw basilar lowest explanatory undeveloped first-gen readying preparing first-edition first-ever brand-new immediate nuts-and-bolts uncompleted larval prehistoric immature newborn firsthand direct advanced originating unmediated base burgeoning prototypical unfledged up-and-coming unindustrialized evolving expeditionary vanguard beforehand impending foregoing prep precautionary entry-level simple investigative fact-finding first-generation embryonal prior to former at the fore sent ahead in the forefront sent on ahead in the lead in front in anticipation of in advance of start just beginning precedent developmental sample model in advance in an early stage in its infancy ahead of time speculative preexisting preexistent erstwhile home-grown pre-existent pre-existing congenital unacquired ethnic chthonic connate homegrown inherited vital facile straightforward uncomplicated intrinsic indispensable root organic structural supreme top constitutional ingrained inherent crucial best integral profound pivotal critical highest main greatest requisite ultimate significant bottom-line deep supporting sustaining constitutive deep-seated substrative axiomatic grass-roots theoretical bottom axiological groundlaying top-level first-rate top-tier elite pre-eminent notable preeminent front commanding overbearing outstanding arch sovereign sovran grand big dominant noteworthy great presiding high supereminent overriding predominant overmastering ranking A-number-1 top-notch number-one A-1 hotdog heavyweight heavy champion of note hotshot at the leading edge heavy stuff at the cutting edge hot stuff most important most prominent most skilled most influential most illustrious


Barren and devoid of inhabitants
wild desolate empty uninhabited bare deserted disused forgotten isolated secluded solitary uncultivated unfrequented unoccupied unpeopled unpopulated untenanted unused unvisited vacant vacated barren desert godforsaken inhospitable lonely remote rough rugged trackless unfarmed unmanaged neglected uncivilised uncivilized untouched free waste abandoned depopulated unsettled forsaken evacuated not occupied rejected bleak void ruined derelict dreary destroyed sequestered lonesome forlorn off the beaten track clear stark vacuous tenantless discarded destitute obscure blank idle clean devoid lone toom unfilled out-of-the-way out of the way lorn in the back of beyond in the middle of nowhere cast off disowned outlying private faraway quiet removed unemployed jilted shunned marooned dropped without contents left in the lurch alone emptied uninviting sad depressing cheerless relinquished ownerless drained available distant far-off castoff unengaged containing nothing unfriended bereft discontinued disengaged to let left uncouth depleted moribund defunct superannuated obsolete open off the beaten path for sale untaken exhausted dead deflated despoiled unfurnished disregarded disdained refused returned spurned rebuffed scorned denied fallen into disuse left stranded wanting lacking up for grabs on the market unlived in not in use no longer in use ditched stranded ignored renounced betrayed outcast friendless dumped turned down thrown over left at the altar left behind unhampered unimpeded unobstructed unclogged unlimited passable unrestricted unstopped unclosed unencumbered unhindered unblocked secret retired cut-off inaccessible far-flung unreachable hidden undisturbed concealed hard to find tucked away off the map Barcoo unget-at-able in the hinterlands jerkwater cut off unapproachable in the backwoods in the booay in the boondocks in the sticks in the backblocks in the backveld in the platteland in the tall timbers beyond the black stump in the depths of …


Having a naive or unsuspecting nature
naive innocent simple unsophisticated unworldly green unsuspicious childlike credulous inexperienced callow impressionable fond insensible ignorant unwise youthful dewy easy fresh immature raw simpleminded uninformed confiding jejune natural silly unacquainted unfamiliar virginal cute naif naïf nescient plain primitive quaint shallow uncorrupted uncritical uneducated unjaded unschooled unstudied untaught countrified Panglossian wide-eyed dewy-eyed simple-minded starry-eyed like a babe in the woods born yesterday wet behind the ears as green as grass aw-shucks ingenuous unsuspecting unknowing unwary artless guileless gullible unaffected untrained unfledged trusting young untutored uninitiated unseasoned oblivious unaware unmindful unpretentious juvenile unwitting untried unenlightened incognizant undeveloped unconversant unlearned new benighted trustful unripe tenderfoot clueless unguarded unconscious adolescent uninstructed naïve open unformed unversed unripened illiterate easily taken in unsceptical rookie unread over-trusting accepting unlettered easily deceived thick unpracticed exploitable kid unassuming moronic rude puerile amateur unskilled spontaneous nonliterate unqualified witless uncultivated unknowledgeable childish verdant easily led sophomoric undisciplined dense stupid unpretending susceptible in the dark modest birdbrained unpractised inexpert unintellectual heedless uncultured inept mindless unaccustomed obtuse genuine imbecilic pure dupable deceivable cretinous without airs dumb analphabetic wet behind ears lacking experience foolish crude down-to-earth underdeveloped believing unintelligent misinformed over-trustful childly prentice humble folksy homely unused untested apprenticed real true spring chicken unfamiliar with slow infant uncomplicated honest-to-goodness fleeceable unskeptical blind to biting honest rustic unproven gullable unartificial clean idealistic frank unquestioning dim dopey homey dark babyish frivolous unscholarly unimposing unostentatious uninitiate sincere dozy unpresumptuous tender backward blind airheaded unweaned unbaked sophomore jellybean not aware easy-going laid-back self-effacing slow on the uptake not dry behind ears idiotic brainless feeble-minded unrehearsed developing junior fledgling budding uninhibited indiscriminating fresh-faced unstudious undeceitful incompetent vulnerable girlish boyish country uncool corn-fed ordinary vernal green as grass impractical dull damp wet moist tenderfooted newly arrived lamblike overtrusting kidstuff wholesome half-witted ill-informed babe in woods vacuous slow-witted thickheaded thick-witted unrefined quiet straightforward lowly imprudent amateurish unskillful dew-covered unpolished gauche uncivilized savage heavy with dew softheaded unsmart nonprofessional unprofessional provincial parochial candid barbarian barbaric simplistic jackleg bush-league corny unadulterated cornball authentic soppy unrealistic teary-eyed sentimental sinless undefiled dovelike unwarned uncivilised untamed animal brutish austere atavistic fierce undomesticated vestigial wild barbarous uncontrived undesigning unspoiled unobtrusive readily swallowing whole easy mark readily taken in readily falling for swallowing undoubting cracker-barrel inelaborate unambitious down uncomplex unbeautified discreet free-spirited prosaic unembellished taken in off guard up front down home on the up and up brash reckless superstitious inattentive deaf insensitive unobservant unperceptive unresponsive prone to superstition caught napping unconcerned out of it inconversant not all there mooning spacey out to lunch not cognizant not in the loop doped in a daze daydreaming forgetful negligent careless deaf to out cold superficial daft uncomprehending dotish divvy chowderheaded dof hebete glaikit empty-headed pig-ignorant thick as two short planks not the full shilling as thick as two short planks a brick short of a load two sandwiches short of a picnic dead from the neck up

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