Đồng nghĩa của earlier

Alternative for earlier

Tính từ

Comparative for of, relating to, belonging to, or occurring in, a former time (near the beginning)

Tính từ

Comparative for completed before need or a milestone event

Phó từ

Before an action or event
before previously formerly beforehand already antecedently anteriorly afore ahead preliminarily heretofore in advance in the past back when back hitherto once ago at one time earlier on before now in days gone by sooner before the present precedently until then until now a while ago back in the day ages ago erstwhile in days of yore ahead of time fore agone since gone in readiness syne in times past once upon a time long ago in times gone by time was before this in the olden days aforetime so far then up to now in former times up to then back then before then in bygone days at one point in years gone by time was when at an earlier time in earlier times some time ago way back when a while back in the old days one time before from way back in time gone by prior to this sometime theretofore in those days thus far yet onetime anciently early advanced ante previous as yet to date before present away back eons ago of yore in anticipation in old days till now up until now one time previously on one occasion years ago last time prior to now up till now prior to the present time on a former occasion since God knows when prior to this time in the good old days in times bygone in times of yore now bygone at that instant still further back prematurely inopportunely precociously unseasonably erst quondam precocious whilom in one case but once one time above by that time by then by the time by the time mentioned no longer until this time up to the present time by now up to this time even now from year one forward till then up until then at one stage onwards in front at the head precedent preceding advancing progressing foremost to the fore lately as was at the fore erewhile radically at the head of the queue at an advantage in the vanguard in the lead in the foreground in the van of old olden days used to be down memory lane water under the bridge former ere in olden times in antiquity in yesteryear in auld lang syne in days of old at some point beforetime until that time until recently in my day

Phó từ

Comparative for in or after a short time

Trái nghĩa của earlier

earlier Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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