Đồng nghĩa của anterior

Alternative for anterior

Trái nghĩa: posterior,

Tính từ

Existing or coming before in time or order
former previous prior antecedent foregoing preceding precedent earlier beginning introductory past above precursory aforementioned aforesaid erstwhile prevenient precursive preliminary above-stated above-mentioned supra late other sometime preparatory pre-existing quondam one-time old last whilom ex- previously mentioned onetime recent as was ancient prefatory forward early preexistent once latter before older earlier mentioned formerly mentioned historical way back ancient history gone-by way back when in the olden days latter-day ages ago back when in the good old days down memory lane latest advance initial long-ago preexisting olden bygone prelusive behind one retired bypast ahead premonitory primary prelim warning preparative pre-existent preludial ci-devant above-named ex departed leading pioneer prodromal forerunning lead aforeknown heretofore pioneering head front first mentioned said forenamed ahead of one time primitive aforestated primeval primordial antediluvian first earliest pristine prehistoric primal previously stated just mentioned original proleptical primigenial aboriginal budding antiquated of yore early bird of long ago primaeval then defunct of old old-time long-gone forgotten out of date lapsed extinct old-fashioned archaic dated forepassed obsolete lost dead outmoded at the time out-of-date oldfangled foregone expired vanished once upon a time outdated redundant unremembered worn-out outworn superseded unrecalled antique delayed overdue elapsed lost and gone passé lost in time consigned to oblivion predictable inevitable inescapable ordained certain predetermined unavoidable fated destined back leaving of an earlier time of a former period retiring departing withdrawing completed finished nonextant gone by done gone outbound exiting resigning belated outgoing past recall in oblivion sunk in oblivion outward-bound water over the dam water under the bridge most recent

Trái nghĩa của anterior

anterior Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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