Đồng nghĩa của leading

Alternative for leading


Đồng nghĩa: ahead(p), in the lead, lead, leadership, leading(a), leading(p), preeminent, prima(p), star(p), starring(p), stellar(a),

leads, led, leading, leaded

Đồng nghĩa: conduct, direct, escort, guide, head, run,

Tính từ

Superseding others in importance or status
chief greatest principal dominant foremost main primary highest key central major outstanding paramount supreme top capital grand overriding predominant pre-eminent premier prime ruling arch big cardinal governing preeminent superior first great master prominent champion dominating important noted overbearing overmastering popular primal richest sovereign sovran unsurpassed number one numero uno top-rank top-tier first-rate of the first rank eminent illustrious notable distinguished head influential best famous prior renowned celebrated commanding vital essential lead noteworthy powerful crucial significant pivotal star fundamental prestigious esteemed number-one respected controlling finest top-notch exalted presiding high prevailing honoured famed supereminent well-known honored ultimate core critical noble acclaimed focal elevated uppermost topmost big-time basic elite first-class peerless prevalent notorious well known reputable incomparable ascendant high-ranking august matchless superlative imposing excellent signal stellar unequalled conspicuous top-drawer authoritative unequaled exceptional recognized major-league transcendent glorious lofty highly regarded select premium big-league venerable indispensable heavy integral apex top-ranking consummate unrivalled major league recognised salient senior utmost necessary unrivaled preponderant high-level world-class crack remarkable puissant consequential super big-name regnant choice seminal revered weighty high-powered intrinsic surpassing predominate arch- dignified of note mighty admired biggest high-profile unparalleled potent of high standing second to none astral honourable honorable momentous lionized staple high-up overruling towering legendary maximum memorable reigning topflight lionised well thought of of greatest importance top drawer inimitable urgent serious must-have largest big league highest-ranking visible five-star impressive VIP bright elemental rudimentary prepollent industry leading high profile prepotent underlying magnificent maximal redoubtable all-important upper fine heavy-duty compelling top-level respectable extraordinary iconic of distinction blue-chip of repute peak winning top of the line top of the range unsurpassable No. 1 boss alpha best possible storied applauded large apical infamous big-shot luminous optimal heavyweight four-star feted tiptop high-grade unexcelled name far-reaching decisive ranking strong much-publicized top-priority crowning culminating directing headmost high-priority predominating material quality aristocratic outside absolute imperious of prime importance larger regal primo successful public radical greater unprecedented requisite number 1 high-quality needed considerable upper-class fab required imperative reputed distinctive majestic grave exemplary upmarket formidable estimable front perfect nonpareil exclusive resonant unbeaten trusted burning monumental unexampled undefeated valued widely known frontline superstar celeb historic in the ascendancy top-class marvellous marvelous a cut above the rest superb valuable worthiest in the public eye without equal talked about out-of-sight better beyond compare of great consequence accomplished arresting life-and-death bigger top-end guiding worthy striking unassailable loftiest unmatched domineering special elementary root determining final pronounced effective noticeable quintessential in control acknowledged higher of supreme importance first and foremost crown terrific substantial marked tough familiar A-1 brilliant strategic complete intellectual royal ace overpowering constitutive historical omnipotent almighty tops high-flying high-minded immodest exaggerated excessive most optimum fabulous world class lauded immediate pressing sublime fabled of mark arrestive classy extravagant upscale deluxe precious necessitous acute well-thought-of eventful prized deciding utopian established of influence big-gun high-class earnest meaningful well-connected in the limelight dear costly pricey cracking sterling priceless luxurious expensive unbeatable stately tip-top redoubted skookum sensational spendy fantabulous selected ultraexpensive pricy slick supernal top-of-the-range first class prize-winning sans pareil far-famed much publicized prerequisite big-ticket earth-shattering highest quality high-end par excellence out of this world top-quality having made a name for oneself record-breaking highly rated of the utmost importance of the essence high-ticket expert finished winner's mainstream unmatchable initiative particular intervening superseding of greatest significance beginning opening grander more operative keynote standard front-page original basal axial best in class chad especial state-of-the-art luxury top-of-the-line mainline favoured favored chosen simple oustanding telling characteristic inherent constitutional extensive initial strongest in charge hegemonic recognizable inaugural A-number-1 the best unlimited high-status venerated hotshot hotdog bestselling cooler known vaunted magnanimous extolled indelible unforgettable vivid catchy haunting splendid leonine lionlike celebrious page-oner widely knowbn marquee common number inflated ideal eloquent rich oratorical cogent magnific phenomenal Grade A choicest record patrician refined prodigious everyday stipulated heavy stuff hot stuff in demand recognisable assertive eye-catching heroic triumphal idealistic learned immortal top-shelf obvious ascendent hot world crackerjack nice rare unique cool gilt-edged good energetic dynamic instrumental elder beacon-like infinite unrestricted boundless unrestrained unbounded laureate official supervisory all-powerful efficacious arbitrary big-wheel A-list authoritarian autocratic genteel big time blue-ribbon high priority big name on the map at the cutting edge at the leading edge of the highest quality one-in-a-million vintage superfine victorious starry resplendent insistent dictatorial emphatic imperial total unconditional full utter kingly zenithal self-important pompous overblown uplifting proud posh hot-dog gifted first rate well received magisterial exquisite furthermost executive moving intrusive projecting pertinent protruding relevant jutting obtrusive max mostest uttermost not to be forgotten never to be forgotten worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out well-regarded much touted up there highborn highbred gentle huge wellborn needful wanted right-hand triumphant conquering second-to-none monarchical monarchal without peer determinative climactic trendsetting holding the reins difficult mandatory monarchial all-time best beyond comparison without an equal in a class of its own hors concours stand alone out of sight much needed vitally important very important life-or-death desperate landmark sizable fateful appreciable solemn to the fore blue-blooded dire polar vanquishing the most sombre hard sober somber importunate emergency drastic intense sore impelling extreme exigent widely praised well born upper-crust in spotlight in limelight terrible clamant driving crying parlous emergent unvanquished top-scoring tectonic super colossal mammoth of consequence of great import no joke of moment hefty no laughing matter of significance earthshaking silk-stocking high-born demanded called-for life and death very great strapping vigorous hardy robust underlined stalwart forceful doughty sturdy stout cosmic celestial shining lusty manful indomitable wieldy steamroller strengthy powerhouse strong as ox more powerful more important most important most influential most illustrious most powerful most prominent most excellent most skilled most successful most obvious most noticeable most outstanding

Tính từ

Outstanding in standard or quality
prize excellent wonderful marvellous great superb fantastic fine awesome fabulous stellar grand splendid top terrific sensational marvelous choice fantabulous sterling divine cool superior quality superlative cracking fab topping radical heavenly prime unsurpassed neat lovely swell dandy topflight nifty beautiful peachy supernal immense classic groovy mean hot righteous dynamite noble crackerjack corking slick dope capital keen phat famous bumper banner frontline primo boss gangbusters gangbuster wizard boffo hype bully bonny brag down bonnie brave gone outstanding magnificent supreme best tremendous select topnotch champion elite winning cream star lead flagship fat pick first-class gilt-edged first-rate tip-top high-class top-notch A-OK out-of-sight bang-up jim-dandy gilt-edge first-string five-star blue-chip blue-ribbon four-star top-of-the-line top-shelf par excellence numero uno peachy keen very good top-tier top-class brilliant exceptional consummate eminent premier prizewinning notable glorious good illustrious crack smashing peerless remarkable formidable distinguished admirable wicked preeminent accomplished magic super top-grade brill highest sovereign greatest ace world-class number one prominent commanding celebrated top-quality expert virtuoso red-letter successful foremost masterly adept A-list conspicuous skilful shining skillful practised practiced compleat versed professed masterful hotshot skilled demon proficient complete veteran experienced master educated amazing phenomenal incredible sublime perfect prodigious unequalled delightful premium standout unparalleled exquisite extraordinary rad unexcelled tiptop nice bodacious optimum matchless surpassing spanking unmatched unrivaled class unrivalled beaut flawless ripping incomparable rare worthy faultless spiffing schmick sound unbeatable dreamy unique amazeballs uppermost marvy gorgeous quintessential untouchable tops dazzling transcendent def beezer singular mega belting fabby extreme bonzer sik effusive goodly excessive applaudable bosting crucial awesomesauce pearler exo unequaled exaggerated kif barrie supercalifragilisticexpialidocious worthiest chillin' inflated bosker lank renowned beyond compare of the highest quality of the first water on fleek too good to be true top-level mind-blowing too much prize-winning in a class all by itself above and beyond highest quality very best of highest order of high quality far out without equal top-drawer award-winning of the highest order top-hole A-1 of the first order of the highest standard out of this world pre-eminent impressive spectacular stunning striking pleasing enjoyable stupendous breathtaking attractive charming pleasant pleasurable elegant agreeable satisfying gratifying ideal exemplary astonishing imposing wondrous high-grade pretty alluring A1 awe-inspiring astounding deluxe unreal high-quality fascinating bad captivating splendiferous valuable ravishing enchanting congenial delectable commendable radiant majestic finest exciting magical welcome fair desirable bewitching beauteous splendorous staggering noted thrilling estimable jaw-dropping meritorious delightsome resplendent able fetching appealing deft lofty cute adroit blissful jolly special competent good-looking exclusive sightly out of sight delicious taking unbelievable delicate engaging joyous handsome mind-boggling unblemished invaluable high eye-catching comely laudable immaculate exhilarating vintage rewarding fun second to none capable foxy pulchritudinous rapturous blessed noteworthy statuesque dulcet darling blest tasty exalted eye-popping refined enviable colossal classy entertaining chic happy out-of-this-world precious cheery fancy priceless favorable outrageous talented dexterous stately fantastical honorable honourable dramatic fly savory impeccable solid savoury unforgettable felicitous grateful praiseworthy sweet amusing miraculous aesthetic top of the line top of the range grade A memorable arresting graceful dominant hunky-dory unmarred shapely pure lovesome drop-dead favourable esthetic crowning scrumptious dextrous august glamorous positive paradisiacal paradisiac likable the dog's bollocks well-favored picturesque moving polished copacetic gifted way-out easy on the eye gnarly acceptable tasteful dignified entrancing first to die for inspired showy sharp knockout luscious palatable efficient clever smart momentous handy cheerful refreshing important seductive likeable model stainless spotless indefectible untainted artful photogenic deadly dainty likely culminating glamourous overwhelming angelic habile intoxicating absolute portentous flashy optimal stylish enticing diverting fashionable utopian eye-opening frabjous surprising solid gold proud seemly inspiring monumental symmetrical classical beguiling bright certified well-formed zero cool irresistible tantalizing magnetic a dab hand at drop-dead gorgeous satisfactory tantalising super-duper professional plush reputable festive amiable recherche super-eminent shipshape super-excellent ecstatic coruscating trained seasoned primary especial choicest distinctive profound elevated historic unspoilt sunny ingenious celebratory major apt up to snuff glad tempting wild creditable comforting comfortable advanced euphoric presentable genial profitable heartening dollish above average fine and dandy paradisal paradisaic sexy savvy crazy really good glossy flamboyant showstopping splashy zingy prettyish not bad promising ritzy intense mighty humbling handpicked ridiculous well versed idyllic ducky telegenic recreative relishable very nice venerable nice-looking aesthetically appealing aesthetically pleasing fine-looking deep banging spiritual heartwarming of a high standard irie very pleasant something else very agreeable luxurious ambrosial yummy lush cheering high quality top quality adorable uplifting powerful strong extremely good prepossessing fanciable the best unsurpassable stirring easy on the eyes best ever with it ka pai gee-whizz like wow heart-warming ten aces untarnished foolproof blameless excelling defectless finished reliable piked quick splendent mint legit hypnotic agile key entire unimpaired uninjured unharmed unhurt unbroken undamaged whole intact irreproachable sophisticated exacting paragon top-of-the-range pro posh bestselling well-designed natty convenient spruce rocking juicy unflawed replayable tophole regal upscale upmarket proper sup rior far-out unorthodox enthralling weird outlandish bizarre all very well well and good better than expected really nice peak theatrical awing not too shabby hand-picked elect workmanlike splendacious decorative selected eloquent agitating most rockin royal paradisic superhuman saintly worthwhile head unutterable well-proportioned Junoesque startling stupefying a million dollars meritable dream deserving respectable better improved enhanced popular preferential favored 10 preferred merry chief principal insane cat's meow big lordly to your liking plum favorite exceptionally good bravura slap-up superfine top-flight high-end A-grade confounding like a million dollars gladdening grade-A couthy mooi lekker awe-striking five star of the highest type top grade best-quality highest-quality pretty cool poised trim strange absurd mad far-fetched nonpareil inimitable unexampled chur affable hunky clear mild favoured cherry-picked favourite uncommon unusual awful whimsical state-of-the-art first class extraordinaire one in a million unusually good eximious in a league of their own never to be forgotten mind-bending better than usual of the best quality spine-tingling better than average heart-stopping transcendental sacred inspirational holy abstract the very best carefully chosen first-line spesh gladsome gay charismatic bootylicious whiz a standout hunky dory snazzy OK in order dishy relief cunning soothing hospitable surpassing belief scenic panoramic titantic utmost large considerable there clean smooth 24-karat red-carpet main physically attractive joyful the most daring impassioned bold lavish absorbing touching affecting influential rousing massive fateful consequential landmark very able sharp as a tack on the beam know stuff nimble-fingered on the ball up to speed no slouch no dummy passable elating copasetic paradisaical calming fit intriguing glitzy signal world class worthy of admiration worthy of commendation cat's pajamas light-hearted quaint glam luring elfin eventful tip top top drawer voluptuous curvaceous winsome beddable tall and dignified well dressed out of the ordinary pivotal heroic triumphant significant fulfilling meaningful material groundbreaking epochal far-reaching dapper sheen willowy personable sensual camera-friendly debonair convivial balmy opulent siren trendy looking like a million prestigious propitious auspicious romantic of moment ineffable cordial opportune jovial very pleasurable optimistic advantageous hopeful very attractive greatly to one's liking picture-perfect pretty as a picture rosy encouraging providential roseate upbeat prized fortunate indispensable valued inestimable respected treasured golden hot property full of promise one-off rose-colored up to standard up to scratch up to par ready brainy hep hip wised up useful of use energetic robust number-one effective ultimate major-league efficacious earthshaking major league effectual earth-shattering big time big-league epoch-making of value big-time dynamic skookum big league most valuable most precious

Tính từ

Having or showing (great) skill
skilled practised accomplished experienced expert master professional proficient skilful competent elite masterly able adept brilliant capable consummate deft dextrous good qualified savvy skillful specialist trained versed adroit crack crackerjack dexterous exceptional facile fine genius gifted handy masterful polished practiced schooled seasoned talented tasty virtuoso ace educated efficient excellent great ingenious knowledgeable sharp slick supreme veteran apt clever compleat complete mean nifty professed smart stellar wizard dominant well versed a dab hand at top-notch big league highly qualified highly skilled highly trained out of this world very skilled exceptionally skilled extraordinarily skilled immensely skilled supremely skilled demon keen first-class first-rate hot outstanding intelligent superior magnificent marvellous marvelous class bright brainy choice precocious quick formidable unrivaled peerless unrivalled world-class artful top-hole superb wicked best extraordinary workmanlike intellectual astute creative acute hotshot scholarly learned cerebral discerning perspicacious penetrating inventive profound erudite knowing rational fast alert Einstein whip-smart sharp-witted whiz kid supersmart whip ultrasmart nimble eggheaded very intelligent hyperintelligent quick-witted splendid bravura wonderful superlative dazzling impressive pro leet deadly delicate au fait handpicked deluxe capital habile phenomenal select perceptive star artistic remarkable endowed golden well-versed dynamite top-drawer first class practical cut out for having a knack for shining at class act a hand at A1 fit sure-handed all-round refined all-around effectual fitted taught well-rounded tutored effective multiskilled multitalented

Tính từ

Being advanced in development
advanced forward progressive modern state-of-the-art avant-garde sophisticated innovative revolutionary higher developed foremost innovatory latest new newest up-to-date ahead complex evolved futuristic groundbreaking intricate newfangled pioneering prime recent supreme cutting-edge radical refined trailblazing avant breakthrough complicated elaborate ingenious pre-eminent excellent exceptional extreme flash improved late nifty paramount precocious principal snazzy leading-edge ultra-modern up to date forward-looking forward-thinking highly developed new-fashioned newly discovered recently developed up to the minute up-to-the-minute far ahead far along high-end well ahead well along ahead of the times contemporary trendsetting future fashionable modernistic modish current high-tech ground-breaking hi-tech updated modern-day present-day red-hot latter-day new age never-before-seen ultramodern hot neoteric mod designer au courant nouvelle space-age technologically advanced innovational high highly-developed in fashion in in style in vogue all the rage stylish voguish chic smart fresh trendy cool with it swinging now hip happening cutting edge natty leading edge go-ahead kicking kicky tony influential inventive fly spiffy brand-new sassy modernised modernized stylin' a la mode contemporaneous popular faddish in-thing plugged-in novel landmark topical 21st-century sharp unconventional snappy swish swank original faddy unorthodox big dashing groovy exclusive chichi supercool bang up to date favored swell funky prevailing creative favoured classy with-it swanky unusual elegant unfamiliar disruptive usual last word latest thing upscale rakish on fleek just out experimental du jour enlightened unprecedented in thing liberal off-centre imaginative genteel well-liked trig popularized a go-go left-field popularised customary posh present schmick culty open-minded today all the go dapper enterprising different prevalent unique de rigueur dressy offbeat dynamic uncommon automated def hep vogue turned-on favorite originative glamorous newborn out of the ordinary massive high-toned crowd-pleasing favourite contempo high-class visionary attractive debonair latter up-and-coming singular the latest untried tasteful unknown freethinking ambitious strange downtown go-getting le dernier cri spirited swagger bold nontraditional nonconformist large pop brand new ultra modern out-of-the-box established progressivist hot off the press extant seminal à la mode sexy young styleworthy vital ritzy cosmopolitan bohemian fancy ahead of its time alternative gnarly rare trim relevant high-fashion understated flattering untested surprising exotic atypical unaccustomed timely down clever inspired unheard-of dap of late hot off the fire Promethean just released breaking new ground well turned-out hottest well-heeled expensive today's supermodern gimmicky mould-breaking lively perfected party finest Sunday youthful smartest nice formal nicest innovating spearheading liberated appealing impressive undercool wicked active present-time concurrent coincident concomitant hippest surrealistic avant garde the new quite recent bleeding edge desired sought-after unwonted exciting resourceful mature last-word vivacious in demand in favour artful good crisp spruce broad-minded antitraditional anticonventional nonconventional nonorthodox large-minded way-out entrepreneurial afresh big thing transformational later out of the common eccentric just issued forefront well groomed well dressed variational vigorous driven energetic enthusiastic twenty- first century de nos jours existent well turned out smartly dressed craze fad chi-chi far-out awake perceptive familiar observant alive conscious savvy knowledgeable versed knowing informed apprehensive aware instant this season's new-fangled deviceful well put together well-dressed well-groomed clean up abreast antiestablishment high-level daring audacious adventurous intrepid rising high-powered courageous high-style underground head lead beat vanguard special inspiring refreshing twenty-first century dernier cri in favor latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad new look dewy recently discovered switched on hep to on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on wise to hip to bang up-to-date fine flashy polished distinctive artistic peculiar odd bling self-regulating robotic automatic in with it existing occurring recently fancy-pants the newest in the know mistakenly trendy new wave reforming urbane sleek ostentatious pretentious uptown beautiful jazzy steezy slick showy appearing recently powerful artificially intelligent germinal well-thought-out well-designed well-planned strategic multifaceted formative involved well-built on the cutting edge in the latest style balanced holistic planetary astrological supernaturalist spiritual mystic occult as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox gumptious recognized set common SOTA newfound far cry newsworthy intelligent hot off press ordinary widespread ubiquitous rampant pervasive accepted general dressed to the teeth in the mainstream dressed to kill nonconservative foreseeing pushing farseeing proactive positive forethoughtful farsighted forehanded prescient provident foresighted just completed immediately prior just done immediately prior to just finished weird reformist capable of learning pressing important universal individualistic outlandish idiosyncratic freakish bizarre individual right-on buzzworthy crystal healing way out quirky esoteric Age of Aquarius reigning recognised leftist left-wing libertarian subjective interesting nominal in the news thematic fundamental rad wacky deep hippie oddball wild PC free-thinking latitudinarian humanistic drastic unhackneyed in force far out off the wall computerized digital multimedia out of this world technological game-changing world-shattering computerised politically correct more recent most recent

Tính từ

In a winning position during a contest

Tính từ

Not easily approached, handled or answered, potentially having a deceitful quality

Tính từ

Wide-ranging or extensive
large-scale broad extensive sweeping wide-ranging far-reaching global wholesale comprehensive exhaustive expansive mass wide wide-reaching nationwide universal vast across-the-board all-encompassing ample awash big brimming bulky bull burly capacious chock-full colossal commodious considerable copious crowded detailed enormous fat full gigantic good great healthy heavy-duty heavyweight hefty huge hulking humongous husky immense important intercontinental international jumbo large major mammoth massive mondo monster oversize packed ponderous prodigious roomy significant sizable spacious strapping stuffed substantial thundering tremendous voluminous walloping whopper whopping worldwide super colossal a whale of a complete inclusive all-inclusive all-embracing thorough sizeable widespread grand substantive immeasurable profuse tidy all-round deep abundant blanket general total plentiful overall indiscriminate lavish superabundant solid plenteous astronomical all-around boundless handsome monumental sufficient unlimited astronomic titanic long noticeable catholic monstrous oversized marked outsize appreciable goodly extended rangy outright far-flung encyclopedic prosperous transnational profitable advantageous interdisciplinary entire multidisciplinary lucrative elephantine compendious across the board whole cross-disciplinary broad-brush encyclopaedic king-size herculean king-sized bumper expanded king size much respectable biggish largish outsized exorbitant reasonable whacking not to be sneezed at pervasive heavy bountiful generous prevalent umbrella scopic scopious serious common generic coast-to-coast company-wide unconditional absolute panoramic cyclopedic in-depth straight-out broad-gauge countrywide cover-all broad-gauged embracive all-in omnibus unmitigated prominent macro adequate worthwhile enlarged rewarding paying comfortable widened stiff everywhere remunerative gainful fair outspread spread worth taking into account tolerable decent pretty far-ranging whopping great steep gargantuan populous inordinate overflowing numerous teeming opulent galore multinational strong muscular brawny giant pronounced whacking great consequential extraordinary measureless booming excessive rampant rife sturdy beefy immoderate unwieldy Himalayan extravagant all-out unbounded profound broad-based non-selective mega cumbersome epic high Brobdingnagian weighty pervading overwhelming lengthy stout protracted foreign popular pandemic epidemic thoroughgoing overarching mesomorphic buff portly robust shredded boxcar ripped hunky generously proportioned unrestricted comprising transcontinental jacked stalwart thewy well built unexclusive wall to wall stocky powerfully built solidly built thickset powerful bulk quantitative in quantity in bulk in the mass

Tính từ

Being of advanced years in age
senior major aged ageing aging ancient elderly geriatric long-lived old older over-the-hill senescent unyoung Elder First I above eldest first-born higher high-grade oldest over primary the elder next higher long in the tooth decrepit past it mature grey doddery gray venerable doddering over the hill no spring chicken not as young as one was not long for this world grey-haired as old as the hills hoary grizzled senile getting on not as young as one used to be advanced in years grey-bearded superannuated matured of advanced years septuagenarian octogenarian nonagenarian centenarian longevous olden past your prime of a certain age up in years past one's prime been around on last leg middle-aged patriarchal anile old-fashioned archaic outmoded outdated out-of-date tired declining retired antique age-old past your sell-by date enfeebled feeble full of years antiquated hoar immemorial antediluvian dateless long in tooth lot of mileage cobwebby passé moth-eaten worn timeworn rusty creaky ripened oldie shot on its last legs senior citizen worse for wear in second childhood in your dotage ripe abiding long-lasting along in years of age gray-haired on in years not young in one's dotage obsolete primitive dated old hat outworn out of date anachronistic bygone prehistoric mossy old-time behind the times obsolescent old-fangled moldy mouldy fossilized medieval old as the hills worn-out very old past mediaeval traditional primeval fossilised demoded primaeval weakly clunky historic frail oldfangled primordial vintage time-worn of yore horse and buggy out of the ark long-standing musty quaint unfashionable moribund faltering neolithic Noachian prehistorical kaputt kaput passe of old hackneyed Stone Age early stale former corny relic past its sell-by date remote unoriginal dead extinct fusty ancestral time-honoured broken-down long-established defunct antwacky vieux jeu out of fashion advanced antiquarian odd white-haired silvery-haired silver-haired grizzly dotard backward done to death faded antediluvial disused sometime decayed old as Methuselah quondam late once aboriginal erstwhile pristine onetime done demode original cast-off crumbling well-established of an advanced age fixed rooted of olden days out of it old-hat unstylish out-of-style not with it neglected démodé rococo out dowdy not modern not current out of style grown old disapproved of the old school dry as dust timeless atavistic forever time-honored fallen into disuse no longer used clapped out discarded discontinued weak centuries old olde worlde wasted debilitated infirm rooted in the past past its prime old as Adam conditioned seasoned old-world retrograde old-school retro old-timey incapacitated having seen better days old fashioned weakened tottering crippled fragile past one's sell-by date pensioned emeritus ex- out of shape threadbare well-worn trite in bad shape banal hackney shopworn cliche obligatory lined hack cliché-ridden stereotyped stock commonplace mellow ragged weathered rundown dog-eared shabby wrinkled clichéd pensioned off resigned in retirement emerita classical ageless overworked battered tattered frayed used enduring lasting established first ritual earliest ritualistic the worse for wear tried and true tried and tested of long ago more advanced

Động từ

Steering a vessel
at the helm in authority in charge in command in control responsible administering at the top at the wheel commanding controlling directing managing overseeing running supervising heading up in the driving seat in the saddle calling the shots holding the reins in the seat of authority pulling the strings running the show in control of responsible for in charge of at the helm of looking after at the wheel of taking care of in the driving seat of in command of as leader of at the controls of accountable for liable for at the top of at the head of governing heading conducting superintending handling guiding presiding over regulating operating bossing ruling overlooking stewarding administrating tending being in the driving seat calling the tune organizing keeping carrying on being in the saddle organising piloting steering captaining being responsible for exercising control over holding sway over orchestrating dominating sitting on top of calling the signals presiding running things officiating coordinating advising influencing hegemonizing quarterbacking ministering ordaining reigning masterminding reigning over riding herd on executing calling the shots in calling the tune in pulling the wires carrying out caring for officiating at being in charge taking the helm owning maintaining cracked the whip maintaining order helming tending to ruling over holding down ordering swaying having control of chairing domineering engineering tyrannising rendering wearing the crown assuming command serving the people exercising authority holding dominion overruling occupying throne tyrannizing laying down the law holding sway holding office dictating oppressing disciplining taking the reins pointing in the right direction shepherding having the say controlling the affairs of putting on the right track disposing predominating moderating subjugating subjecting micromanaging affecting regimenting besteering bewielding having a hold over pushing buttons holding purse strings having authority over wearing the trousers puppeteering having someone eating out of one's hand holding the purse strings having someone in the palm of one's hand ruling the roost dealing with having something in the palm of one's hand having someone in one's hip pocket sitting taking the chair doing the honors

Động từ

Present participle for to have the advantage in a contest

Động từ

Present participle for to be living a particular way of life

Động từ

(lead to) Present participle for to be a route or means of access

Danh từ

The action or manner of controlling or regulating a state, organization, or people
government administration regulation guidance control direction management authority governance rule superintendence supervision oversight charge command leadership presidency conduct intendance law running sovereignty stewardship superintendency bureaucracy care domination dominion guiding operation polity statecraft steering sway execution handling influence patronage politics power predominance regency regimentation political practice the feds Uncle Sam ascendancy jurisdiction supremacy reign dominance mastery regime organization overseeing superiority headship organisation surveillance upper hand managing preeminence hegemony whip hand ascendance ascendency establishment officialdom regimen orchestration prepotence custody grip primacy hold guardianship paramountcy reins prepotency mana might sovranty ascendence imperium manipulation empire controlling authorities governing system keeping predominancy death grip dictatorship protection clutch coordination auspices powers that be preponderancy officials junta inspection regiment eminence arm wardship edge ward prepollency distinction tutelage system of government ministry aegis pre-eminence transcendence treatment clout red tape maintenance the Establishment the system prerogative preponderance prestigiousness right civil service noteworthiness city hall say-so Big Brother directing regulating conducting people in charge supervising commanding administering tyranny orchestrating directorate tenure province grasp predomination check masterminding men in suits dynasty ruling subjection despotism leverage generalship regulatory commission authorization weight protectorship authorisation force commission strength license strings corridors of power safe keeping might and main era statesmanship diplomacy house approach instruction oppression suppression triumph victory directorship captaincy premiership governorship powers-that-be executive predominanc administrative system puissance guard keep rulership coercion trusteeship conquest regnancy containment subjugation intimidation repression performance strong influence raj hands lap incumbency comanagement codirection coadministration subordination initiative military rule martial law warrant conveyance conduction foresight capacity pecking order permit word pwnage ownage men in grey suits the powers that be office prosecution federation kingdom territory monitoring policing pilotage skill time in power what it takes policy plan tactics strategy period of influence domain commonwealth realm ordering arrangement ministration trust duty safekeeping carrying out transaction wielding procedure adaptation reorganisation reorganization reconciliation standardization moderation classification alteration systematisation settlement responsibility for standardisation organizing codification organising systematization pull licence routine police agency board suits group process confederation old guard prevailing political order established order ruling class status quo prevailing social order privilege procedures rules official procedure formalities paperwork regulations program programme jump hand teeth drag ability muscle corporation superpower schedule military government strong arm leg up union people the state rules and regulations say area field range res publica world power diet government department menu district scope bounds circuit zone paper shuffling bureaucratic paperwork proper channels official procedures official forms administrativia administrivia officialism orbit sphere compass ministries course of therapy extent state turf limits judicature arbitration confines reach precinct bailiwick discretion magistracy slot inquisition purview beadledom extent of power oyer and terminer stomping grounds advantage lordship suzerainty overlordship seniority standing position rank prestige possession reputation esteem importance clutches status significance potency responsibility a lead an edge an advantage evil embrace ranking prominence stature a commanding position station precedence first place claws a head start beef prevalence monarchy mark juice principality lead vantage head start impact effect throne omnipotence rangatiratanga rein authoritativeness chieftainship forefront leading place mastery power stranglehold primary position the upper hand jaws first position thrall top spot head place credit monopoly access priority grease heft claim preference weighting notoriety greater importance personal power social position prelacy occupancy occupation retention ownership spell the whip hand pride of place absolute rule driver's seat supreme authority supreme power total domination ambit demesne crown sovereign state breadth leg-up break foothold high ground drop start gain better favour inside track catbird seat stead favor acceptance gravitas involvement input participation opinion voice gamut role part image plausibility credibility integrity confidence radius magnitude play share concern contribution association expression engagement interest feedback connection commitment inspiration stimulus royalty faith energy knowledge conviction kudos experience vigour capability forcefulness powerfulness efficiency dignity prowess sinew brawn potence mightiness vigor efficacy sovereign power toughness stamina horsepower robustness muscularity valour sturdiness stoutness moxie forcibleness valor punch competence firepower steam seat of power hard power

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