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Alternative for coincident

Tính từ

Occurring together in space or time
contemporaneous coinciding concomitant concurrent simultaneous synchronous coexistent coincidental coexisting accompanying attendant attending coetaneous coeval coextensive contemporary correspondent coterminous synchronic coordinate ancillary collateral concurring incident satellite at the same time at the same time as related accessory associated connected synchronal conterminous parallel linked additional supplementary extra synchronized auxiliary current complementary supplemental recent synchronised present-day fellow joint latest newfangled present now today contempo up-to-the-minute agreeing adjuvant in sync state-of-the-art leading-edge up-to-date side by side cotemporal correlated corresponding real-time instantaneous immediate subordinate subsidiary secondary supporting contributory identical concerted of the time dead heat of the same age of the day interrelated interconnected happening at the same time with the beat helping assisting done at the same time in synch in step in phase appurtenant subservient adminicular added associate resultant consequent attached resulting associative incidental isochronal synergistic adjoining concordant conjoined belonging coefficient affiliated synergetic contributing isochronous corollary modern following add-on appended with associated with coupled with in tempo conjoined with in time prevailing cutting-edge present-time with-it modernistic modish avant-garde new-fashioned prevalent novel modern-day late modernized stylish neoteric fresh modernised latter-day de nos jours last word twenty- first century abreast mod extant instant topical ultramodern up new voguish existent red-hot with it au courant just out in vogue in fashion hot off press a la mode space-age up to date up to the minute new age ongoing happening hot designer fashionable trendsetting newest existing trendy cool live same time supermodern actual living in the news alive burning latter in in style twenty-first-century common knowledge in the mainstream on front burner all the rage chic smart nowadays at this moment for the time being started just now even now prompt in duration going on being in process under consideration begun commenced already ad hoc advanced progressive forward-looking flash swinging hip snazzy cutting edge natty leading edge nifty go-ahead high-tech kicking kicky tony fly hi-tech spiffy brand-new sassy stylin' leading newly discovered popular ground-breaking updated faddish groundbreaking plugged-in innovative innovatory nouvelle pioneering recently developed in-thing never-before-seen

Tính từ

In agreement or harmony
compatible congruent consistent consonant matching reconcilable in agreement same in accord in conformity in harmony in step in balance in parallel in tune corresponding similar harmonious congruous correspondent parallel like comparable alike analogous concordant akin accordant coherent nonconflicting agreeing uniform agnate conformable suitable congenial sympathetic according blending in accordance with according with consistent with correspondent to in agreement with congruous with correspondent with in harmony with conformable to harmonious with at one with accordant with concordant with compatible with in rapport equivalent resembling resemblant ditto suchlike cognate connate such identical complementary of a piece equal related correlative harmonizing harmonising conforming agreeable kindred undifferentiated tallying duplicate commensurate synonymous interchangeable fitting close appropriate near proper coordinating complementing proportionate double indistinguishable concurring corroborative homologous tantamount homogeneous corroboratory supportive confirmational commensurable corroborating coordinative supporting twin proportional cooperative reciprocal selfsame coequal confirmatory on the same wavelength undifferenced substitutable homogenous unvaried correlated all of a piece cut from the same cloth much the same fit substantiating meet paired attuned confirming coordinated in keeping coupled symmetrical relative matched obverse twinlike reminiscent analogical undiverse kin carbon copy even on the order of like peas in a pod like two peas in a pod on the same page like-minded coming from the same direction much of a muchness singing the same song of one mind the same on par of the same mind of a kind befitting coinciding apt substantiative concurrent toning becoming in concert probative affirmative probatory adapted seemly verifying vindicating unanimous united approximate clone look-alike of like mind approaching of the same kind connected with allied with cognated incident not a million miles away from verging on bordering on as good a match on a par well-suited companionable interoperable together well-matched friendly adaptable carbon-copy very logical very same same difference harmonised harmonized treadmill standardised standardized mated approximative interrelated answering cotton to equable in line corresponding to conforming to congeneric symphonious congenerous allied allying not unlike equaling Xerox companion relating jibing invariant exact one and the same substitute equalling dead ringer approximating connatural fungible unvarying coextensive having good vibes in sync with in the groove hitting it off getting along with according to conforming with convertible balanced proportioned well matched well-proportioned well proportioned in proportion well balanced well-formed more or less the same

Tính từ

Having an identical meaning
synonymous compatible equivalent identical identified interchangeable one and the same the same alike apposite convertible correspondent corresponding equal like same similar synonymic tantamount comparable parallel indistinguishable commensurate matching analogous ditto duplicate cognate related uniform undifferentiated akin coequal resemblant homogeneous close resembling suchlike consonant connate consistent proportionate kindred such near selfsame much of a muchness cut from the same cloth twin correlative reciprocal congruous congruent conforming complementary exact homologous of a piece substitutable homogenous unvaried conformable much the same even matched identic double Xerox twinlike undifferenced undiverse same difference on par like two peas in a pod of a kind like peas in a pod correlated commensurable likewise very carbon look-alike agnate exactly the same substitute exchangeable reminiscent analogical kin same as harmonious impossible to tell apart carbon copy Tweedledum and Tweedledee dead ringer like Tweedledum and Tweedledee synonymical relatable almost identical dupe aforesaid similarly aforementioned carbon-copy clone as good as the same as approximative transposable commutable jibing companion swappable workalike mutual converse reciprocative changeable interconvertible amounting approximate allied equalling equaling congeneric relating symphonious congenerous invariant allying not unlike approximating connatural congenial fungible unvarying coextensive very same in the same manner copy synonymous with commensurate with in agreement of a piece with much the same as spitting image a dead ringer the dead spit relative proportional interrelated answering agreeing on the order of associated affiliated coupled concordant connected incident paired accordant interconnected coherent symmetrical nonconflicting sympathetic agreeable all of a piece conformable to correspondent to correspondent with on a par linked blending tallying consanguine coterminous obverse suitable standardised standardized according united mated friendly tied even-steven approaching equalized even-stevens joint verging on coordinate equalised in harmony in tune to the same degree evenly matched coordinating toning autologous homologized complementing harmonizing patrilineal agnatic harmonising looking like looking alike associate connected with allied with cognated harmonised harmonized treadmill attractive likeable likable germane closely related closely connected coordinated concurrent facsimile coinciding generic general universal adapted attuned counterpart of that ilk bordering on as good a match of the same kind in the same category regular invariable sister co- fellow like as two peas in a pod difficult to tell apart very similar two of a kind as like as two peas in a pod break even on a plane on level pegging not a million miles away from logical reconcilable stack up with conterminous joined in line in keeping according to equable conforming with in accord corresponding to conforming to dual twofold drawn combined bound married duplex binary double-edged bipartite double-barreled balanced amalgamated leagued confederate unified integrated syndicated cooperating geminate aligned wed partnered with nothing to choose between them nip and tuck on a level side by side close together level pegging neck and neck all square level in a position of equality like-minded in league in cahoots copied second duplicating accompanying bifold hand in glove understanding qualified unanimous frictionless amicable responsive in sympathy companionable harmonious with in accordance with congruous with compatible with according with consistent with accordant with concordant with in rapport in harmony with at one with in agreement with of one mind by comparison modified allusive metaphorical not absolute conditional reasonable vying contrastive in proportion restricted comparative fair rivalling provisional not positive rivaling in comparison with reservation contingent on the same wavelength more or less the same

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