Đồng nghĩa của logical

Alternative for logical

Đồng nghĩa: rational, reasonable, sane, sensible, sound,


Characterized by or capable of clear, sound reasoning
rational reasonable cogent commonsense lucid sensible commonsensible commonsensical consistent reasoned articulate plausible relevant deductive inferential informed justified pertinent probable sober valid compelling congruent convincing deducible inductive judicious just legit legitimate levelheaded likely perceptive perspicuous wise discerning discriminating fair justifiable kosher syllogistic well-founded well thought out well reasoned well-reasoned holding together holding water well-grounded joined-up sound coherent prudent practical good solid intelligent realistic astute analytical sagacious thoughtful firm clear pragmatic hard intellectual credible sane shrewd understandable balanced analytic level-headed sage circumspect knowing enlightened grounded down-to-earth acceptable well-advised tenable matter-of-fact smart canny well founded perspicacious cerebral effective persuasive objective insightful reliable right well grounded sharp defensible no-nonsense intelligible comprehensible sapient clever politic scholarly expedient well advised thinking consequent strong together advisable weighty believable supportable satisfying plain proper reflective careful common-sense savvy erudite normal telling learned hard-headed keen sustainable authoritative all there fathomable possible brainy knowledgeable efficacious considered legible decisive conclusive cognitive businesslike factual forceful percipient clear-sighted calculating appropriate powerful deep desirable satisfactory apt feasible graspable profound hardheaded stable defendable warranted suitable true explicit tactical fitting accurate responsible viable correct conceivable accessible well-thought-out straightforward apprehensible fit unambiguous comprehendible reasoning methodical unidealistic far-sighted unsentimental cool strategic workable ratiocinative potent influential impressive warrantable vindicable maintainable meaningful seemly eloquent precise philosophical well-informed imaginable unemotional systematic worthwhile clear-headed clear-eyed exact user friendly user-friendly authentic admissible scrutable real intuitive penetrable well balanced contemplative philosophic earthy alert pragmatical provident cogitative knowable educated full of common sense substantiated deliberate within the bounds of possibility easy to understand able to hold water discreet proven bright recommended advantageous faultless well organized with both feet on the ground impeccable brilliant thorough beneficial digestible unquestionable straight permissible useful arguable applicable well-argued clearly stated irresistible genius well judged sharp-witted mature certain thinkable unanswerable healthy transparent clearheaded forcible gainful gifted smooth definitive efficient well quick-witted precocious stringent bona fide acute serious-minded empirical simple self-explanatory hard-nosed puissant heady hard-boiled highbrow clear-cut right-minded studious compos mentis crystal clear orderly organized of sound mind decent able to think clearly introspective academic dinkum foresighted irrefutable conceptual ruminative pensive attainable practicable genuine organised profitable corroborated realizable achievable meditative vigilant meticulous confirmed penetrating cautious sincere faithful graceful dependable flawless dispassionate creditable definite doable lawful argute veridical veracious accomplishable unequivocal steady unassailable glib allowable judgmatical judgmatic colorable trusty smooth-talking smooth-tongued trustworthy inducing excusable best suggested prosaic accepted presumptive recognized open convictive suasive unmistakable mundane legal verifiable absolute within reach licit pardonable harmonious having all one's marbles unromantic rightful helpful utilitarian recognised luminous moving effectual worldly-wise unembellished emphatic supposable presumable condonable moderate significant realisable pukka able obvious undistorted unimpassioned capable literal unfantastic fair-minded energetic rock-solid within the realms of possibility well-balanced fast exceptional in one's right mind readable in right mind supersmart punchy mighty powerhouse recondite hyperintelligent ultrasmart pellucid able to reason clearly letter-perfect direct with one's feet on the ground in your right mind potential well informed regular identified musing reflecting pondering measured solemn earnest museful grave studied mental cluey natural punctilious strict supported preferred preferable explainable forgivable thoughty functional diplomatic acknowledged scrupulous fastidious venial remissible recommendable cold favorable concise sensical showing great knowledge with great knowledge well-expressed well-presented robust attentive conversant inferrible heedful finicky deep-thinking valuable compulsive urgent collected synthetic infallible trustable well-structured well presented well expressed allowed passable tolerable permitted glanceable anticipated proportional well-proportioned symmetrical well-adjusted equitable productive timely opportune honest-to-god tried fiduciary aboveboard credential based on hard data based on hard facts derivable inferable au courant a good idea rigorous secure errorless sure truthful inerrant validated verified pawky skilful recognisable recognizable commendable counselable detail oriented competent genial well-read with all one's marbles bookish got head together in possession of one's faculties egghead momentous consequential apposite tough-minded substantial implicit well considered undeniable orthodox watertight established favourable necessary certified calculable empiric seasonable skillful sophisticated wary judicial considerate thought through impartial reachable mentally stable cognizant obtainable aware deliberated categorical up front unimpaired restrained unprejudiced conservative controlled temperate indisputable demonstrative educational scholastic academical theoretical right-thinking documented procurable acquirable steady-going with both one's feet on the ground unexcessive making sense unbiased standing to reason unextreme true to life with a ring of truth well-judged unconditional uncomplicated deliberative convenient best suited presentable okay tolerated heads-up long-headed well thought-out thought-out germane determinative securable quick to be expected pithy operational dull flat evenhanded unarguable incontrovertible experienced tactful cast-iron OK sanctioned well-defined in words of one syllable unblurred spelled out gettable transpicuous discernable clearly expressed provable demonstrable cultured ruminating deliberating playing with full deck playing with a full deck abled mentally sound both oars in water oriented in possession of all your faculties self-possessed having all marbles right in the head deadpan dry open to reason winning uncorrupted attested tested constraining virile take-over steamroller titanic gutsy electric elemental take-charge punch plain-spoken holding up got it together standing up impactful striking usable manageable serviceable operable tough resolute hang tough stand pat intractable locked in tough nut hard-bitten irrefragable incontestable based on good sense lifeless unvarnished unimaginative get-at-able worthy concedable earth-bound hardboiled easy plainspoken common estimable sufficient successful holding up in wash resounding coming on strong ball of fire silky slick touching impelling silver-tongued historical confirmable documentary actual evident nonfictional above board uncreative unadorned spot-on aggressive exciting charming histrionical imposing theatric important performant on the ball vehement grand material trenchant high-powered enthusiastic hard-hitting vivid dramatic expressive on-target dead-on serious inventive ingenious resourceful meditating pedestrian emotionless humdrum actuating stimulating wheedling inspiring inveigling suasory swaying enticing assuasive luring pointed unctuous alluring seductive within reason talented beyond doubt beyond question beyond dispute by the book within the law not unlikely not impossible have one's feet on the ground full of insight a priori unembroidered phlegmatic unaffected whip-smart one hundred per cent perfect abstract in possession of all one's faculties understanding comprehending creative nimble original instructed imaginative alive witty quick on the uptake ready verisimilar specious colourable straight-thinking of use distinct whiz fair-spoken having a good head on one's shoulders know how many beans make five having no flies on very smart experimental a posteriori inducible not taking no for an answer unblemished immaculate within possibility ideal very likely like enough irreproachable indefectible ordered uninterrupted uniform seamless picture-book picture-perfect most correct


(of a system) Capable of maximizing productivity at no expense of extra resources
efficient methodical systematic structured coherent systematised systematized productive economic economical resourceful laborsaving timesaving effective orderly streamlined saving cost-effective energy-efficient energy-saving fuel-efficient labour-saving well ordered well organized well-organized well planned well-planned well regulated well run ordered meticulous methodic regular businesslike organized precise neat careful exact organised planned methodized formal disciplined tidy fixed together well-regulated well thought out coordinated scrupulous deliberate controlled systematical arranged well-ordered standardized routine standard practical consistent fastidious analytical thoroughgoing painstaking standardised complete by the numbers by the book out-and-out joined-up nonrandom sensible reasonable well thought-out straightened out trim punctilious well-kept in order shipshape correct regulated spick-and-span framed slick rangé scientific uniform set-up thorough clean alike conventional in shape neat as button neat as pin in apple-pie order in good shape all together to rights regimented rigid established orthodox recognized institutional customary official recognised strict well-arranged steady self-controlled mainstream professional law-abiding well-behaved peaceable workaday matter-of-fact competent smooth-running school practised pragmatic sedulous skillful diligent direct industrious expeditious earnest practiced accomplished concentrated serious purposeful skilful intent hardworking enterprising classified correlated cataloged tabulated grouped catalogued formed prearranged prepared formulated accepted integrated procedural bureaucratic cohesive establishment set prescribed ready consolidated collective unified societal harmonious cooperative assimilated combined united influential organic


Having or showing a calm attitude towards disappointments or difficulties
philosophical calm composed cool stoical collected serene patient tranquil impassive resigned unruffled detached dispassionate imperturbable placid self-possessed sober unemotional accommodating equable forbearing long-suffering phlegmatic rational restrained tolerant unperturbed easy-going even-tempered fatalistic indulgent realistic unexcitable nonplussed practical sedate unflappable accepting deep deep-thinking enlightened ethical learned moral philosophic profound stoic temperate uncomplaining wise cool, calm and collected theoretical metaphysical cold unsentimental analytical indifferent emotionless abstract unfeeling unsympathetic businesslike clinical non-emotional objective impersonal analytic uninvolved distant remote aloof removed neutral disinterested antiseptic hard-headed scholarly erudite nonchalant unmoved nonpassionate sagacious esoteric reasoned thoughtful unpassionate unflustered moderate unfazed scientific unexcited uncaring laid back poker-faced cold-fish cool cat tough laid-back cold-blooded iceberg couldn't care less level-headed quiet self-controlled together untroubled undisturbed unworried coolheaded self-composed possessed recollected unshaken relaxed steady level peaceful poised cool-headed controlled unagitated equal chilled smooth at ease staid limpid equanimous easygoing as cool as a cucumber at peace cool as cucumber serious dignified proper stolid unbothered seemly decorous somber levelheaded stiff formal solemn easy stately sombre confident still pacific grave stable grounded reasonable sensible unimpassioned commonsensical keeping your cool deliberate casual assured well balanced centered centred cool as a cucumber self-assured undemonstrative restful longanimous unperturbable sure sanguine down-to-earth hard-boiled gentle measured mellow insouciant blithe with the patience of Job agreeable mild stress-free civil unshakable passionless unaffected in control mild-mannered good-tempered quieted soothed calmed disimpassioned clearheaded repressed suppressed hushed halcyon stilly lown stabile unfluctuating orderly systematic methodical earnest keeping a stiff upper lip have one's act together not turn a hair sure of oneself keeping one's shirt on pellucid reconciled content resting fair satisfied quiescent comfortable demure balanced sane pragmatic circumspect mature dependable serious-minded no-nonsense prim stuffy boring stick-in-the-mud starchy cold sober prudent judicious reliable sound full of common sense discreet deliberative farsighted all there


(consistent with) Compatible or in agreement with something
consistent consonant harmonious compatible accordant congruous agreeing coherent congruent concordant nonconflicting reconcilable agreeable conformable congenial equable like matching sympathetic conformable to conforming to corresponding to in accord in harmony in keeping in line in tune according to conforming with correspondent to correspondent with of a piece all of a piece corresponding similar correspondent identical in agreement uniform comparable alike parallel analogous same suitable akin kindred equivalent equal homogeneous homogenous complementary conforming fitting appropriate matched undifferentiated proper cognate in step indistinguishable duplicate related resemblant fit harmonizing harmonising homologous resembling concurring selfsame commensurate cooperative coordinated close near synonymous suchlike ditto interchangeable connate tantamount the same undiverse substitutable unvaried meet much the same harmonised harmonized befitting proportionate such twinlike undifferenced like-minded in time on the same wavelength cut from the same cloth on par much of a muchness apt becoming according coincident attuned agnate unvarying seemly standardised standardized companionable friendly adapted coordinating symphonious well-suited nice pleasing unanimous united exact reminiscent analogical coequal double on the same page one and the same coming from the same direction singing the same song of one mind of the same mind of a kind coinciding concurrent symmetrical in conformity in concert treadmill mated almost identical exchangeable supportive in parallel in balance tallying corroborative corroboratory relatable like peas in a pod impossible to tell apart like two peas in a pod same difference of like mind approximative reciprocal twin corroborating complementing confirmational supporting coordinative melodious interoperable together well-matched adaptable companion jibing even correlative musical euphonious allied equaling substitute equalling tuneful cotton to euphonic congeneric congenerous allying kin relating coextensive having good vibes in sync with in the groove hitting it off getting along with symphonic decent carbon copy not unlike Xerox invariant dead ringer approximating connatural fungible canorous decorous correct polite genteel right apposite blending respectable suited conventional toning acceptable harmonious with in accordance with congruous with compatible with according with consistent with accordant with concordant with comme il faut in good taste de rigueur timely the done thing done thing in rapport in harmony with at one with in agreement with kindly sociable pleasant convivial genial hospitable comradely neighbourly amiable good-natured personable affable likeable frictionless cordial amicable simpatico complaisant sympathique well suited favourable neighborly easy to get along with clubby regular fellow right neighborly likable mellow happy favorable amical conversable gracious good-humoured good-humored jovial social more or less the same


Concerned with theories or hypotheses rather than with practical matters
theoretic imaginary theoretical abstract academic analytical as a premise assumed codified conjectural contingent formalistic formularized general hypothetic hypothetical ideal idealised idealized ideational ideological imaginative impractical instanced intellectual in the abstract in theory metaphysical notional on paper pedantic philosophical postulated presumed problematical pure quixotic speculative suppositional tentative transcendent transcendental unearthly unproved unsubstantiated vague unproven untested academical suppositious suppositive postulatory putative unfounded groundless imagined conjectured nominal experimental hairy dangerous projected conceptive based on guesswork unconfirmed conceptual questionable supposed unsupported unverified unreal baseless spurious unjustified uncorroborated foundationless ill-founded unreliable unsound without basis without foundation unwarranted presupposed unattested presumptive not backed up by evidence unreasonable suspect doubtful uncertain invalid nonvalid indefinite false misguided misinformed ungrounded trumped-up supposititious unjustifiable fabricated idle unrealistic disputable debatable flimsy tenuous untrue specious fallacious vain erroneous dubious gratuitous bottomless trumped up illogical fanciful fancied illusory visionary imagal non-practical divinatory non-technical blue-sky mendacious misleading uncalled-for untruthful off-base deceptive unpragmatic unauthenticated not practical irrelevant empty inaccurate fundamental higher basic useless inferred surmised suspected alleged apparent postulational guesstimated figured reputed guessing unresolved surmising purported ivory-tower ivory-towered ivory-towerish reasonless untenable equivocal concocted conditional conjecturable refutable provisory guessed indeterminate casual contestable assumptive stochastic proposed pretending problematic recondite likely unpractical nonconcrete inferential asserted made up intangible immaterial on a hunch without substantiation without merit on a long shot unestablished untrustworthy not validated dodgy iffy weak nebulous undependable suspicious dubitable open to question fishy controversial arguable hard to believe open to doubt

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