Đồng nghĩa của akin

Alternative for akin

Đồng nghĩa: affiliated, alike, allied, associated, connected, related, similar,

Trái nghĩa: alien,

Tính từ

Of similar character
similar alike comparable corresponding like parallel analogous cognate matching related close connate correspondent ditto equivalent near resemblant resembling such suchlike agnate allied with cognated connected with consonant incident of a piece of the same kind kindred identical equal uniform kin same consistent commensurate homologous consanguine undifferentiated homogeneous allied proportionate interchangeable synonymous on the order of duplicate tantamount consanguineous correlative complementary indistinguishable much the same congruent homogenous connatural conforming consanguineal unvaried reciprocal double correlated even commensurable associated cut from the same cloth much of a muchness congruous undifferenced approximate matched unvarying coequal substitutable harmonious conformable the same of a kind connected same difference affiliated proportional interconnected relative coupled twin twinlike reminiscent analogical undiverse convertible selfsame agreeing compatible congeneric on par Xerox mated harmonised harmonized standardised standardized carbon copy dead ringer like peas in a pod all of a piece substitute like two peas in a pod natural birth biological biologic interrelated answering looking alike looking like linked cognate with same-blooded paired treadmill symmetrical coordinating closely related closely connected attractive likeable likable germane obverse toning general universal generic blending complementing harmonizing amounting approximative jibing exact companion tallying approaching same as carbon copy synonymous with commensurate with of a piece with much the same as concordant relating symphonious congenerous invariant one and the same allying equalling not unlike approximating equaling congenial fungible coextensive look-alike concurrent facsimile harmonising with a common ancestor undistinguishable verging on a match bordering on on a par as good Tweedledum and Tweedledee spitting image like Tweedledum and Tweedledee all alike solid regular smooth in agreement all the same all one not a million miles away from twofold accordant duplex dual binary bipartite double-edged coherent double-barreled nonconflicting bifold duple very same supplemental supplementary conformable to correspondent to correspondent with second opposite dualistic binate identic agreeable in accord coordinative exchangeable even-steven even-stevens balancing interdependent reconcilable supportive supporting geminate mutual doubled joint commutual very according fellow tied reciprocative repeated drawn in harmony binal exactly the same level balanced self-same concurring doubleheader two-fold coordinate equalized in pairs in tune impossible to tell apart equalised changeable on level pegging to the same degree with nothing to choose between them nip and tuck level pegging neck and neck all square evenly matched coinciding autologous homologized clone copied duplicating accompanying almost identical carbon-copy spare replica replacement relatable reciprocatory exchanged give-and-take corroborative corroboratory shared common transposable commutable melodious cooperative corroborating confirmational workalike converse swappable interconvertible musical alternate coterminous invariable the dead spit a dead ringer euphonious bisected tandem tuneful appropriate fitting logical euphonic break even dichotomous bilateral bicameral twice dyadic square symphonic fit adequate sufficient due on a plane in line in keeping according to equable conforming with corresponding to sympathetic conforming to canorous two two-way dependent communal stack up with on an equal footing on the same level quits horse to horse fifty-fifty equally balanced on equal terms equally matched another completing interrelating complemental coordinated adapted attuned suitable new conclusive integrative integral filling crowning finishing completory perfecting on a level side by side close together in a position of equality coincident in conformity in step replicate qualified repeat in parallel in balance by comparison modified repeat of copy of carbon copy of allusive metaphorical not absolute conditional reasonable vying contrastive in proportion restricted comparative fair rivalling provisional not positive rivaling in comparison with reservation contingent duplicated more or less the same

Tính từ

Consistent, compatible, or in agreement with something else or a whole
consonant consistent corresponding congruent compatible similar harmonious congruous correspondent parallel like comparable alike analogous concordant accordant coherent nonconflicting agreeing uniform agnate conformable suitable congenial sympathetic according blending coincident conformable to in agreement correspondent to correspondent with harmonious with accordant with according with compatible with concordant with congruous with consistent with in accordance with at one with in harmony with in rapport in agreement with matching equivalent resembling resemblant ditto suchlike cognate connate such identical complementary of a piece equal same related correlative harmonizing harmonising conforming agreeable kindred undifferentiated tallying reconcilable duplicate commensurate synonymous in accord interchangeable in tune fitting close appropriate near proper coordinating complementing proportionate double indistinguishable concurring corroborative homologous tantamount homogeneous corroboratory supportive confirmational commensurable corroborating coordinative supporting twin proportional cooperative in harmony reciprocal selfsame coequal confirmatory on the same wavelength undifferenced substitutable homogenous unvaried correlated all of a piece cut from the same cloth much the same fit substantiating meet paired attuned confirming coordinated in step in keeping coupled symmetrical relative matched obverse twinlike reminiscent analogical undiverse kin carbon copy even on the order of like peas in a pod like two peas in a pod on the same page like-minded coming from the same direction much of a muchness singing the same song of one mind the same on par of the same mind of a kind befitting coinciding apt substantiative concurrent in conformity toning becoming in concert probative affirmative probatory adapted seemly verifying vindicating unanimous united approximate in parallel in balance clone look-alike of like mind approaching of the same kind connected with allied with cognated incident not a million miles away from verging on bordering on as good a match on a par well-suited companionable interoperable together well-matched friendly adaptable carbon-copy very logical very same same difference harmonised harmonized treadmill standardised standardized mated approximative interrelated answering cotton to equable in line corresponding to conforming to congeneric symphonious congenerous allied allying not unlike equaling Xerox companion relating jibing invariant exact one and the same substitute equalling dead ringer approximating connatural fungible unvarying coextensive having good vibes in sync with in the groove hitting it off getting along with according to conforming with convertible balanced proportioned well matched well-proportioned well proportioned in proportion well balanced well-formed associated affiliated identic connected like Tweedledum and Tweedledee interconnected Tweedledum and Tweedledee linked consanguine coterminous likewise amounting carbon tied exactly the same even-steven equalized even-stevens joint exchangeable spitting image coordinate equalised same as to the same degree almost identical evenly matched impossible to tell apart identified autologous homologized patrilineal agnatic synonymic apposite looking like looking alike associate attractive likeable likable germane closely related closely connected dupe aforesaid similarly aforementioned facsimile generic general universal relatable copy synonymous with commensurate with counterpart the same as as good as of that ilk transposable commutable in the same manner in the same category regular invariable the dead spit a dead ringer much the same as workalike mutual converse reciprocative swappable changeable interconvertible of a piece with sister co- fellow like as two peas in a pod difficult to tell apart very similar two of a kind as like as two peas in a pod break even on a plane on level pegging stack up with conterminous joined dual twofold drawn combined bound married duplex binary double-edged bipartite double-barreled amalgamated leagued confederate unified integrated syndicated cooperating geminate aligned wed partnered with nothing to choose between them nip and tuck on a level side by side close together level pegging neck and neck all square level in a position of equality in league in cahoots copied second duplicating accompanying bifold hand in glove understanding qualified frictionless amicable responsive in sympathy by comparison modified allusive metaphorical not absolute conditional reasonable vying contrastive restricted comparative fair rivalling provisional not positive rivaling in comparison with reservation contingent more or less the same

Tính từ

Related to the topic being discussed or considered
germane material relevant applicable apposite pertinent allied appropriate apropos fitting related apt connected proper suitable appurtenant significant admissible cognate felicitous linked pointed relative suited to the point analogous to the purpose ad rem applicative applicatory kindred kosher legit on-topic relating useful of interest on target right on on the button on the nose that's the ticket befitting fit becoming fitted right congruous good meet opportune happy seemly correct pat timely correlated important belonging deserved convenient expedient salient valid congruent in keeping consistent pretty key just having direct bearing on having to do with appertaining central propitious essential vital helpful well-suited fundamental referring harmonious well-chosen pertaining associated concerning condign rightful seasonable acceptable pointful dependent compatible qualified requisite well-timed correspondent pertaining to spot on justified fairy-tale relatable associable contingent crucial adequate of use apropos of about judicious supplemental accessory supplementary peripheral auxiliary accessorial perfect ideal tailor-made with respect in regard influential pivotal main major critical chief just right inspired made to order indicative neat choice operative well chosen intrinsic favourable auspicious telling fortuitous well put well expressed convincing joyous meaningful indispensable allowable weighty conformant conforming consonant accordant well judged cardinal primary substantive in point favorable satisfactory worthy commodious of consequence handy advisable reasonable okay merited presentable sufficient cut out for user friendly fit for purpose righteous right up someone's street up to standard good enough in keeping with politic swell copacetic in character nice up to snuff affiliated interconnected concomitant coupled accompanying corresponding intertwined incidental interdependent knit together interrelated joint mutual reciprocal in touch with complementary tied up enmeshed interwoven incident fair due competent decent warranted advantageous comme il faut all right serviceable adapted agreeable tolerable permitted legitimate ample desirable equitable fortunate commensurate comfortable providential passable equipped in order justifiable beneficial sensible official decorous OK promising permissible lucky authorized benign fine welcome unobjectionable enough proportionate authorised well timed usable earned standard effective satisfying accepted exact heaven-sent allowed conformable equal commensurable preferable sound ripe sanctioned required able conventional capable well suited established needed desired respectable golden chosen expected common coherent usual employable lawful pleasing approved pleasant average legal precise recognized sympathetic alright friendly likely best solid palatable carefully selected sufficing matching licit well deserved well earned optimal matched pukka above board obligatory well-matched recognised set ethical hopeful normal profitable within the law functional prepared feasible constructive on the money by the book regular deserving ready necessary conducive specified intended preferred accurate accommodating practicable benefic eligible proportional useable available orthodox comparable customary salutary benignant nonconflicting gratifying pleasurable anticipated selected concordant healthful wholesome toward genuine timeous supportable tenable defensible fairish legalized tolerated flattering unexceptionable acknowledged snug prosperous conformable to logical unexceptional very correspondent to correspondent with model rational jake quintessential well qualified bona fide up to par legalised congenial up to scratch supreme fairly good well founded so-so up to the mark in accord just the job destined encouraging good for designed richly-deserved conformed reconciled accommodated practical made well viewable of benefit well-deserved peculiar unique favourite favorite well-earned fixed prescribed done kindly equivalent indicated quantified listed worthwhile entitled comely beneficent mandatory compulsory empowered associated with behooving beseeming within reason just what was ordered cut out licensed statutable constitutional statutory abundant professional cheering pleasureful reassuring plenty possible probable concedable productive coextensive bounden admitted rightly due livable cushy consummate absolute prototypical on the mark formal flukey fluky trained symmetrical great healthy fruitful utilizable plentiful plenteous bounteous right and proper licenced predictable towardly seasonal archetypal not unlikely not impossible according to Hoyle wearable of choice what the doctor ordered aplenty copious minimal bountiful just the thing expert skilled proficient talented skilful skillful adept fit to be eaten consumable comestible versatile brave fit for human consumption safe to eat approving edible full of promise ultimate regulation serendipitous casual enviable successful accidental efficacious sanctioned by law going by the rules in proportion equal to up to capable of practised accomplished experienced seasoned cozy user-friendly aligning in the running in line for commendatory salubrious hygienic favoring commending protean prudent received honest moralistic moral virtuous principled canonical noble card-carrying right-minded appropriate to the time of year normal for the time of year enow as much as you need as much as is necessary sanctionable disposed just what the doctor ordered the very thing just what one needs excellent wonderful reconcilable de règle middling moderate enjoyable indulgent accommodative obliging traditional confirmed assuaging assuasive appeasing exploitable favouring utilisable holding water on the level twenty-four carat on the up and up in principle enhancing practiced goodish optimum operable sufficiently good pretty good run-of-the-mill quite good delightful crying out not bad agreed universal excusable pardonable venial prime peak top bog-standard middle-of-the-road ergonomic embellishing cosy prerequisite particular appealing engaging fair-to-middling totally fine idyllic foremost -worthy cooperative having good vibes harmonizing companionable in sync with attuned in step together adaptable on the same wavelength in tune cotton to interoperable in the groove harmonising hitting it off getting along with completely understandable A-OK sufferable cogent endorsed proven certified passed supported ratified time-honoured backed certain validated affirmed OK'd finest express grateful sweet delightsome darling blessed dulcet savoury charming luscious blest jolly relaxing dreamy tasty heavenly delectable delicious hospitable welcoming savory within accepted bounds choicest ornamenting sustainable compelling reasoned sincere gracing kind agreeing looked-for plausible pragmatic lucid believable warrantable true viable workable authentic credible grounded reliable realistic best possible called for persuasive verifiable understandable dinkum copasetic pre-eminent best-case agreed upon made official vouched for real sought after ducky hunky-dory well-founded okey-dokey fair to middling

Tính từ

Subject to a particular affiliation
affiliated allied associated connected amalgamated confederated federated incorporated joined linked related united integrated kindred unified belonging bound conjoined in league in partnership married tied combined coupled cognate like corresponding similar equivalent parallel associate sister co- fellow yoked involved fixed together merged hinged twinned blended intermixed entwined intertwined hitched wedded welded attached mixed banded accompanying interlaced paired conjugated mingled touching cemented affixed fused bracketed interallied interfused interdependent inseparable put together interclasped stuck together joint interconnected leagued confederate comparable syndicated cooperating analogous homologous friendly aligned partnered connate wed agnate incident in cahoots hand in glove consolidated cohesive banded together undivided pooled one federal cooperative collective assimilated included joined up organized homogeneous concatenated homogenized hardwired homogenised organised in alliance composite compound together tied in concurrent interrelated attendant concomitant correlated fixed concerted in communication in correspondence in association in proximity in liaison aggregate affiliate a unit solid unitary coadunate acquainted partner corporate unionised unionized assembled spliced undividable indissoluble jointed twin joined together hooked up coherent meshed interspersed joined in marriage in contact united in wedlock mutually dependent unsplittable impenetrable permanent unbreakable interlocked segmented flexible articulate bending modular articulated indivisible that bends

Tính từ

Free from disagreement or dissent
kindred similar compatible like-minded congenial sympathetic agreeable understanding like amicable frictionless friendly harmonious responsive unanimous united companionable in sympathy in agreement in harmony in tune of one mind on the same wavelength amiable cordial affable cooperative good-natured kindly genial pleasant pleasing sociable convivial hospitable comradely good-humoured complaisant peaceful favorable amical conversable neighborly good-humored jovial social peaceable neighbourly easy favourable simpatico happy bubbly confident sweet kind conciliatory hilarious attentive fond vibrant good-tempered loyal loving well-disposed amusing confiding affectionate civil close funny tender comical intimate open receptive good faithful welcoming helpful approachable jocular jocose happy-go-lucky attached outgoing entertaining chummy on good terms delightful buddy-buddy fraternal fit adapted personable nice likeable suitable in accord sympathique well suited well-suited conflict-free gracious congruous consistent consonant clubby likable mellow seeing eye to eye in rapport en rapport in unison on same wavelength free from disagreement in step easy to get along with regular fellow right neighborly warm obliging gregarious matey cheerful warm-hearted warmhearted easygoing benevolent pally gentle engaging extroverted benign courteous clubbable well disposed charming polite easy-going considerate bonhomous mild palsy-walsy unreserved decent amenable hail-fellow-well-met familiar tolerant compassionate accommodating couthy extraverted cozy extrovert lovable cosy caring cheery palsy urbane kind-hearted relaxed company-loving lenient hearty big-hearted informal accessible tight winning kindhearted clubable tender-hearted generous softhearted collegial casual liberal good-hearted winsome thoughtful soft charitable appealing lovely beneficent hail-fellow indulgent goodhearted tenderhearted uninhibited brotherly confidential communicative thick easy to get on with humble chivalrous mild-mannered inseparable soft-hearted unselfish chirpy benignant bland perky large-hearted boon merciful sweet-tempered calm civilized temperate natural available talkative suave civilised personal unstuffy bountiful sweet-natured gallant bosom near regular unctuous sensible humane open-handed magnanimous unassuming free and easy attractive fatherly maternal all heart harmless motherly giving well-mannered well meaning respectful carefree communal dear down-to-earth taking pacific moderate non-hostile diplomatic noble nonchalant backslapping courtly buoyant smiling ingratiating great-hearted heartfelt enthusiastic earnest wholehearted sincere open-minded blithe unpresumptuous prepossessing tactful inward especial bighearted even-tempered eager fun supportive munificent bounteous comforting swell lavish patient paternal unstinting constant cool buddy buddy angelic unoffensive public-spirited as thick as thieves well intentioned forthcoming forbearing downright neighborly modest stately thick as thieves demonstrative guestfriendly folksy assent unconstrained unflappable cliquey humoring facile smooth familial brother's sibling genealogical charismatic enjoyable relishable preferable heroic courageous ladylike decorous gentlemanly good-looking expansive expressive wonderful clannish valiant in favour unaffected undemanding genuine presentable breezy copacetic glad-handering chilled genteel well-bred well mannered mannerly inviting solicitous humouring self-effacing captivating enchanting brave handsome deep amorous empathetic couth door's always open laid-back good company unemotional glowing livable mushy as nice as pie sensitive reasonable jolly bluff affectious quiet placid in favor canny nice-looking pretty bonny fresh officious snug fearless honourable intrepid honorable stout-hearted bold dauntless red-carpet merry free-and-easy lively oily debonair at ease meek soft-spoken shy moral non-confrontational laid back lamblike demure sisterly dovelike reverent retiring dove-like forgiving sweetheart aces comely okay white-hat cheering chipper upbeat high enlivening joyous upper up jocund sunny glad fast barley-sugar noble-minded valorous selfless unceremonious bombastic favourite firm devoted nonmalignant cherished eleemosynary soft touch propitious dutiful bleeding-heart big regardful openhearted feeling deferential wholesome altruistic benefic pitying greathearted princely humanitarian philanthropical fatherlike clement heart in right place philanthropic openhanded freehanded boisterous vivacious nonthreatening sunny side up dearest special favorite knightly easy to live with free nearest and dearest close-knit witty ungrudging good egg all right measured spirited waggish sprightly free-handed well-meaning fabulous gassy non-malignant pro encouraging appreciative well-intentioned down encouraging of supporting of in favour of vicarious supportive of approving in favor of approving of responsive to having a heart on the side of friendly to favourably disposed to receptive to well disposed to favorably disposed well-disposed towards favourably disposed towards in sympathy with tuned in

Tính từ

Closely acquainted or related
near close intimate familiar friendly dear allied bosom chummy inseparable thick tight especial inward buddy-buddy pally matey as thick as thieves confidential devoted constant palsy-walsy thick as thieves faithful firm fast cozy cosy cordial sociable best loving good boon congenial special cherished close-knit on good terms affectionate personal attached favourite warm treasured valued clubby dearest favorite on top of each other fond nearest and dearest regular nice very dear tight-knit on the best of terms well in close to devoted to hand in glove on friendly terms inseparable from amicable genial indivisible comradely neighborly companionable neighbourly amiable affable loyal inalienable conjoined inseverable indissoluble palsy easy gracious snug officious fresh entwined intertwined whole integral undividable connected unified secure moulded interwoven united integrated molded free-and-easy joined at the hip tied up in each other's pocket as one hail-fellow-well-met convivial good-natured kind outgoing social conversable pleasant agreeable sympathetic civil brotherly approachable hospitable fraternal clubbable warmhearted gregarious collegial hail-fellow bonhomous hearty kindly peaceable peaceful amical conciliatory good-humoured open jovial cooperative well-disposed confiding helpful tender communal good-humored harmonious extroverted extrovert buddy buddy easy to get along with mellow easy-going clubable extraverted cliquey clannish enduring deep-rooted durable abiding reliable long-standing long-lasting closely acquainted obliging lovey-dovey kissy-huggy very friendly staunch steady steadfast stable warm-hearted colonial accessible communicative easy to get on with good company lively well disposed considerate company-loving couthy backslapping uninhibited altruistic philanthropic bubbly benevolent charitable sweet confident familial sibling genealogical brother's like-minded vibrant amusing funny complaisant happy-go-lucky delightful hilarious attentive favorable compatible good-tempered comical receptive welcoming pleasing jocular jocose entertaining kindred responsive understanding compassionate humane solicitous comprehending forgiving generous selfless casual informal unceremonious happy favourable calm measured mild moderate non-hostile tolerant temperate sensible pacific

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