Đồng nghĩa của knightly

Alternative for knightly

Đồng nghĩa: chivalric, chivalrous, gallant, medieval,


Associated with or typical of a knight
aristocratic blue-blooded high-born lordly noble patrician upper-class gentle titled well born of noble birth of gentle birth royal genteel princely queenly upper-crust ladylike kingly highborn highbred great wellborn gentlemanly elegant refined cultured silver-spoon exalted high posh upmarket lofty Brahmin well-bred courteous polite born with a silver spoon in one's mouth regal polished ennobled elite well-born civil aristocratical cultivated top-drawer gentlemanlike grand upper crust superior silk-stocking blue baronial top-level top-rank sovereign high-up high-ranking sovran top-ranking distinguished noble-born landed landowning imperial county respectable huntin', shootin', fishin' high-class thoroughbred classy elevated preeminent illustrious eminent top drawer tweedy mannerly purebred pedigreed privileged bluestocking well-brought-up well-mannered luminous prestigious sophisticated gracious exclusive courtly urbane gallant select snobby uptown well-behaved taught considerate trained top-people's leading master prime lead august primary key major dignified predominant chief supreme highest honoured premium premier main esteemed greatest venerable apex prominent notable top famous dominant respected celebrated revered renowned principal central foremost transcendent big arch first capital cardinal focal paramount head big-time biggest core largest primal major league overbearing large well thought of highly regarded widely praised of distinction number-one number one huge well-known overriding honored numero uno overmastering grave pre-eminent


Denotes kindness and generosity
large altruistic magnanimous beneficent benevolent charitable forgiving generous gentle kindly bighearted big-hearted considerate greathearted great-hearted large-hearted munificent noble selfless unselfish decent fair openhanded ungrudging unstinting upright big kind handsome high-minded bountiful open-handed free philanthropic chivalrous princely gallant high natural lofty sublime lenient elevated lordly merciful great self-sacrificing liberal bounteous soft loose soft-touch worthy indulgent clement all heart has heart in right place Santa Claus lavish unsparing free-handed giving prodigal freehearted freehanded fulsome open helpful public-spirited compassionate kind-hearted good humanitarian humane eleemosynary thoughtful benignant kindhearted profuse caring hospitable plenteous generous to a fault self-denying abundant warm-hearted ready gracious do-good extravagant tolerant philanthropical unstinted willing willingly given sympathetic obliging understanding ample benign disinterested plentiful affable full open-hearted devoted self-forgetting honest moderate excellent easy honourable reasonable equitable just honorable neighbourly well-disposed loving incorruptible self-effacing extroverted denying tender-hearted good-natured neighborly over the top soft-hearted rich acceptable warm effusive human good scout Robin Hood bleeding heart accommodating congenial cordial amicable amiable supportive tenderhearted tender warmhearted softhearted beneficient valuable useful well meaning good-hearted well-meaning very kind self-forgetful overgenerous profligate overabundant immoderate wasteful thriftless unrestrained improvident intemperate almsgiving wild casual unstinging exuberant free-and-easy openhearted solicitous donating socially concerned patriotic prosocial goodhearted contributing public- spirited excessive unkind unrelenting inexorable cruel procrustean


Having, or conforming to, high moral standards or principles
honorable honest good upright righteous virtuous ethical moral just decent principled respectable upstanding worthy noble trustworthy reputable admirable fair proper reliable true scrupulous dependable laudable conscientious incorruptible straight right trusty faithful creditable nice respected truthful chivalrous honourable venerable conscionable sincere straightforward unstained forthright high-minded right-minded law-abiding high-principled stand-up morally correct all right of good repute full of integrity on the up-and-up correct equitable square lawful kosher clean pure dutiful moralistic blameless orderly impartial exemplary anti-corruption wholesome peaceful well behaved above board unbiased civilized unprejudiced duteous solid innocent obedient on the level seemly evenhanded rightful nonpartisan chaste fair-minded immaculate clean-living compliant candid aboveboard respectful civilised distinguished on the up and up irreproachable reasonable unimpeachable guiltless sinless objective nondiscriminatory decorous dispassionate fitting elevated sensible legal upfront humane angelic equal peaceable indifferent true blue squeaky clean disciplined legit true-blue esteemed mannerly even-handed impeccable manageable deferential tractable gallant due unbribable rational unobjectionable apple-pie courteous anti-discrimination non-discriminatory justifiable open-minded disinterested genuine civil neutral non-partisan whiter than white pure as the driven snow meritorious praiseworthy frank right-thinking according to the rules saintly of principle clean-cut impersonal commendable uncolored open precise fair and square uncorrupted squeaky-clean peacekeeping complying dignified glorious estimable redoubtable irreprehensible modest celibate sportsmanlike sporting gracious notable biddable submissive amenable conformable docile undefiled great eminent vestal G-rated prestigious gentlemanlike sportsmanly punctilious circumspect acceptable palatable pleasant sporty according to Hoyle condign deserved justified merited up front lofty saintlike godly responsible competent warranted dinkum Christian unbigoted egalitarian heedful punctual exact fastidious critical morally right morally acceptable right and proper on the square fair-and-square on-the-level savoury savory balanced uncoloured proportionate inoffensive extremely careful thinking twice even-steven cricket fair-to-middling level stable without fear or favour self-righteous square deal with no axe to grind fair shake polite thoughtful considerate undestroyable perpetual persistent loyal unchanging inextinguishable immortal above suspicion untouchable constant lily-white unmarred highly regarded incorrupt dapper alright goody-goody precious unerring plain-spoken edifying uplifting holy pious faultless spiritual magnanimous free-spoken veracious round improving non-erotic non-violent literal truth-telling guileless plainspoken outspoken unreserved believable ingenuous meaning what one says unfeigned realistic real veritable like it is acquiescent simple salt of the earth noble-minded well brought up cooperative tolerant willing mindful well-brought-up regardful well mannered well-mannered all there hale and hearty sanitary invigorating helpful ruddy sane in fine feather normal practical open-faced together fresh-faced envigorating in the pink hygienic safe commonsensical blooming legitimate detached pukka on up-and-up

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