Đồng nghĩa của quixotic

Alternative for quixotic

Đồng nghĩa: romantic, wild-eyed,

Tính từ

Possessing or acting with the desire to do noble and romantic deeds, without thought of realism and practicality
idealistic romantic visionary impracticable starry-eyed unrealistic utopian absurd extravagant imaginary unbusinesslike unworldly chimerical chivalrous dreamy fanciful fantastical idealist impossible impractical impulsive inoperable non-viable perfectionist quixotical starry unworkable Utopian dreaming foolish impetuous ineffective ineffectual inefficacious unserviceable useless unfeasible improbable wild speculative head-in-the-clouds theoretical otherworldly optimistic ivory-tower idealized unusable idealised illogical abstract unreal out of touch with reality naive fairy-tale unattainable inapplicable infeasible nonviable nonfunctional irrealizable unnegotiable unreasonable no-go won't fly not a prayer out of the question silly far-sighted abstracted radical half-baked daydreaming illusory imaginative airy-fairy nonrealistic prophetic delusory lofty grandiose ambitious pretentious hopeful nonpractical unlikely unwise unpractical not sensible ivory-towered on cloud nine unrealizable unviable castle-building out there unachievable perfect ideal vague fantasizing irrational senseless airy fantasy dream sentimental dreamlike over-optimistic far-fetched crazy potty fantasising exaggerated idyllic high-flown fantastic arcadian model transcendental supreme pie-in-the-sky ultimate best ideological nonsensical reachy gone floating whimsical fabulous fictitious legendary not applicable blue sky made-up Micawberish Panglossian happy hoping creative inventive inspired prescient insightful innovative perceptive discerning penetrating ingenious intuitive enterprising clever shrewd resourceful sharp gifted wise talented hypothetical exalted astral introspective musing noble original in the clouds with your head in the clouds

Tính từ

Existing only in the imagination
imaginary unreal fanciful mythical fictitious chimerical imagined fantastic visionary fabulous fictional invented mythic illusory fantastical ideal pretend chimeric phantasmal phantom fantasied phantasmic legendary imaginal notional whimsical hypothetical dreamlike theoretical fabricated hallucinatory fancied imaginative unsubstantial assumed delusive mythological ethereal dreamy abstract suppositious shadowy fantasy nonexistent deceptive illusive concocted storybook supposititious apocryphal figmental supposed spectral virtual imagal apparitional made-up make-believe non-existent dreamed-up trumped up fool's paradise all in one's head figment of someone's imagination product of someone's imagination utopian romantic capricious vain impractical conceptual unfounded wild absurd academic estimated all in the mind unattainable unfeasible impracticable unworkable ivory-towered fairy-tale Utopian unachievable idealized poetic mercurial transcendental extravagant unearthly idealised high-flown mental transcendent ivory-tower out-of-reach in the clouds daydreaming inventive flighty pie-in-the-sky misleading in a world of one's own head in the clouds out of touch with reality specious fallacious false spurious delusory deceiving beguiling misconceived deceitful deluding mistaken apparent insubstantial ostensible seeming in error fictive sham fake mock pretended pseudo phoney immaterial phony aerial fantasized dream simulated feigned artificial untrue phantasmagoric faux play-play bogus fraudulent intangible imitation fantasised impalpable unbelievable vague airy metaphysical illusionary vaporous semblant inexistent incredible imponderable out of this world blue sky pipe dream acted nebulous insincere fabled unnatural weird reproduction reachy replica speculative delusional imitative phantasmagorical hollow thought up dummy ersatz ideational suppositional conjectural putative misguided erroneous in your head blue-sky unsubstantiated conjectured theoretic Barmecidal Barmecide float factitious mimic substitute counterfeit synthetic man-made forged far-fetched preposterous ridiculous curious tall crackpot offbeat flakey unlikely kinky flaky far out fairy tale floating absent lacking missing wanting incorporeal cock and bull hard to swallow hard to take gossamery dead defunct flimsy baseless empty tenuous gone blank negative ungrounded departed groundless extinguished lost vacant perished void null extinct on cloud nine indescribable indefinable obscure untouchable indistinct unclear unbodied pie in the sky castles in the air formless nonphysical bodiless ghostlike discarnate nonmaterial spiritual ephemeral passed on passed away without foundation imperceptible to the touch puny fly-by-night unsound slender infirm petty idle decrepit few and far between null and void too little too late

Tính từ

Having an unusually strange character or behavior
crazy weird strange whacky absurd ridiculous bizarre outrageous peculiar ludicrous preposterous eccentric fanciful fantastical nonsensical unreal wild goofy impracticable inane mercurial senseless silly whimsical abnormal astonishing baffling bewildering cock-eyed crazy-ass extraordinary fantastic farcical freakish grotesque idiotic illogical imbecilic implausible incongruous incredible infantile laughable loony monstrous mystifying nonconformist phenomenal pointless puzzling queer risible shocking unbelievable unique unreasonable unthinkable unusual wackadoo wackadoodle balmy derisory dreamlike fatuous foolhardy funky harebrained imprudent inconceivable offbeat outré puerile quirky remarkable rum surreal unworkable weirdo foolish hare-brained insane irresponsible odd off-kilter off-the-wall spaced-out beyond all reason bird-brained cockeyed half-baked ill-conceived inappropriate out of all reason short-sighted stupid daft asinine wacky mad nutty brainless unwise witless zany crackpot lunatic dippy dotty kooky daffy half-witted cuckoo looney kookie featherheaded jerky tomfool simpleminded screwball lunkheaded bubbleheaded weak-minded sappy inept irrational fool mindless moronic cockamamie unintelligent cockamamy reckless comical dopey barmy ill-advised injudicious rash crackbrained dumb ill-considered empty-headed doltish impractical derisive thoughtless pathetic giddy screwy derisible incautious indiscreet scatterbrained dim-witted unrealistic thickheaded gormless damfool birdbrained batty chowderheaded dotish glaikit extravagant imbecile dim far-fetched slang simple off the wall flighty pea-brained outlandish frivolous loopy potty thick dunderheaded feebleminded cretinous impossible divvy dof funny wooden-headed meaningless feather-brained droll madcap scatty vacuous lamebrained halfwitted boneheaded blockheaded futile ill-thought-out heedless slow-witted too much curious impolitic hilarious way out comic ignorant careless inconsistent unstable improbable childish unlikely amazing braindead unfeasible dense dull ill-judged pinheaded muttonheaded chuckleheaded unthinking non-viable dappy weak diverting useless gelastic out to lunch softheaded brain-dead fat-headed off beam dead from the neck up impulsive humorous unsound amusing lightheaded ditzy misguided hysterical erratic featherbrained dubious doubtful excessive incorrect faulty immature extreme untenable clueless freaky dozy romantic chucklesome unconvincing wacko brash hasty inadvisable changeable ditsy unscientific uproarious dizzy unjustifiable light-headed frothy yeasty flawed humoristic facetious capricious riotous unpractical unreasoned slapstick wrong exorbitant unimaginable comedic sidesplitting nonrational entertaining visionary groundless backward slow hotheaded inconsiderate antic unreasoning demented unattainable vain killing deranged contradictory off your head screaming hysteric hopeless unviable naive nerdy unearthly theoretical side-splitting rib-tickling simple-minded feeble-minded priceless light-minded unrealizable ivory-tower incompetent infeasible pie-faced good-humored good-humoured out of sight without foundation without basis out of the question full of holes not making sense beyond the bounds of possibility thick-witted incomprehensible rattlebrained unsteady defective clownish ornate imaginative exotic unconsidered mentally incompetent bugged out dimwitted obtuse burlesque callow donkeyish obstinate credulous retarded green harum-scarum far-out goofy loony contemptible fancy creative original doolally gonzo unaware insipid insensate complacent idiotical improvident inexperienced fickle skittish foolheaded Boeotian unhinged idiotish squirrelly sublime taking the cake maniacal forgetful inconstant witty mirthful smoothbrained off your trolley worthy of scorn invalid Gothic gothic baroque jocose jocular off the air up the pole very stupid smooth-brained sick dope fallacious extremely foolish stupidly irresponsible jolly slaphappy ineffectual heady daredevil overhasty wrong-headed unseemly specious spurious light-hearted excellent feather-headed unbalanced starry-eyed unjustified erroneous hot-headed O.T.T. as thick as two short planks wet behind the ears a bit much OTT over the top marvelous inconclusive idealistic joshing camp embarrassing in vain campy daring adventurous ill undiplomatic inexpedient indelicate graceless tactless incoherent sophistical unplanned utopian unworldly perfectionist delusory imaginary soft for grins to no avail badly planned confused risky temerarious audacious overbold overconfident casuistic illegitimate inconsequent inconsequential unfounded unproved sophistic wondrous illusory incredulous grandiose oddball unachievable unformed sophomoric undeveloped radge perverse false irrelevant unconnected irreconcilable self-contradictory unsubstantial beyond belief hollow unconceivable misleading ambitious uncompelling artificial nitwitted gone nonrealistic reachy floating dopy illusive suppositious different singular hallucinatory off the top of one's head unobtainable chaotic lively very good underdeveloped flakey flaky not applicable not sensible blue sky on cloud nine not following sheepheaded make-believe forlorn undoable insurmountable poorly planned not thought through not fully developed not well thought out insuperable irresoluble insolvable unsolvable cock-and-bull muddle-headed sensational awesome spectacular divine stupendous astounding out of this world splendid breathtaking wonderful prodigious fabulous superb terrific glorious paradoxical irresolvable impervious insoluble inaccessible inexecutable impassable irrealizable unserviceable inoperable not to be thought of not on not possible no-way not a prayer not worth considering beyond one hardly possible no-go like herding cats beyond you hundred-to-one contrary to reason marvellous nonpractical unusable questionable ludicrous. laughable nonviable overdramatic high-flown elaborate overdone sensationalized otherworldly nonfunctional chimerical speculative inapplicable unbusinesslike abstract inefficacious cheery cheerful happy hearty won't fly no go inflated overstated highly unlikely uncivilised inordinate last straw unconscionable out of bounds sensationalised extortionate barbarous uncivilized highly coloured

Tính từ

Concerned with theories or hypotheses rather than with practical matters
theoretic imaginary theoretical abstract academic analytical as a premise assumed codified conjectural contingent formalistic formularized general hypothetic hypothetical ideal idealised idealized ideational ideological imaginative impractical instanced intellectual in the abstract in theory logical metaphysical notional on paper pedantic philosophical postulated presumed problematical pure speculative suppositional tentative transcendent transcendental unearthly unproved unsubstantiated vague postulatory unproven suppositious untested imagined conjectured academical suppositive nominal putative supposed conceptual rational presupposed presumptive alleged apparent reputed purported supposititious inferred scholarly unreal unfounded groundless unconfirmed reasoned uncertain suspect doubtful indefinite surmised inferential based on guesswork likely asserted ostensible seeming accepted ostensive evident rumoured claimed thought held rumored understood prima facie intelle cognitive fanciful fancied illusory educational scholastic visionary imagal moral ethical ratiocinative suspected experimental hairy dangerous projected conceptive postulational guessing unresolved surmising guesstimated figured professed unpragmatic unrealistic irrelevant believed specious useless on a hunch soi-disant declared on a long shot invented made-up philosophic fictional said ivory-tower ivory-towered ivory-towerish indeterminate casual contestable disputable equivocal assumptive stochastic concocted questionable conditional conjecturable debatable refutable provisory proposed guessed pretending problematic inferrible wise erudite learned derivable made up inferable esoteric thoughtful sagacious deducible deductive expected hypothesized granted anticipated implicit given connoted tacit deduced scientific hypothesised a priori self-evident based on theory taken as known counted on taken for granted

Tính từ

Having an exciting, exotic or fascinating quality
romantic fascinating appealing captivating charismatic charming exciting exotic glamorous intriguing mysterious alluring arresting beguiling engaging fantastic fetching glamourous seductive colorful colourful compelling fantastical interesting magical marvellous marvelous nostalgic provocative riveting adventurous chivalrous bizarro outlandish strange bizarre weird peculiar extraordinary sensational astonishing unreal whimsical imaginative incredible far-fetched left-field wondrous grotesque freakish quaint astounding enigmatic eccentric queer fanciful elaborate intricate ornate surreal romanesque out there incomprehensible breathtaking chimeric awesome ridiculous stupendous spectacular wild baroque Kafkaesque rococo striking unusual chimerical wonderful surprising deviating illusory different curious weird and wonderful off-centre unconventional remarkable extravagant eye-catching unfamiliar outrageous attractive foreign-looking alternative Bohemian avant-garde offbeat out of the ordinary exceptional peregrine kinky external outside extraneous enticing extrinsic from abroad avant garde way out far out off the wall out of the common uncommon novel new unknown odd unorthodox abnormal original rare atypical alien unique anomalous foreign unaccustomed fresh oddball aberrant unprecedented out-of-the-way unexplored irregular unwonted unheard-of singular unheard of funny uncustomary way-out unexpected quirky untried idiosyncratic obscure revolutionary deviant outré remote newfangled special kooky off-the-wall uncanny freak out of the way nonconformist isolated divergent cranky kookie experimental uncharacteristic untypical preternatural groundbreaking freaky pioneering far-out little known distinct faraway distant distinctive ground-breaking far-off uncharted crazy radical wacky zany outstanding unnatural advanced extreme erratic funky unrepresentative beyond your ken undiscovered one of a kind outre untravelled unmapped virgin particular dissimilar specialized artistic screwy innovative heterodox noteworthy whacky unconforming rum monstrous unthinkable unlike inconceivable contrary incongruous supernatural jarring disparate newsworthy perverse innovatory creative modern innovational inventive heteroclite unparalleled weirdo queerish trailblazing futuristic unrecognized ingenious untested unmatched unequalled unrivalled unrecognised neoteric awkward progressive specialised disruptive incomparable unrivaled prodigious new-fashioned contemporary uninvestigated recondite off-kilter spaced-out matchless unexcelled unequaled unexampled inexplicable untraditional record peerless amazing momentous phenomenal state-of-the-art first-time signal in a league of its own cutting edge just out without equal ultra-modern beyond compare something else sui generis miraculous without parallel exquisite non-standard alternate memorable anomalistic marginal impressive nonnative removed spooky recherche absurd mad notable nutty batty unplumbed detached far-removed other specific fundamental wacko scarce off the beaten track out of this world drastic unhackneyed arty altered imported not prepared variant ready mystifying off the air esoteric latest unresearched infrequent well away inaccessible quizzical errant nonconforming off-key discordant perverted unharmonious brand new up-and-coming forward-looking game-changing world-shattering out of place perplexing unordinary puzzling arcane thin on the ground nondescript startling egregious few and far between few arty-farty unsurveyed unidentified hidden uncultivated unnamed concealed previously unencountered outside one's experience boho bohemian left bank carefree laid-back relaxed desolate distinguished not mapped heretical characteristic custom customized exclusive signature personalized distinguishing individual far all-time dissenting out-there dissident nonorthodox unceremonious heretic iconoclastic dissentient maverick informal improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal flakey beatnik anarchic flaky sectarian schismatic visionary originative inspired inspiring refreshing recent seminal modernistic off the beaten path limited leading-edge cutting-edge out-of-the-box far cry breaking new ground personalised customised ludicrous preposterous droll daggy barbarous in left field eye-popping

Tính từ

Having a reputation for bravery
gallant bold brave courageous fearless heroic daring intrepid valiant doughty valorous dauntless noble plucky dashing lionhearted manful manly gutsy mettlesome undaunted great-spirited gritty honourable macho stout-hearted daredevil death-or-glory greathearted gutty heroical indomitable lion-hearted stalwart stout stouthearted unafraid undauntable unflinching unshrinking ballsy game have-a-go spunky venturous dignified fire-eating hairy honorable spirited suave urbane high-minded knightly chivalric magnanimous big fair high elevated just lordly natural loyal great lofty true courteous sublime gentlemanly courtly constant virtuous great-hearted chivalrous noble-minded gentlemanlike benevolent well-mannered audacious resolute adventurous nervy confident hardy venturesome feisty adventuresome unfearful determined rock-ribbed unabashed tenacious unblenching strong tough assured staunch unalarmed enterprising swashbuckling brassy nerved emboldened spartan steely temerarious unfearing cocky vigorous aweless devil-may-care rash brash free-swinging as game as Ned Kelly impavid powerful frightless foolhardy flamboyant dazzling romantic forceful positive firm decisive steadfast lively dynamic dogged reckless redoubtable assertive puissant icy worthy smart peppy sporting go-ahead fortitudinous herolike cheeky forward swaggering bravehearted persevering rakish cool undismayed unswerving unwavering unfaltering unyielding unbending resilient stubborn unconcerned unworried unapprehensive sassy orped full of determination impervious undisturbed carefree ostentatious roisterous brazen defiant chin-up imprudent superhuman rumbustious exciting cavalier Herculean fiery gung ho unabashed by unshakable undaunted by classic exaggerated grand epic extravagant high-spirited high-flown inflated grandiose brisk unscared sure unalarmed by unfrightened mythological champion ardent gingery peppery stylish mettled resolved frisky sprightly impulsive madcap heedless stand tall jaunty sporty debonair pushy assuming bantam having nerves of steel not scared bigger than life salty fire eating impudent smart-alecky go for broke out on a limb hot shot dareful obtrusive crusty exuberant breezy attractive raffish animated buoyant energetic swish elegant dapper showy exclusive swank alert gay rousing striking vivacious keen

Tính từ

Having or showing supernatural ability or powers
mystic magic magical numinous occult weird abstruse anagogic cabalistic esoteric hidden imaginary metaphysical mysterial mystical necromantic nonrational otherworldly paranormal preternatural secret sorcerous spiritual supernatural telestic thaumaturgic transcendental unaccountable unknowable visionary witchlike wizardly unearthly mysterious psychic miraculous phenomenal uncanny superhuman other-worldly spectral supernormal heavenly dark ghostly transcendent extramundane celestial extrasensory supranatural unnatural transmundane obscure ethereal mythical eerie clairvoyant arcane unworldly spiritualistic sublime fairylike abnormal phantom mythological invisible superordinary unfathomable fairy impenetrable unknown uncomprehensible unintelligible supermundane rare unusual legendary concealed unrevealed superior superphysical supersensible ineffable telepathic cryptic fanciful orphic thaumaturgical cabbalistic shamanistic ghostlike haunted ensorcelled divine exalted empyreal fey dreamy fabulous non-rational shadowy black oracular strange fantastical haunting enchanted powerful special airy-fairy religious inscrutable charmed witching parapsychological astrological mystifying alchemistic enchanting bewitched voodoo tranced runic demoniac diabolic spooky hermetical entranced spellbound Druidical perfect dreamlike fairy-tale exquisite supersensory awe-inspiring uplifting moving inspiring boundless inspirational telekinetic supersensual unexplained supersensitive immaterial inner stargazing with a sixth sense out-of-body with second sight hypernormal inexplicable unbelievable bizarre extraordinary

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