Đồng nghĩa của breathtaking

Alternative for breathtaking

Đồng nghĩa: breathless,

Tính từ

Astonishing or awe-inspiring
amazing incredible brilliant fantastic magnificent mind-blowing astonishing electrifying exhilarating impressive wonderful astounding exciting exhilarative mind-boggling spectacular striking thrilling awe-inspiring awesome beautiful charged galvanic galvanising galvanizing heart-stopping inspiring intoxicating jaw-dropping rousing sensational stirring stunning stupendous wondrous dramatic electric fabulous moving stimulating amazeballs kicky eye-popping overwhelming heart-stirring hair-raising mind-bending out of this world spine-tingling rip-roaring staggering extraordinary remarkable marvellous marvelous gripping invigorating prodigious phenomenal miraculous surprising unbelievable eye-opening startling envigorating lively energizing tremendous arousing outstanding dazzling provocative interesting energising sublime challenging fascinating thought-provoking appealing animating refreshing titillating bracing emotional imposing captivating grand enlivening inconceivable unimaginable heady exceptional uncommon adrenalizing hectic notable portentous fantastical splendid enchanting unusual glorious riveting arresting rare powerful shocking gee-whizz tonic unheard of eye-catching noteworthy majestic great exhilarant unique terrific awful picturesque intense vitalizing inspiriting wild enthralling magical stem-winding quickening stimulative restorative spirited noticeable stupefying conspicuous attractive inspirational bold vivid implausible impossible tense dynamic singular improbable energetic marked anthemic suspenseful bewitching superb engaging vivifying outlandish out of the ordinary huge immense unthinkable humbling far-fetched charming attention-grabbing fab unreal formidable renewing reinvigorating lovely emotive unutterable pronounced impassioned unspeakable bodacious noisy commanding emphatic roborant innerving animated prominent memorable passionate action-packed large blinding stellar untold ridiculous ineffable motivating provoking divine awe-striking confounding emotion-charged soul-stirring unlikely unthought of mind-altering piquant incomprehensible affecting climactic melodramatic effective sensorial beyond belief sudden empyreal uplifting enormous massive histrionic compelling intriguing exalting vast pleasing monumental entertaining scenic bizarre theatrical pretty smashing showy unparalleled weird unprecedented flabbergasting indescribable inordinate absurd unconvincing dramaturgical graphic vigorous kenspeckle distinctive flamboyant grabby splashy catchy fairytale-like jolting superlative bewildering considerable complex complicated difficult baffling confusing puzzling surpassing substantial buzzworthy colourful strong encouraging shock-horror explosive abnormal colorful incredulous enthusiastic hearty unimagined humongous unconceivable unusually good super strange sexy mad extravagant splendorous hallucinatory salient profuse towering doubtful uncompelling cliffhanging special touching knife-edge pointed dramaturgic astronomic psychedelic far-out unheard-of heavenly awakening hard to swallow incogitable ethereal sultry too good to be true undreamed of theatric beyond the realm of reason histrionical expressive farcical comic galvanical reviving cordial rejuvenating vital shareable viral dreamlike charmed spellbinding splendent ensational readable inflammatory agitational superhuman fine brisk crazy something else supreme observable cherished perfect sensitive potent heartbreaking heartrending bright better than expected laden pervaded permeated filled imbued suffused fraught loaded full saturated unforgettable nerve-racking compulsive elating hallucinogenic warm radiant sparkling unco the sensuous adrenaline-charged edge-of-the-seat difficult to believe supernatural shattering blissful hot high glaring gleaming definite shaking trembling unsettling unnerving disturbing disquieting inapprehensible undreamed-of unordinary unknowable boisterous rollicking ripping riotous uproarious left-field jarring dumbfounding dumfounding blindsiding shivering quaking vibrating shuddering panoramic devastating never to be forgotten sharp biting exalté resplendent far out fabled beguiling enlightening fairy-tale dream-filled frantic blood-tingling exquisite swinging delightful boss high-octane enigmatic sensory not understandable full of it beyond wildest dreams beyond your wildest dreams sweeping like a dream come true studied giving one food for thought adrenaline-fueled zero cool dynamite utmost radical fat titantic scandalous horrifying cheering revitalizing gladdening buzzy volatile adrenalized overcoming paralyzing very large crushing paralysing breath-taking some imaginative chimeric romantic whimsical out there romanesque glamourous glamorous surpassing belief power-driven AC DC juiced motor-driven electrical electronic magnetic plug-in absorbing rechargeable too much exceeding extraordinaire especial peculiar odd atypical preternatural unwonted aberrated aberrant freak uncustomary anomalous sensual supercalifragilisticexpialidocious inexpressible deviating chimerical illusory mammoth colossal gigantic motivational revitalising elevating giddy animative exhilaratory battery operated tragic thespian legendary outrageous heartening lurid appalling sensationalistic revealing persuasive impactful rad extra special mighty indefinable weird and wonderful influential poignant impelling obvious gorgeous manifest sensationalist significant screaming important gee-whiz catchpenny gargantuan instigative instigating affective undefinable incommunicable out-of-this-world inciting meaningful vibrant triggering piquing uncommunicable inenarrable nameless yellow historic momentous newsworthy giant sizeable beyond description beggaring description beyond words top drawer beyond one's wildest dreams pretty as a picture easy on the eye monstrous mega signal tabloid vulgar coloured rough pungent excessive livid coarse X-rated colored transcendental untellable deep holy sacred celestial ideal transcendent spiritual empyrean can't miss it oceanic cosmic pharaonic gigantesque planetary leviathan vasty super-duper walloping king-size titanic galactic humungous fantabulous heroic Brobdingnagian bumper supersize cosmical whopping jumbo cyclopean monster whacking heroical mountainous elephantine Himalayan supersized oversized astronomical herculean king-sized too sacred for words immeasurable ginormous big copious king size mortal ominous gross idyllic questionable artistic pleasant preposterous photographic lush pictographic fanciful aesthetic pictorial luscious as pretty as a picture symbolic decorative unsoiled photogenic quaint dubious unrealistic esthetic tall fishy untenable labored laboured unsubstantial strained insupposable uncredible highly unlikely paradisiacal paradisal paradisaical paradisaic paradisiac rings phony hard to believe hard to take scarcely credible not able to hold water out of the question cock and bull cock-and-bull not in the least likely

Tính từ

Extremely good or impressive
superb excellent marvellous fine magnificent splendid superior superlative exquisite awesome topping choice divine grand wonderful admirable fabulous fantastic great outstanding terrific dazzling glorious gorgeous remarkable stellar supreme cool exceptional impressive mega noteworthy sublime super unrivalled bodacious brilliant chillin' dynamite heavenly peerless perfect prime quality stunning tremendous unrivaled ace capital classic dandy dope fantabulous frontline gangbuster gangbusters groovy hot hype immense inspired keen lovely marvelous matchless mean neat nifty noble prizewinning rad radical righteous schmick sensational slick smashing splendiferous sterling unsurpassed wizard amazeballs august banner beaut beautiful boffo bonnie bonny boss brill bumper corking crackerjack cracking down elegant elevated fab famous gone lofty optimal optimum peachy phat primo prize sik splendorous supernal swell top barrie belting bosting brag brave bully exalted exo pearler proud solid first-rate first-class tip-top top-notch top-of-the-line top-shelf world-class A-OK gilt-edge gilt-edged out-of-sight topflight bang-up blue-chip jim-dandy first-string five-star high-class blue-ribbon of the first order on fleek par excellence state-of-the-art number one peachy keen of the first water the very best numero uno a standout the best supercalifragilisticexpialidocious spectacular striking imposing amazing extraordinary phenomenal majestic awe-inspiring wicked incredible stupendous resplendent out of this world sumptuous astonishing magic astounding spiffing stately wondrous splendacious magnolious lavish mind-blowing luxurious bonzer very good sovereign prodigious radiant opulent monumental top-hole delightful palatial dignified ritzy ripping champion staggering def miraculous imperial arresting deluxe princely distinguished royal unbelievable far out posh jaw-dropping bad massive crucial coruscating memorable dreamy fabby sound marvy spanking bewitching captivating charming transcendent ravishing beezer thrilling goodly kif lank rich four-star grandiose regal epic kingly eye-popping gallant baronial heroical heroic magnific extraordinaire Homeric notable plush pre-eminent extremely good towering way-out mind-boggling out of sight enchanting entrancing unique unforgettable scintillating vivid intense skillful formidable masterful virtuoso masterly skilful scrumptious delectable consummate unreal crack singular too good to be true colossal moving eloquent surprising agitating most to die for signal high-born zero cool fit for a prince best lordly fit for a queen fit for a princess illustrious powerful exciting fascinating ka pai dramatic enthralling fit for a king best ever theatrical exhilarating fantastical portentous special the dog's bollocks cat's meow like wow A-1 absorbing penetrating unparalleled unequalled especial unexcelled unsurpassable eye-opening awe-striking heart-stopping good premium eminent awing unequaled eximious unusually good second to none in a league of their own one in a million commanding comely handsome pretty pompous glittering good-looking attractive swanky drop-dead beauteous fetching knockout fair alluring cute seemly aesthetic likely sightly esthetic lovesome sexy taking pulchritudinous easy on the eye bootylicious drop-dead gorgeous select too much premier elite tiptop finest top-drawer high-grade topnotch preeminent greatest high-quality exclusive top-quality top of the line top of the range top-tier rare leading dominant worthy incomparable exemplary applaudable highest A1 top-class valuable noted class estimable accomplished of high quality of the highest quality highest quality flawless enjoyable meritorious vintage high priceless foremost top-level of the highest standard tops awesomesauce winning bosker fly top-grade super-duper top drawer of the highest order grade A standout celebrated nice chic outrageous commendable unmatched desirable praiseworthy principal laudable upmarket classy upscale surpassing renowned peak precious chief unbeatable top-of-the-range star far-out selected very best high-end without equal hunky-dory beyond compare prize-winning first ideal certified fancy invaluable legit pleasurable prominent mint pleasant faultless extravagant major pleasing head untouchable quintessential uppermost effusive extreme excessive creditable cream dear costly pricey central expensive inflated exaggerated worthiest model lead flagship solid gold spendy big-ticket in a class all by itself top quality top-flight ultraexpensive above and beyond world class high quality of highest order out-of-this-world pricy choicest award-winning superfine top-end high-ticket important reliable well-known sharp quick mighty blissful refined agile deft clever smart agreeable satisfying rewarding eventful enviable idyllic rapturous gratifying predominant distinctive grade-A foxy juicy rocking pick fat sophisticated A-grade polished really nice hundred-proof not too shabby gnarly of a high standard bestselling A-number-1 mostest five star of the highest type highest-quality top grade best-quality handy well-designed natty convenient adroit apt ingenious stylish spruce hand-picked elect advanced crowning fashionable unorthodox deep with it pretty cool wild paragon sup rior all very well well and good virtuous baller crash hot nang No. 1 dainty key favored 10 popular preferred preferential really good ambrosial superhuman yummy paradisal lush adorable spiritual paradisaic paradisic saintly handpicked plum favorite favoured 24-karat favourite uncommon cherry-picked carefully chosen unusual first-line sunny unprecedented apex complete number 1 primary a cut above the rest industry leading one-in-a-million paramount best possible utopian crown number-one main dominating inimitable Grade A record-breaking big-time first class nonpareil undefeated unbeaten sans pareil unexampled tip top worthwhile honourable dream honorable meritable venerable deserving respectable worthy of admiration worthy of commendation cat's pajamas copacetic hunky dory most excellent

Tính từ

Extremely alarming, astonishing, or frightening
hair-raising frightening alarming shocking terrifying horrifying scary spine-chilling thrilling dreadful petrifying chilling exciting fearsome startling appalling blood-curdling creepy scaring bloodcurdling dire direful dread eerie eldritch fearful forbidding formidable frightful ghastly ghostly hairy horrendous horrible intimidating nightmarish redoubtable sinister spine-tingling spooky terrible unearthly weird cliff-hanging extraordinary hair-curling suspenseful causing excitement exhilarating rousing exhilarant rip-roaring electrifying stimulating stirring heart-pounding daunting menacing disturbing awful dismaying unnerving threatening baleful horrid disquieting macabre dangerous harrowing ominous grim distressing awesome awe-inspiring monstrous worrying gloomy mean-looking depressing horrific gruesome perturbing upsetting foreboding bodeful dismal unpleasant impressive tremendous powerful calamitous godawful hostile imposing nerve-racking terrific severe unwelcoming brooding atrocious shuddersome ugly inhospitable bleak dark ferocious fierce causing fear hideous disconcerting gripping perplexing feared dreaded traumatic strong mighty pulse-pounding unapproachable aggressive browbeating terrorizing overwhelming pressuring terrorising bullying overpowering all-powerful shivery shuddery commanding doughty invincible indomitable resolute valiant fateful unpropitious baneful unlucky apocalyptic eery spookish imminent courageous brave uncanny strange ghoulish disgusting freaky nasty haunting hellacious unfriendly afraid striking massive uninviting harsh unpromising inauspicious evil-looking rough tough unfavorable unfavourable disastrous bad dour untoward adverse uncomfortable disadvantageous austere negative stark hard disagreeable rugged jarring desperate catastrophic ruinous offensive odious life-threatening perilous glowering repulsive woeful crying pressing cataclysmic critical crucial unspeakable extreme cruel urgent grievous suggestive of evil serious outrageous drastic grave miserable wretched crippling hopeless irretrievable devastating lousy abysmal parlous portentous chronic exigent oppressing lamentable deplorable scowling heartbreaking regrettable afflictive unfortunate

Tính từ

Used as an intensifier

Tính từ

Very exciting or shocking, as though to cause one's heart to skip beats

Trái nghĩa của breathtaking

breathtaking Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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