Đồng nghĩa của pervaded

Alternative for pervaded

pervades, pervaded, pervading

Đồng nghĩa: fill, overrun, penetrate, permeate,


Past tense for to fill or be in every part of
permeated suffused imbued saturated filled steeped infused impregnated penetrated charged percolated infiltrated informed riddled transfused diffused overspread interpenetrated perfused invaded affected gripped spread through diffused through filtered through passed through extended through ran through run through percolated through flowed through extended throughout percolated into instilled spread throughout bathed seeped entered spread soaked spread over inculcated ingrained drenched filtered colored coloured engrained endued inoculated indued invested seeped through characterized seeped into covered drowned inspired flooded loaded spread out washed infected tinged beset overrun characterised injected soused sopped passed animated soddened mantled inundated macerated laded leavened distinguished tinctured immersed afflicted choked pierced leaked endowed soaked into marked sweat diffused throughout cut through flowed into sodden loaden got into burst through flavoured flavored wet through overwhelmed pestered plagued overran swamped overflowed typified probed assailed attacked imbrued tinted seethed dyed infixed engulfed enveloped interfused stabbed stalked stained illuminated laden strained oozed soaked through taken over took over introduced interjected drained dripped shaded accessed leached transuded indoctrinated interspersed planted fortified trickled filtrated went through gone through been through clogged packed crowded flushed overlayed pigmented painted bepainted overlaid submerged sweated dribbled bled wept exuded weeped passed into breathed into retted washed over worked into seeped in streaked gotten into lit up bubbled piled into stood heaped into waterlogged damped filtered in moistened crammed into sod went gone underlay underlain got in gotten in overlay


Past tense for to inhabit a place in unpleasantly large numbers
infested overran overrun invaded penetrated permeated beset infiltrated flooded overspread overwhelmed plagued ravaged inundated pestered spread through swarmed thronged assailed crawled over crowded defiled filled flocked harassed harried infected packed polluted pressed prest riddled swarmed over took over taken over teemed worried ran riot over run riot over crawled through abounded in crawled all over annexed burst in on occupied raided attacked jammed seized conquered captured stormed crammed assaulted overfilled gained won secured marauded violated marched into plundered congested accessed colonized forayed into overswarmed entrenched crashed pillaged breached burglarized interfered descended on trespassed forayed inroaded colonised swooped on parasitized looted infringed meddled entered surged over occupied all of infringed on muscled in bursted in descended upon made inroads on made inroads took taken gone in went in fell on fallen on set on charged set upon rushed struck trashed pounced on sicced bushwhacked turned on jumped on blitzed pounced upon stricken pounced besieged set about went in on gone in on bombarded come at made a raid on laid into made an assault on launched an attack on launched oneself at jumped fired on aggressed spread over descended lit into hit fell upon fallen upon spread like wildfire over attempted to capture made an onslaught on struck at set in on let someone have it put to flight spread like wildfire launched an attack let fly at hit out at advanced ambushed leaped leapt threatened leaped about strafed combatted combated encroached flown at flew at shelled fired at came at tore into torn into swamped exceeded overshot outrun surpassed acquired appropriated overstepped overpassed overreached choked outreached overflowed transcended taken down took down routed surged flowed over spilt deluged spilled belaboured sallied gone for went for accosted run over blindsided afflicted devastated arrived appeared smashed torpedoed bombed run on welled over impugned maltreated blasted busted belabored encountered mugged made a foray on conducted an offensive on assaulted someone advanced on taken by storm took by storm made a sortie on had a go at showed up weighed into made an assault dealt a blow to pitched into laid into someone opened fire on waded into lashed out at surged into swooped down upon worked over setted upon someone dropped in had at made an attack marched on arrived in hordes dealt a blow sailed into beat up come in force laced into rounded on turned up got stuck into sallied forth shot down flown flew began hostilities begun hostilities began an assault begun an assault took the offensive taken the offensive outran overgrew overgrown broke broken brake went beyond gone beyond smote smited smit smitten grown over ran over grew over hat hitten ran on beaten up taken on took on came in force fell on someone fallen on someone fallen upon someone fell upon someone


Past tense for to fill or take up (a space or time)

Trái nghĩa của pervaded

pervaded Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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