Đồng nghĩa của endowed

Alternative for endowed

endows, endowed, endowing

Đồng nghĩa: bequeath, contribute, furnish, give, invest, provide, supply,

Tính từ

Having a basis

Tính từ

Gained without special exertion

Tính từ

Endowed with skill, ability or intelligence
talented gifted expert skilful accomplished competent masterly proficient skilled skillful adept consummate deft master masterful practiced specialist virtuoso able adroit artful capable class dexterous dextrous elite phenomenal polished practised ace apt extraordinary fine genius great outstanding savvy slick trained versed artistic brilliant clever crack educated efficient exceptional facile good hot hotshot ingenious magnificent nifty remarkable schooled sharp crackerjack experienced handy professional stellar wicked wizard intelligent smart first-rate top-notch first-class top-drawer well versed class act big league out of this world exceptionally skilled extraordinarily skilled highly qualified highly skilled highly trained immensely skilled very skilled having a knack for cut out for shining at qualified fit suitable equal au fait know the ropes up to speed up to it knowledgeable excellent magic deadly mean habile sufficient effective dynamite crisp complete fitted powerful know the answers know one's business know ins and outs know the score know one's stuff on the ball all around no slouch adequate suited tasty cunning easy keen knowing equipped bright alert effectual effortless prepared strong worthy ready responsible learned agile highly endowed with it up to snuff know one's onions know backwards and forwards quick veteran nimble compleat seasoned professed workmanlike astute brainy delicate impressive bravura quick-witted sharp-witted whiz whip-smart perceptive neat marvellous superb proper nimble-fingered smooth resourceful canny useful discerning perspicacious marvelous fast formidable supersmart ultrasmart hyperintelligent all-round shrewd pro all-around acute superior creative precise multitalented penetrating scholarly a dab hand at splendid prompt multiskilled functional precocious accurate serviceable conversant nippy versatile supreme demon superlative intellectual active quick on the uptake dazzling wise appropriate inventive practical ambidextrous cerebral cool right fitting well-versed nimble-witted eligible ingenuous refined decent sure-handed taught tutored well-rounded topflight employable wonderful terrific flexible adaptable adapted old finely judged balanced multifaceted peerless observant vet awesome quick-thinking erudite choice smashing there fab profound rational satisfactory many-sided sly plastic varied mobile pliable elastic all-purpose protean puttylike various crafty quick off the mark exact tip-top wised up A1 a hand at sharp as a tack meet graceful businesslike seemly tremendous becoming deep productive correct apposite befitting complex complicated feasible certified disciplined acceptable deserving pertinent relevant due mighty innovative preferable versant apropos decorous expedient rightful lively best fleet original useable correspondent applicable available usable conformable well trained highbrow ultimate just convenient equitable instructed perfect fantastic fabulous variable imaginative alive swift good enough clean sagacious teachable having know-how admirable hep wide awake sapient brisk comme il faut sensible subtle eggheaded whip exceptionally good brill calculating witty all there on the beam very intelligent quick on the draw quick on the trigger no dummy very good top-hole Einstein whiz kid tuned in reliable very well kosher methodic methodical pitch-perfect happy prodigious systematic right on errorless dead-on well sporting on-target trustworthy spot-on thorough sure-fire stringent prolific straight decisive well-endowed finished fluent organized handpicked capital deluxe magisterial quintessential ideal desirable hardy redoubtable drilled phenom rangé cute leading invincible indomitable exemplary organised strict express categorical long-term champion licensed chartered first class sensational sik exo star faultless virtuosic certificated painstaking dominant well suited well qualified specialized PDQ credentialed universal having good hands inch-perfect leet penetrative quick to learn forward mature puissant amazing cultured studious academic bookish bluestocking up to scratch having the know-how rad phat schmick exercised supremely skilled specialised sharp-sighted astounding adept physically malleable world-class hip nobody's fool authorized clever with one's hands good with one's hands swotty multilayered polygonal manifold multidimensional not born yesterday licenced proved tried authorised tested accepted adjustable multiform polymorphic polymorphous out of the ordinary noteworthy have the goods ahead of one's peers have smarts old beyond one's years got it advanced for one's age exquisite super sublime glorious old hand well read receptive heavenly inspired enterprising intuitive insightful very able know stuff mega banging cracking crucial having the goods knowing the ropes green thumb old-timer knowing the score amenable eager docile divine bosting of the first water pretty supercalifragilisticexpialidocious having the right stuff has what it takes like a one-man band able to perform innovational elaborate trailblazing innovatory sophisticated fertile razor-sharp originative Promethean sensitive book smart like a pistol equal to the task up there pioneering thinking vigorous mercurial curt wired thinking outside the box deviceful hot tamale careful enlightened logical well-informed sage judicious cautious prudent lithe limber circumspect understanding together comprehending lissom discriminating wily supple smart as a whip very smart having a good head on one's shoulders know how many beans make five having no flies on hardheaded clear-sighted suss hard-boiled heads-up clear-eyed sussed pawky heady argute worldly-wise long-headed street-smart slippery as sharp as a tack discreet frugal foxy having fancy footwork street smart watchful wary streetwise cagey spry acrobatic sprightly top lissome zippy quick-moving light-footed fleet-footed lithesome athletic big time springy sylphlike twinkle-toed light lightsome tripping featly light-foot gracile feline major league of use robust stupendous big-league of value major-league major important earth-shattering energetic number-one epoch-making splendorous big-time dynamic skookum efficacious earthshaking exploitable operable practicable -worthy

Động từ

Past tense for to provide with money, funds or finances
financed funded subsidised subsidized bankrolled backed sponsored capitalised capitalized supported staked underwrote underwritten dowered promoted subscribed enriched bequeathed bequoth bequethen willed paid for provided capital for invested in donated money for left money for shelled out for chipped in for coughed up for forked out for ponied up for supported financially bequeathed money for gave money towards given money towards settled money on anted up for donated money to kicked in for pitched in for stumped up for vested in grubstaked floated footed the bill for put up money juiced picked up the check picked up the tab guaranteed patronized picked up the tab for put up the money for patronised payed paid provided security primed the pump provided finance for contributed to put up money fo banked provided funds loan sharked helped laid on one furnished credit for set up provided money for put money into provided security for settled up for invested financially supported treated someone to defrayed the cost of gone for went for holpen holp maintained obtained insured crowdfunded kickstarted crowdsourced raised dough setted up in business acted as guarantor of assisted aided buttressed kept paid a subsidy to made a contribution to shored up contributed propped up secured gave money to given money to made affluent made prosperous made wealthy provided for made well-off made rich lined nest feathered nest provided financing made richer given support to gave support to given a grant to gave a grant to taken the risk for took the risk for gave a donation to given a donation to bolstered furthered advocated championed endorsed bought into encouraged laid out money on spent money on splashed out on bought shares in put up dough bought a stake in got a piece of fostered revitalized indorsed facilitated protected befriended favoured benefited favored benefitted revitalised propped bolstered up plunked for plumped for sanctioned abetted nurtured sank money into sunk money into subscribed to advanced succoured succored paved the way for lent support to absorbed absorpt vouched for answered for lent your name to took a stake in taken a stake in acted as a guarantor for got into bought stock gave backing to given backing to been responsible for were responsible for was responsible for went in for gotten into gone in for

Động từ

Past tense for to give, especially by way of a will after one's passing
bequeathed bequoth bequethen left gave given willed ceded committed granted bestowed entrusted conferred donated imparted transferred accorded consigned conveyed yielded yold yolden demised devised offered afforded contributed transmitted vouchsafed legated lent handed down passed on handed on left to made over turned over bestowed on conferred on gave over given over left to by will put up presented furnished gifted supplied provided handed out handed kicked in ponied up handed over awarded delivered chipped in pitched in dished out stumped up shelled out assigned dispensed doled out bequested volunteered pledged devoted purveyed advanced coughed up forked out come up with provisioned issued anted up come through subscribed distributed paid payed tendered passed extended proffered lavished made a donation of equipped served allotted fed feed parted with let someone have given away gave away apportioned vested presented with put oneself down for sweetened the pot disbursed laid on endowed with put in favoured put in the hands of put out fixed up vested in invested in favored kitted out entrusted to came up with came through intrusted delegated reposed lodged placed confided trusted commended recommended shared sponsored funded sacrificed subsidized passed down disseminated circulated conceded spent given a donation of gave a donation of equipt rendered laid provided with subsidised surrendered gifted with relinquished enriched meted furnished with expended ventured made a contribution of gave out given out dispatched allocated dowered sweetened the kitty acceded presented to splurged speculated awarded to conferred on someone made a gift of lay on pertained allowed got it up payed out passed out meted out consigned to settled lavished on dealt out honoured with invested dispersed apportioned to passed around armed laid out imparted with rendered to rigged out invested with divvied up donated to outfitted rationed granted to favoured with diffused fitted out paid for heaped on risked committed to fed the kitty allotted to accoutred bequeathed to showered made available imparted to paid out afforded to appropriated acquiesced endued entrusted with administered stocked distributed to sent honored with fitted up belonged passed the hat accommodated partitioned devolved assigned to gambled picked up the tab given up gave up given of gave of begave begiven gave to given to sunk in sunken in lay out sank in did one's part got in the act done one's part gotten it up gotten in the act

Động từ

Past tense for to bestow legal or official authority to
qualified authorised authorized licensed certified warranted accredited commissioned licenced vested sanctioned chartered enabled invested empowered permitted passed capacitated let allowed entitled granted entrusted equipped set up delegated bestowed conferred facilitated prepared assisted graced awarded legitimized charged equipt privileged okayed legitimised helped aided supported presented consigned provided letten leet OKed invested with power armed readied conditioned gave the means to given the means to vested in conferred on bestowed on endowed in entrusted to consigned to invested in provided the means to granted to made it possible for given gave holpen holp gave to given authority gave authority given to gave the resources to given the opportunity to given the resources to gave the opportunity to gave permission given permission given authority to gave power to gave the go-ahead to gave means to gave the power to gave authority to given means to given power to given someone the authority given the go-ahead to gave someone the authority given the power to gave the green light to given the green light to gave the thumbs up to given the thumbs up to gave the OK to given the OK to recognized approved endorsed recognised appointed bid tasked trusted deputed ratified validated vouched for granted the right to put into the hands of assigned backed favoured championed favored committed intrusted promoted advocated guaranteed recommended deputized dispatched instructed commanded deputised confided to franchised devolved mandated certificated granted authority to granted authorization to vouchsafed granted a licence to granted a permit to suffered granted permission to granted leave to rubber-stamped gave permission to given permission to countenanced consented turned over legalised conferred a right to said the word legalized handed over bade gave a diploma to given a diploma to given a certificate to gave a certificate to gave authorization to given authorization to gave into the charge of gave into the care of given into the custody of given into the charge of given into the care of gave into the custody of given the green light gave the word gave the go-ahead given the word gave the green light given the go-ahead given a permit to gave a permit to gave a licence to gave the right to given a licence to gave leave to given the right to given leave to gave approval to given approval to gave a blank cheque to gave the stamp of approval to given a blank cheque to given the stamp of approval to

Động từ

Past tense for to assign the responsibility for doing something to (someone)

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