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Alternative for nippy

nippier, nippiest

Đồng nghĩa: crisp, frosty, nipping, parky, snappy,


Very low or below average in temperature
chilly cold bitter icy chill nipping algid arctic bleak bone-chilling chilling coldish cool coolish freezing frigid frosty gelid glacial ice-cold numbing polar raw sharp shivery snappy wintery wintry biting parky crisp cutting piercing frozen brumal penetrating bitterly cold icy-cold Siberian keen harsh stinging snowy brisk rimy sub-zero hyperborean fresh shrewd smarting boreal frore hibernal inclement subzero severe chilled hiemal blasting hawkish icebox refrigerated antarctic shivering bracing intense numb fierce frost-bound invigorating refreshing intensely cold cold as ice draughty hypothermic perishing extreme intemperate drafty breezy sleety benumbed envigorating siberian hyperboreal iced very cold two-dog night one-dog night three-dog night extremely cold chilled to the bone stormy knifelike painful hard blowy unheated rough ice-capped hoar icicled uncomfortable discomforting acute tempestuous windy nasty blighting air-conditioned circumpolar brass monkeys Hyperborean wild frigorific sleeted algific snithy unpleasant frozen to the marrow stimulating reviving exhilarating healthful energizing tonic enlivening health-giving restorative rousing vitalizing below freezing below zero energising zesty rainy squally blustery wet turbulent foul drizzly gusty thundery raging howling blustering murky stormful filthy foggy dirty miserable cloudy damp overcast boisterous rugged gray grey dark disagreeable perished solid iced up blizzardlike cooled evil preserved rejuvenating with ice ice-covered uplifting fortifying bad on the rocks strengthening rejuvenative roaring rigorous angry tumultuous choppy furious salutary revitalizing stimulative beneficial vigorous vital healthy cordial lively salubrious adverse storming threatening storm-wracked torrid riproaring vehement menacing raining cats and dogs frenzied unsettled coming down savage violent brutal quickening pick-me-up inspiriting exhilarative animating revitalising


Moving or proceeding with significant speed
fast quick brisk zippy blistering breakneck breathless dizzy fleet fleet-footed flying galloping hasty hot lightning rapid rapid-fire rattling snappy speedy splitting swift whirlwind lively with good acceleration expeditious express fast-moving high-speed nimble prompt meteoric accelerated alacritous sudden hurried headlong mercurial agile sprightly precipitate supersonic expeditive instant immediate volant abrupt winged quickie active whistle-stop harefooted fast-track turbo at speed overnight spanking spry velocious fleet of foot flat-out on the double quick-fire ready on-the-spot instantaneous cracking sharp short precipitous punctual very fast PDQ sporty hypersonic direct in nothing flat up-tempo energetic uninterrupted non-stop pacey spirited tantivy animated vigorous light-footed vivacious smart urgent brief summary rash unhesitating fleeting screaming speedball timely rushed short-lived rathe pronto quickened ultrarapid ultrafast unpremeditated dashing impulsive streaming zooming bustling excessive reckless souped-up awful dreadful unbearable severe terrible intense excruciating piercing frightful dangerous alert adroit straightaway furious hurricane impetuous tornado cyclonic tumultuous fast-paced priority split-second quick as a wink double time passing ultrasonic lissome speeding early fast and furious perfunctory cursory unswerving undeviating nonstop extremely fast dangerously fast deft supple lissom limber nimble-footed acrobatic lithe impatient like lightning fiery light quick-moving hurrying swift-footed at full tilt slambang transitory eager thoughtless slapdash swift as an arrow like the wind twinkle-toed lightsome chop-chop barreling light of foot without delay peremptory double-quick unexpected barrelling going nifty like crazy like mad shaking a leg like greased lightning desultory momentary superficial casual transient temporary ephemeral sketchy evanescent fugacious impermanent offhand unanticipated unforeseen unthinking rushing flash flitting short-term careless token slight inattentive incidental fugitive little unceremonious deciduous drive-by limited snap without warning uninterested surprising mechanical overhasty gadarene shallow glancing uncritical depthless dismissive helter-skelter rude half-hearted slipshod half-baked pell-mell fading startling haphazard curtailed violent unlooked-for without notice surface-level temporal shifting spasmodic precipitant short and sweet volatile vanishing flashing wee gone in flash in wink of an eye forthwith jerky determined no-nonsense resolute efficient prevenient arbitrary anticipatory diligent spur-of-the-moment touch-and-go willing rush effectual effective succinct infinitesimal without formality without hesitation hurry-up responsive irresponsible unenduring interim without discussion fast-tracked dreamlike unfussy purposeless unconsidered now or never not to be delayed impromptu acute perishable inadequate nodding trite explosive unusual speeded hit-or-miss trifling uncivil undignified impolite discourteous imperfect flimsy partial insincere inconsequential feigning paltry flash in the pan here today and gone tomorrow fly-by-night nasty hastening indifferent routine automatic unpleasant not bargained for out of the blue random sloppy off unmannerly unconcerned harsh disagreeable spontaneous lackadaisical losing no time crude disinterested insensible apathetic pococurante uncurious complacent insouciant nonchalant negligent brutal hit or miss incurious slovenly wooden heedless hair-trigger brusque shocking unpredicted unforgiving on the spot in a flash cool phoning it in walking through it laid-back going through the motions


Having a sharp or pungent flavor or smell
strong pungent tangy sharp sour acid bitter tart acrid piquant biting acidic burning vinegary suffocating hot acerb astringent spicy tasty zesty flavoursome appetizing flavorful peppery flavorsome appetising highly seasoned overpowering stinking sharp-tasting acidulous acetic acerbic acidy acetous strong-smelling odorous active austere fragrant delicious delectable flavourful penetrating pervasive stifling powerful highly flavoured strongly flavoured palatable savoury zingy highly flavored flavorous savory full-flavored highly-seasoned toothsome strong-flavored highly-flavoured gingery sapid stinging irritating smarting offensive nauseating nauseous sickly mephitic fetid cloying foetid sharp-flavoured harsh fresh zippy fiery aromatic briny seasoned salty sweet acidulated snappy poignant unsweetened pert zestful racy tartish sourish spiced unpleasant distasteful lively spirited sparkling vinegarish colourful heady rich witty keen vigorous colorful humorous punchy bright severe caustic amaroidal animated energetic perfumed ambrosial scented redolent sprightly vivacious acetose bold vital peppy breathtaking odoriferous pizazzy jazzy gay jaunty springy perky spanking kinetic sparky brisk pizzazzy animate airy frisky bouncing marked with a kick stimulating exhilarating pointed cutting acute lemony citrus rough sarcastic piercing stiff effluvial flowery absinthian absinthal rotten peppered unpalatable unsavory industrial-strength soured green dry unsavoury yukky yucky effluvious nosey whiffy picante aromal herbaceous curried enthusiastic passionate red hot well seasoned vibrant dynamic effervescent ardent gritty chirpy valiant zappy avid barnstorming rocking full of life bouncy high-spirited hyper jumping extreme compelling overwhelming sickening distinct irresistible brusque well-flavored critical unmistakable invincible compulsive uncontrollable unbearable overshadowing consuming intense overriding very strong mettlesome wholesome respectable salt acceptable exquisite savorous mellow relishing decent aperitive tempting exciting dramatic entertaining sexy buoyant brilliant dazzling clever sportive distinctive forceful playful forcible vivid striking graphic warm blinding radiant glaring notable stirring noticeable gleaming pronounced definite rousing electrifying high thrilling arousing gripping invigorating hair-raising energizing spine-tingling envigorating titillating energising refreshing


Demonstrating skill and cleverness
deft dexterous adroit expert handy able adept neat nimble skilful agile clever practised proficient delicate masterful masterly nimble-fingered skilled accomplished artful capable efficient experienced polished astute crack dextrous impressive nifty professional shrewd slick ace bravura canny cunning mean practiced sharp skillful virtuoso wicked wizard workmanlike finely judged genius habile apt cute fleet ingenious precise prompt quick ready having know-how having good hands talented crackerjack tasty competent gifted good master compleat effortless active whiz peerless versed demon hot tamale facile resourceful sly smooth having the know-how consummate great brilliant veteran trained excellent educated complete first-rate fine stellar smart professed qualified outstanding savvy seasoned superb first-class well versed magnificent knowledgeable superlative exceptional marvellous effective top-notch marvelous intelligent all-around effectual superior all-round splendid formidable fit schooled deadly hot pro on the ball practical au fait multitalented supreme versatile dazzling up to speed elite out of this world exquisite a dab hand at accurate remarkable cool class dynamite multiskilled conversant refined big league terrific fitted learned wonderful suitable strong topflight awesome ambidextrous magic fab hotshot well-versed ingenuous tip-top with it up to it keen finished proper sure-handed taught tutored well-rounded powerful adaptable old world-class bright perfect serviceable specialist multifaceted fantastic fabulous brainy suited vet endowed smashing there many-sided plastic varied mobile pliable functional elastic all-purpose protean puttylike various exceptionally good up to snuff A1 a hand at top-drawer graceful wised up highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly qualified extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly trained satisfactory fluent flawless impeccable balanced exact classic complex complicated tremendous painstaking crisp faultless thorough useful mighty capital choice reliable flexible sensational best leading versant equal well trained phenomenal extraordinary phat heavenly cracking variable divine clean super admirable schmick glorious adequate brill knowing the score top-hole class act very good know the ropes on the beam no slouch tuned in no dummy shining at confident streamlined smooth-running very well creative innovative preeminent transcendent careful straight decisive decent well-organized well organized methodic methodical systematic first class kosher well run notable handpicked deluxe certified redoubtable artistic drilled phenom invincible indomitable sure-footed hep hip elegant crafty strict express categorical right on errorless dead-on well sporting on-target trustworthy spot-on sure-fire stringent voluble pitch-perfect happy champion universal perfected dominant sik exo leet sufficient employable long-term cultivated supremely skilled adept physically inch-perfect cut out for having a knack for noteworthy malleable puissant amazing sublime hardy urbane clever with one's hands good with one's hands mega banging crucial perceptive astounding rad multilayered polygonal manifold multidimensional bosting well executed pretty forward precocious mature cultured tried tested of the first water supercalifragilisticexpialidocious whip-smart teachable know one's business know ins and outs know the score all around know one's stuff know the answers easy alert equipped knowing adjustable multiform polymorphic polymorphous familiar hardened time-served battle-scarred long-serving deep worthy responsible prepared quick to learn not born yesterday nobody's fool quick on the trigger quick on the uptake rounded instructed sport accustomed having the goods adapted knowing the ropes having the right stuff green thumb old-timer like a pistol old hand has what it takes like a one-man band equal to the task up there able to perform highly endowed killer useable working realizable realisable dynamic hyperefficient usable ultraefficient practicable feasible out of the ordinary know backwards and forwards know one's onions broken in have the goods ahead of one's peers have smarts old beyond one's years got it advanced for one's age the right stuff knowing one's stuff peachy swell groovy dandy prime out-of-sight gangbusters jim-dandy brag topping bully down prizewinning gone blue-chip primo grand high-class brave bonnie top famous fantabulous bang-up noble bumper boffo radical beautiful top-shelf quality frontline prize righteous sterling first-string immense four-star bonny lovely A-OK corking hype blue-ribbon boss five-star gilt-edge top-of-the-line unsurpassed gangbuster gilt-edged banner dope supernal very able sharp as a tack know stuff chic well-designed natty convenient attractive stylish enjoyable spruce pleasing peachy keen par excellence number one numero uno

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