Đồng nghĩa của snowy

Alternative for snowy

snowier, snowiest

Đồng nghĩa: snow-clad, snow-covered, snow-white, white,


Completely clean and pure
immaculate clean pristine spotless stainless flawless unstained unsullied chaste squeaky-clean pure unblemished unsoiled antiseptic shining fair faultless spick-and-span spic-and-span untarnished fresh untouched sanitary untainted white impeccable gleaming speckless undefiled lily-white uncorrupted taintless whiter than white virgin perfect unpolluted unimpeachable clear unmarked neat irreproachable ultra-clean sinless guiltless tidy unspotted hygienic wholesome snowy-white shiny virginal trim spick and span squeaky clean blameless innocent intact spruce snow-white errorless neat and tidy unexceptionable bright as clean as a whistle neat as a new pin exquisite unspoilt perfectly clean modest freshly laundered decent above reproach sterile sterilized sterilised as pure as the driven snow clean as a new pin as new in perfect condition in mint condition uninvolved licit uncensurable angelic unoffending honest guilt-free virtuous legitimate lawful undisturbed righteous crimeless cleanhanded inculpable angelical good exemplary legal uncorrupt impeccant upright safe free of in the clear above suspicion not guilty pure as the driven snow washed laundered sparkling cleansed dirtless squeaky unsmudged delicate orderly elegant cleanly simple graceful vanilla well-kept spic and span neat as a button neat as a pin undamaged unaffected unbroken unimpaired uncontaminated unflawed incorrupt absolute seamless indefectible unmarred ideal moral whole unharmed picture-book picture-perfect letter-perfect model beyond reproach without fault sound honourable honorable unspoiled beyond criticism natural holy ethical mint reputable upstanding maidenly unchanged without blemish celibate vestal accurate correct demure copybook unerring unblamable uninjured as good as new unmutilated fine unassailable without a scratch saintly pious cleared worthy noble consummate unadulterated unmoved unscathed undebased abstinent harmless unhurt error-free decorous unaltered uninfluenced refined exact precise irreprehensible not to blame sackless entire scrupulous tip-top free unimpressed unstirred intemerate as sound as a bell just so nice secure continent G-rated on target sublime in good condition preserved glowing untouchable smooth spot-free burnished polished artless unwemmed chase like new unagitated highly respectable clean-handed free from guilt free from blame unblackened as good as before unquestionable without guilt straight purified outstanding free of sin superlative superb admirable meritorious exceptional not responsible unprocessed plain masterly irreprovable unchallengeable trustworthy unmixed unmodified undiluted unalloyed reproachless excellent reliable dependable snow white disinfected true ten right aces infallible A-okay note-perfect fleckless apple-pie classic faithful meticulous optimal A1 prime optimum peak defectless finished guileless absolved calm serene exculpated peaceful untroubled tranquil at peace exonerated foolproof beyond question beyond suspicion indifferent crisp unwed maiden unblighted unprofaned inviolate right on on the nail on the mark bang on supreme spot on unguilty textbook on the button unconcerned dry-eyed unmarried self-denying self-restrained refreshing lily white wide-eyed shipshape untried pure as driven snow wet behind ears babe in woods anti-corruption seemly uninfected healthful salubrious clean-living inexperienced restrained impotent quiet controlled proper austere monogamous platonic prudish subdued free from sin pasteurised aseptic healthy pasteurized out of danger safe and sound good for you germ-free health-giving


Characterized by windy or stormy conditions
inclement rough stormy foul raw bitter bleak tempestuous cold severe squally wintery wintry chilly freezing harsh nasty rainy bad blustery damp drizzly extreme icy wet wild windy dirty filthy rigorous turbulent unpleasant adverse boisterous intemperate brutal hard rugged violent gusty blustering raging howling tumultuous choppy blowy thundery heavy disagreeable breezy stormful intense murky furious fierce roaring overcast agitated storming powerful strong pouring miserable misty forceful showery gusting cyclonic grievous angry ferocious grim tough trying cruel menacing drizzling oppressive torrid raining excruciating storm-tossed savage burdensome searing cloudy inhuman hardhanded foggy gloomy louring gray chill grey dark heaving storm-wracked blusterous threatening precipitating hellacious blistering thunderous onerous typhonic volatile frenzied stiff airy murderous dangerous unkind wind-swept hazardous risky vile boiling squallish disturbed robust hearty rough-and-tumble punishing unforgiving fresh riproaring vehement frigid unsettled hoarse roily unmusical cacophonous grating stridulent inharmonious gruff discordant rasping husky coarse raucous jarring ugly dry buffeting windswept teeming coming down wuthering dank humid raining cats and dogs bracing blowing brisk draughty drafty ruffled clammy broken acute ripply wavy bucketing muggy roiled uncontrollable bumpy explosive swirling dreadful destructive intensive devastating almighty full of waves chaotic volcanic restless vicious exquisite fearsome ghastly terrible fearful frightful coastal heavy-duty uncomfortable inhospitable hostile discomforting unfriendly biting forbidding austere comfortless painful distressing galling harrowing poignant awful agonizing disturbing heartbreaking vexatious ruthless dire upsetting disquieting heart-rending rotten distasteful unrelenting unpalatable wretched yukky hurtful yucky afflicting heartrending traumatic chilling displeasing uncongenial unlovely unwelcome unhappy merciless unpleasing unsavory tormenting tragic torturous relentless sour sad wicked remorseless icky mortifying great sore distressful agonising offensive unsavoury calamitous hard-hearted gut-wrenching provoking annoying afflictive disgusting horrible revolting nauseating difficult troublesome horrid objectionable repugnant sickening repellent repulsive abominable gross sharp irksome obnoxious grave loathsome rancid odious worrying lousy unappetizing appalling dismal uninviting penetrating unbearable taxing woeful beastly pitiless exacting regrettable hellish abhorrent mean unfortunate off-putting nauseous irritating somber acrid sombre shocking implacable fetid mephitic piercing stinging lamentable stressful detestable foetid depressing pitiful worrisome gruesome cheerless arduous insufferable yucko deplorable stinking troubling crushing awkward stark horrendous disheartening inexorable serious intolerable cutting pungent solemn joyless execrable hideous pitiable atrocious critical morose glum grotty hateful stern weighty diabolical noisome undesirable noxious obscene bothersome funky saddening sick-making putrid disconcerting smarting stinky repellant unappealing burning mortal horrific unendurable unappeasable keen perturbing astringent doleful tricky disappointing demanding excessive gruelling grueling spartan challenging fraught sticky hairy prickly cruddy strenuous strict discouraging grody despicable skanky uneatable mucky malodorous moving pervasive sorry dingy exigent unfair smelly inedible affecting rank suffocating loathly pongy whiffy tortuous stifling disgustful stringent evil black pathetic barbarous poor draconian precarious perilous God-awful irreconcilable sorrowful dreary deadly uncompromising indigestible piteous sickly horrifying acid agitating repressive cloying tasteless daunting dispiriting monstrous unmerciful sullen drastic sworn overwhelming tragical testing tear-jerking desolate mournful thorny tight unnerving injurious foreboding depressive unlucky humourless humorless wearing macabre frightening nightmarish unattractive vexing toilsome consuming wearisome harmful hopeless squalid tyrannical grubby polluted invidious concerning foul-smelling domineering flinty smudged bedraggled befouled smutty scandalous miasmal sullied cheap scurvy bemired dusty unclean uncleanly lame fulsome draggled grimy scabby muddy illegal paltry stained besmirched blackened scummy sordid niffy unsportsmanlike sneaking contemptible grungy ratty begrimed soiled festy olid poison unholy bum ungodly touching on the nose dislikable heavy-handed arch crummy brackish brutish foul-tasting drab concentrated unsettling inflexible mirthless problematic extraordinary anguished potent heady intransigent stony funereal intensified plaintive vulgar punitive vivid racking caustic aromatic grisly troublous overpowering fatiguing wrenching formidable dismaying discomposing poisonous dolorous melancholic messy overweening exhausting uphill savorless laborious straitened killing undue melancholy steely tiring out-and-out sober delicate unacceptable sedate unruly heart-wrenching uneasy tense unjust significant passionate marked intimidating peracute backbreaking dour knotty evil-smelling unstable frustrating grinding stale lurid superincumbent aggravating ungentle unfavorable unfavourable uncool major spoiled unsmiling problematical ticklish dodgy chancy iffy moiling distressed riotous pesky fiery no-nonsense spoilt parlous very bad dubious resentful sinister questionable unpropitious troubled strained inauspicious ominous suspect damaging abusive pained unsympathetic wounding desolating nippy tangy hard-line shooting stabbing impoverished oppressed barren Spartan bare-bones flowery fragrant mighty poverty-stricken pain drag hardline antagonistic heinous heartfelt crashing sweaty herculean hurting aculeate gnarly rigid life-threatening considerable disastrous pressured damnable eye-watering unfeeling unpitying shrewd weak flat killer effortful exasperating consequential profound deep not pleasant embarrassing inconvenient alarming unpopular sobering big dictatorial controversial sensitive insipid flavourless bland pestilent Herculean disconsolate rueful demoralizing demoralising autocratic at each other's throats mephitical irritable perplexing bewildering revulsive unamusing paralyzing paralysing knifelike drilling ill-fated hard-pressed shadowy tortured doubtful treacherous negative pressing jeopardous morbid apocalyptic rocky discommodious full of hardship ill-omened direful ill-boding back-breaking a nuisance persnickety despotic undemocratic staid sobersided undesired enormous supreme exceptional charged dispirited dejecting dolesome shuddersome infamous cussed accursed pestiferous ornery blasted cursed confounded a stinker of a tyrannous an imposition unwholesome unconsumable pounding unsparing vigorous high frowning surly moody rejected unwanted very great authoritarian iron-fisted unsatisfactory abysmal obdurate uncomic drear depressed protracted close heightened full unqualified torturing carking wearying tickly flustering discomfiting overbearing anti-democratic imperious coercive contaminated tainted unpleasant-tasting turned off creepy raunchy sleazy yecchy scuzzy blameworthy excluded reprehensible uninvited godawful immoderate inordinate crippling mother of all diligent exaggerated forcible all-consuming shrill flavorless hard-nosed po-faced pensive lachrymose derisible lugubrious plangent high-handed peremptory unsought ill-favoured exceptionable inadmissible tearing struggling suffering exorbitant unconscionable swingeing towering steep ironhanded confining headache hefty cast-iron boot-faced brooding mortified disapproving crabby itchy scratchy incommodious confronting unwished for unwished-for decomposing musty acidic rotted stenchy strong-smelling decomposed reeking rotting decaying odoriferous decayed skunky stenchful fusty odiferous spoiling barbaric reeky hardheaded overextravagant extravagant headstrong insane plethoric baroque intractable overmuch overdue devilish tough as old boots unfit for human consumption not fit to eat causing discomfort ill-fitting nerve-racking nail-biting heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking foaming not wanted ill-advised too bad ill-favored rough going unrefined bloodthirsty tigerish bloody fell convulsive rude stirring impactful emotional tearful impressive wolfish sadistic heartless knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts paroxysmal rabid cataclysmic cataclysmal hot hammer and tongs disordered bang-bang seething uncouth loutish crude uncultured sanguinary fiendish weltering to the death anarchic lawless churlish ungracious irresistible compelling distinct unmanageable noisy tremulous rebellious confused stirred up sentimental tender nostalgic expressive brusque blunt curt impolite disorderly breathtaking unmistakable invincible compulsive boorish uncivil crass discourteous ill-bred conflicting ravenous unrestrained inhumane lupine voracious truculent rowdy overriding overshadowing ribald oafish lewd unpolished indelicate uncultivated indecent profane indecorous bluff ill-mannered unmannerly roller-coaster seditious unbridled mutinous bearish inconsiderate inelegant roughcast vulgarian bawdy refractory uproarious obstreperous bad-mannered untutored shaking perturbed vociferous full of confusion untamed uncontrolled termagant excited full of ups and downs full of conflict demonstrative in turmoil roughhouse rampant full of upheavals rambunctious very strong disharmonious at odds lowbrow lowbred improper foul-mouthed artless insensible unceremonious common loud roughneck incult unladylike lowering ungentlemanly raffish more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand


Containing, soaked in, or covered in water
soppy drenched dripping saturate saturated soaked soaking sodden soggy sopping soused waterlogged watery awash bathed bedraggled doused dowsed logged washed watered water-soaked wet aqueous clammy dank dewy drizzling foggy humid misty moistened muggy pouring raining rainy showery slimy slippery stormy teary teeming water-logged wringing-wet dripping wet sopping wet wringing wet wet through damp moist soaking wet marshy boggy squelchy soaked to the skin swampy wringing miry droukit soaked through oozy streaming fenny soft drowned like a drowned rat slushy squishy pulpy gooey pappy sloppy mucky gloopy doughy squidgy mushy squashy spongy pasty heavy sticky quaggy sultry pulpous inundated over-moist semi-liquid soft and wet flooded steeped big flushed afloat dampened hosed quenched wetted irrigated showered sprinkled sprayed muddied splashed muddy flavorless colourless colorless waterlike dim anemic bloodless hazy flavourless anaemic serous watered-down impregnate brimful overloaded full overwhelmed brimming packed marinated overfull replete streaming wet steamy close sweaty paludal dampish airless stuffy moisture-laden suffocating oppressive soupy stifling gelatinous wettish yielding like a Turkish bath flabby like a sauna mossy claggy drizzly drippy irriguous sludgy uliginose sloughy peaty marish moory glutinous viscous clarty squooshy fleshy cushy cushiony downy mucous muculent sweltering fuggy thick gummy unstable paludine uliginous drunk bloated stewed boiled seethed clogged perspiring warm chilly musty perspiry sweating dirty scummy filthy bemired unaired fusty not dry hot mucid yukky gunky subfuse greasy diaphoretic sudoric stinky thin liquid runny clayey clay boiling tropical covered with sweat viscid splashy slap very damp smothering cloudy gluey vaporous mashy pap semi-solid paste-like jelled semisolid semiliquid pastelike difficult hot and humid cloggy gloppy caked murky mucilaginous treacly syrupy

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