Đồng nghĩa của Spartan

Alternative for Spartan


Đồng nghĩa: Spartan, ascetic, ascetical, austere, severe,


Austere, frugal, characterized by self-denial
austere frugal severe ascetic abstemious disciplined spartan strict meagre meager rigorous stringent self-denying celibate monkish abstinent reclusive cloistered solitary puritanical eremitic continent simple anchoritic hermitic monastic self-abnegating self-disciplined hair-shirt non-indulgent restrained secluded withdrawn temperate rigid exacting moderate contemplative sequestered hermit-like solemn economical refraining straightlaced cenobitic conventual quiet self-restrained strait-laced self-sacrificing meditative monachal cloistral coenobitic hermetic oblate nunlike chaste stern monklike mortified abstaining ascetical harsh other-worldly prim prudish proper narrow-minded stiff stuffy conventional conservative old-fashioned Victorian formal priggish starchy prissy staid sober square fuddy-duddy stick-in-the-mud narrow of the old school straitlaced moralistic uptight straight old-maidish schoolmarmish schoolmistressy goody-goody bluenosed traditional Grundyish nice-nelly niminy-piminy pompous conforming fogeyish stilted correct decorous reserved sedate ceremonious stodgy conformist prim and proper genteel sparing abstentious teetotal moderating mimsy governessy shockable punctilious overscrupulous buttoned-down bourgeois starched nice mannered impersonal traditionalist Pecksniffian deadly musty suburban parochial humourless fusty respectable Pooterish old-fogeyish dogmatic button-down small-town doctrinal comme il faut Biedermeier straight-laced bien pensant orthodox ceremonial stiff-necked smoky foetid supercilious self-important hot bloated smug humorless as dry as dust smelly magisterial important warm fetid arrogant puffy puritan forbidding pietistic bigoted tight-laced disapproving fanatical sententious censorious moral


Very plain in appearance
plain bare restrained spartan muted simple undecorated unostentatious unpretentious unvarnished basic unadorned unembellished unornamented bare-bones bare bones stripped down plain vanilla without frills austere stark unfussy spare uncluttered modest bald chaste functional classic severe understated clinical clean no-frills ascetic puritanical monastic subdued bleak ultra-plain naked unfurnished barren no frills sparse unelaborate no-nonsense unsophisticated penny plain honest homely homespun everyday workaday unpatterned patternless raw homestyle without ornamentation without ornament straightforward uncomplicated straight practical unembroidered characterless vanilla meagre ordinary pure minimal harsh meager folksy homey pure and simple cut down humble inelaborate unaffected discreet frugal measly dry unadulterated utilitarian serviceable useful undissembled au naturel rudimentary adequate minimalist undeveloped unpresumptuous down-to-earth utility colourless institutional impersonal soulless wholesome uncomplex unrefined acceptable unassuming hearty without airs conventional fresh antiseptic hard-wearing rough and ready colorless indistinctive featureless neutral nondescript beige faceless noncommittal your basic normophilic boring elementary unexciting rustic insipid bland dull direct blunt downright frank forthright outright undisguised brutal unveiled plain-spoken candid truthful unequivocal explicit rude unambiguous realistic outspoken unexaggerated upfront unqualified worn patchy threadbare true to life warts and all straight from the shoulder




Severe and difficult to cope with
harsh severe tortuous austere grim hard harrowing stark bad burdensome comfortless grievous inhospitable onerous oppressive wretched bleak disagreeable inhuman intolerable rough rugged spartan stringent tough trying bare-bones barren bitter crushing desolate excruciating grinding hostile insufferable overwhelming searing unbearable unendurable unfriendly unpleasant wearing torturous agonizing punishing dreadful painful brutal uncomfortable tormenting racking agonising cruel heavy stiff strict draconian hardhanded tyrannical murderous despotic authoritarian dictatorial imperious autocratic rigorous domineering exacting demanding overbearing stern excessive forbidding drastic repressive serious extreme rigid high-handed tyrannous peremptory absolute difficult heavy-handed authoritative savage swingeing unyielding overweening ruthless bossy dire undemocratic critical inflexible masterful anti-democratic grave arbitrary iron-fisted punitive taxing unrelenting totalitarian tyrannic forceful uncompromising sharp awful intense pitiless terrible merciless discomforting exorbitant magisterial relentless autocratical coercive immoderate sombre somber unreasonable weighty illiberal troublesome autarchic distressing fierce inordinate exigent biting unsparing firm iron-handed inexorable unbending unfavorable unfavourable strong uninviting strenuous radical unwelcoming dismal dogmatic challenging arduous gloomy depressing negative outrageous solemn adverse cheerless doctrinaire substantial arrogant commanding acute disparaging worrying hard-line formidable laborious extravagant intemperate dark straitened dominating wild vicious bare harmful flinty hypercritical superincumbent disapproving far-reaching monocratic carping discouraging mean ironhanded great censuring disturbing derogatory cutting tsarist czarist demeaning cynical dreary haughty officious threatening crippling desperate dangerous extortionate pushy hard to please hurtful dominant imperative inclement high and mighty stormy suppressive undue unsympathetic unjust sky-high momentous steep intractable unconscionable unmerciful disciplinarian profound cavilling complicated towering stressful tiring nasty summary baroque devilish turbulent vexatious exhausting hardheaded uninhabitable overextravagant overmuch overdue insane plethoric antagonistic afflicting tumultuous awkward ramrod testing grueling ominous unforgiving untoward dour sober perfectionist brassbound ferocious injurious gruelling toilsome inimical menacing obdurate intensive judgmental fussy lordly miserable consequential galling fault-finding one-party disheartening uncomforting sarcastic belittling condemning satirical godforsaken quibbling foreboding joyless confining sinister disastrous significant calamitous hairsplitting caviling faultfinding overscrupulous clamorous nagging penetrating egregious cast-iron insistent cavillous downright subjugating controlling over-censorious over-particular Neronian hard-nosed censorious peracute assertive perilous caustic over the top utter over-exacting flagrant thorough gross preposterous out-and-out cocky sheer egotistic precarious imperial very bad whopping brusque sweeping abusive fascist high penal drear cold all-powerful unkind barbarous tricky inflated constraining prohibiting restrictive exploitive governing solid poor damaging cursing absolutist fascistic iniquitous prohibitive empty lonely scabrous hellish uncontrolled unaccountable unconstitutional single-party very severe wounding insensitive tactless bullying sterile tempestuous forlorn dramatic violent unlimited piercing sharp-tongued overpowering intransigent thoughtless inconsiderate irksome complex labored confused concentrated abstruse te recondite knotty dystopian heartrending drab unpermissive inept undiplomatic bungling hard-hitting throwing one's weight about considerable life-threatening pushing driving czarlike wrenching stinging burning consuming blistering worrisome overstrict sadistic OTT low major cramped inconvenient pounding bullish headstrong ordering aggressive powerful bidding hazardous ugly uphill Herculean mortal willful wilful not comfortable robust gaunt regnant insolent strong-willed pushful back-breaking a nuisance killing persnickety wearisome dogmatical sobering big heightened laboured fatiguing an imposition pompous crack-the-whip dictative proud hectic unhelpful in driver's seat on high horse crack the whip wearying carking unfortunate pedantic captious throwing weight around zealous unmitigated remorseless unusual exaggerated exceptional plain undermining disobliging invalidating contrary obstructive fanatical pernickety frightful horrible horrendous disadvantageous horrifying unconventional overkill uncommon remarkable unseemly frantic chaotic unadorned discrediting imprudent nonsensical fabulous lavish fancy irrational improper active eventful frenzied frenetic lively fearsome ghastly intimidating daunting unwelcome inauspicious simple hair-splitting picky corrosive abrasive offensive destructive hopeless discommodious morose glum objectionable gray black direful doleful grey terrifying disquieting jarring frightening too much unembellished undecorated implacable unfair restless energetic O.T.T. out of proportion unpropitious woeful ill-fated hard-pressed lurid shadowy tortured undesirable troubled full of hardship doubtful mournful strained ill-omened treacherous ill-boding chilling parlous nightmarish pressing upsetting messy jeopardous morbid apocalyptic rocky sad overparticular pass-remarkable meticulous punctilious rejective fastidious finicky nit-picking humourless sedate humorless staid sobersided importunate tiresome obstinate flustering animated madhouse tireless full riotous furious bustling dispiriting backbreaking hefty depressive troubling headache scolding diagnostic niggling discriminating analytical nitpicking judgy exceptive reproachful trenchant contemptuous overnice withering humbling calumniatory discerning lowering critic particular choleric unsmiling no-nonsense uncomic astringent overexacting unmanageable unamenable unaccommodating querulous fractious complete total unqualified full on unruly spirited rowdy busy action-packed bumpy raucous au naturel no-frills overcritical rough going needy possessive sticklerish stubborn unflinching rank right maximum utmost unadulterated deep veritable thundering ultimate hellacious proper pure supreme tremendous almighty unalloyed uber arrant po-faced hair-raising high-maintenance over-rigorous over-strict hard to satisfy

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