Đồng nghĩa của flustering

Alternative for flustering

flusters, flustered, flustering

Đồng nghĩa: confuse, excite,


Causing or feeling uneasy embarrassment or inconvenience
embarrassing awkward disconcerting uncomfortable discomfiting disturbing distressing upsetting humiliating tricky perplexing unpleasant troublesome cringeworthy uneasy cringey incommodious cringe-making off-putting unsettling sensitive compromising delicate confusing shameful demeaning degrading discountenancing discomposing sticky thorny distracting bewildering painful trying tense inconvenient difficult unnerving vexatious disagreeable troubling toe-curling excruciating exasperating worrisome nerve-racking restless nervous anxious mortifying shaming alarming bothersome touchy ignominious agitating worrying dismaying perturbing concerning baffling barro disgraceful discreditable dishonouring blush-making anxious-making charged discommoding dishonoring unpropitious equivocal inopportune rattling discommodious puzzling unseemly impossible tickly annoying torturous galling bitter prickly irritating fraught dolorous bumpy rough hard confronting distressed itchy afflictive grievous wearisome scratchy causing discomfort ill-fitting embarrassed ticklish dicey untimely problematical problematic gnarly hairy dodgy knotty grim discomforting agonizing awful agonising irksome horrible sombre displeasing solemn somber bad dire gloomy unwelcome horrific daunting dreadful unpleasing uncongenial horrid sober horrendous forbidding aggravating depressing dismal ghastly severe woeful appalling tedious terrible macabre humourless humorless tiresome vexing unhappy sad tragic harrowing distressful frustrating unamusing shocking burdensome jarring wearing grave maddening miserable boring provoking wretched traumatic horrifying frightful teasing harassing disquieting grisly disheartening pathetic gruesome discouraging peeving plaguy pestiferous pestilent pesky bedevilling dreary serious unfortunate lurid sedate heartbreaking distasteful unpalatable loathsome stressful bleak lamentable regrettable repellent doleful atrocious foul harsh unbearable repugnant infuriating infernal riling chafing carking pesty pestilential nettling rebarbative plaguey abrasive confounded antagonizing rankling nettlesome antagonising cussed heartrending cheerless unendurable frightening hideous nightmarish tormenting hopeless sullen morose monstrous repellant cruel abhorrent punchable enraging grating niggling harrying nagging testing hellish gut-wrenching bedeviling enough to try the patience of a saint ominous enough to drive you up the wall heart-rending heart-breaking critical grewsome terrific sorry dispiriting disappointing drab dark joyless drear rueful funereal abject melancholic austere unlucky parlous unfavorable unfavourable forlorn comfortless glum mephitical irritable unkind melancholy sinister depressive revulsive poignant inauspicious foreboding troubled black moiling killer hazardous backbreaking easier said than done high-impact slavish torturesome killing onerous wearying shattering weighty knackering hard-won toilful drudgy exacting backbreaker intolerable sweaty challenging labored punishing back-breaking immense no picnic tall extreme formidable upstream energy-consuming vicious marathon difficile laboured grueling vigorous tortuous brutal cumbersome crippling high-pressure arduous gruelling unsparing sapping prohibitive unremitting really hard tough going problem draining fierce intimidating oppressive Herculean insufferable tough bruising heavy merciless titanic mighty fatiguing laborious ponderous operose gargantuan effortful not easy unforgiving uphill rugged staggering colossal crushing unyielding exhausting herculean ambitious debilitating intense worksome like getting blood out of a stone rigorous strenuous painstaking very hard ferocious almighty grinding gigantic tiring taxing savage scabrous toilsome depleting demanding uphill battle objectionable rotten revolting poor execrable crummy offensive abominable odious lousy detestable unsavory vile nasty repulsive troublous unsatisfactory icky stinking disgusting nauseating unacceptable deplorable abysmal sickening obnoxious gross undesirable diabolical tragical unappealing uncool yukky grotty yucky afflicting hellacious godawful saddening uninviting grody ugly affecting sour nauseous mean anguished unsavoury hurtful sorrowful beastly unlovely hostile nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking


Pertaining to bodily reactions characterised by flushed or dry skin
hectic frenzied feverish frantic heated excited frenetic chaotic wild animated fevered flurrying furious turbulent boisterous riotous tumultuous agitated brisk bustling buzzing hyperactive lively manic overactive overwrought restless rumbustious burning confused crowded disordered exciting fervid hassle jungle madhouse nutsy rip-roaring unsettled vibrant woolly wooly zoolike keyed up very active very busy fast and furious in a lather hell broke loose like Piccadilly Circus mad violent intense fierce rabid hysterical delirious maniacal swivel-eyed ferocious hyper fraught distraught raging crazy insane corybantic uncontrolled angry panic-stricken berserk worked up in a tizzy wired unscrewed weirded out wigged out passionate crazed fanatical desperate beside oneself raving out of control zonkers unglued unzipped deranged weird freaked out shook up at wits' end spazzed out in a stew hot under the collar hot and bothered flipped out impassioned vehement enthusiastic fiery stormy overexcited tempestuous zealous ardent fervent perfervid energetic passional panic-struck obsessive panicky confusing convulsive distracted like one possessed demented madding febrile fanciful overcharged aroused demonic unbalanced fired up phrenetic furibund lost it nuts bitter spirited distressed full-hearted explosive unhinged nervous distrait uptight hysteric unrestrained emotional berko knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts paroxysmal cataclysmal hot bang-bang volcanic hammer and tongs cataclysmic rough cyclonic roller-coaster volatile torrid impatient anxious worried het up last-minute wound up charged ireful wrathful irate avid indignant acrimonious flaming demonstrative disturbed busy blazing in a state in a tizz in a flap having kittens incandescent warm religious beside yourself in a flat spin at your wits' end in a cold sweat at the end of your tether superheated in turmoil glowing eager earnest high-strung full of upheavals keen wholehearted full of ups and downs strong consuming urgent vigorous profound powerful forceful extreme uncontrollable acute deep-seated red-hot all-consuming hot-blooded warm-blooded obsessed possessed unruly aggressive intemperate savage pumped maddened dedicated gung-ho psyched voracious impetuous headstrong juiced amped in a frenzy uninhibited devoted nutty immoderate overcome over-enthusiastic unbridled brutal consumed vicious irrational bigoted militant bloodthirsty biased unreasonable harsh fanatic flipped maniac out of one's mind hotheaded potent fuming carried away full-blooded knock-down not knowing what to do with oneself drag-out abandoned inflamed ebullient full-on overwhelming overpowering unchecked gay heightened unconstrained uncurbed unrepressed blind white-hot neurotic unrestrainable upset incoherent rattled at one's wits' end bothered worked-up out of one's wit overwhelmed gone babbling blustery struck overawed affected stunned incredulous irrepressible driven to distraction incensed very upset unnerved out of one's wits in a panic rampant spasmodic in a fit seething roaring foul howling gusting gusty squally windy bullying nasty ungovernable dirty filthy murderous overpowered cruel ruthless blustering rampageous concentrated excessive intensified callous threatening terrorizing pugnacious hallucinating light-headed rambling lunatic wandering disarranged lightheaded aberrant deviant bewildered hallucinatory deviate committed sincere devout pitiless barbarous thuggish sadistic merciless destructive barbaric heartless homicidal inhuman single-minded purposeful pushy zestful hearty devastated assertive out of one's head off one's head out of one's skull destroyed zealotic fired go-ahead wild-eyed itchy ripe antsy fireball afire self-starting demoniac terrorising radge forcible fixated infatuated intolerant uncompromising extremist hot-tempered hot-headed cut-throat raring ready compulsive overzealous diehard sprightly disorderly coming on strong prejudiced one-sided partisan illiberal dotty potty visionary hooked effervescent infuriated narrow-minded high vivacious game wackadoodle overenthusiastic wackadoo stirred up high as a kite overboard sick infected naked poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased sizzling bitten unwell virulent ill credulous impulsive willful erratic monomaniacal partial obstinate bugged contumacious domineering incorrigible addicted opinionated stubborn high-spirited stirred steamed up on fire wigged-out nuts for turned on high on


To be triggering a passionate feeling or reaction
exciting provoking inciting riling stirring up fomenting impassioning inflaming rallying roiling rousing stirring triggering aggravating agitating animating electrifying firing up goading inspiring instigating arousing enthusing galvanizing incensing irking priming ruffling stimulating whipping up baiting charging egging on eliciting encouraging enlivening grilling kindling piquing pumping up revving up setting off vexing vivifying winding up working up activating angering awakening bringing about bringing out causing charging up commoving energising energizing enkindling galvanising jolting motivating needling pepping up sparking off touching off triggering off working into lather chafing discomposing inducing infuriating intensifying maddening offending shaking shaking up starting taunting upsetting waking up feeding the fire driving invigorating spurring juicing up getting to spooking livening up jazzing up working moving inspiriting envigorating activizing titillating prompting initiating generating producing creating sparking urging giving rise to setting in motion occasioning engendering beginning impelling precipitating putting in motion pushing making prodding fostering effectuating promoting instituting launching bringing on effecting establishing originating introducing leading to developing begetting influencing resulting in spurring on actuating bringing breeding affecting catalyzing inaugurating catalysing pressing propelling persuading commencing quickening raising evoking abetting setting up pricking compelling hatching contributing to swaying founding innovating bringing to pass getting going spawning pioneering fermenting invoking whetting nudging kicking off leading starting off translating into firing constituting brewing yielding kick-starting calling forth opening coercing putting up to organizing incentivizing inclining instilling installing bringing into being wakening organising emboldening cultivating pressuring exhorting exhilarating planting advancing picking forcing embarking on heartening lighting a fire under starting the ball rolling putting in place vitalizing steeling enticing enacting stinging forging furthering contriving setting on ushering in actualizing forming siccing fueling fuelling keying up building hounding buoying inventing igniting dragooning reviving filliping conceiving impressing engineering making for pressurizing getting buoying up fanning starting up setting making happen making possible dreaming up strengthening tempting turning on getting under way firing the imagination of entering into setting going pressurising boosting devising designing culminating in helping ending in cheering refreshing uplifting assembling procuring constructing necessitating thrilling spearheading revivifying touching increasing putting together bestirring coming out with challenging whipping cooking up doing winning over authoring opening up inducting coming up with machinating sowing the seeds of cheering up composing jumping into bucking up talking into getting things rolling prevailing on bringing forth entering upon giving birth to fanning the flames of getting going on fortifying involving determining badgering drumming up revitalizing empowering contributing obliging rendering disposing inviting convincing gladdening directing forwarding building up discovering blazing a trail breaking new ground concocting planning amounting to predisposing boosting up cheering on harassing summoning up entailing chirking up bearing up bullying crafting coaxing leading off masterminding waking fashioning tearing into thinking up giving mobilizing launching into finishing in taking up having a part in jump-starting realising realizing fabricating geeing up psyching up drawing prevailing upon exalting setting about elating making a start on knocking up bringing into existence knocking together conducing to conducing falling to striking into getting off the ground drawing on getting down to getting off setting the ball rolling getting the show on the road getting cracking on firing with enthusiasm revitalising firing the enthusiasm of laying the foundations of rooting on leading the way bearing ringing in adding up to mobilising drawing forth embarking upon making waves sounding corrupting paying off improving stoking up undertaking incentifying revolutionizing having nurturing reassuring brightening evolving bribing jumpstarting enheartening egging disturbing trailblazing bolstering pushing forward formulating controlling restoring materializing assuring nursing conditioning adding to regulating giving incentive biasing biassing constraining playing a part in suborning awaking floating spiking bracing converting running going about conceiving of manoeuvring maneuvering securing asking achieving driving on having a hand in meaning turning out throwing together playing a role in inveigling hassling fathering drawing up starting on soliciting issuing mustering giving shot in arm scheming spiriting someone up prevailing getting at seducing acting upon spelling striking heightening endowing gingering up exercising making up knocking off throwing up starting out putting up getting underway countenancing redounding to terminating in informing being responsible for making the first move agitating for revolutionising bringing off getting stuck into breaking the ice crazing causing to happen laying the first stone of materialising innervating shaping zipping up embarking approaching blazing leaning on causing to be setting afoot setting a trend moulding rigging amping up adding fuel commencing on sending acting as a stimulus to drawing out bringing back rowelling bringing around steaming up getting going with taking the lead in molding roweling getting the ball rolling starting ball rolling livening innerving causing to occur getting show on road refining honing whomping up coining cajoling reawakening hooking intriguing incorporating executing imagining presenting expediting grabbing resulting startling setting in implanting lodging bringing up getting someone going advising impacting cranking up setting down having as a consequence having as a result imbuing infusing lashing rousting chivvying improvising posing satisfying gaining suggesting to hinting to imposing on orienting acting as an incentive to giving incentive to setting astir predetermining setting an example lighting the way putting into action agitating against reigniting rekindling hammering out kicking something off accomplishing being a factor in giving life to lighting up casting piecing erecting germinating recalling calling into being enduing infecting giving one an idea carrying giving impetus beghasting inculcating ordaining settling up structuring running up suscitating applauding juicing fanning the fire patenting parenting procreating opening the door for attaining giving new life to breathing new life into giving a buzz making alive bringing to life breathing life into attempting crowding jogging memory reminding putting a bomb under assisting enhancing asking for it mounting bugging redoubling magnifying intensating deepening enforcing disinhibiting steering educing summoning aiding carrying off being partly responsible for having the effect of carrying through oiling the wheels of pulling off exacerbating sowing warming stirring embers adding fuel to fire switching on calling to mind initiating things breaking ground comforting spiriting up causing to become riding herd on pleasing teasing bringing in setting on foot conjuring up causing to appear resurrecting calling up bowing getting something off the ground convening raising the curtain irritating calling down resuscitating intoxicating giving a boost to reenforcing tickling tantalizing mustering up getting up working on impressing on making willing bringing round nourishing entering on digging building a fire under reactivating reanimating adding fuel to the flames calling alerting tantalising making wild heating up instating laying the foundation dictating coming into being getting cracking getting one's feet wet going ahead getting weaving on ringing up the curtain on getting weaving scratching the surface getting down to business hitting the ground running coming into existence risking sowing the seeds fanning the flames reinvigorating getting to grips with beginning work on addressing oneself to considering starting the ball rolling on reinforcing consoling praising favouring favoring debuting fixing up entering bringing forward knocking down admitting phasing in setting forth unveiling paving the way acting as a incentive to giving the incentive to vivificating springing dispatching growing guiding deciding bursting into breaking the seal breaking into rolling out serving bielding propping up raising your spirits boosting someone's morale raising the morale of giving a shot in the arm to stimulating spiritually giving confidence to giving hope to lifting the spirits of stiffening the resolve of succouring costing getting ball rolling breaking the ice on getting feet wet laying the cornerstone of setting the ball rolling on introing putting in taking action on taking the first step preparing the way taking the initiative making a start laying the first stone enriching modernizing managing approving tackling administering conducting framing arranging begging paving the way for modernising succoring giving a leg up orchestrating superintending supervising stage-managing coordinating brainstorming pleading enjoining finessing finagling negotiating manipulating wangling breaking through beseeching admonishing imploring entreating adjuring presiding over requesting appealing insisting working out squaring overseeing having the bright idea of thinking of channeling channelling nagging sanctioning bringing to bear arguing into impacting on carrying weight having an effect on training ruling pulling strings wheedling proposing starting to using pressure on twisting someone's arm putting the screws on railroading into trying to persuade bulldozing into pushing for putting pressure on insisting on rationalizing calling on appealing to putting the heat on rationalising conjuring commending preparing proceeding with crystallizing getting on with going ahead with setting upon preparing the way for colonising taking the lead taking the initiative in leading the way for showing the way on colonizing laying the groundwork on pushing the envelope going out in front exploring mapping out laying the groundwork for taking the lead on showing the way buying off rewarding fixing luring buying transpiring nobbling keeping someone sweet making a deal soaping sugaring perverting influencing by gifts tampering buying back giving someone a backhander giving someone a sweetener intimidating oiling the palm of sweetening the pot tipping taking care of doing business lubricating greasing palm giving an inducement to propagating crystallising lifting plotting hinting rabble-rousing insinuating suggesting elevating


Present participle for to disturb the composure of
confusing upsetting bothering confounding disturbing rattling ruffling agitating disconcerting hassling nonplussing unnerving discomposing disquieting fazing perturbing unsettling alarming exciting heating hurrying worrying abashing bustling discombobulating discomfiting discountenancing embarrassing flurrying making nervous mortifying panicking addling bewildering crazing distracting flipping frustrating fuddling muddling mystifying perplexing putting on edge puzzling spooking unhinging getting to making waves stirring up throwing off balance working up putting into a flap sending into a spin throwing into a tizz distressing dismaying troubling vexing discomforting throwing concerning frazzling shaking ailing distempering fussing alaruming undoing derailing hagriding freaking out appalling weirding out baffling annoying exercising frightening flummoxing irking harassing scaring putting off taking aback afflicting daunting bugging making uneasy startling befuddling horrifying plaguing disorienting provoking bamboozling shaking up chagrining irritating dumbfounding graveling gravelling fretting making anxious shocking bemusing psyching out demoralizing tormenting pestering deranging stupefying buffaloing putting someone off their stroke beating foxing demoralising surprising befogging throwing off intimidating discouraging terrifying mixing up disheartening terrorizing humiliating shaming posing getting needling depressing terrorising torturing oppressing mazing harrying aggrieving dazing displeasing muddying affrighting stunning chillin chilling flooring putting out of countenance burdening cowing giving a hard time making someone scratch their head putting the wind up setting someone back on their heels deterring stressing unmanning unbalancing agonizing besetting beleaguering putting out discommoding bedevilling bedeviling disordering disorientating making uncomfortable jolting grieving straining disarranging disappointing saddening stumping fouling up scarifying frighting astounding pothering agonising astonishing putting someone off their stride burning up giving someone grief getting at blowing one's mind throwing into a tizzy causing to be at a stand going to one's head exasperating inconveniencing dispiriting aggravating racking crushing anguishing galling piquing disorganizing jumbling disrupting petrifying dizzying awing aweing catching off balance rousing rattling one's cage moving destabilizing despairing teasing paining demeaning arousing browbeating harrowing making self-conscious tearing badgering turning sickening offending hurting incommoding angering wounding messing up snafuing peeving chafing persecuting causing anxiety to nettling miffing trying destabilising egging on amazing making punchy intoxicating inebriating turning on gnawing at indisposing flabbergasting wildering scaring stiff tantalising tantalizing making fretful putting down nagging fogging letting down scaring the bejesus out of ticking off picking on staggering pushing buttons making a scene scaring to death giving a turn balling up scaring the living daylights out of causing someone to lose their composure setting someone thinking putting the wind up someone pulling the rug from under giving someone a turn pulling the rug out from under muddling up wringing haunting overwhelming overawing tangling subduing inciting inflaming bullying throwing into tizzy affecting mistaking preoccupying causing disquiet to cornering stimulating blinding eating away at frenzying disobliging molesting eluding disarraying dementing rummaging downing displacing interfering tiring complicating intruding outraging dashing jarring consternating traumatizing worsting freaking making restless unquieting fermenting paralysing disillusioning examining ventilating traumatising unstringing dejecting disenchanting disgruntling making jump scaring silly throwing into confusion boggling the mind of throwing for loop defeating striking dumb stampeding screwing up lousing up filling with consternation knocking sideways knocking for six paralyzing mucking up making someone's hair stand on end cursing hounding hindering balking obfuscating snowing disarming throwing into uproar throwing into disorder injuring setting thinking stymieing bringing up short working someone up bugging up making flip taxing putting someone off baulking taking by surprise filling with panic throwing into disarray getting in the way discording jangling disharmonizing disaccording catching somebody unawares catching somebody off balance dogging pushing strapping desolating martyring pricking breaking nit-picking knocking props out throwing a curve besieging making miserable causing suffering to doing a number on weighing on arousing anxiety in causing anguish to making wretched eating at making it tough for cutting up straitening putting off his or her stride taking the wind out of someone's sails fluttering hitting a sour note hustling stopping someone in their tracks upsetting apple cart undermining enervating weakening enfeebling uncalming sapping riding diverting quickening deflating humbling messing with one's head weighing down testing importuning disengaging detaching driving insane disconnecting sending over the edge uncoupling separating unhitching unfastening affronting abasing hectoring goading dunning bowling over setting back degrading disgracing ridiculing belittling narking lying heavy on sweating out putting somebody off his or her stride incapacitating cramping debilitating flipping out winding up firing up discrediting dishonouring putting someone to shame taking the wind out making someone eat humble pie getting one's comeuppance taking down a peg putting to shame taking down keying up laying up bumming out getting across getting someone hacking off making awkward making ashamed owning showing up rocking the boat dishonoring hurting somebody's feelings hanging up throwing into panic getting on someone's wick catching one short scaring witless repelling stiffing bulldozing making a monkey of giving a bad time putting on the spot putting in a spot putting in a hole filling with fear freezing your blood getting the wind up throwing into a panic scaring off striking terror into scaring away giving someone goose pimples curdling the blood making one's flesh creep putting the fear of God into making teeth chatter making your blood run cold giving one the creeps chilling someone to the marrow giving someone the heebie-jeebies scaring the pants off throwing into a fright scaring someone out of their wits chilling to the bone making your hair stand on end making blood run cold throwing into a blue funk scaring someone half to death making someone jump out of their skin dithering flapping pressing the panic button getting into a state becoming flustered going into a panic devastating stinging cutting to the quick excruciating disgusting touching preying on obsessing weighing heavily on overcoming crucifying stirring nauseating insulting casting down nagging at revolting riling niggling striking rocking repulsing possessing hanging over cutting overpowering giving offence to turning off doing in making unhappy taking control of fearing prostrating stewing sweating occupying damaging suffering slighting whelming impressing overmastering swamping scarring grinding dissing dazzling spellbinding maddening stabbing searing taking over piercing enthralling blowing away leaving speechless snowing under electrifying causing concern to causing discomfort to causing anguish causing offense relucting driving up the wall causing agony to dumping on hurting someone's feelings hitting for six sweeping someone off their feet dampening getting someone down grossing out damping getting down hurting one's feelings knocking out making sad frightening the living daylights out of springing something on knocking the stuffing out of staring down putting off balance outstaring outfacing standing up to tearing apart pressuring pressurizing musing labouring laboring squirming pressing down on pressurising interrupting being causing anxiety buttonholing thrilling deeply upsetting weighing galvanizing locoing scandalizing chilling to the marrow recurring galvanising hacking you off niggling at inflicting trauma rubbing the wrong way mourning causing suffering bleeding causing sorrow lambasting chilling off frightening to death bending someone's ear sweeping over grinding down wronging inflicting anguish on infesting feeling unwell feeling pain harming pressing springing causing someone distress causing pain cracking pushing the buttons of knocking over obscuring mulling profundicating wondering stumbling foiling rending dumfounding coming back to overcharging throwing a curveball making one's teeth chatter scaring the pants off of making someone jump out of his skin making one's blood run cold scaring the living daylights out of someone antagonizing disrespecting slapping convulsing thumbing nose at taking someone aback giving someone a jolt giving someone a fright giving a shock numbing thunderstriking scandalising antagonising staying with carping caviling cavilling distorting devitalizing quibbling causing pain to sticking it to dishing it out giving it to dishing out causing trouble to nitpicking disempowering breaking down fidgetting fidgeting disparaging snarling crippling unglueing taking apart blowing up unzipping taking steam out bringing low sending up ungluing blowing out hitting like ton of bricks raising someone's eyebrows taking the wind out of your sails completely surprising shaking out of your complacency absorbing tearing to pieces taking pains bringing down gripping dominating devouring engrossing engulfing hurting the feelings of labouring over getting worked up getting in a stew bringing one down dampening spirits breaking one's heart making a big thing of making a big thing out of monopolizing dragging down making blue putting a damper on putting into a funk breaking the heart of wearying draining making a mountain out of a molehill making a meal of making a thing of overburdening eating up chastening dragging darkening dulling running down reducing to tears consuming monopolising overloading making someone fed up casting a gloom upon beating down harshing someone's mellow making gloomy giving someone the blues turning one off making desolate making despondent pouring cold water on throwing cold water on bringing tears to your eyes making your heart bleed bearing down breaking someone's heart keeping under softening melting squicking arousing sympathy tugging at someone's heartstrings arousing pity tugging at the heart making emotional turning one's stomach making one sick causing aversion abominating surfeiting making someone want to throw up cloying on causing to feel nauseous turning your stomach making shudder filling with loathing palling offending morals of wrecking killing shattering destroying steamrollering subordinating downgrading rendering speechless taking someone's breath away running circles around


Present participle for to make (someone) feel annoyed, frustrated, or worried, especially with trivial matters
vexing annoying irritating bothering irking upsetting provoking exasperating riling galling aggravating angering nettling disturbing bugging troubling piquing ruffling peeving worrying harassing narking distressing infuriating displeasing needling agitating offending perturbing plaguing hassling pestering incensing maddening miffing tormenting chafing getting persecuting enraging rankling grating afflicting discomposing rasping riding eating outraging spiting harrying fretting disquieting griping frosting inflaming paining nagging teasing gravelling graveling itching hounding depressing embarrassing frustrating fussing trying molesting chagrining disgusting dissatisfying abrading mithering biting hacking off getting to ticking off burning up winding up rubbing up the wrong way putting out bumming out getting across driving up the wall giving someone the hump making someone see red hacking you off grating on getting on your nerves rankling with giving someone grief getting your back up getting under one's skin putting your back up turning off giving a hard time driving bananas getting in one's hair giving a bad time mixing up unsettling confusing rattling disconcerting unnerving flurrying discomfiting discountenancing stirring fazing putting off affecting throwing niggling discombobulating making nervous shaking up throwing off balance blustering flummoxing browbeating intimidating cowing bullying flooring furbelowing fuddling disrupting wearing frilling exciting stumping putting someone off their stroke causing someone to lose their composure putting into a flap throwing into a tizz throwing into tizzy rattling one's cage goading making angry antagonizing exacerbating antagonising making cross driving mad driving crazy teeing off driving round the twist raging giving someone the pip excoriating making waves getting on nerves browning off cheesing off discommoding inconveniencing incommoding getting in your hair badgering rubbing you up the wrong way putting your nose out of joint humping fraying eroding tattering scouring wearing down driving to distraction insulting driving round the bend fuming affronting exercising wearing out wearing away getting on someone grieving concerning taunting alarming panicking scraping away biting into wearing to shreds roiling inciting baiting grilling pothering starting gnawing away at causing anxiety making anxious causing to panic brooding getting on one's nerves putting someone out sending into a rage trying someone's patience getting on someone's nerves getting someone's back up eating away at trying one's patience working into lather making blood boil making someone's blood boil putting someone's back up stirring up blowing a fuse upsetting oneself rubbing the wrong way taking a rise out of getting in someone's hair getting a rise out of setting on hitting where one lives setting one off getting across someone

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