Đồng nghĩa của dizzying

Alternative for dizzying

dizzies, dizzied, dizzying, dizzier, dizziest

Đồng nghĩa: confused, giddy, spinning, staggering, unsteady,

Tính từ

At a speed fast enough to make one dizzy

Tính từ

Of or relating to the stratosphere
stratospheric immoderate extreme excessive undue exorbitant inordinate unconscionable towering unreasonable unmeasurable stiff extortionate high overpriced sky-high uncalled-for steep extravagant plethoric overmuch intemperate lavish overdue insane overweening intolerable overextravagant devilish disproportionate enormous exaggerated profligate needless superfluous fancy unmerciful baroque self-indulgent prodigal outrageous overabundant over the top surplus unwarranted unrestrained boundless limitless super dissipated indulgent redundant unbounded superabundant more recrementitious supernatural too many overkill extra way out overboard unrestricted unlimited uncurbed wanton overindulgent OTT uncalled for over the odds too much a bit much profuse over-the-top over uncontrolled preposterous unbridled imprudent unnecessary gratuitous wasteful out of all proportion elevated dear expensive in excess abounding costly very too a lot prohibitive very high criminal pricey very expensive unjustifiable unwarrantable supererogatory untempered irrational substantial grandiose vast tremendous immense gross improvident monstrous infinite prodigious massive stupendous humongous astronomical huge monumental immeasurable astronomic fantastic super-duper unhampered O.T.T. thumping whopping giant epic mighty mega gargantuan silly monster extensive ridiculous colossal unchecked unfettered mammoth mountainous overgenerous gigantic ludicrous uninhibited unjustified egregious heavy reckless wild decadent riotous violent unbalanced too-too dissipative debauched out of control severe unfair harsh unjust draconian drastic serious improper cruel punishing strict punitive tough inflated shocking rigorous inexcusable fulsome forceful unacceptable oppressive unprovoked hard thriftless rampant indefensible austere spendthrift abandoned exuberant swingeing stringent brutal generous unthrifty squandering radical overdone liberal runaway luxuriant desperate luxurious dire elaborate scandalous beyond the pale abundant out of bounds unrelenting flagrant unpardonable too great grievous unforgivable unseemly copious audacious sharp hardhanded effusive unyielding unhindered bountiful raw stern careless uncompromising iniquitous de trop unmerited dissolute ruthless bounteous high-rolling disgraceful openhanded grim uncontrollable greedy irresponsible sybaritic illogical senseless absonant posh ample unstinting unbending sumptuous out of order up to here hedonistic unsuitable far-out plentiful terrible opulent prolific gushing extraordinary costing an arm and a leg galore ungovernable burdensome gushy ruinous excessively high inappropriate rough aplenty plenty appalling great strong licentious profusive savage unreserved searing inconsiderate reprehensible undeserved horrifying merciless offensive magnificent inhuman atrocious bitter no end rigid tyrannical incontinent unconcealed rich dreadful showy wicked a dime a dozen insupportable without justification far-reaching unmitigated impressive turbulent uncivilised uncivilized free utter without cause without reason impetuous striking heinous absolute wrong unconventional indiscriminate unlawful peremptory unrightful wrongful arbitrary rank raging flamboyant pervasive ungrounded out of proportion pleasure-seeking heavy-handed lush major epicurean open distressing unequal imposing out of line unconstrained irregular overflowing voluptuous theatrical dramatic uneconomical teeming firm out of hand off lotus-eating overblown non-essential swarming exceptional inflexible inexpiable onerous ornate enthusiastic horrible far-fetched nasty incredible unbecoming overinflated rugged overdecorated alive with thick with crawling with superior high-flown crazy heedless exceeding ostentatious sensual fast-living rabid inconceivable murderous trying excruciating ill-advised unruly blameworthy culpable remiss unworthy regrettable momentous unstoppable uncontainable irrepressible unquenchable fanatical thoughtless groundless incommensurate grand rococo obvious crippling surpassing undisciplined penal nonsensical insensitive overstated large horrendous blatant over the fence rash deplorable barbarous free-spending thorough inept outre objectionable effete parsimonious pretentious sweeping zealous diabolical very great impossible ghastly ungoverned exceptionable convoluted fussy conspicuous open-handed munificent a bit thick patent complete cavalier authoritarian unkind big abominable over-elaborate florid ungodly awful abhorrent unspeakable not on hideous exacting bizarre consequential downright manifest outstanding glaring sheer acute overt epidemic widespread villainous forbidding plenteous horrid not in proportion to out of proportion to pandemic rife vile domineering busy ornamented embellished shameful rampaging sickening insufferable vicious out-and-out inexorable outré transparent undisguised execrable considerable proliferating relatively too large for relatively too small for pronounced bottomless evident brazen illegitimate apparent intense not the done thing threatening grave ultra significant bad capital spreading like wildfire dangerous disastrous on the rampage eccentric harmful censurable unreasoned indiscreet passionate distasteful demanding tempestuous demonstrative absurd pleasure-loving crushing fancy-pants unneeded wholehearted actorly expansive Draconian raised increased superlative pre-eminent troublesome impulsive capricious boosted excess hedonic bacchanalian voluptuary additional extremely high untimely unfitting forbidden sinister inapt illegal underhanded unapt indecorous ill-timed unseasonable shiftless mass ambitious punitory abusive blown up out of all proportion imbalanced tall negligent comfortable cornucopian handsome not required thick bold immodest below the belt lofty not quite the thing short-sighted highway robbery a rip-off daylight robbery costing a bomb unfeeling callous abrasive hardheaded headstrong pitiless intractable relentless sneaky conscienceless knavish unholy unthinkable iron-fisted iron-handed soaring overreaching inefficient pound-foolish useless squandered destructive surplus to requirements splendid lordly commanding out of sight costing the earth over one's head inessential devil-may-care volatile robust heartless unsympathetic full-on streets ahead unconfined supererogative entire unfounded causeless insufficient inadequate imperious shortsighted feckless incautious myopic overbearing tactless high-priced extremist untrammelled unshackled gorgeous eager rowdy curt unmanageable noisy hysterical chaotic crazed madcap berserk revolutionary despotic high-handed autocratic thoroughgoing comprehensive exhaustive avoidable baseless not needed unconvincing unlikely dubious doubtful implausible questionable unbelievable unimpeded unsuppressed natural supreme sky-scraping multistorey hasty plush Lucullian plushy regal palatial deluxe palace silken luxury luxe Lucullan Babylonian fanciful heroic ballsy adventurous total flinty ramrod unreasoning dispensable nonessential unessential brutish loose unbound footloose self-gratifying elegant decorated revolutionist visible paramount titanic altitudinous Brobdingnagian prohibiting unaffordable limiting preventing sensationalized overdramatic ungrudging undiplomatic bungling unrepressed obtrusive fanatic profound opportunistic cluttered curlicued flowery grotesque transcendent hulking stellar sublime ginormous remorseless unusual unmistakable assumed reasonless unsupportable barefaced naked outright shameless unselfish spontaneous impertinent blunt immoral impotent miserly plenary untrammeled sadistic overstrict frank candid coercive saturnalian lawless ritzy swanky first-class unstinging inequitable incommensurable uneven palpable arrant plain highly unlikely unmissable inescapable gone outlandish unqualified benevolent big-hearted kind-hearted free-handed beneficent ready airy imperial preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate towery skyscraping overelaborate bedecked wedding-cake gingerbread uncommon remarkable ferocious advanced iconoclastic not necessary beyond your means out of the question plain to see fabulous disproportionate to top-to-bottom sensationalised root-and-branch wide-ranging bighearted kind freehearted magnanimous charitable freehanded all out ornamental gilt very elaborate decorative sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb as plain as day stark crying clear as plain as a pikestaff noticeable staring someone in the face protrusive standing out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb out and out brass-necked vaulting contrived crowded overwrought financial means conditional aggressive dominant tumultuous willingly given sobering fierce worrying strenuous menacing painful life-threatening bleak precarious critical grinding hazardous weighty arduous perilous intensive difficult toilsome peracute ugly taxing gruesome not appropriate for not proportional at odds with lacking parity prevalent vehement highly coloured horrific over-detailed laboured overworked giving procrustean unsparing spreading clamorous blustering fecund flourishing boisterous rambling predominant multiplying growing furious out of keeping with inconsistent overbalanced disparate lopsided top-heavy unsymmetrical asymmetric nonsymmetrical terrifying dread disarranged mixed-up overripe muddled over-ornate untidy over-embellished messy staged disorderly last straw hateful exceeding bounds excessively ornate labored excessively ornamental lousy harrowing dreaded wretched frightening alarming direful dismal grisly rotten macabre terrific fearsome lamentable lurid redoubtable not appropriate to not commensurate with unnerving disturbing petrifying unwelcome hair-raising spine-chilling inconvenient scary intimidating unfortunate formidable punk nightmarish infamous nefarious beastly evil odious loathsome nauseating foul unbearable unendurable barbaric maddening infernal fiendish exasperating godawful hellacious flagitious scurrilous malevolent shaming disgracing ignoble debauching notorious sinful depraving debasing contumelious despicable contemptible corrupt degenerate opprobrious very bad more than one can afford

Động từ

Present participle for confuse
mixing up confusing muddling up addling befuddling bewildering confounding deranging disordering disorganizing disrupting distracting disturbing flustering fouling up jumbling messing up mistaking muddling perplexing puzzling snafuing upsetting disconcerting throwing off balance flummoxing discombobulating discountenancing unsettling making nervous bamboozling catching somebody unawares catching somebody off balance nonplussing surprising causing someone to lose their composure troubling harassing astonishing putting into a flap flurrying discomposing perturbing unnerving putting off throwing into a tizz affecting bothering throwing dumbfounding throwing off shaking up ruffling worrying putting someone off their stroke agitating rattling discomfiting baffling fazing disquieting disarranging scrambling dishevelling disheveling mussing disarraying shuffling dislocating rumpling tousling disjointing tumbling hashing throwing into disorder cluttering making untidy spoiling making a mess of mussing up botching bungling throwing into disarray tangling snarling rummaging throwing into confusion mixing screwing up mucking up jumbling up rearranging scattering muffing messing lousing up turning upside-down ruining mismanaging reordering reorganizing wrecking making disorderly convulsing entangling complicating making a mess changing interfering with turning topsy-turvy getting into a tangle making a shambles of destroying reorganising fumbling intermixing flubbing raveling ravelling displacing muddying shifting mucking interfering bringing into disorder embroiling discreating snarling up getting out of order blundering shaking breaking up tossing misplacing putting out of place throwing into chaos breaking the deck psyching out putting out of order riffling changing the order hashing up turning something topsy-turvy dirtying making unclear derailing distempering gumming up throwing out crumpling wrinkling bringing into disarray throwing into a state of disorganization balling up restructuring sorting out moving around altering changing around regrouping mingling making hay of overturning strewing recombining randomizing randomising misarranging dispersing mislaying littering demobilizing disbanding transposing fouling unbalancing turning inside-out turning reversing sloshing slopping tilting subverting demobilising breaking down shifting about putting in disarray stirring up stopping causing confusion in throwing a spanner in the works of intruding on causing turmoil in muddying the waters rattling one's cage cutting short upsetting the apple cart playing havoc with bollixing throwing a monkey wrench in the works of fluffing mishandling butchering misdirecting marring misgoverning misconducting goofing up blowing making a Horlicks of ballsing up foozling bobbling stuffing up making a muck of making a hash of making a blunder blowing it getting wrong slipping erring goofing miscueing going wrong slipping up boobing miscuing making a boner miscalculating getting it wrong meddling replacing distorting tampering turning upside down

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