Đồng nghĩa của crippling

Alternative for crippling

cripples, crippled, crippling

Đồng nghĩa: damage, disable, injure, weaken,

Động từ

(somewhat rare) Bringing harm or injury to
annoying harming injuring damaging hurting bruising impairing maiming mangling molesting scathing traumatizing wrecking abusing blemishing crushing marring mutilating spoiling tarnishing vandalizing vitiating wounding breaking defacing deforming disfiguring ruining wrenching traumatising vandalising disabling battering distorting incapacitating laming contorting warping twisting buckling torturing squinching screwing malforming misshaping gnarling hacking dismembering lacerating knotting skewing flawing wincing bending bowing making misshapen bending out of shape distorting the shape of butchering hamstringing cutting hog-tying massacring truncating gimping mauling disqualifying castrating censoring bowdlerizing expurgating adulterating cutting up putting out of action hacking up tearing limb from limb cutting to pieces tearing apart weakening scratching bowdlerising ravaging messing up hashing up amputating grimacing destroying devastating shattering smashing decimating totaling totalling vaporizing demolishing trashing blighting wasting desolating razing pulverizing flattening blowing ruinating annihilating busting torpedoing scotching sabotaging scuppering sinking desecrating dashing wracking nixing ravishing despoiling creaming botching nuking blasting mullering undoing dilapidating overwhelming defeating banjaxing levelling defiling euchring leveling overthrowing overturning poisoning bodging dishing extinguishing scourging cruelling reducing screwing up bringing to nothing cleaning out wreaking havoc upon bringing to ruin vaporising laying in ruins pulverising laying waste rubbing out bringing to naught lousing up doing in reducing to rubble reducing to nothing putting the kibosh on pulling down tearing down bringing down doing for wreaking havoc on blowing a hole in leaving desolate knocking down making a mess of leaving in ruins fouling up wiping out depleting

Động từ

Present participle for to render physically powerless, injured or unable to move
incapacitating disabling immobilising immobilizing hamstringing laming maiming debilitating disfiguring handicapping injuring mutilating paralysing paralyzing prostrating damaging impairing torpefying attenuating blunting defacing disarming dislimbing dismembering mangling palsying sapping sidelining stifling undermining unstrengthening making lame weakening enfeebling enervating exhausting tiring putting out of action knocking out fatiguing draining devitalizing softening shattering wearing out doing in wearying indisposing etiolating wasting knackering hurting overtiring frazzling halting pooping deactivating making feeble tiring out ruining wrecking harming laying low hocking overtaxing freezing reducing stopping disenabling emasculating making weak arresting unfitting destroying disqualifying marring taking it out of washing out wearing down taking out bringing to a halt fagging out bringing to a standstill impoverishing taxing eroding whacking disempowering inactivating vitiating jamming kiboshing sabotaging totalling battering pinioning spoiling totaling unbracing hogtying hogtieing muzzling pooping out drawing conking out running ragged petering out overworking overexerting overextending tuckering bankrupting overdoing overfatiguing appalling hindering laying up rendering inoperative eviscerating rendering infirm invalidating making inoperative making powerless shooting down rendering incapable tuckering out throwing monkey wrench in putting out of commission hobbling diminishing unhinging unnerving depleting rendering powerless making unfit restricting spiking jading hospitalizing lessening lowering subverting hampering extenuating encumbering bushing hog-tying bringing to a grinding halt wounding laying someone up confining to a wheelchair confining to bed exenterating disemboweling disembowelling invaliding hospitalising seizing clipping wings wearing to a frazzle eating away wearing away sucking dry using up breaking killing outwearing wearing harassing busting rooting wearing oneself to a shadow making tired nearly killing doing up wiping out taking it out of one wearing oneself to a frazzle running into the ground putting on the sick list becoming stuck seizing up becoming unable to move becoming immobilized grinding to a halt diluting numbing stunning demolishing transfixing stupefying deadening daunting petrifying dazing closing bemusing nonplussing anaesthetizing astounding anesthetizing benumbing making feebler defusing watering down reducing the power of depriving of force clamping stopping dead bringing to grinding halt making nerveless shutting down making inert actioning rendering inactive tying removing the sting from reducing the powers of pulling the teeth of preventing from moving preventing from working making harmless stripping subjugating skinning making safe rendering defenseless unarming subduing deescalating neutralizing removing the fuse from occupying disbanding neutralising felling flooring dropping levelling leveling downing depressing overthrowing mowing defeating knocking down knocking over mowing down bowling over bowling down making weary making helpless making impotent bringing someone to their knees bringing low flattening decking toppling bringing down knocking to the ground grounding KO'ing throwing down throwing to the ground sinking laying out flagging drooping straining knocking for six striking down knocking unconscious kayoing fizzling succumbing bedraggling languishing sagging overturning throwing failing paining putting down cutting down bringing to the ground knocking into the middle of next week catching off balance making sleepy taking shagging out withering spilling upsetting sickening sapping your strength draining of energy burdening tumbling picking off wearing on plaguing tipping over fainting folding overburdening collapsing wilting overstraining ennuying drowsing upturning oppressing weighing fading glutting sapping the strength of pulling down giving out going stale growing weary losing interest causing ennui growing tired tripping putting to sleep scattering tackling overcoming overpowering shoving unbalancing setting down tripping up hurling to the ground running over running down boring poleaxing straightening rolling grading laying debasing plastering flushing abrading spreading out ironing out beating down rolling out knocking off your feet

Động từ

Present participle for to be detrimental to
spoiling impairing ruining cramping damaging hamstringing vitiating crushing hampering impeding enfeebling harming hurting marring paralyzing paralysing sabotaging scotching scuppering weakening bankrupting blemishing bloodying compromising flawing restricting endamaging injuring limiting stifling crossing up raining on someone's parade breaking defacing disfiguring crabbing destroying undermining blighting wrecking tarnishing mangling ravaging totalling totaling tainting mutilating disabling trashing debasing maiming wounding smashing diminishing distorting demolishing sapping defiling reducing blotting battering corrupting devastating deforming annihilating fouling up messing up vandalizing sullying shattering scarring debilitating shaking up bruising disfeaturing subverting vandalising hindering wearing away upsetting staining polluting lessening enervating decreasing incapacitating wreaking havoc on dismantling scratching desecrating contorting denting smashing up prejudicing roughing up afflicting lousing up eroding watering down infecting putting a damper on taking the edge off contaminating touching threatening destabilizing jeopardizing shaking deteriorating disrupting impoverishing uglifying devaluing discoloring discolouring lacerating corroding cutting invalidating dirtying diluting tearing playing havoc with doing damage to scorching gutting shrinking blunting destabilising jeopardising undoing tempering calming cracking torpedoing devaluating thinning abating scathing assuaging taking out screwing up queering tweaking dinging razing knocking burning dilapidating causing detriment to soothing wasting desolating despoiling twisting putting out of commission attenuating making useless taking apart doing in putting the kibosh on consuming degrading eating away using up emasculating obliterating befouling soiling besmirching tagging bending detracting warping perverting speckling blotching disfashioning misshaping whittling making unattractive worsening making a mess of wrenching making ugly costing rending blowing hacking sapping the strength of butchering causing the loss of causing the sacrifice of resulting in damage to resulting in harm to leading to the end of squashing plundering pillaging depredating sacking spoliating disgracing devitalizing depressing unfitting cheapening disqualifying mauling inconveniencing shocking blasting withering chopping crumpling losing strength detracting from interfering with mucking up knackering grieving torturing waxing piquing fouling tormenting distressing paining stinging aggrieving doing harm to slashing flaying mashing slicing carving tearing apart slaying cutting about separating slitting hashing crashing putting out of action throwing a monkey wrench into hacking up doing mischief to drawing blood cutting up numbing dulling contracting chopping up wracking decimating creaming extinguishing pulverizing nuking dampening deadening vaporizing shipwrecking softening lowering wracking up dashing to pieces breaking up effacing leaving in ruins tearing up vaporising pulverising cracking up piling up rubbing out reducing to rubble damaging beyond repair running onto the rocks pulling down tearing down cooling mitigating deflating adulterating lightening extenuating offsetting rarefying dissipating constricting moderating allaying muffling cauterizing mollifying damping relieving easing appeasing alleviating benumbing sating slaking toning down depleting desensitising cauterising obtunding hebetating desensitizing smirching abusing maltreating disintegrating gnawing wronging splitting rusting rotting affecting stabbing bleaching fading tampering with banging up causing injury playing merry hell with troubling driving a nail into the coffin of impacting overcoming striking influencing perturbing prevailing occurring poisoning overwhelming impinging prevailing over impacting on impinging upon spreading to striking at striking down taking hold of attacking having an effect on exerting influence on having an impact on

Động từ

Present participle for to destroy or disrupt by means of sabotage
sabotaging destroying disrupting wrecking damaging hampering hindering interrupting ruining spoiling smashing terminating thwarting undermining attacking breaking demolishing eradicating nullifying subverting dispatching impairing stymieing dashing foiling incapacitating quashing ravaging devastating eliminating ending frustrating preventing annulling disabling marring obliterating threatening upsetting abolishing blocking quelling undoing bollixing crushing decimating extinguishing harming killing aborting annihilating obstructing shattering suppressing breaking down breaking up interfering with messing up intruding on mucking up screwing up scotching scuppering injuring vitiating botching blowing putting at risk cancelling out canceling out playing havoc with queering putting the kibosh on endangering imperiling blighting hurting imperilling jeopardizing prejudicing bodging compromising invalidating jeopardising overturning defeating suffocating preempting stifling smothering negating toppling neutralizing squelching putting an end to rendering ineffective making a mess of fouling up outmanoeuvring wracking outmaneuvering having outsmarting offsetting crimping overthrowing abating overreaching lousing up skinning cramping doing for impoverishing outfoxing razing crazing neutralising unbuilding rendering useless stultifying ballsing up working against bringing down blowing a hole in making waves bringing to naught throwing a spanner in the works of raining on someone's parade throwing a monkey wrench in the works of banjaxing dishing cruelling doing in nixing euchring torpedoing putting paid to blasting making a hash of putting the lid on disappointing poisoning levelling leveling flattening totalling totaling trashing putting a stop to pulling down pulverizing vaporizing wasting desolating tearing down creaming nuking knocking down vaporising pulverising rubbing out baulking baffling checking circumventing clouding impeding staining tainting balking holding up confounding bringing to an end mullering putting a damper on disfiguring bulldozing sinking scuttling squashing dilapidating blowing up wreaking havoc on reducing wiping out throwing down razing to the ground laying waste darkening disorganizing disarranging disturbing disordering retarding slowing unsettling convulsing delaying turning upside-down deranging slowing down cooking someone's goose causing confusion in throwing into disorder causing turmoil in throwing into disarray throwing into confusion blemishing tarnishing touching casting a pall over casting a shadow over dismantling taking the shine off taking the edge off taking the pleasure out of taking the enjoyment out of disassembling gobbling up cracking beating wiping off map taking out putting in toilet waxing wolfing blowing to pieces blowing to bits taking apart trouncing wiping off the map tearing to pieces reducing to ruins wiping off the face of the earth bilking scarring excising erasing removing dampening effacing felling deleting expunging chilling chillin decaying afflicting extirpating forestalling ruinating busting desecrating mangling overwhelming ravishing despoiling spilling casting down crashing zapping dynamiting tearing up battering capsizing mowing down wiping from the face of the earth unmaking striking out scattering bombing blowing down scratching out knocking to pieces contravening stopping obviating snookering debarring derailing glitching up wreaking havoc with exploding defiling defacing scourging repressing repelling barring halting discomfiting deterring mutilating maiming depleting discrediting nobbling repulsing checkmating parrying outwitting rattling curbing bursting popping refuting disproving cleaning out reducing to nothing leaving in ruins bringing to nothing wreaking havoc upon bringing to ruin laying in ruins reducing to rubble leaving desolate counterplotting countering restraining blanking crossing burying standing in the way of upsetting one's apple cart beating down getting the better of taking wind out of sails putting a spoke in someone's wheel putting end to nipping in the bud putting the mockers on putting the stopper on causing setback proving wrong driving a coach and horses through giving the lie to blowing out of the water shooting full of holes blowing sky-high

Động từ

Present participle for severely restrict the efficiency or effectiveness of
hamstringing blocking frustrating handicapping thwarting fettering constraining curbing encumbering foiling impeding obstructing restricting shackling baulking bridling cramping hampering hindering inhibiting retarding stopping checking curtailing delaying preventing restraining ruining balking borking cumbering stymieing trammelling trammeling holding back holding up setting back slowing down hobbling interfering with handcuffing crimping barring clogging baffling hog-tying derailing manacling embarrassing short-circuiting scuppering tying up hanging up arresting halting cramping one's style defeating throwing a spanner in the works of throwing a monkey wrench in the works of deterring slowing snookering scotching standing in the way of getting in the way of forestalling interrupting disrupting circumventing burdening countering dashing prohibiting nullifying neutralizing opposing counteracting beating stonewalling stumping neutralising discomfiting cutting off crabbing fouling up screwing up getting in the way putting a brake on throwing a spanner in the works limiting disappointing disadvantaging quashing precluding forbidding spoiling stifling contravening braking stalling interfering negating entangling binding checkmating putting at a disadvantage choking canceling annulling cancelling putting a stop to outwitting rattling fazing placing at a disadvantage bilking disconcerting shelving nipping in the bud doing for closing off giving the run around shutting down shutting off putting paid to choking off putting the kibosh on discontinuing suspending impairing putting an end to interdicting dissuading from sidelining offsetting bucking taking out giving disadvantage inconveniencing debilitating tying leashing entrammelling entrammeling weighing down dragging one's feet tiing one's hands putting out of commission putting a crimp in crushing bottlenecking confronting muzzling resisting debarring banjaxing puzzling postponing overcoming obviating licking conquering detaining retardating confounding mystifying repressing withholding deferring protracting pausing nonplussing putting the lid on upsetting the applecart rendering null and void dashing one's hope remitting proroguing flummoxing shutting out lousing up boxing in throwing a spoke in the wheel of intermitting prolonging holding confining cornering pigeonholing putting on back burner upsetting putting on hold throwing a monkey wrench into hanging fire holding off dead-ending putting back slowing up bringing to screeching halt holding off on staving off keeping back holding over bogging down taking down making late backing off putting off wronging inflicting a handicap on telling against treating unfavourably treating harshly doing a disservice to putting in an unfavourable position treating unfairly giving a disadvantage to smashing nobbling eluding damming freezing chaining queering traversing rooting halting in its tracks promoting giving the slip shaking running circles around running rings around skipping messing up juking throwing monkey wrench in upsetting the apple cart giving the run-around shuffling off buffaloing putting a spoke in someone's wheel throwing a monkey wrench in the works shaking off bollixing putting the mockers on ducking ditching dodging saddling with giving a hard time staying decelerating straitening charging reducing overloading saddling weighting overwhelming circumscribing incommoding slackening constricting regulating moderating discommoding loading suppressing lumbering straining freighting lading overburdening miring lessening decreasing loitering sandbagging hemming in reining in tying down holding down straitjacketing capping catching oppressing bothering capturing enmeshing ensnaring netting controlling snagging delimiting entrapping making difficult tethering warding off preventing from making progress setting limits on imposing limits on keeping within bounds discouraging holding captive clipping someone's wings dragging feet keeping within the limits of piling stunting tempering putting straitjacket on yoking snowing dissuading smothering diminishing lagging abating disturbing affecting making heavy dumping on snowing under bearing down on downing faltering hesitating dawdling poking bogging flagging loafing embogging qualifying procrastinating quieting reefing outlawing bitting averting warding tabooing enjoining influencing tampering confusing jamming troubling conflicting putting on brakes keeping in holding in putting an stop to stemming the flow of letting up cutting down anchoring it losing speed putting the brakes on cutting back keeping waiting winding down losing steam sabotaging hitting the brakes letting down flaps throttling obscuring screening complicating worrying monkeying with maltreating ill-using hurting punishing unfairly disadvantaging putting at an unfair disadvantage making someone suffer

Động từ

Present participle for to cripple or weaken an element of a video game during its development

Tính từ

Very tiring
exhausting tiring draining taxing debilitating fatiguing punishing sapping strenuous wearying arduous gruelling difficult enervating hard onerous testing uphill back-breaking burdensome crushing demanding exacting killing murderous wearing backbreaking depleting exigent grueling hellish knackering laborious shattering tiresome tough trying stressful rigorous grinding challenging enervative wearisome oppressive heavy stiff harsh severe brutal unsparing tedious toilsome weary stringent fierce irksome formidable harrowing relentless strict incapacitating paralysing cruel drudging nerve-racking Herculean tortuous daunting unremitting excruciating bruising torturous rough troublesome intense agonizing ponderous weighty mighty paralyzing grievous bothersome colossal grim ambitious extreme forbidding thorny impossible galling herculean merciless titanic agonising prohibitive moiling killer effortful rugged sweaty tall weakening prostrating overburdening devitalizing enfeebling punitive inexorable impairing devastating unreasonable excessive exorbitant insufferable unforgiving backbreaker painstaking immoderate unfair intimidating unbearable immense upstream laboured steep ominous hairy operose unpleasant gargantuan distressing labored jarring worksome vigorous painful problematic cumbersome dicey awful really hard tough going problem hazardous easier said than done high-impact slavish sticky torturesome unendurable tormenting not easy hard-won toilful staggering drudgy intolerable unyielding serious no picnic energy-consuming vicious marathon like getting blood out of a stone uncomfortable troubling difficile solemn distressful unnerving very hard ferocious almighty gigantic savage scabrous uphill battle high-pressure discomforting imperious disabling hellacious immobilizing immobilising paralytic Augean pick-and-shovel awkward tricky vexatious bitter worrying persnickety traumatic worrisome fraught disturbing strained tense forced upsetting inhuman hostile dire bleak disagreeable dark hardhanded searing inconvenient hefty frustrating pressured grave spartan critical austere terrible exasperating clumsy troubled tight contrived artificial leaden knotty monumental prickly delicate pressing unrelenting unmanageable impressive dangerous mean superincumbent wicked vexing bad perilous precarious hectic tortured uneasy massive Sisyphean bold sensitive embittering unhandy grandiose dreadful daring aggressive problematical ticklish chancy concerning dodgy iffy extravagant murder ungainly lofty anxious boring nasty clunky unfriendly dubious suspect questionable energetic time-consuming wretched cumbrous hurtful unwieldy cranky bunglesome major agitating full of problems incommodious beset by problems irritating large-scale disastrous afflicted afflictive a stinker of a anxiety-ridden physical huge powerful searching stretching prodigious thoroughgoing withering overwhelming responsible a nuisance protracted lengthy hardworking mammoth racking unrelaxing chastening an imposition heartrending busy dour drastic carking eventful forceful heroic courageous overtaxing overpowering plodding headache sombre somber dogged affected overdone studied aggravating large order heavy sledding unjust heartbreaking heart-rending slow controversial uncharitable unkind unsettled careful hypercritical thorough precise nit-picking no piece of cake pestilent afflicting gut-wrenching exerting despotic domineering inept overwrought unnatural maladroit nagging lively straitened inhospitable stern very difficult shocking trouble ghastly foul horrible rotten horrid vile impractical by the book audacious lumbersome appalling atrocious frightful horrendous abominable sober calamitous biting comfortless embarrassed industrious embarrassing fiddly grand elaborate intrepid unrealistic a devil grotty pretentious visionary unrelaxed edgy considerable significant life-threatening acute improbable ballsy brash idealistic unfeasible charged hard to use magnificent fanciful unreal complicated sobering big intensive threatening peracute menacing consequential ugly lousy beastly unlikely constrained stilted self-conscious tickly flustering disconcerting annoying discomfiting uncompromising from hell dolorous bumpy far-fetched bulky hard-line hard-nosed hard-hitting heavy-handed itchy confronting distressed scratchy difficult to achieve intractable objectionable ungovernable offensive recalcitrant causing discomfort ill-fitting a bummer of a insupportable perverse wayward unmanoeuvrable smarting burning aching hurting maddening infuriating improper tender irritated hulking unacceptable egregious raw stinging reddened inflamed chafed lumbering encumbering uncontrollable gross hurt throbbing red achy bruised in pain injured wounded beyond bearing not to be borne abscessed pained sharp sore ulcerated

Tính từ

Very great in degree, often with bad or negative repercussions
savage crushing devastating severe brutal catastrophic destructive grievous woeful appalling awful cataclysmal damning devastative dire direful disastrous dreadful grave miserable mortal ruinous terrible tragic annihilatory calamitous cataclysmic catastrophal deadly deleterious fatal lamentable lethal shattering annihilative harmful injurious damaging unfortunate detrimental pernicious baneful hurtful noxious disadvantageous dangerous baleful adverse unfavourable bad inimical unfavorable toxic wounding maleficent prejudicial unhealthy evil undesirable fateful unwholesome malignant cancerous nocuous sinister eradicative malicious suicidal malefic hazardous ill negative critical subversive prejudicious parlous corrupting counterproductive poisonous venomous extirpative menacing wicked corroding incendiary undermining unpropitious untoward perilous inopportune fierce threatening virulent frightful painful unsafe deplorable regrettable mischievous dicey nocent wrackful corrosive costly heartbreaking environmentally unfriendly afflictive distressing violent ravaging malign risky murderous hostile lethiferous pestilential internecine pestiferous wreckful slaughterous noisome wretched inexpedient malevolent hard death-dealing corruptive mortifying disturbing untimely unlucky annihilating desolating loss-making erosive cutthroat consumptive inauspicious fell insidious imperilling imperiling unadvantageous unwelcome sacrificial withering tough tragical unpromising heartrending distressful immoderate impoverishing draining extravagant exhausting wasteful depleting blighting earth-shattering messy black infelicitous ill-fated horrible alarming grim desperate shocking crying pressing crucial fearful unspeakable extreme cruel atrocious urgent gloomy harrowing serious dismal outrageous drastic horrendous dread frightening spine-chilling redoubtable scary formidable forbidding fearsome hair-raising ghastly hopeless horrifying terrifying godawful intimidating ominous horrid irretrievable bodeful lousy abysmal portentous chronic exigent oppressing terrific scowling ugly precarious insalubrious harassing sinful monstrous hideous gruesome horrific upsetting grisly abominable macabre unpleasant loathsome revolting worrying disgusting repulsive unnerving daunting repugnant odious sad offensive nightmarish sickening repellent lurid abhorrent bleak chilling disagreeable nasty disquieting heinous execrable vile creepy depressing detestable petrifying hellacious beastly gross dismaying dark unhappy spooky pitiful poor troublesome bitter sombre disheartening somber eerie distasteful obnoxious shameful agonizing foul harsh hairy traumatic bloodcurdling agonising grewsome difficult egregious rotten perturbing solemn nauseating excruciating sorry startling nightmare pathetic disconcerting heart-rending from hell discouraging desolate scaring inhuman irksome vexatious displeasing objectionable foreboding cheerless sorrowful insufferable grody unsettling intolerable gut-wrenching morbid trying tremendous hateful unutterable discomforting unpalatable doleful heavy nauseous taxing unfriendly morose acute ill-starred galling yucky troubling onerous dreary melancholy sober stinking disappointing mournful mean very bad hapless forlorn indescribable sick joyless disgustful loathly comfortless exacting glum icky grotesque repellant sick-making spine-tingling inexcusable intense reprehensible pitiable spartan awesome austere awkward discomposing unearthly concerning disgraceful oppressive rough drab worrisome abject apocalyptic poignant ghostly awe-inspiring overwhelming uncomfortable diabolical drear piteous uninviting depressive obscene sullen inhospitable grotty gut-churning off-putting life-threatening blood-curdling tormenting unpleasing bothersome God-awful gory dodgy unforgivable shuddersome ghoulish ferocious saddening straitened unbearable rigorous humourless humorless luckless moving unsightly arduous sedate melancholic funereal scandalous vulgar vexing punishing sore unsavory godforsaken mean-looking despicable torturous weird nerve-racking unsavoury ill-boding rancid fulsome annoying afflicting uncongenial sobering problematic tricky unkind weighty demoralizing bloody sticky tight profound dreaded vicious great thorny prickly delicate ignominious rugged astounding ill-advised demoralising dispiriting challenging knotty rueful unacceptable intensive unsuccessful impressive blameworthy perplexing inexpressible problematical ticklish chancy iffy dispirited burdensome hardhanded glaring unpardonable anguished powerful brooding sordid imposing mirthless doomed contemptible consequential cold unrelenting searing stiff unendurable dubious questionable suspect peracute rubbish too bad inconvenient agitating troublous yukky sour terrorizing lugubrious dingy stressful gnarly eldritch sepulchral unlovely affecting excessive terrorising heart-wrenching scurvy irritating hellish tear-jerking jinxed festy yucko gray grey bewildering afflicted shadowy out of luck causing fear strenuous troubled heart-breaking ill-omened unamusing bloodthirsty feared bone-chilling eery unstable enormous untold unpopular undesired Kafkaesque undescribable blood-and-guts sanguinary blood-and-thunder terribly bad irredeemable squalid apocalyptical fire-and-brimstone climactic climacteric explosive exquisite indefensible blistering keen almighty heavy-duty vehement deep furious wrong strange sublime unwelcoming sanguine crummy thrilling nightmarey phantasmagorical unreal regretful inferior discommoding plaintive evil-looking unsatisfactory fraught overpowering nefarious iniquitous flagrant punk tenebrous inordinate tortuous scabrous stern inexorable stringent stupefying mighty strong impoverished indigent scungy unappealing uncool frozen exciting breathtaking heartstopping unsuited pitiless murky hellfire dour unforgiving aggressive unapproachable pressuring browbeating bullying flagitious testing staggering stunning astonishing amazing significant considerable callous lou shady spookish stirring despondent dejected striking afraid massive earnest glowering surprising all-powerful touching exceptionable shameless like death warmed up death-obsessed villainous mephitical irritable aggravating revulsive frustrating distressed major predictive prophetic revealing oracular a pity gnawing blood-stained nagging biting resolute doughty indomitable invincible commanding nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking suggestive of evil insupportable unbelievable inconceivable inapt unsuitable inappropriate unseasonable far-reaching star-crossed discommodious deathly unsought hair-curling cliff-hanging extraordinary suspenseful unwanted pulse-pounding unimaginable grinding big toilsome very great valiant controversial sensitive ill-suited sinistrous forsaken cursed destitute unprosperous hard-pressed tortured doubtful treacherous jeopardous rocky full of hardship strained ineffable shivery shuddery vomitous tasteless putrid unlikable sleazy filthy causing excitement raunchy grungy surfeiting bogging sleazeball unappetizing squicky rebarbative cloying skanky scuzzy brave imminent courageous disconsolate beyond words preternatural undefinable snakebitten snakebit blighted yecchy in a bad way blue cringe-making beyond the pale vomit-inducing stomach-churning stomach-turning very unpleasant indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil dejecting dolorous dolesome accident-prone ruthless abortive relentless merciless depressed tough luck down on luck behind eight ball bad break hard luck too horrible for words remorseless intemperate inclement provoking dirty pensive lachrymose derisible plangent hard-hearted meagre hurting meager god-awful

Tính từ

Severe or harsh in nature
stiff hard harsh severe heavy drastic rigorous stringent cruel extreme grievous onerous rough austere bitter brutal grim hardhanded immoderate inordinate oppressive punishing punitive rugged strict tough undue burdensome draconian excessive excruciating exorbitant intolerable murderous overweening searing sharp steep strong swingeing towering trying unconscionable unmerciful unrelenting baroque devilish extravagant hardheaded headstrong inexorable inhuman insane intractable overdue overextravagant overmuch pitiless plethoric relentless great intense robust inflated extortionate outrageous sky-high high savage demanding crushing prohibitive iniquitous unreasonable wasteful criminal excessively high ruinous over the odds lavish fancy intemperate unmeasurable over the top uncalled-for dizzying disproportionate unwarranted exaggerated too much merciless unfair overkill unjust irrational needless ruthless OTT dire uncompromising rigid improper tyrannical unjustifiable unwarrantable way out uncalled for forceful a bit much enormous stratospheric superfluous serious over-the-top preposterous unnecessary heavy-handed inflexible unbending stern unyielding fierce pricey too great ferocious illogical too-too peremptory overpriced unrestrained domineering harrowing dear profligate unjustified self-indulgent unpleasant prodigal violent authoritarian overabundant grave remorseless wanton senseless unforgiving iron-fisted weighty far-out posh costing an arm and a leg out of bounds absonant unrightful up to here unlawful wrongful arbitrary exacting obdurate elevated no-nonsense hard-hearted surplus radical torturous turbulent dissipated indulgent recrementitious over overboard supernatural extra super superabundant redundant boundless more limitless unbounded desperate sedate unseemly extraordinary wretched sober solemn hostile egregious repressive awful bleak stormy tempestuous monstrous titanic unrestricted gratuitous disagreeable unlimited uncurbed too many distressing wild nasty sombre somber overindulgent overwhelming autocratic humourless humorless sobersided imprudent implacable taxing firm uncomic unacceptable barbarous wicked inclement O.T.T. unsmiling staid nonsensical imperious unsparing absolute uncharitable unsympathetic astringent out of all proportion hard-nosed po-faced profuse in excess abounding illegitimate abusive tortuous difficult Draconian spartan vicious absurd straitened expensive punitory quiet unkind penal terrible unfriendly forbidding dark costly unreasoned ludicrous unbearable untempered supererogatory hellish iron-handed very high far-fetched uncontrolled imbalanced unprovoked serious-minded blown up out of all proportion overblown theatrical overdone dramatic tumultuous powerful very too reckless momentous far-reaching inexcusable unbridled zealous unmitigated substantial unusual exceptional consequential fanatical decadent unbalanced dissipative riotous debauched uncivilised unthinkable ridiculous inconceivable shocking appalling sneaky conscienceless knavish reprehensible uncivilized ungodly horrifying unholy very expensive downright unconventional flagrant uncommon thorough remarkable gross ornate unfeeling heartless stony fabulous utter sheer rococo uncaring unpitying out-and-out potent blustery gusty blistering beyond the pale out of control unmoved unappeasable out of proportion a lot stony-hearted lacking compassion cold-blooded cold-hearted with a heart of stone vindictive unsuitable inappropriate solid single-minded dour disciplinarian resolved hard-line dogged callous hardened hard-core steadfast obstinate resolute ascetical immovable by the book dyed-in-the-wool hardhearted browbeating mulish ossified formidable stiff-necked ascetic determined unflinching pressing disciplinary bullheaded explosive boisterous mighty stark squally forcible almighty powerhouse tall elaborate elegant decorated bizarre flinty non-essential unneeded fulsome imposing lofty grotesque over-elaborate flamboyant curlicued convoluted flowery fussy overpowering acute soaring unmerited unbecoming undeserved painful gigantic dictatorial florid ostentatious overelaborate overdecorated busy bedecked wedding-cake showy gingerbread galling exceeding inept untimely ill-advised underhanded unapt unfitting forbidden indecorous sinister inapt ill-timed illegal unseasonable poignant colossal agonizing disturbing heartbreaking despotic undemocratic embellished ornamental ornamented rich gilt decorative very elaborate disquieting heart-rending vexatious upsetting not required tyrannous giant striking multistorey impressive huge immense monumental mountainous supreme massive sky-scraping bad yukky hurtful traumatic unwelcome unhappy tormenting sour miserable rotten distasteful unpalatable yucky afflicting heartrending chilling displeasing uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unsavory tragic sad icky sore distressful mortifying outstanding paramount magnificent mammoth Brobdingnagian vast surpassing superior altitudinous overbearing coercive anti-democratic unsavoury provoking annoying agonising offensive calamitous afflictive high-handed transcendent whopping hulking prodigious sublime stellar ginormous gut-wrenching disheartening gloomy discouraging dispiriting ironhanded worrying troublesome stressful backbreaking hefty dismal depressive troubling superincumbent exigent depressing confining mean headache airy imperial preeminent spiring stupendous aerial fantastic unmatchable ultimate towery tremendous skyscraping rough going more than can be afforded

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