Đồng nghĩa của hindrance

Alternative for hindrance


A thing that provides resistance, delay, or obstruction to something or someone
bar obstacle block handicap check deterrent difficulty obstruction barrier drag encumbrance impediment limitation restriction trammel drawback hitch interruption restraint snag stoppage stumbling block hazard brake curb complication delay hurdle setback baulk balk catch chain clog cramp crimp embarrassment facer fetter hiccup holdback inconvenience inhibition interference let manacle shackles stop albatross baggage burden catch-22 cumber cumbrance glitch gridlock hampering hang-up impedance intervention jam-up joker lock millstone prevention sabotage excess baggage foot dragging monkey wrench ball and chain fly in the ointment spanner in the works monkey wrench in the works disadvantage problem constraint trouble blockage discouragement holdup damper nuisance pitfall rein determent downside stricture disbenefit shackle barricade issue minus disincentive weakness deterrence defect prohibition liability hamper control circumscription negative shortcoming dissuasion incommodity blocking wall arrest detriment thwarting halt debit strike flaw jam preventive bottleneck condition hold-up forestalling bridle upset sticking point disturbance fault headache rub preclusion misfortune uphill limit occlusion safeguard blockade hassle snafu obviation road block discontinuance bother load retardation straitjacket booby trap avoidance disruption congestion annoyance vexation checking aggravation interception inhibitor dilemma disappointment fuss trial stopping blow concern confinement forestallment deterence hardship closure weak point weak spot defence cutoff pain predicament opposition defense precaution caution interdict preventative suppression imperfection deficiency impasse awkwardness unwieldiness unfitness exasperation distress untimeliness unsuitableness cumbersomeness traverse troublesomeness uneasiness stew cross to bear embargo roadblock curtailment reversal frustration hangup circumvention mishap protection fetters rebuff unhandiness defeat bothersomeness cross gotcha whammy constriction woe gimmick close shutdown blank wall captivity anxiety layoff abeyance worry stress dead weight land mine disqualification security ban bind precautionary measure discomfort bonds foiling break fence curbing tie-up obligation reverse baulking remedy boycott stifling reduction snarl-up quashing intimidation warning grief downfall repression tie ill snarl logjam preventive measure protective measure incommodiousness struggle cessation knock manacles chains deadweight detention lapse clampdown clot problems retardment balking bondage ceiling taboo duty stone in one's path suspension irritation lack failing disability impairment bad news disquiet bummer restrainer unease weight constrainment bug affliction pickle body blow agitation wet blanket unpleasantness con knock-back puzzler millstone around your neck traffic jam puzzle scrape thorn in one's side piece of bad luck task one in the eye bit of trouble reversal of fortune kick in the teeth strain bond down immobilization sit-down deduction walkout lockout downtime standstill elimination barring choking bone of contention commitment misery disgrace hobble anticipation averting precluding yoke stumbling stone slowing complaint wait injury railing weary load buttress pale bump preemption albatross around one's neck evil prophylaxis deadlock exclusion detainment psychological baggage disablement disorder remonstrance expostulation persuasion saddle debt guilt bad flip side deterring factor handicapping penalty mountain checkmate tailback chill quandary leash immobilisation put down damp millstone round someone's neck red tape holding pattern privation depressant cloud proscription harness defensive measures afterdeal narrowing backup queue tribulation mountain to climb negative aspect gloom pall stint issues bridling bulwark pinch prob demerit tangle moratorium veto stopping up strife shackling fettering holding back cramping smothering deal-breaker depression trap monkey on one's back other side of the coin interdiction encirclement turmoil halting deep trouble dire straits mess danger torment hot water fix spot cropper knot crunch unseen problem trick inadequacy reservation circumspection injunction modification definition qualification can of worms disputed point row sorrow onus infarct snare embolus cordon infarction rahui conundrum ploy dodge wile regression flip-flop unfortunate development slowdown backset comedown regress bath about-face foil bottom point at issue tight spot the rub sublimation cold water cinchers anchor binders retarding device interference with reverse of fortune double whammy adversity joker in the pack restricted access maximum palladium fail-safe protective shield responsibility charge grievance mental weight blame punishment unwanted responsibility accountability putting an end to putting an stop to nipping in the bud blunder drawing board hold moderation cap line of defense slip spoiling whole new ballgame retardant neutralizer prophylactic inefficacy error irk irritant thorn bugbear peeve harassment botheration pest aggro ruffle threshold rope order instruction deprivation pinions decrease string abridgment abridgement command miscalculation mistake mischance bafflement arrestment finish discontinuation expiration end surcease closedown stay termination shutoff conclusion cease offset ending nuisance value failure countering bound regulation demarcation bounds restraining order irons handcuffs cuffs scotching derailment dashing crushing incommode hair shirt tiresomeness inopportuneness bitter pill extent containment border perimeter boundary crippling hindering foundering collapse snookering baffling put out stroke of bad luck consequence bilboes tethers trammels ropes restraints tops line of demarcation cutoff point margin confine cut-off point upper limit line nonfulfillment scuppering nonfulfilment contravention unfulfillment staying restraining stalling anticipatory measure involvement lease chit indebtment loan bite pledge balance arrear possibility due contingency remainder contract damage Achilles heel mortgage jinx tab IOU account nonsuccess lack of success non-success bracelets gyves darbies disaster area interval hiatus interlude millstone round one's neck gap pause leg irons interstice parenthesis interregnum intermission hiccough discontinuity interim intrusion disconnection recess severance rupture quiescence abeyancy division doldrums lacuna break-off rift split latency dormancy disuniting blackout separation dissolution letup breach


A barrier constructed to hold back water and raise its level, forming a reservoir used to generate electricity or as a water supply


A cause of trouble or difficulty
inconvenience nuisance trouble bind bother trial tribulation vexation worry bore burden irritant pest plague problem aggravation drag hassle headache pain blister nark source of annoyance source of disruption source of irritation source of vexation cross to bear fair cow pain in the backside pain in the bum pain in the neck pain in the rear bane of one's life bugbear issue annoyance botheration ruffle exasperation irk thorn peeve frustration aggro rub bane quagmire difficulty predicament dilemma hair shirt irritation nudnik skelf tease menace nyaff distress gall grief strain worriment rigmarole palaver thorn in your flesh nudnick teaser gadfly annoyer persecutor nag gnawer creep pill infliction gripe pressure bellyache scourge curse blight pesterer concern nudge besetment discomfort pinprick thorn in one's side thorn in one's flesh torment source of aggravation goad provocation burr under someone's saddle burr in someone's saddle nightmare displeasure stressor schmo agitation bummer pet peeve chagrin anxiety sore point louse offense offence drip obstacle frump botherment bum insect terror pester uphill pain in the behind molestation perplexity job thorn in the flesh flurry poor excuse source of difficulty cause of annoyance thorny problem thorn in someone's side thorn in someone's flesh aversion dislike objection grievance whinge complaint protest quibble whine beef dread grumble grouch grouse yammer fuss holler kvetch moan resentment groan fear carp bleat cavil lament umbrage hate pet aversion blighter tormentor cuss badgerer crashing bore thorn in side


A deliberate policy of obstructing something, especially a political process or body


A breakdown of peaceful behavior
disturbance turmoil uproar brawl commotion riot tumult upheaval fracas ruckus bother rumpus disorder furor furore hubbub hullabaloo kerfuffle row ruction stir affray flap fray fuss hoopla pandemonium pother rumble shindy storm ado agitation ballyhoo blather bluster bobbery bustle clatter clutter coil corroboree do eruption explosion foofaraw hurry-scurry melee moil quake quarrel squall stew stink tremor uprising whirl bangarang distraction ferment fisticuffs hurly insurrection racket restlessness shindig shock splore welter williwaw brouhaha clamour clamor confusion disarrangement rampage spasm violence to-do free-for-all helter-skelter hurly-burly hoo-ha hoo-hah hubble-bubble hurry-skurry alarums and excursions street fight big scene big stink hurry zoo hurricane fun chaos trouble turbulence unrest mayhem excitement hassle disruption bedlam flurry frenzy din carry-on hue and cry outcry convulsion scene havoc noise tempest upset hysteria song and dance fever fight palaver donnybrook activity anarchy outburst rage discord cataclysm strife dither earthquake bouleversement delirium hustle and bustle broil babel controversy scuffle disarray fury perturbation protest revolution paroxysm argy-bargy altercation pantomime bagarre splash shouting performance disquiet yelling outbreak babble tizzy lather feverishness whirlwind deliriousness hustle stramash aggro ructions bobsy-die confrontation wildness maelstrom upturn fighting lawlessness rebellion jangle mutiny breach of the peace sensation folderol disorganization scandal wingding hell broke loose biffo anarchism mix-up misrule action fireworks mania demonstration annoyance drama madness discombobulation Sturm und Drang trembling disorganisation imbroglio convulsions struggle skirmish conflict insurgence revolt wilding scrap vociferation scrimmage tizz production rioting dust-up snafu rigmarole buzz shivaree destruction clash shaking excitation craze muddle panic contretemps backwash tamasha disaster spree hype clangour unruliness fuss and bother heat haste fuss and feathers harassment ailment topsy-turviness disquietude rough house blowup madhouse derangement entanglement confusedness discomposure clangor fermentation all hell broken loose quaver concussion storms business hurrah stooshie shakeup activism hullaballoo an outcry hubba-hubba rhubarb upheavals draft draught flutter interruption vandalism worry uncertainty hell to pay devil to pay fluster tempests maelstroms tussle set-to chatter rush mess party carousal frolic dance bash revel fancy merrymaking tohubohu wrangle squabble spin rowdydow to do bickering roughhouse jumble anxiety hectic anxiousness instability distress scuffling enthusiasm lunacy fad street fighting snarl distemper burst brannigan mob violence violent disorder shower run-in fret thrill feeling elation passion emotion rampancy disorderliness mêlée cacophony animation movement busyness provocation incitement hectic activity farce farcicality ridiculousness senselessness discontent bombshell flash bomb combustion muss hurly burly loud noise spot of bother disorderedness dissatisfaction liveliness life punch-up rough-and-tumble tizz-woz flare-up shemozzle monkey business high winds unsettlement seething craziness tension afters mishap encounter grief tempest in a teapot firestorm anger argument much ado about nothing rammy battle royal wow glow storm in a teacup wild disarray incident kick-up quaking seism tottering rocking scramble temper rabidity unquietness restiveness uneasiness whirlpool all hell breaking loose trepidation melodrama words battle brush knock-down-drag-out shout threat campaigning overthrow screaming toing and froing state of unrest menace boilover hazard rising incitation ululation babbling caterwauling comings and goings outrage stirring flip-flop alteration turnaround shakeout switch catastrophe violent change about-face temblor boisterousness tintamarre tantrum complication static strike terrorism fling binge orgy tear splurge tumble war of words insurgency boiling point dispute fit more heat than light putsch mob rule hissy quarrels huff new deal major change seismic shift sudden change new ball-game reign of terror exhibition coup jacquerie exhibition of oneself hissy fit display of emotion temper tantrum carrying-on civil disobedience civil disorder befuddlement bewilderment perplexity regime change fighting in the streets insanity mystification bemusement puzzlement maze bamboozlement bafflement bewilderedness crazedness abstraction mental distress shambles indignation objection complaint protestation dissent opposition state ecstasy hysterics dishevelment misorder messiness hell vehemence mare's nest a madhouse a three-ring circus twitter howl roar intensity criticism chance-medley heck entropy demurral ferocity fervour fervor disapproval cry snake pit howl of protest flak fire asperity acrimony acerbity conniption paddy fit of anger fit of rage fit of fury howls of protest formal complaint bad mood frenzy of anger fit of temper frenzy of rage fit of ill temper paroxysm of rage fit of bad temper paroxysm of anger fit of pique federal case tempest in a teacup mountain out of a molehill tempest in a tea-kettle chorus of disapproval big deal abandon rapture intoxication unrestraint discomfiture disconcertment untidiness embarrassment mortification abashment surprise sweat chaotic situation consternation exception remonstrance transport tiz-woz swivet swelter ruffle wilderness demur expostulation seizure dementedness stunner spectacle challenge rout dislocation haze intricacy clamouring mard flush deliration euphoria aberration fierceness severity force demurrer twit nervous state exclamation outburst of rage outburst of anger question slip-up dithers wild excitement blow savagery tempestuousness power difficulty zeal eagerness impatience fanaticism kick state of agitation state of anxiety clamoring forcefulness burning up running a temperature febrile disease the shakes potency strength ferity irrationality energy sore might rise impetuosity calamity neurosis unreason alarm fussing panic attack nervousness mirth slow burn loss of control wrath loss of reason outburst of agitation screaming abdabs screaming habdabs fit of madness fit of agitation a maelstrom ataxia mobocracy a mess a muddle a shambles ire spleen choler topsy-turvydom rat's nest topsy-turvyness holy mess an omnishambles utter confusion bitterness pet strop resentment exasperation a car crash pique blowout birse obsession mad displeasure grump lividity vexation raving antagonism angriness mood rancour lividness wrathfulness irateness hot temper skid bad temper paddywhack hostility towering rage foulie bate wax apoplexy irritation rancor hemorrhage dander animosity umbrage gall haemorrhage high dudgeon air rage extreme anger

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