Đồng nghĩa của warfare

Alternative for warfare

Đồng nghĩa: war,


A direct confrontation or competition between (usually two) teams or groups
battle combat competition conflict contest rivalry strife struggle tug-of-war war confrontation contention dogfight duel face-off grapple match sweep-stake sweepstakes ball game arms blows clash counterinsurgency emulation feud strategy striving armed struggle military operation fight engagement encounter skirmish hostilities fighting action affray hostility scrap scuffle attack bloodshed bout campaign fray fracas scrimmage armed conflict set-to tussle crusade brush assault run-in head-to-head offensive collision tournament wrangle event dustup game meeting matchup race battle royal blitz hassle challenge meet tourney shoot-out sport conflagration melee onslaught strike discord sortie boilover rencounter military action scrum rumble altercation joust trial fixture push derby athletic event siege violence showdown onset blitzkreig battles biffo raid feuding carnage hot war friction invasion debate passage of arms brawl controversy dust-up movement dispute beef static championship test candidacy advance operation drive tie thrust free-for-all final heat round jihad battle plan play-off one on one test match cup tie split playdown argument armed hostilities armed fighting exchange tangle crisis shock go row state of war field flap warring incident turf war tilt armed aggression armed confrontation armed clash cup final sports meeting sporting competition shindy shindig afters opposition antagonism vying competitiveness intervention high noon mix-up battle royale brush-off mano-a-mano dissension enmity single combat duello occupation rioting butchery killing slaying slaughter skirmishing expedition mission jealousy monomachy friendly massacre bloodletting murder operations move gunfight fencing field meeting shootout mill local derby trials vendetta unrest donnybrook jousting rumpus roughhousing brawling course of action set of tactics motion judicial duel scene difference disaccord dissent squabble disunity gainstriving belligerency flak wrangling dissidence gainstrife quarrel concours league prizefight stakes playoff affair of honor sword fight meeting for satisfaction of honour affair of honour keeping up with the Joneses quiz counteraction broil press fisticuffs barrage pairing off do or die one-upping horse race one-upmanship bagarre bombing punch out duke out bust-up military fight cyberwar punch-up exchange of blows cold war bone to pick bone of contention sparring match significant contact foray incursion blitzkrieg maneuver manoeuvre offense manoeuvres sally aggression rush storming assailment maneuvers offence coup de main act of war military campaign act of aggression rally tiebreaker semifinal leg quarterfinal boxing match tie-break cricket match international rugby match sporting event replay rematch series pageant run marathon decider games prize fight sports event final round last four semi puzzle performance bat lists final eight last eight playoffs discussion trying proving testing gala competitive fight round-robin heptathlon set pentathlon decathlon athletics ultramarathon biathlon sudden death triathlon conclave convention gathering quarter-final semi-final convocation muster congress hunt matches sports clashes duels cup matchups contests Cup final championship fight final match grand final knockout title fight last leg Super Bowl knockout round final game slugfest haymaker pugilism prizefighting riot sprint chase disturbance relay dash fight game fistic sport scurry pursuit rammy roughhouse swedge scrabble throes time trial time-trial course relay race steeplechase running stoush scrape brannigan rough and tumble square go difficulty ruckus fuss to-do physical encounter


A lack of harmony or agreement between two or more groups
strife discord disaccord discordance discordancy disharmony dissension dissent dissention dissidence dissonance disunion disunity division friction infighting inharmony schism variance conflict war disagreement dispute argument contention difference difference of opinion clash bickering quarrelling falling-out opposition quarreling hostility wrangling bad blood antagonism squabbling feuding bad feeling controversy feud row quarrel tension ill feeling faction enmity acrimony trouble sour note animosity split antipathy disputation rupture fighting incompatibility alienation spat wrangle altercation rivalry estrangement detachment arguing disaffection clashing divorce rebellion resentment hassle factionalism bitterness flak confrontation dissentience squabble affray breach resistance disjuncture divergency disconnection divergence disjunction protest ill will discontent disapproval war of words nonconformism unrest fuss jar nonconcurrence separation misbelief dissonancy divisiveness backbiting difficulty lack of agreement inharmoniousness internal strife bad vibes bone to pick power struggle rift vendetta misunderstanding fight isolation debate tiff dissensus contestation insurrection sedition partition severance breakup parting argumentation lack of concord fracas tussle tangle exchange bicker grievances grudges scene firestorm unorthodoxy dispeace independence barney conflict of opinion disparity unharmoniousness hatred counteraction rumpus set-to ruckus run-in falling out argy-bargy palace politics palace intrigue battle royal shouting match divided loyalties objection defiance demur remonstrance nonconformity nonagreement insubordination denial refusal clinker bone bone of contention struggle battle clashes contest combat striving brawl words static blowup emulation tug of war cacophony lack of harmony tumult jarring discussion sparring velitation contretemps rhubarb scrap afters slanging match cross fire scandal ugliness upset disturbance bother turbulence animus twelve-tone scale atonality serialism polemics polemic upheaval storm mutiny hullabaloo dialectic mooting forensic quarrelsomeness sectarianism angry exchange passage of arms unpleasantness controverting agitation imbroglio kickup rammy donnybrook refuting rebutting ding-dong argle-bargle turf war chasm gulf break twelve-note scale break-up bust-up scission drifting apart withdrawal secession parting of the ways din jangle racket harshness jangling clamour noise clamor


A period during which a war is in progress in a particular place


Death and destruction
carnage butchery holocaust massacre slaughter bloodbath havoc shambles annihilation bloodletting bloodshed death decimation destruction mass murder murder blitz blood butchering crime extermination gore hecatomb homicide insurrectionism killing liquidation manslaughter offing pogrom rapine slaying wasting blood bath indiscriminate bloodshed mass destruction ethnic cleansing taking out blood and guts search and destroy genocide execution assassination mass execution Shoah mass homicide extinction devastation elimination murdering eradication indiscriminate killing wholesale killing battue wholesale slaughter mass slaughter mass killing patricide matricide parricide rubout infanticide filicide night of the long knives foul play cataclysm catastrophe disaster conflagration dispatch internecion fatality putting to death wiping out fratricide sororicide uxoricide regicide race extermination hit shooting persecution witch-hunt victimization racial killing genticide injury wounding mactation blood-letting megadeath mass suicide victimisation bloodiness blood shedding mass murdering war cruor grume inferno atrocity purge fire violence stabbing erase big chill ride second-degree murder first-degree murder bump-off demolition ravaging scene of carnage martyrdom immolation taking of life final solution race-murder mass extermination Roman holiday wholesale murder doing to death lynching obliteration dying off dispatching knifing the business rub out contract killing the works unlawful death ruin capital punishment bumping off debacle tragedy calamity loss wastage termination massacring slaughtering assassinating overwhelming finishing off lethality mortality loss of life humanness deadliness Ragnarok doomsday eschaton Armageddon armageddon putting to sleep bane rubbing out killing off snuffing out subjugation putting down mincemeat apocalypse Judgment Day end times day of reckoning end of the world


A means or method of defending (against attack)
defense armour armor defence ammunition cover guard protection resistance safeguard fortification immunity safeguarding security shield stronghold weapon aegis buckler deterrence deterrent guarding screen shielding ward egis munitions refuge shelter weaponry arms citadel fastness fence shock absorber wall buffer bulwark safety support preservation protector sanctuary defender conservation safekeeping precaution barrier supporter cushion self-defense armament preventive mainstay prop safeness salvation asylum upkeep bastion care insurance preventive measure self-preservation safe keeping upholding haven precautions bumper provision self-protection maintenance caution invulnerability palladium fail-safe safety measure buttress hindrance block shade pad obstruction impediment curb restraint check precautionary measure safety measures preventative remedy surety saving protecting retreat protective measure indemnity mail backstop prophylactic impregnability harbour harbor harborage guardianship assurance hiding place continuation continuance rampart welfare apron mask absorber safeguards a roof guarantee fielder wicket-keeper strength warranty prevention protective cocoon cushioning hedge fender well-being inviolability reassurance stability buildup disarmament ordnance preparation hardware deployment rearmament mobilization arming obstacle neutralizer public safety guards surveillance measures hiding concealment housing disincentive anticipatory measure keeping unassailability material gun heat something to fall back on assertion convoy escort preserving conserving keep sustentation freedom safe harbor perpetuation safety net safety device catcher prudence forethought anticipation reinforcement plate breastplate panoply preserval evaporation care and feeding storage tanning refrigeration foresight wariness providence circumspection insistence on freedom from danger discreetness canniness regard discretion mobilisation preventative measure belt and braces armor plate suit of armor protective clothing bulletproof vest chain mail flak jacket coat of mail suit of armour body armor body armour hideout hideaway oasis den sanctum foxhole zoar port covert querencia resort hole church convent safe haven bolt-hole safe house ivory tower port in a storm hole-up

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