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Alternative for foresight

Trái nghĩa: hinterland,


The ability to predict what will happen or be needed in the future
forethought prescience anticipation circumspection prudence care provision caution precaution attentiveness discernment planning preparedness vigilance vision watchfulness discrimination farsightedness foreknowledge foresightedness judiciousness perspicacity providence readiness awareness forehandedness forward planning penetration premeditation prevision canniness carefulness clairvoyance discreetness discretion divination economy hindsight insight intuition long-sightedness perception precognition preconception premonition prenotion prophecy prospect sagacity presence of mind prediction forecast augury prognostication vaticination deliberation wariness calculation judgement judgment cautiousness soothsaying chariness guardedness heedfulness prognostic foretelling wisdom forecasting auguring presaging bodement prognosticating heed consideration prognosis expectation alertness presage prophesy fortune-telling foreseeing hunch gingerliness ESP cast predicting feeling shrewdness sixth sense sense second sight omen projection sortilege attention outlook guess conjecture caginess perceptiveness auspication thrift telepathy forewarning acumen thriftiness foreboding forethoughtfulness third eye extrasensory perception gumption presentiment contemplation good management tact common sense mindfulness careful budgeting estimate speculation restraint prior knowledge moderation warning zodiac tip palmistry surmising indicator horoscope dope concern considerateness thoughtfulness crystal gazing good sense of event anticipation belt and braces contrivance feyness lucidity expectance expectancy imagination innovation guidance provident foresightfulness creativity inspiration inventiveness psyche surmise revelation intelligence thought intention keeping your head down diplomacy inner sense the force extra sensory perception signal token sign foretoken percipience oracle apocalypse creative power sharpness cleverness risk avoidance Fabian policy frugality guesstimate tactfulness looking forward budget haruspication psychism pythonism psychic powers adumbration understanding keenness astuteness observance hesitance hesitancy saving instinct intuitiveness nous policy sensibleness subtlety delicacy sensitivity wit levelheadedness best guess hesitation timidity timidness timorousness breadth of view omniscience husbandry vibes responsibility kid gloves horse sense maturity solicitude observation abstemiousness economizing sparingness safeguard gut feeling keen intuition horoscopy temperance sophrosyne economising foretaste apprehension realization preparation feeling in one's bones insurance prolepsis inkling bet astrology foretale likelihood halseny extrapolation realisation palladium fail-safe preventive protection magic preventive measure defence defense backstop diligence coolness austerity practicality reasoning conservation conservatism pragmatism deterrent regard security safety measure preventative measure politeness courtesy urbanity refinement grace decorum polish correctness etiquette finesse cultivation poise adroitness manners style respect savoir-faire elegance civility suavity gallantry graciousness culture mannerliness taste gentility acuteness tastefulness sophistication smoothness good manners good taste savvy propriety kindness politesse address respectfulness decency savoir faire courteousness breeding decorousness courtliness nicety accomplishment genteelness couth good breeding confidence skill social graces know-how worldliness presence amenity delicatesse repose aptness head control politicness punctiliousness respectability cordiality sympathy deference friendliness chivalry seemliness soft skills social know-how complaisance formality amenities dignity good behavior flair composure understatedness mutedness chic beauty class attractiveness rationality reasonableness dexterity appreciation distinction susceptibility advisability delicateness obligingness level-headedness suaveness urbaneness charm common courtesy good judgement aestheticism good judgment social skill aplomb knowledge assurance social grace Aukflarung gentlemanliness ladylikeness kindliness solicitousness charity affability civilization stylishness quickness liveliness agility rank affectation ostentation affectedness ostentatiousness compassion unselfishness savoir vivre geniality watch alert briskness nimbleness spiritedness civilisation flower society ruling class gentle birth blue blood optimacy good family high birth modesty protocol promptitude activeness sprightliness forbearance benevolence selflessness favour favor gallantness rectitude red alert qui vive amiability reverence comity gentleness familiarity ceremony appropriateness esteem generosity tolerance estimation mercy conscientiousness demureness sobriety painstakingness becomingness orthodoxy form mores manner conventionality pains effort probity good form punctilio tenue meticulousness niceties fastidiousness accuracy precision the done thing accepted conduct


The quality of being wise or able to make good decisions
sagacity wisdom intelligence acumen shrewdness discernment astuteness understanding insight perception sense sharpness perspicacity prudence judgment discrimination penetration perceptiveness canniness acuity knowledge judiciousness sageness sapience comprehension brains acuteness judgement percipience erudition levelheadedness perceptivity perspicuity enlightenment sagaciousness practicality experience knowingness thoughtfulness learning profundity profoundness depth knowledgeability common sense good judgment clear thinking deep insight reason savvy gumption circumspection sanity sophistication horse sense savoir faire worldliness poise caution pansophy balance discretion smarts tact tactfulness rationality intellect information solidity stability nous wit sensibleness logic heedfulness vigilance pragmatism perspicaciousness wariness watchfulness omniscience consideration forethought wits reasoning providence cleverness ingenuity soundness commonsense awareness good sense presence of mind good judgement clear-sightedness grasp genius capacity sound judgment expertise skill education proficiency mastery expertness scholarship ability maturity intellectuality intellection thought cognition coherence apprehension quickness intuition keenness lucidness lucidity incisiveness mentality ratiocination rationalness marbles soundness of mind powers of discernment clear mind cognitive faculties logical thought good reasoning sound mind scientific thinking deepness cavernousness reach immensity insightfulness fathomlessness accomplishments edification adeptness doctrine study acquirements accomplishment smartness rationale learnedness culture saneness attainments policy heed arguteness academic attainment worldly wisdom skills exposure involvement familiarity know-how intimacy capability training practice competence practical knowledge professionalism qualifications impression talent qualification savoir-faire command contact authority action finesse conversance acquaintance grounding skillfulness refinement prowess knack empiricism inclination right stuff evidence faculty fitness doing hindsight intuitiveness proof efficiency life skills participation power observation distinction suaveness development touch resourcefulness technique dexterity skilfulness adroitness aptitude deftness credentials art background facility what it takes past craft moxie abilities competency cognizance chops gift flair appreciation effectiveness attainment previous circumstances qualifiedness grip artistry the goods goods aptness past history antecedents sharp-wittedness acquaintanceship virtuosity conception taste bent makings specialization level-headedness cunning might record consciousness excellence skillset brilliance vision qualities urbanity polish recognition forte achievement specialisation acknowledgement deeds features alertness realization attention stuff cool knowledgeableness fluency curriculum vitae acquaintance with responsiveness cultivation elegance urbaneness couth civilization insight into capableness adequacy concept familiarity with civilisation readiness acknowledgment realisation address sensitivity artfulness artifice masterfulness attributes civility rectitude respectability sound judgement native intelligence handiness skillage nimbleness employability versatility probity thoroughness steadiness initiative discreetness enterprise magic drive self-confidence essential qualities courage dependability whatever it takes bravery the makings guts the stuff sleight matureness subtleness farsightedness prescience imagination control dedication willingness polished skill reliability native wit mother wit realism powers of reasoning common reasonableness adultness responsibleness basic skills social skills soft skills survival skills interpersonal skills psychosocial skills mastership schooling strength potentiality potential truths divination aplomb faculties facilities resources breadth of view clue expertism cop on sound sense sweet reason caliber calibre suitability history IQ fluency in ability in stature sample the right stuff cutting it making the grade hacking it cutting the mustard advance advancement oil headway progress formula up to it strong point certificate fundamentals eligibility green thumb quality attribute preparedness endowments competencies test trial try repertoire suitableness diploma document degree seasoning preparation masterliness sense of responsibility acquaintanceship with lesson ableness feeling warrant licence skillsets breeding contact with exposure to acceptability notion foxiness caginess artistic awareness belles-lettres letters gentility intellectual awareness subtlety idea sensation cageyness knowing inside out fields of expertise conversance with awareness of understanding of grasp of feel conversancy with talents cognizance of experience of knowledge of comprehension of cognisance assessment picture view science finish class improvement kindness nobility elevation politeness courtesy aestheticism grace fashion manners dress good taste dignity participation in involvement with hardheadedness brightness apprehending interpretation hold take viewpoint reading mindfulness capacities fortes competences belief realizing slant estimation proficiency in skill with expertise in mastery of skill in observance regard concern style attitude realising image approach conceit flash big idea brain wave plan light opinion accuracy precision quick-wittedness smoothness advertence notice attentiveness advertency sensibility care self-understanding apperception assimilation self-awareness wakefulness sentience chic classiness sensitivity to sensibility to savoir-vivre savoir vivre social grace


The act, state or position of being a leader
leadership command control headship management direction directorship governance government guidance superintendency administration captaincy governorship power premiership superintendence supervision ascendancy authority domination influence jurisdiction organisation organization rule dominion initiative mastery orchestration sovereignty capacity conduction conveyance hegemony preeminence primacy superiority supremacy pilotage skill sway dominance reign predominance charge stewardship presidency regulation running care oversight paramountcy operation intendance handling ascendency conduct prepotency overseeing pre-eminence tenure sovranty upper hand hold eminence ascendance ascendence reins predomination mana imperium predominancy managing office prepotence edge clout prepollency controlling grip advantage regime rank prestige leverage regimen responsibility manipulation execution chancellorship standing coordination importance governing significance teeth transcendence lordship strength custody prevalence preponderancy clutch regiment chieftainship prime ministership precedence guardianship preponderance arm position authorization regency pull authorisation whip hand commission weight force say might ranking reputation death grip esteem prominence duty muscle directing distinction regulating surveillance conducting prestigiousness supervising noteworthiness commanding grasp maintenance administering masterminding orchestrating regimentation ruling commitment empire generalship reach say-so vantage law driver's seat prerogative right privilege voice strings connection agency headmastership auspices performance rangatiratanga status jump regnancy inspection observation stature station chiefery authorities lead raj strong influence mastery power leg up establishment rulership subjection coercion tyranny despotism obligation wardship primeness access mark juice monopoly glory success elevation omnipotence principality meliority nobility grease leading polity bureaucracy guiding statecraft steering supreme power notoriety dynasty incumbency patronage politics supreme authority total domination absolute rule prosecution time in power beef puissance political practice policy plan tactics strategy system of government period of influence better quality social position safe keeping the feds pecking order birthright warrant hand diadem strong arm permission permit inside track prestidigitation ability licence entitlement license steam Uncle Sam trust treatment transaction wielding priority red tape carrying out preference weighting greater importance chair head containment first place prelacy check comanagement codirection coadministration input involvement participation opinion pride of place area field range role part province district scope bounds circuit zone concern contribution impact association expression engagement interest feedback share effect inspiration stimulus orbit sphere compass steering wheel controls helm extent state turf limits judicature arbitration confines precinct bailiwick discretion magistracy slot inquisition purview suzerainty overlordship seniority extent of power oyer and terminer stomping grounds note renown credit consequence effectiveness fame repute notability account efficacy celebrity greatness illustriousness value honour dignity honor potency forcefulness import heft cogency capability kudos relevance efficaciousness momentousness moment weightiness substance worth magnitude in efficiency persuasiveness merit efficacity gravity vigour vigor seriousness signification potence effectualness class productiveness effectuality prominency acclaim impressiveness famousness usefulness luster name validity character lustre punch conclusiveness regard estimation convincingness persuasion virtue competence urgency image matter éclat suasiveness eminency loftiness consideration eloquence cachet report energy authoritativeness horsepower sinew powerfulness quality benefit firepower salience credibility caliber calibre bearing point meaning respect possession materiality place emphasis fruitfulness use odor odour graveness rep successfulness izzat validness constructiveness ambit exigency good reputation plausibility favour favor dictatorship applicability approval respectability good name acceptability effectivity realm trustworthiness soundness dependability high standing drag conspicuousness foundation articulateness footing conviction logic territory ownership fashion occupation spell logicality excellence laurels coherence reasonableness retention level grade popularity radius pertinence rating rung forcibleness reaches degree echelon potential stratum adequacy stardom extraordinariness mightiness application specialness brawn bargaining chip visibility intensity capableness sufficiency stamina sturdiness dynamism recognition might and main what it takes implication severity enormity reliability bottom appeal venerability notedness venerableness Augustness oppression suppression acceptance gravitas claim slickness smoothness inducement choiceness first-rateness excellency superbness perfection integrity confidence bargaining counter fascination occupancy subjugation intimidation repression pressure valuation verve faith outstandingness monarchy situation grading essence high rank brownie points wallop subordination caste kingship forefront memorability publicity knowledge experience size hands helpfulness thrust ascendant leading place superstardom proprietorship invincibility word primary position clasp aristocracy jump on commandeering collaring first position grandness distinguishment stress function pwnage ownage top spot head place unanswerability prowess clutches physique figure development qualification growth stranglehold media interest media attention stake keeping significancy upshot orderliness rationality lucidity clarity methodicalness powers-that-be executive predominanc ministry toughness robustness muscularity valour stoutness reputability stock domain high station all-powerfulness almightiness undisputed sway progress facility consistency evil embrace moxie valor reverence veneration blue blood sweep fierceness grandeur aggressiveness vividness richness assertiveness hard power good organization progression rap brand breadth autarchy autocracy totalitarianism high birth remit department majesty head start carrying on instrumentality activity public esteem high regard preserve absolute power divine right unlimited power pith bite stage condition area of activity career limit boundary pilgrimage arena extension circumference gamut mode type category relation social standing play memorableness remarkableness unforgettableness gumption determination sphere of influence span of control markedness sapience unusualness obviousness rarity cruciality strikingness uncommonness exceptionalness relevancy pronounced nature linkage kinship liaison aptness affinity relationship kick outstanding nature headiness germaneness appurtenance appositeness reference

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