Đồng nghĩa của backstop


To serve as backstop for
help support back aid assist abet prop up bear a hand to stand one in good stead second promote sustain favour favor encourage boost succour sanction endorse champion forward uphold succor lend a hand back up bail out go to bat for further serve relieve advocate work with expedite foster cooperate with collaborate with cooperate side with subsidize push countenance advance give assistance to indorse subsidise reinforce contribute to be of service to give a boost to stand up for give a leg up give a leg up to lend a hand to open doors for give a lift stick up for give a boost go with avail benefact mitigate alleviate minister stand by straighten out give support to come to the aid of defend patronize espouse approve of smile on stand behind patronise grubstake plump for angel vote for plunk for ally ally oneself with give one's blessing to take up the cudgels for stick by abide by be on the side of throw one's weight behind bankroll mentor give deliver further the interests of launch buttress give backing to give money to sponsor endow contribute give a donation to advise profit reenforce invest in open doors finance facilitate ease oblige benefit accommodate precipitate attend to attend accelerate wait on help along make easy be of use to stump thump puff plug speed up hype jack up hike up do someone a favour do someone a service pitch in with bail someone out run interference for smooth the path of open the door for ride shotgun grease the wheels help out get stuck in with clear a path for put on the map assist the progress of lend a helping hand to pave the way for do for be a tower of strength to give a hand root for oil the wheels of get someone out of a tight spot take care of muck in with make a pitch for be a factor in work for go down the line for smooth the way for urge incite condone prompt collude with spur connive with goad prod connive go along with connive at be in collusion with participate in give a push to set on be hand in glove with put up to egg on recommend commend nurture campaign for vouch for suggest approve speak for argue for subscribe to propose maintain stimulate be in favor of get behind lobby for bolster push for develop prescribe cultivate press for accept welcome be supportive of nourish incubate approbate protect come to the defence of prefer be in favour of counsel embrace tout nurse establish be loyal to plead for fund motivate aid and abet stump for pull for put forward give one's support to proselytize propagandize strengthen ally with proselytise associate oneself with esteem vindicate exhort propagandise adopt go in for appreciate honor honour take the side of stand for side lend support to fall in with go for take to put in a good word for advocate for spread care for take to one's heart throw in with rally round be on one's side thumbs up give one's backing to take the part of sympathize with befriend hasten justify inspire foment plead argue press stress enjoin progress confirm fight for invigorate invite applaud value extol crusade for speed bid battle for enrich bear speak up for look after take someone's part praise hold with contend for instruct eulogise okay eulogize insist on thump for take up envigorate speak in support of buoy OK take on receive wholeheartedly broaden spur on step up receive enthusiastically look on with favor speak in favor of receive favorably rubber-stamp go on record for flash on adhere to regard highly bolster up look up to receive gladly throw in one's lot with think well of be all for stick with get into throw your weight behind give the nod to take a shine to speak favorably of buck for tilt toward take a liking to beat the drum for come down in favor of present proclaim preach pursue peddle propound court ratify validate fancy teach feed lend support verify come down on the side of vote be a patron of propel be in agreement with speak in favour of fast-track contend hurry domiciliate bless like arouse reason join forces guide extend engender expand ballyhoo generate propagate hold a torch for hold to profess hurry along admonish favourite favorite make friends with formally support give help to hold up one's end consolidate assert campaign on behalf of spread around brace up build up say so nominate give one's approval to be with give moral support to announce one's support for give moral support agree with hold a brief for get on bandwagon be in corner move take one's side perk up give a shot in the arm to insist upon cotton to keep an eye on make a friend of case out buddy up opine adjure charge command make provisions for hew to keep to stick to cling to go to the wall get in with hit it off get chummy with come on to take up with call for offer recommendation affirm set up lay the foundations of emphasize crusade aid in help in take under one's wing underline fortify cement galvanize intensify tolerate represent guarantee battle agitate fight struggle work drive enhance deepen heighten embolden lobby strive look on with favour corroborate improve incentify incentivize empower underpin steel reward petition agitate for endure receive raise brook hack galvanise shore up buoy up energize incentivise energise substantiate highlight emphasise barnstorm contest campaign grab seize allow stomach drum up support permit rear swallow come to defense of take up cudgels for eat up drink in lap up admit parent remain faithful to stay loyal to remain loyal to keep faith with be faithful to be there for be true to meet take admit of go pocket handle stand thole absorb stick bide wear abide take on board make use of receive with open arms take advantage of welcome with open arms avail oneself of avail yourself of deal with agree to consent to mother tend sweat out take kindly to stick out cope school provender put up with provide for train discipline cherish provide nursle bring up grin and bear it put John Hancock on bear with give the green light to give stamp of approval give the thumbs up to give the nod give the go ahead to stomach something sit still for give the okay to sign off on give green light nod at live with continue prolong keep protract preserve be on somebody's side take somebody's side take somebody's part be in somebody's camp conserve retain perpetuate hold up keep from falling keep alive stay with keep in existence keep going keep up carry on


A barrier, railing, or other upright structure, typically of wood or wire, enclosing an area of ground to prevent or control access or escape
fence barrier wall barricade hedge paling bar defence hedgerow rail railing stockade enclosure guard hurdle palisade rampart groin groyne partition railings shield windbreak circumvallation protection balustrade block boards boundary chains cyclone defense dike net pickets posts roadblock screen stakes stop trellis barbed wire obstacle bulwark fortification obstruction parapet fencing blockade embankment impediment bastion breastwork panel barbican earthwork blank wall stronghold fort escarpment bartizan jump banister outwork vallum battlement divider cordon hindrance check guardrail bannister separator support restriction limitation room divider gate security blocking object chainlink fencing mound hill defensive wall vallation ridge elevation stretch precipice handle cliff scarp scar barranca barranco crag bluff division separation border perimeter barbwire spiky wire crenellation slope handrail shaft pale ditch dividing wall rails limit castellation trench moat embattlement tower siding pole post rest ring-fence dam boundary line dyke facade curb bank surface panelling levee side paneling retainer façade deterrent fetter trammel restraint handicap manacle encumbrance hitch inhibition let drag clog crimp cramp holdback interference balk snag blockage shackles chain embarrassment road block baulk stumbling block traverse barrage breakwater jetty causeway weir head mole sea wall curtain encirclement projection fireproofing sluice sea cliff purdah wedge sentry post blind shelter firewall banisters baluster balusters drain channel watercourse conduit gutter redoubt berm buttress stoppage shutter arras bannisters windshield citadel buffet buffer fortress infarct embolus closure infarction beleaguerment grade milldam boom millpond investment besiegement leaguer septum windscreen line of defense defenses verge pier siege defences wharf spur seawall harbor wall offshore barrier

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