Đồng nghĩa của rear

Alternative for rear

rears, reared, rearing, rearer, rearest

Đồng nghĩa: back, create, foster, hind, nurse, posterior, produce, raise, train,

Trái nghĩa: destroy, front,

Động từ

To nurture and care for (someone or something) as they grow
raise nurture breed foster cultivate develop nurse parent discipline educate instruct nourish teach train bring up care for look after watch over take care of provide for mother protect support minister to tend cherish attend to promote encourage advance further forward school keep an eye on assist help mind aid boost stimulate sustain succor father administer to feed succour adopt guard incubate contribute to take charge of see to take in bring someone up form strengthen enrich raise youngster watch gestate be conducive to babysit keep safe childmind be the parent of maintain provender be responsible for oversee sit with nursle provide bolster back mentor tend to fend for provide sustenance for make a living for attend safeguard sit cradle nursemaid wait on baby-sit keep alive watch out for keep tabs on serve abet treat facilitate doctor supervise champion cure heal remedy comfort endorse minister favour favor espouse keep hold accommodate push fuel relieve care cater to superintend foment do for look out for proselytize pave the way for sponsor work for lend a hand to speak for proselytise pursue look to uphold grow court establish advantage guide give backing to shepherd pander to answer pander administer arrange nanny be solicitous of be in the service of wait upon preside over keep watch over ride shotgun harbour have harbor entertain nestle rock save supply alleviate befriend clasp cuddle embrace lull preserve furnish suckle give assistance to give help to bring aid to cling to advocate bring relief to bring comfort to be supportive of recommend hasten palliate soothe urge reinforce progress propel expedite be of service to lend a helping hand to render assistance to give aid and encouragement to improve fortify baby sit allay mollify speed accelerate increase give food to perpetuate prolong fast-track plug approve lessen assuage attenuate make better endow help along patronize speed up steward propagandize instigate push for patronise extend ballyhoo broaden generate engender spur on step up propagate expand contribute spread conserve drum up help in get behind propagandise campaign for aid in balm give a leg up lend a hand give a push to give a boost to go with lend support to back up keep up bail out keep intact oil the wheels of open doors egg on pay attention to thrive flourish nutrify rehabilitate prepare poise make strong give strength to flower build up bloom nerve ready make healthy make stronger

Động từ

To put together using parts or materials
build construct fabricate assemble confect make piece make up erect raise set up put together put up fashion manufacture shape produce forge compose fit together throw together form create join model contrive piece together knock together throw up frame mould compile mold engineer build up prefabricate bring about cobble up whip up effect fudge together fix in position run up connect carpenter synthesize cast reconstruct edify sculpture synthesise prepare originate ready fix together knock off evolve unite jerry-build superstruct sew fit join up weld patch up sew up lump together draw together pull together elevate prefab brainstorm organise cobble together formulate organize mix structure turn out whomp up develop invent devise concoct craft design establish draw up found work sculpt cook up generate hammer out knock up draft process constitute draught author conceive dream up carve draw render plan institute knock out begin yield block out actualize machinate bring into existence sketch write arrange fix churn out pattern hew hammer whittle outline complete launch cut start initiate introduce execute bring into being set hatch commence do catalyze instigate give rise to bring to pass effectuate bring on catalyse spawn mass-produce beget bring out pioneer finish cultivate innovate stamp knead project perfect adapt pound adjust scheme manipulate put out chisel compound plot rustle up beat inaugurate sketch out edit bring together come out with conceive of install usher in kick off choreograph father enact start up think up lay out endow issue discover come up with induct start out set in motion ring in put in motion brew rig beat into shape instal ply malleate mount paint arrange for style throw spin delineate recount narrate tell implement mass produce adumbrate provide propagate mill accomplish cobble machine tool relate gather collate systemize marshal systematize harvest procure incorporate get going patch together whip out eke out rig up skeleton rough thumb finger unfold float anthologize sort out accumulate amass combine collect link rough out affect realise secure embark on realize germinate materialise engender set down exercise put in place materialize start off open open up set off kick something off get underway cause to be plant inculcate ordain settle up fire up start the ball rolling activate systematise consummate marshall trace weave comprise diagram revolutionize bring advance drum up decide conjure up carve out translate into determine block tailor condition trim crystallize mint roughhew pat suit accommodate crystallise smooth doctor conform pen indite spearhead modernize modernise revolutionise sing verse rhyme vamp score poetize ghostwrite put down note down coin a phrase set type clef put pen to paper time comp script ghost scribble bang out orchestrate push pencil supply calculate chart lay equip hash out outfit prep furnish budget accoutre blueprint groom appoint anticipate work out get ready make ready work up map out get up settle on fit out jack up make provision strategize about smooth the way scheme out put in order fill in

Trái nghĩa của rear

rear Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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