Đồng nghĩa của farthest

Alternative for farthest

Tính từ

Superlative for lasting or extending for a great period of time
lengthiest greatest longest longest-term longest-lasting boringest tardiest wordiest latest slowest windiest dullest chattiest gabbiest talkiest deepest highest tallest stringiest lankiest rangiest loftiest emptiest vaguest loosest waffliest draggiest floweriest gassiest painfullest lavishest broadest longest-running stalest flattest prosiest most extended most long-drawn-out most long-lived most prolonged most extensive most protracted most lasting most drawn-out most interminable most persistent most long-winded most spun out most elongated most elongate most outstretched most epic most everlasting most drawn out most strung out most grueling most gruelling most enduring most longevous most multiyear most considerable most perdurable most persevering most chronic most permanent most distant most far-reaching most tedious most time-consuming most verbose most diffuse most wearisome most limitless most sustained most prolix most overextended most diffusive most boundless most garrulous most discursive most circumlocutory most meandering most pleonastic most circuitous most logorrheic most tiresome most digressive most ambagious most palaverous most redundant most repetitious most loquacious most laborious most ponderous most voluble most tautological most tortuous most talkative most bombastic most logorrhoeic most turgid most monotonous most sesquipedalian most circumlocutionary most towering most gangling most far-off most remote most inflated most pompous most gradual most padded most boastful most progressive most flatulent most conservative most roundabout most profuse most exuberant most random most copious most constant most incessant most unceasing most abiding most durable most infinite most uninterrupted most unlimited most commonplace most pedestrian most immeasurable most unbounded most uninteresting most humdrum most unimaginative most prosaic most timeless most interminate most looped most expansive

Tính từ

Superlative for more distant in space than another item of the same kind

Tính từ

Superlative for at a distance from an intended target

Phó từ

Superlative for by a great deal
greatliest most worst fierceliest highliest easiliest best most decidedly most considerably most extremely most markedly most achingly most appreciably most archly most awfully most beastly most blisteringly most colossally most deadly most desperately most eminently most especially most exceeding most fabulously most fantastically most frightfully most heavily most immensely most incredibly most intensely most jolly most materially most mightily most mortally most noticeably most really most roaringly most seriously most severely most signally most sorely most substantially most supremely most surpassingly most terribly most uncommonly most vastly most very much most vitally most wildly most incomparably most notably most tremendously most remarkably most exceptionally most extraordinarily most thoroughly most unusually most good and most abundantly truliest most devilish most excessively most staggeringly most extensively most strikingly most monumentally most profoundly largeliest most astronomically most monstrously most inordinately most sizably most singularly most massively most stupendously most outstandingly most dreadfully madliest most devilishly most distinctly most positively most acutely most conspicuously most broadly most bloody most fearfully fulliest most fair deepliest most emphatically most completely most heartily most amazingly most uniquely most superlatively most perfectly most gravely most critically most prodigiously most peculiarly strongliest most wonderfully most immoderately most powerfully most surprisingly most infinitely most painfully hardest most sizeably most incalculably most dangerously most exorbitantly most vehemently most passionately most drastically most soundly most unduly most unreasonably most deep most wholesale most unwontedly most perilously most astonishingly most intently most ridiculously most grievously most precariously most strangely most hopelessly most prominently most fatally most parlously most chronically firmliest most irretrievably most unnecessarily most unconscionably most dramatically most suitably most hysterically most obviously most outrageously clearliest most disturbingly most simply most screamingly most comfortably most distressfully most heartbrokenly most plentifully most blasted most blooming most confoundedly most hazardously most exactly roughliest most inimitably most glaringly most famously most harmfully most carelessly most obscenely most discernibly most disgustingly most revoltingly most abominably most undoubtedly most visibly most certifiably most veritably most palpably most notoriously most unhappily most unbelievably most horribly most discouragingly most unfortunately most preeminently most uncustomarily most unaccountably most abnormally most curiously most radically most dearly most hellishly latest most keenly most evidently wideliest most sincerely most manifestly most essentially most recognizably most abjectly most expansively most comprehensively sharpliest most distressingly most alarmingly most genuinely most boundlessly most inexhaustibly most fundamentally most rotten most sufficiently most patently most importantly most memorably most crucially most unforgettably most pronouncedly most impressively most chiefly most truthfully most unequivocally most admittedly most honestly most forsooth frankliest most predominantly most pointedly most blatantly plainliest most prohibitively most violently most deathly most solemnly most grandly most apparently most dear most marvelously most marvellously most exaggeratedly sadliest most sure most measurably most fondly most devotedly most tenderly most feelingly most grimly most earnestly most prodigally most overall most liberally most typically most generally most generously most basically most usually most movingly most affectingly most certainly most detectably most definitely most ascertainably most affectionately sureliest most assuredly most mournfully most legitimately most preponderantly most voluminously most copiously most resolutely most categorically most perceptively most perceptibly most lavishly most conclusively most unreservedly most staunchly most effectively most perceivably most tidily most fairly most reasonably most distinguishably most unqualifiedly most solidly most roundly

Phó từ

Superlative for to or from a great distance, time, or degree

Trái nghĩa của farthest

farthest Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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