Đồng nghĩa của maximum

Alternative for maximum

maxima, maximums

Đồng nghĩa: chief, greatest, head, largest, uppermost,

Trái nghĩa: minimum,

Tính từ

As great, high, or intense as possible or permitted
utmost greatest most paramount supreme top highest topmost biggest largest maximal consummate extreme full last max nth outside ultimate utter uttermost all-out best concentrated determined mostest superlative thoroughgoing major enormous complete great total leading absolute unqualified sheer capital sovereign greatest possible chief pre-eminent foremost prime dominant primary big principal downright preeminent thorough head pure predominant lead ruling arch intense first out-and-out optimum severe acute categorical outright tremendous profound main premier superior unmitigated unconditional stark key peak deadly excellent matchless central furthermost cardinal overriding master grand prominent arrant primal unadulterated unalloyed rank overbearing commanding overmastering sovran greatest amount of prevailing uppermost flat-out extraordinary first-class number one numero uno exceptional high categoric crowning definite plumb critical whole flat clean very unlimited peerless fair dead dreadful apex apical finest elite transcendent bodacious blooming inimitable perfect tiptop unsurpassable blank prior loftiest record unequaled unparalleled unsurpassed controlling top-notch unrivaled unrivalled presiding supereminent essential first-rate top-drawer crucial top-tier cotton-picking straight-out unequalled number-one umpteenth maxi greater lion's share comprehensive exhaustive full-scale farthest better larger unreserved stone unstinted regular simple resolute unrestrained final fundamental basic crashing unremitting culminating undiminished vital staple pivotal outermost furthest strongest focal salient crack fine quintessential urgent remotest farthermost unmatched hugest upmost five-star second-to-none arch- indescribable raging mortal full-on full-blown important endmost aftermost outmost very great terminal mother of all serious considerable farthest away furthest away solid conspicuous egregious optimal reigning premium high-level immense massive herculean flawless impeccable errant positive perfected chronic ideal finished incomparable authoritative ascendant regnant unprecedented predominate core unassailable prodigious pronounced surpassing incredible phenomenal stupendous colossal gigantic elevated unexcelled utopian prevalent dominating unexampled domineering governing thundering right deep hellacious proper outrageous brutal overwhelming harsh flagrant gross almighty grievous uber veritable preposterous radical exemplary nonpareil select undefeated unbeaten unbeatable monstrous giant extensive superb remarkable titanic humungous gargantuan humongous necessary grave deep-dyed beyond compare a cut above the rest record-breaking first class industry leading prize-winning number 1 topflight best possible top of the line top of the range top-of-the-range second to none top drawer without equal par excellence sans pareil top-class thumping outstanding marvelous vast rare leviathan mountainous astronomic ginormous astronomical marvellous eminent notable illustrious crown zenithal highest-ranking top-ranking unequivocal entire unrestricted real plain unambiguous infernal dyed-in-the-wool direct all out undiluted explicit straight out clear blasted undivided unquestionable certain right-down through and through wholesale blessed confounded wholehearted plenary unconstrained emphatic unbounded unmistakable genuine conclusive no holds barred indubitable unmodified limitless full-bore in every respect no catch undeniable all-fired blatant assured decisive sure unmixed overt unrelieved inveterate prize no ifs ands or buts clear-cut resounding uncontrolled uninhibited infinite uncompromising patent firm express unabridged point-blank naked without reservations glaring determinate wide unbroken no kicker no strings no fine print open bloody boundless unconditioned definitive undisguised unstinting unvarnished straight mere obvious brazen palpable peremptory endless abundant perpetual true-blue unalleviated barefaced without limit actual out and out eternal unquestioning true committed concerted candid frank honest sincere incessant constant faultless continuous transparent all unrelenting bald strict quite single altogether overall rightly so called stone-cold with no strings open-ended decided no joke nothing other than without qualification blunt overarching undisputed huge adamant assertive insistent fixed through-and-through shameless systematic unimpaired atrocious infamous unregenerate notorious vile unbound tyrannical all-powerful in-depth totalitarian uninterrupted sweeping inclusive uncorrupted wholesome unadorned point blank omnipotent relentless austere horrible forthright unembellished enduring steadfast abiding never-failing steady unfaltering rigid unabated everlasting double-dyed untarnished untouched authentic unaltered habitual undying confirmed unblemished full-frontal untempered unmoderated unmollified unbending without reservation apodictic specific no strings attached one hundred per cent persistent unsoftened in every way oppressive grim unhampered without restrictions ceaseless no-holds-barred unchecked unshackled unhindered no-limit uncontestable ungoverned unimpeded uncurbed unbridled untrammeled untrammelled unsuppressed uncontrollable unrepressed undisputable wild workmanlike irrefutable convincing clinching incontrovertible unarguable indisputable incontestable unanswerable demonstrative beyond question deciding last straw ultra out of bounds too much too-too worst case beyond doubt watertight airtight beyond dispute uncontroversial irrefragable litmus test determinative irrevocable determinant what you see is what you get revealing settling resolving beyond a shadow of a doubt irrefrangible precise most extreme most important most prominent most excellent most influential most outstanding most distant

Tính từ

Constituting or referring to all of something
whole entire complete full total comprehensive exhaustive unabridged completed detailed overall consummate outright unblemished conclusive thorough uncondensed unexpurgated grand integral perfect unqualified undivided untouched broad inclusive intact unflawed compleat extensive gross undiminished unabbreviated undamaged unmarred unreduced plenary unbroken uncut aggregate uninterrupted unmarked utter all-inclusive full-blown full-length full-scale wide-ranging integrated unimpaired uncensored faultless global thoroughgoing replete universal general all-embracing solid all lock stock and barrel whole enchilada whole nine yards combined the works in one piece encyclopedic absolute compendious imperforate sweeping embracive whole-hog whole-length full-dress hook line and sinker organic overarching encyclopaedic all-in unedited cyclopedic panoramic undocked unitary omnibus in-depth widespread all-encompassing broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged maximal blanket unlimited composite catholic ample sound across-the-board unshortened unified round choate finished all-out far-reaching unharmed umbrella worldwide ecumenical unspoilt generic even unrestricted cosmopolitan all-round diffuse continuous long wall-to-wall full-fledged across the board single exact full-blooded inviolate prevalent categorical collective wide pervasive full-on flat eclectic common omnipresent ubiquitous precise rampant seamless all-around expansive pandemic cosmic planetary in depth multinational mundane worldly regular astronomical accepted all-over full-out open joined final livelong consolidated categoric unmitigated impeccable decent pure sheer unrevised wholistic rounded indivisible quorate holistic standard-length unscathed epidemic rife all-in-one fully constituted flawless uninjured bulletproof airtight long-range long-term big picture scatheless unviolated undefiled one-piece clear virgin unhurt wholesale added out-and-out unmutilated together unsevered before tax before deductions empyrean undisputed terrestrial usual stellar customary celestial coast-to-coast interdisciplinary nationwide countrywide cross-disciplinary broad-ranging radical clean unsullied pristine advanced multidisciplinary accumulated whole schmear whole shebang in sum indiscrete encircling containing infinite the whole shebang the big picture comprising of great scope discursive synoptic developed international catchall full-sized fully developed whole ball of wax pervading all in one piece collected corporate mixed permeating fully fledged inescapable in toto catch-all all together with everything included ball-of-wax without exception all-together unanimous assembled cumulative broad-minded diverse liberal tolerant unsectarian unbigoted diversified fully formed fully grown broad-based flexible undogmatic indiscriminate broad-brush one-size-fits-all heaped amassed piled summative abundant plentiful plenteous copious adequate general-purpose multiculti open-minded world-wide varied all-purpose unprejudiced unspecialized itemised itemized largest wide-reaching large-scale indeterminate charitable receptive most all-encompassing all-embracing

Tính từ

Unable to be surpassed
unsurpassable unparalleled unrivalled unequalled incomparable peerless matchless unsurpassed unmatched inimitable supreme nonpareil unexampled unequaled unrivaled superlative only transcendent paramount surpassing towering highest utmost preeminent most unmatchable topmost max uttermost unequalable extreme significant maxi out of sight the most top greatest quintessential consummate optimum best ideal apogean last nth ultimate unique superior pre-eminent perfect second to none leading foremost first premier sovereign predominant without equal beyond compare excellent absolute chief principal primary rare head prime cardinal dominant outstanding great without peer lead overriding grand master exceptional commanding overbearing key arch capital presiding main central overmastering high prior supereminent primal sovran beyond comparison prevailing hors concours in a class of its own number one numero uno big singular without match without parallel one-in-a-million par excellence exalted prominent famous major well-known renowned stellar unchallenged unparagoned alone unexcelled culminating exquisite final definitive decisive stand alone without an equal exceeding ascendant extraordinary untouchable unbeatable total governing directing all-time best uppermost unconditional transcendental sublime highest ranking top-drawer mother of all excelling magnificent beyond one's grasp whole entire awe-inspiring uplifting moving primordial unconfined intact infinite inspiring boundless unlimited innate abstract intellectual eternal theoretical accomplished finished obscure hypothetical original inspirational intuitive fantastic transcending most significant

Danh từ

The greatest amount, extent, or intensity possible, permitted, or recorded
most ceiling peak top utmost uttermost crest greatest limit extremity height pinnacle summit apex apogee extreme max outside zenith acme upper limit vertex climax culmination highest maxi nonpareil preeminence record supremacy greatest extent the end top figure crown head meridian crescendo capstone noon noontime end ultimate high point high noon high-water mark ne plus ultra sum depth tip-top highest point consummation superlative crowning point tip nadir optimum termination prime highlight apotheosis greatest possible extent high water mark pole boundary edge margin epitome flower greatest degree highest degree end point finale denouement perfection tiptop ascendancy bitter end payoff crowning moment best part high spot best excess hardest high cap superiority inordinancy eminence pay-off extent nth degree breaking point pitch intensification capsheaf sublimity up there spire tops roof culminating point heyday pink world record maximum value highest level top form peak of perfection maximum point full extent completion finish conclusion utmost degree close very limit copestone result capper crowning touch punch line blow off critical mass terminal acuteness marge bourn ambit bloom flowering butt extremes last blooming farthest point furthest point cut-off point springtime blossom golden age salad days best days florescence flush floruit golden years best years time quintessence glory days day in the sun full flowering halcyon days day cream nonesuch prime of life maturity spring vigor vigour youth finest success last word verdure dernier cri the last word utmost extent vitality best bit prime time flourishing latest most fashionable apoapsis apocenter apsis best example perfect example ultimate example newest floodmark watermark tidemark extreme case strength achievement steeple tower record level most up to date crowning glory best of times le dernier cri best condition blossoming cusp feature high level memorable part triumph highest extent most memorable part most outstanding feature choicest part finest point greatest point top part crème de la crème beau idéal accomplishment best moment spike past adolescence youthfulness tender years lead all-time upper extremity exemplar classic idolization exaltation ideal elevation glorification deification byword icing on the cake highest part leader pick prize pride elite immortalization idealization choice chief mother of all first place idealisation beau ideal highest rank best thing since sliced bread cat's whiskers cat's pyjamas the bee's knees

Danh từ

The biggest serving of something

Danh từ

A restriction on the size or amount of something permissible or possible
limit cap ceiling limitation constraint restriction threshold bound bounds check circumscription control curb curtailment demarcation regulation restraint border boundary brake bridle confinement constrainment constriction containment damper extent fetter inhibition perimeter rein restrainer trammel barrier confine cramp hindrance line margin repression stricture tops upper limit cut-off point cutoff point line of demarcation maximum value end confines termination tolerance highest permissible level highest permissible value limen level minimum base lower limit starting point condition obstruction impediment obstacle deterrent stop handicap binding contraction hold lock fetters stoppage shackles bar leash discouragement squeezing compression custody reduction retardant clampdown captivity string chain straitjacket detention tightening shrinking choking determent arrest wet blanket stumbling block jam delay gridlock suppressant crackdown hampering stint deadline time limit clogging curbing astringency immobilization immobilisation check in time chill disincentive cloud depressant gloom pall block curfew depression let clog embarrassment dissuasion manacle encumbrance drag crimp holdback hurdle interference balk stipulation rule cold water defensive measures defence defense preventative shackle preventive baulk qualification provision proviso narrowing stenosis blockage tightness pressure rider strings requirement ban taboo moderation embargo boycott limits hang-up glitch no-no reservation catch prevention disqualification suppression interdict congestion squeeze condensation compaction telescoping contracting compacting condensing constricting prohibition bondage pinions weight decrease rope manacles chains order abridgment instruction abridgement deprivation deterrence command imprisonment excess baggage fine print small difficulty restraining order internment incarceration straitening strangulation ball and chain prison impoundment immurement duress durance thraldom porridge thrall gaol safekeeping delimitation bounding keeping jail house arrest scope coercion trammels bonds immuration

Danh từ



Complete, or the greatest possible

Trái nghĩa của maximum

maximum Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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