Đồng nghĩa của permeating

Alternative for permeating

permeates, permeated, permeating

Đồng nghĩa: penetrate, pervade, saturate, soak,

Động từ

Present participle for to spread or pervade throughout
pervading filling charging infiltrating imbuing penetrating suffusing impregnating saturating interpenetrating passing through perfusing riddling steeping transfusing diffusing through informing percolating spreading through diffusing drenching entering extending throughout filtering filtering through flooding flowing through infusing ingraining interfusing invading leaking passing percolating into percolating through piercing seeping soaking stabbing stalking running through seeping through soaking through diffusing throughout going through instilling bathing overspreading inculcating spreading throughout washing drowning seeping into infecting covering loading inspiring investing engraining induing inoculating enduing sousing spreading inundating colouring sopping soddening immersing spreading over coloring macerating tingeing tinging overrunning getting into animating injecting mantling affecting lading taking over choking afflicting leavening tincturing soaking into submerging swamping imbruing seething gripping waterlogging extending through flowing into wetting through spreading out pestering plaguing besetting underlying going enveloping engulfing infixing overwhelming getting in endowing assailing probing attacking characterizing passing into typifying fortifying indoctrinating interspersing planting washing over illuminating tinting retting dyeing dying seeping in working into breathing into staining characterising interjecting introducing filtering in standing moistening damping accessing overflowing shading cutting through packing crowding clogging pigmenting overlaying bepainting flushing painting lighting up bursting through streaking piling into dousing wetting cramming into heaping into bedraggling wetting thoroughly ducking dowsing sloshing watering rinsing dipping teeming pouring deluging sluicing down dunking swilling down wetting down splashing submersing irrigating dampening plunging spraying sprinkling slopping hosing sluicing showering spattering cleansing humidifying splattering laving sinking hosing down washing out cleaning swabbing baptising squirting baptizing lowering marinating moisturizing washing down dashing plashing swilling moisturising making wet pitching getting wet whelming marinading douching fertigating bedewing lapping bespattering swashing strewing dabbling immerging watering down rinsing out snowing cleaning out pickling imbathing besprinkling preserving brining remoisturizing draining overwatering merging aspersing hydrating quenching streaming gushing snuffing smearing marking drooling dipping in slooshing syringing clearing splodging speckling blotching wading wallowing throwing paddling plunging into water dewing ejecting glutting beflooding humecting misting sogging humifying sparging steaming licking moistifying rehydrating slooshing down pouring down on subsiding descending sounding going under pouring over raining on spritzing laundering lipping splatting daubing soaping wiping scrubbing sponging washing off washing lightly outing purifying starching shampooing flushing out flushing away overloading scouring tubbing shining getting water on bubbling floating besieging overburdening burying cleaning up throwing liquid capsizing consuming overpowering freshening up washing up overcrowding snowing under brushing up weighing down bogging down swallowing up

Động từ

Present participle for to pass through the pores or interstices of

Động từ

Present participle for to become clear in one's mind

Động từ

Present participle for to fill or take up (a space or time)

Tính từ

Present, appearing, or found everywhere
ubiquitous omnipresent global universal worldwide infinite prevalent ubiquitary international pandemic widespread astronomical pervading predominant popular rampant unrestricted comprehensive inescapable worldly broad common pervasive abundant ecumenical unlimited rife sweeping boundless overarching extensive general everywhere regular undisputed across-the-board all-embracing all-over all-pervading all-pervasive all-present ever-present far-reaching present everywhere very common wall-to-wall wide-ranging all over the place epidemic suffusive permeative permeant immanent endemic penetrating insidious complete full exhaustive blanket thorough total prevailing overall catholic diffuse all-inclusive all-round across the board plentiful current raging frequent profuse numerous thronged many ruling multitudinous regnant inclusive collective compendious entire panoramic cyclopedic generic encyclopedic persistent whole cosmopolitan embracive omnibus encyclopaedic unanimous multinational mundane accepted all-in in-depth broad-gauge broad-gauged broad-brush wholesale cover-all one-size-fits-all expansive deep can't get away from extended wide rangy thoroughgoing absolute outspread preponderate overwhelming far-flung out-and-out on a large scale all-encompassing all-around all-out usual conventional customary standard indiscriminate umbrella established interdisciplinary multidisciplinary large-scale public mainstream cross-disciplinary ordinary stock typical nationwide planetary normal cosmic recognized accustomed mass detailed intercontinental commonplace vast shared recognised habitual orthodox broad-ranging outright countrywide ample grand all-purpose widely held coast-to-coast majority immense wonted familiar unqualified eclectic broad-based in circulation received natural well established flexible profound world full-scale company-wide unspecialized everyday in depth routine in vogue large nonspecific generalized traditional acknowledged endless wide-reaching great generalised careful multiracial multipurpose going versatile major unconditional panoptic multiuse copious diverse varied diversified run-of-the-mill foreign constant transnational liberal stereotypical in force adopted full-blown quotidian stereotyped household existing congruous limitless set nonexclusive discursive encompassing catchall traditionalist unbounded unspecified non-exclusive average general purpose all general-purpose fashionable proverbial clean comprising huge intensive scopic significant painstaking big sizable radical systemic bird's-eye meticulous long massive humongous unconfined intact perfect unmitigated hefty integral plenary stellar dominant without exception compleat broad-spectrum preponderant rigorous vulgar never-ending in style in fashion straight-out widely believed supernational non-sectarian non-denominational unifying all-comprehensive systemwide non-specific simple vague all over bodywide gross everything mutual well-known basic panned ongoing national communal joint supranational celestial empyrean terrestrial far-ranging repeated master admitted typic thorough-going encyclopedical encyclopaedical spreading contagious catching infectious embraced united like net societal acquired honored recurring latitudinous broad-minded tolerant unsectarian unbigoted hazy nebulous obscure unabridged epizootic in use prosaic hackneyed derived multicultural offshore Continental expanded lengthy elaborate recurrent middle-of-the-road broad in content including all members including all categories all in undogmatic definitive minute non-selective outstretched intermutual commutual protracted honoured considered thoroughly diligent extensively encircling synoptic containing scrupulous commonest communicable aggregate integrated contemporary present latest extant modern taken as a whole open-minded world-wide multiculti unprejudiced in toto all together all-together catch-all with everything included ball-of-wax perpetual predictable scopious whole-hog full-dress plenteous adequate maximal wholistic replete predominating circulating over-general oversimplified exaggerated searching heterogeneous rounded the works utter itemized itemised choate uncut most largest unexclusive influential operative main preponderating principal sedulous indeterminate receptive charitable bog-standard holistic the big picture of great scope the whole shebang drastic no stone unturned the word from A to Z reiterated incessant continual efficient by the numbers fundamental steady full-on big picture superior desperate severe serious forceful stringent lock stock and barrel many-sided assorted leaving no stone unturned systematic blow-by-blow overdrawn imprecise overstated nondiscriminatory violent draconian afoot wall to wall miscellaneous multifarious day-to-day monotonous daily revolutionary about all-encompassing all-embracing nonspecialized untechnical piebald raggle-taggle ragtag magpie manifold motley mixed patchwork multifaceted kitchen-sink promiscuous selective open-door non-restrictive open welcoming bruited about making the rounds doing the rounds in general use going around in the air talked of reigning dilettantish ceaseless continuous unending nonstop on everyone's lips free-for-all open to the public multiform mingled garden free to all accessible to everyone stereotypable reducible garden-variety conformist common or garden self-evident straightforward unprofessional lay self-explanatory nonprofessional inexpert discernible apparent obvious observable evident illimitable immeasurable bottomless leading spacious bulky heavy-duty roomy good strapping enormous packed husky walloping capacious bull oversize whopper mammoth commodious chock-full considerable burly whopping thundering substantial jumbo hulking prodigious stuffed monster mondo heavyweight healthy awash fat ponderous colossal voluminous tremendous important gigantic brimming crowded measureless incalculable nontechnical super colossal a whale of a everlasting inexhaustible untold countless generalisable broad based generalizable unfathomable unfailing horizonless indefinite immensurable fathomless inestimable wide open unfathomed full-out no end to numberless incomprehensible no end of totalitarian no strings interminable on tap ad nauseam eternal most usual most frequent

Tính từ


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