Đồng nghĩa của ingoing

Alternative for ingoing

Trái nghĩa: outgoing,

Tính từ

Directed or proceeding towards the inside

Danh từ

An act or instance of entering somewhere
entrance entry appearance arrival coming ingress introduction approach materialisation materialization incoming ingression going in coming in advent emergence dawn advance birth rise surfacing onset nearing accession entering start beginning development occurrence looming landing oncome coming on presence appearing showing up turning up launch reception approaching reaching arriving drawing near forward movement imminence encroachment advancement progression coming near coming nearer progress homecoming disembarkation meeting debarkation happening alighting influx dismounting return manifestation inception origination issue materializing evolution origin cropping up springing up coming into view presentation emanation arising unveiling actualization materialising representation debut exhibition display popping up growth initiation visitation inauguration passage unfolding headway course march movement procession expedition onrush journey voyage going process blossoming blooming nativity parturition first appearance childbirth delivery taking place genesis spread outset flow proceeding motion commencement conception dawning stride drift evolvement buildup gain stream transition expansion stepping forward flux increase momentum furtherance promotion opening git-go infancy baseline morning get-go incipience nascence kickoff incipiency nascency threshold institution alpha kick-off starting point day one foundation source outstart head word go traversal trek traverse passing movement forward moving forward onward motion forward motion onward movement

Trái nghĩa của ingoing

ingoing Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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