Đồng nghĩa của blooming

Alternative for blooming

Đồng nghĩa: bally(a), blinking(a), bloody(a), bloom, blooming(a), crashing(a), flaming(a), fucking(a),

blooms, bloomed, blooming

Đồng nghĩa: blossom, flourish, flower, glow, thrive,

Trái nghĩa: fade, shrivel, wither,

Tính từ

Suggestive of wealth, success or prosperity
flourishing thriving successful prospering growing robust promising doing well up-and-coming burgeoning booming golden healthy boomy prosperous halcyon lush roaring palmy expanding profitable productive going strong buoyant fruitful blossoming vigorous developing lucrative strong going mushrooming rich luxuriant rampant triumphant progressing fast-growing exuberant profuse in full swing in top form in the pink on the up and up prolific flush opulent substantial comfortable wealthy improving ballooning snowballing sitting pretty rank on a roll on top of heap maturing abounding plentiful plenteous on the up and up active thrifty busy fortunate lucky prodigal upmarket boom easy loaded snug oofy uptown in clover main-line on easy street going places going well faring well in the ascendant advancing arrived rolling cooking home free have it made have the wherewithal rewarding remunerative beneficial worthwhile profit-making efficient bankable solvent gainful auspicious well-heeled gangbusters monied boffo ongoing moneymaking advantageous happy money-spinning affluent economic paying fat moneyed well-to-do well-off juicy commercial favoured jammy financially rewarding favored blessed joyous cost-effective advantaged well-fixed deep-pocketed fat-cat silk-stocking well-endowed money-making in luck glorious commercially successful well off in the money quids in stinking rich blessed with good luck well heeled born under a lucky star rolling in it sound large for-profit joyful idyllic charmed well-paying viable privileged good sweet in the black saving minted cash rich filthy rich rolling in money of means in the chips of substance with deep pockets made of money working opportune rosy carefree salable timely blissful contented renumerative helpful high-income fertile upscale well-paid born with a silver spoon in one's mouth high-paying providential propitious on velvet leisure-class in easy street upper-class win-win fatness favourable well paid cushy fecund fructuous cornucopian delightful precious best cost effective propertied paradisiac peak favorable encouraging set for life worth a bundle worth a packet enviable elite socially advantaged effectual self-sustaining serviceable pragmatic sustaining conducive contributive practical instrumental in the gravy effective assisting paid off paying well

Tính từ

(British) Used for emphasis or as an intensifier
complete absolute total utter outright downright thorough unqualified pure sheer categorical unmitigated thoroughgoing consummate unadulterated unconditional perfect rank definite categoric stark arrant profound unalloyed fair simple dreadful clean plumb regular dead flat deadly bodacious stone blank very crashing out-and-out all-out flat-out straight-out cotton-picking positive unequivocal deep-dyed entire unlimited unreserved plain real unrestricted extreme whole right veritable infernal full dyed-in-the-wool blasted right-down proper explicit gross blessed confounded direct undiluted through and through wholesale clear ultimate unrestrained full-bore surpassing certain unbounded supreme unambiguous comprehensive final blatant exhaustive all-fired unmistakable in every respect unquestionable overt indubitable unmodified unrelieved full-scale no catch undeniable undiminished firm emphatic patent wholehearted naked unmixed express undivided conclusive solid unremitting inveterate sure flagrant glaring unbroken point-blank clear-cut all out plenary no ifs ands or buts straight out apodictic straight prize maximum unvarnished infinite limitless genuine chronic utmost unstinting mere resolute palpable decisive intense undisguised brazen uncompromising assured without reservations unabridged obvious barefaced out and out unconstrained open abundant uncontrolled endless no strings no fine print full-on actual determinate unalleviated wide full-blown no holds barred unquestioning no kicker candid frank honest incessant constant sincere pronounced continuous unrelenting serious true blue determined bald unblemished egregious unstinted single altogether quite insistent adamant fixed assertive transparent all everlasting double-dyed staring capital optimum blunt decided unregenerate wholesome uncorrupted unadorned resounding forthright definitive peremptory true-blue through-and-through shameless concentrated monstrous atrocious notorious vile infamous terminal austere relentless perpetual horrible huge eternal extraordinary unembellished rigid unabated point blank no joke specific severe untempered unmollified unbending unmoderated enduring steady steadfast abiding unfaltering never-failing no strings attached one hundred per cent oppressive without reservation paramount top nth max uttermost persistent unsoftened in every way harsh grim undisputed overarching matchless conspicuous uninterrupted inclusive totalitarian sweeping flawless excellent impeccable unsurpassable errant perfected ideal finished peerless inimitable transcendent in-depth straightforward upfront straight from the shoulder outspoken unwavering true plain-spoken incontrovertible incontestable evident indisputable manifest unswerving dedicated exact staunch precise set truthful matter-of-fact brutal valid unexaggerated irrefutable authentic resolved unshakeable unconcealed convincing no-nonsense reliable unflagging unveiled committed unshakable unshaken accurate plainspoken bluff undoubted forthcoming unyielding distinct undeviating openhearted ardent realistic consistent uninhibited undiplomatic immovable tactless freehearted inexorable established intent confirmed overwhelming single-minded dependable free-spoken warts and all devoted true to life dead set on unfailing untiring loyal unchanging unvarying faithful unflinching apparent pat unfluctuating unhesitating indefatigable tireless detailed last stalwart unvacillating unguarded bona fide authoritative bare fast dogged sustained unflappable verifiable literal persevering straight-from-the-shoulder hard stubborn minute bound up-front out-front straight to the point crystal clear stable open and shut straight-talking straight-shooting speaking as one finds not afraid to call a spade a spade sovereign undoubting undisputable black-and-white guaranteed omnipotent earnest most unchangeable uncontestable doubtless confident changeless cut-and-dried abrupt exclusive deep tangible secure beyond question artless strict demonstrable maximal sound settled inflexible devout major even uniform black and white good unerring outrageous rigorous foursquare whole-hearted unsurpassed proven as sure as eggs is eggs enormous univocal lucid invariant rude pious perspicuous ringing trenchant certified sure-enough certifiable tenacious stanch well defined solemn understandable significant obdurate unalterable down-the-line factual brick-wall raw concrete grievous inexpugnable preeminent inerrant allegiant stated in the bag bent on up front set in stone call a spade a spade unmovable not beating around the bush without limit hard-and-fast from the hip like it is clearly expressed plenipotentiary neat nonblended strong full-strength bloody telling free from doubt persuaded convinced satisfied for a fact grand unfettered all-encompassing fundamental shallow simplistic drastic effusive gushing faultless forward royal overall unconditioned jejune naive glib crass very great stone-cold cold unimpaired systematic trusty without qualification without reserve no beating around the bush unblended rightly so called no lie open-ended unornamented plain vanilla undecorated with no strings easily understandable on the nose infallible untarnished untouched unaltered habitual undying hellacious quintessential superlative predominant patchy threadbare worn inevitable liege immobile tried-and-true trustworthy pigheaded mulish stiff-necked pre-eminent unbound tyrannical all-powerful boundless forceful beyond doubt compelling unassailable highest foolproof irrevocable right royal great acute almighty tremendous shocking deciding clinching intrinsic fervent zealous enthusiastic hearty for real biggest supportive durable topmost recognized surefire confirmable energetic vigorous free natural unevasive audacious heinous establishable inarguable radical preposterous greatest vehement guileless ingenuous farthest forcible scandalous disgraceful inordinate shameful striking terrible reprehensible heartfelt unfeigned warm fail-safe sure-fire can't-miss recognised questionless safe failsafe going all the way meaning business bound and determined thundering uber authenticated especial effective substantiated de facto legitimate perceptible inescapable demonstrated verified existent saying what one thinks calling spade a spade lay it on the line aboveboard bare-faced laying it on the line farthermost exorbitant villainous excessive iniquitous wicked concluding state-of-the-art settling limiting terminating determining completing finishing closing ending impassioned passionate fullhearted unambivalent immoderate outermost furthermost irrefragable nonambiguous greatest amount of greatest possible unquestioned furthest luculent brusque personal immediate obstinate intransigent brass-necked spot-on agreed pellucid unblurred hard-line implacable dominant in earnest purposeful unmalleable unchallengeable aggressive violent full-blooded strenuous muscular dynamic remotest prevailing hardened domineering seasoned bold round arranged preset comprehensible luminous intelligible short curt unceremonious dinkum nailed down intricate meticulous experienced uncontested going bent predetermined allotted specified prearranged outmost limpid broad lucent crystal hell-bent on strong-willed bent upon hang tough stand pat do-or-die hell-bent upon hundred percent whole-souled focused undistracted collective pukka on-target echt dead-on so satisfactory pucka defined decreed prescribed dogmatic stressed important impressive pointed sober cogent accented potent intensive extensive endmost aftermost unshared engrossed sharp indelicate terse gruff unarguable persuasive uncontradicted accomplished unanswerable planned inalterable frozen incommutable immutable invariable bald-faced plain-speaking admissible caustic crisp united absorbed focussed unblinking irreversible open-and-shut crystal-clear penetrating firsthand short-spoken brusk snippy crusty hard-hitting to the point impolite easily understood self-evident bright-line nailed-on no mistake for a face veridical unmistaken undistorted watertight immaculate amen bang on unanimous scrupulous attentive continued concerted unmodifiable hard and fast not subject to change cast-iron writ in stone stipulated still unpolished uncivil discourteous ultra chief too much furthest away last straw out of bounds farthest away too-too worst case deliberate circumspect diligent vigilant encyclopedic particular essential elemental elaborate snappy brief hands-down pulling no punches right on beyond a doubt special encyclopaedic intimate first-hand not mincing one's words speaking one's mind calling a spade a spade not beating about the bush lock stock and barrel most extreme most distant

Tính từ

In a good physical or mental condition
healthy well fine fit aerobicized flourishing thriving hardy hale hearty robust strong vigorous active sturdy athletic chipper firm fresh full of life husky lively lusty muscular normal potent restored rosy-cheeked safe and sound stout tough trim unimpaired virile OK able-bodied sound well-conditioned whole all right bright-eyed bursting with health bushy-tailed fighting fit fit as a fiddle fit as a flea hale and hearty in fine fettle in good health in good kilter in good physical condition in good physical shape in good shape in good trim in rude health in the pink in tip-top condition in top form physically fit right as rain the picture of health up to snuff in good condition energetic alive and kicking bouncing wholesome in excellent shape strapping red-blooded as fit as a fiddle full of vim as fit as a flea vital stalwart powerful dynamic healthful peppy spirited able forceful gingery flush sprightly perky in fine feather strong as an ox glowing sound in body and limb up to par full of beans bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in shape right sane energised good rugged together solid as a rock luxuriantly in good form brawny solid in peak condition muscly hefty vitalized invigorated energized substantial burly iron very healthy very well beefy buff shredded ripped bursting with good health well made solidly built strenuous well built in perfect health bounding animated sparkling high-spirited vivacious effervescent zippy spry playful jaunty vibrant strong as an lion buoyant indefatigable strong as an horse intense zestful tireless bouncy upbeat go-getting spanking feisty forcible spunky wick steamroller snappy exuberant efficient persuasive take-charge brisk hard-driving driving take-over effective dashing enterprising raring to go ball of fire full of energy jacked Herculean hunky powerfully built sinewy thewy well-built mighty thickset stark manly hulking enthusiastic broad-shouldered well muscled airy gay sparky powerhouse as strong as an ox bulky mesomorphic hard bubbly staunch full of vim and vigour big bold in trim masculine heavy meaty animate frisky pert springy racy mettlesome jazzy pizazzy pizzazzy breezy aggressive kinetic full-blooded stocky durable hardened toughened sturdily built inured bruising cast-iron hard-bitten herculean fiery manful vivid emphatic tenacious hulky vehement all-male heavy-duty high-powered unflagging muscled macho sporty bright and breezy full of the joys of spring physical agile nimble lithe merry ebullient bubbling hunk muscle-bound zealous scintillating rigid jolly capable happy inflexible cheerful determined thick carefree irrepressible stiff chirpy well-developed cheery joyful sunny unbreakable resilient bright well-knit resistant influential zingy flamboyant well knit tall keen passionate frolicsome hard-wearing happy-go-lucky assertive gamesome frolic crank light-hearted seasoned zesty indomitable exciting as strong as a horse resounding ballsy gutsy heavyweight peart hard as nails high-octane full of fun brash industrious have-a-go go-go untiring full of get-up-and-go obdurate formidable pumped up young portly beefcake gorillalike fleshy A1 full-bodied built excited exhilarated balanced rude strongly made invincible stable resolute roaring rough abled hilarious gleeful joyous mirthful male chivalrous swashbuckling valiant gallant as strong as a ox slim toned wiry ropy stringy tiger musclebound redoubtable great overpowering swole magnetic electric daring fearless brave intrepid heroic lionhearted stout-hearted manlike courageous valorous toned up as right as rain in high spirits moving demoniac motive mobile kinematic dynamical locomotive motile chunky secure two-fisted dogged earnest violent eager go-ahead enduring acclimatised acclimatized heavily built imposing tiptop well-made effectual positive well-proportioned persistent unremitting pertinacious pushing stouthearted decisive strong-arm leathery lumbering mammoth towering huge gargantuan massive colossal gigantic indestructible ardent built to last man-size mannish studly fecund man-sized fertile butch laddish charismatic compelling energizing hyped-up activating go-getter productive vitalizing self-motivated highpowered energising tough as nails steeled molded made to last cohesive dense conditioned tight withstanding moulded long-lasting as strong as a lion sportive ox hulk play for keeps play hard ball coming on strong reproductive sexually potent procreative generative jumping lighthearted swinging rocking electrifying steel important alive dazzling bustling adamant steely salutiferous happening stirring impassioned colorful humming colourful buzzing rousing puissant hopping coruscating intensive stimulating busy astir abuzz well set-up storming punchy sensitive vibrating radiant responsive leading dominant doughty significant adamantine abubble pushy aboil predominant authoritative prestigious controlling rock hard all-out hard-hitting full of pep full of spirit wieldy omnipotent strengthy boss almighty strong as ox full of the joy of living

Tính từ

Of or relating to autumn

Tính từ

Inspiring or feeling hope and optimism
roseate rosy auspicious blushing bright encouraging fair golden heartening hopeful likely optimistic promising propitious upbeat cheerful rose-colored favourable favorable happy reassuring full of promise good opportune positive advantageous providential sunny fortunate timely lucky cheering utopian full of hope idealistic felicitous prosperous beneficial exciting pleasing merry excellent well-timed likely-looking well timed looking on the bright side supportive bullish halcyon satisfactory enthusiastic capable assuring fond bubbly up of good cheer Utopian inspiring gladdening uplifting inspiriting enlivening arousing elating stirring promiseful rousing alluring successful rose-coloured unique valuable superb splendid tremendous fine brilliant special buoyant profitable ideal sanguine wonderful terrific confident beautiful blissful best expectant assured high first-rate one-off first-class trusting apt heaven-sent suitable encouraged fitting hoping brave toward favouring favoring benign pat useful dexter seasonable keeping the faith looking through rose-colored glasses ray of sunshine Panglossian on cloud nine on top of world convenient expedient helpful fortuitous appropriate rewarding welcome fruitful serendipitous right beneficent gainful nice benignant gratifying benefic fluky desirable effective worthwhile salutary of benefit satisfying constructive benevolent flukey productive of assistance blessed proper conducive meet handy friendly behooveful comforting heartwarming healthy of value of use delightful wholesome fit agreeable accidental pleasant incidental acceptable favored kindly favoured efficacious jammy instrumental lucrative serviceable meritorious strategic of service worth it clement joyful privileged fulfilling chance coincidental pleasurable ripe warm congenial palmy genial unexpected enjoyable just enviable jolly appreciated casual unforeseen delectable sweet heavenly invaluable refreshing well-off charitable delicious delightsome grateful needed worthy dulcet hot blest furthersome dreamy commodious of help in one's interests to one's advantage to your advantage charmed well disposed up-and-coming plus advisable facilitative moderate remunerative palatable win-win much needed cordial long-awaited longed-for desired contenting correct befitting in one's best interests merciful smiling flourishing decent respectable usable utilizable set disposed to one's taste to one's liking gladly received thriving prompt fit to be eaten consumable comestible versatile fit for human consumption safe to eat approving common edible punctual significant important glorious crying out great hearty born with a silver spoon in your mouth essential practical pivotal vital crucial booming ebullient effervescent lively bouncy jocund healthful congruous seemly commendatory salubrious tolerable hygienic all right conformable becoming commending unobjectionable protean ample for the best immediate timeous speedy believing fresh determined paramount indispensable imperative critical roaring lush judicious generous altruistic humanitarian kind feel-good can-do cheery go-getting redeeming towardly sensible big-hearted utilisable proactive inadvertent unintended requisite in demand relevant fundamental key necessary respected admired exigent rich prospering precious boomy in the nick of time up-to-date in good time up-to-the-minute at the right time consoling unmarred unanticipated unpremeditated unplanned uncertain haphazard unlooked-for unintentional unwitting loved esteemed worth its weight in gold central held dear estimable of the essence peak idyllic joyous paradisiac random chancy incalculable variable luscious pleasureful odd contingent worthful hot property scarce restful renewing rejuvenating restorative solacing temperate radiant clear cloudless darling restoring pretty at the mercy of events mild unclouded dry sunlit sunshiny balmy summery

Tính từ

Young or immature in age
tender young youthful immature early fledgling adolescent junior juvenile younger blossoming budding developing formative growing little pubescent teen vernal raw teenage teenaged youngish girlish boyish prepubescent underage beardless fresh-faced babyish infantile baby-faced tenderfoot milk-fed half-grown undeveloped fresh childlike inexperienced infant unqualified untried unexperienced unseasoned inexpert young-looking green young at heart baby childish new newish callow unfledged newborn kid not aged in one's salad days not far advanced burgeoning small underdeveloped undergrown embryonic nascent innocent emerging incipient preteenager preteen naive up-and-coming inchoate wide-eyed preadolescent unsophisticated minor dawning in the springtime of life emergent bread-and-butter beginning promising aborning inceptive rising full of life youth young looking virginal smaller boylike underaged childhood jejune impressionable pubertal unspoiled fresh-looking well-kept initial pre-adult vigorous untrained active infantine spry growing up unworldly unpracticed artless ingenuous sprightly child's children's spring verdant newly arrived uncultivated unversed wet behind the ears tenderfooted unskilled enthusiastic buoyant keen feminine well-preserved evolving potential primordial unevolved flirty kittenish naïve girly mincing hoydenish flirtatious coquettish advancing naissant just beginning future aspiring coming unripe unactualized abortive germinal flowering prospective sprouting germinating vegetating pullulating maturing would-be wannabe opening in its infancy in the making with potential half-baked bursting forth shooting up

Tính từ

Pleasing or attractive to the eye
comely beautiful lovely fetching alluring attractive striking arresting beguiling bewitching captivating charming elegant engaging enticing gorgeous irresistible knockout prepossessing ravishing seductive winning adorable appealing beauteous enchanting fair handsome pretty stunning bodacious cute desirable foxy glamorous hot luscious lush sexual sexy sightly smashing sultry taking tantalising tantalizing arousing beddable bonny delectable delightful entrancing exquisite fanciable luring nubile radiant sensual sensuous shapely adorbs aesthetic babelicious bonnie bootylicious charismatic dazzling divine erotic esthetic fabulous fit likely lovesome pulchritudinous scrumptious seemly spunky sweet tasty becoming buxom drop-dead gorgeous fine graceful intriguing nice sensational wholesome winsome dishy good goodly heavenly pleasing stylish tempting good-looking drop-dead eye-catching fine-looking nice-looking easy on the eye easy on the eyes sexually attractive very beautiful as pretty as a picture come-hither a ten come-to-bed out of this world well favored well-favored well favoured well-favoured beaut goodlooking agreeable pleasant delicate fascinating dainty well-formed likable inviting likeable personable magnetic glamourous tasteful wonderful refined statuesque curvaceous opulent voluptuous splendid on fleek lovable hunky sublime fashionable darling grand enthralling classy neat presentable congenial amiable admirable provocative mesmeric superb well-proportioned resplendent dreamy symmetrical precious choice curvy full-bosomed full-figured Junoesque well-rounded excellent affable trim marvelous genial beckoning suave angelic magnificent marvellous select ideal superior recherche pneumatic well-turned rounded sophisticated artistic endearing cultivated interesting Rubensesque dignified discerning satisfying enjoyable enhancing polished pleasurable distinguished luxurious cultured fab sumptuous gainly well formed disarming dear blessed welcome busty urbane courtly majestic dashing grateful delightsome dulcet blest gratifying savory stately chic flamboyant photogenic fancy plush rapturous smart savoury teasing dollish showstopping prettyish swanky noble elfin telegenic dapper rare well turned clean-cut enamoring titillating absorbing debonair aesthetically pleasing well-dressed well-shaped well-built compelling fetcjomg breathtaking decorative ample ladylike gentlemanly ornamental flattering top studly jaw-dropping jolly felicitous delicious palatable fantastic amazing incredible terrific dreamboat eyeful bijou ingratiating insinuating loveable toothsome cutesy picture-perfect young youthful slinky fleshly carnal physically attractive beautifying devastating extremely attractive eligible siren sirenic aesthetically appealing a sight for sore eyes well-stacked seducing hypnotizing mesmerizing spellbinding magical willowy camera-friendly sheen virile young-looking exciting infatuating engrossing classic modish strong robust sharp impressive athletic spruce smooth in good taste drawing attention good-natured mesmerising magnetizing hypnotising magnetising electrifying good looking decorous as nice as pie canny couthy cuddly bosomy stacked ornate ostentatious ornamented genteel affected well-chosen slight petite high-class schmick overdone august aristocratic stylized sweetheart easygoing aces sociable okay gregarious friendly white-hat well-designed well-bred a la mode slim curvesome well-developed curved curvilinear chesty zaftig poised exceptional airy subtle dinky nuanced good egg all right all heart well endowed well upholstered positive satisfactory great soft lacy well-made deft frail tender diaphanous thin ethereal light fragile feeble clean-limbed mild acceptable exhilarating worthy favorable joyous super comforting enviable flashy euphoric comfortable valuable sound sunny clear curvacious A1 rad prime amusing glossy honourable snazzy ace commendable fun capital hunky-dory OK honorable cunning cheery reputable splashy sterling zingy soothing slick boss spanking intoxicating hospitable showy in order relief unspoilt not bad glad with good taste balanced proportioned sylphlike well shaped regular built paradisiacal super-eminent passable shipshape first-class super-excellent paradisal stupendous paradisaical calming paradisaic elating splendorous deluxe copasetic first-rate recreative supercalifragilisticexpialidocious paradisiac gnarly ecstatic copacetic relishable irie favourable

Danh từ

(of plants or species) The process of maturation
growth development maturation growing germination shooting up springing up sprouting flourishing thriving vegetation burgeoning pullulation evolution maturing progress ripening progression advancement evolvement expansion advance extension rise furtherance emergence transformation metamorphosis blossoming improvement evolving coming-of-age betterment breakthrough unfolding adaptation maturity reworking elaboration modification revision unraveling change enhancement fruition refinement buildup flowering transmogrification advancing unrolling enlargement recasting unravelling reconstruction working out headway spread buildout escalation success boom upturn upswing traction prosperity momentum augmentation boost amelioration elevation promotion enrichment gain step forward increase movement procession march cultivation passage melioration innovation process upgrading upgrade onrush proliferation heightening expedition gestation anabasis forward movement onward movement movement forward incubation adulthood leap addition revolution augmenting spreading going mellowing continuance accrual upgrowth modernization perfecting developing upping break uptick rally mushrooming swelling forwarding accretion accession snowballing steps forward regeneration stride preferment scientific advancement technological advancement step up ballooning civilisation civilization build-up increase in size onward motion forward motion blow up blowing up capability ability transspecific evolution ontogenesis ontogeny inroads natural process boosting ground gained widening nurture thickening broadening refining order flow succession sequence macroevolution pregnancy polishing continuity finding leap forward inroad step discovery find invention perfection proceeding operation passing motion quantum leap fine-tuning gravidity journey chain benefit raising accumulation scheme consecution string course incubate nurse nourish step in the right direction change for the better supplement increment addendum collecting amassing formation more gathering amassment raise plus cumulation parturiency reinforcement intensification encroachment reproduction family way fecundation agglomeration bump reinforcing elaborating hike increasing moving forward ongoing gradual growth adding to making progress aggrandizement expanse multiplication magnification swell amplification diversification spike uptrend diffusion inflation upsurge unfurling embellishment aggrandisement spreading out opening out scaling up continuation career forward march giant strides getting ahead going forward

Danh từ

The point or period at which something is at its best, strongest, or most intense
acme peak pinnacle zenith height apex summit top apogee climax culmination crest crown head meridian capstone crescendo noon noontime sum limit extremity maximum vertex prime ultimate highlight optimum tip flower superlative bloom flowering high point tip-top high noon high-water mark highest point crowning point ne plus ultra upper limit high spot best part utmost epitome best bit apotheosis perfection icing on the cake extreme greatest best best moment ceiling uttermost high water mark nonpareil consummation quintessence crowning moment cap end roof highest level brow nonesuch cream depth most fastigium highest degree ascendancy nadir max termination blossoming peak of perfection mountaintop last word furthest point ridge pole nth degree finale utmost extent finest eminence tiptop denouement brink tops dernier cri success boundary aiguille edge serac pick pride elite payoff choice culminating point margin the last word copestone top form greatest degree critical mass best example perfect example ultimate example apoapsis apocenter apsis cope extreme case latest most fashionable steeple tower tor excess newest le dernier cri cusp achievement floodmark watermark tidemark upper extremity pay-off inordinancy spire sublimity heyday highest extent completion most up to date lead intensification capsheaf pitch finish conclusion crowning glory feature up there close leader all-time bitter end result capper triumph prize exemplar classic idolization exaltation ideal elevation glorification deification byword maximum point memorable part outside chief very limit accomplishment high first place immortalization idealization most memorable part most outstanding feature mother of all blow off cat's whiskers cat's pyjamas the bee's knees best thing since sliced bread crème de la crème beau idéal highest rank crowning touch punch line record supremacy highest preeminence maxi idealisation beau ideal greatest extent top figure the end aristocracy elect priesthood illuminati royalty fat A-list trim verdure fitness corps d'elite upper crust pink terminal acuteness marge ambit bourn butt last extremes full flowering end point good health best condition farthest point cut-off point jewel in the crown jewel cream of the crop paragon choicest core gem nobility top drawer upper class gentry treasure pearl quality first class pick of the bunch select few superiority world record essence embodiment essentiality spirit favourite prototype lifeblood heart soul beauty substance archetype model favorite shining example first stuff

Phó từ

To a very large or great degree
thumping exceedingly extremely immensely incredibly really very unco uncommonly amazingly awfully majorly remarkably seriously terribly thoroughly downright exceptionally extraordinarily perfectly positive positively right simply truly dreadfully fearfully jolly screamingly terrifically tremendously awful frightfully madly mega mighty mucho oh-so real socking stonking thundering ultra way blasted bloody confoundedly dead exceeding flaming hellish well achingly almighty archly badly beastly blisteringly bone colossally corking cracking dang deadly desperately devilish dirty eminently enormously especially ever extra fabulously fantastically far fiercely filthy full greatly heavily highly hugely intensely lekker mightily monstrous mortally most much particularly passing powerful rattling roaring roaringly severely so sore sorely spanking specially stinking such super supremely surpassingly that too vastly vitally whacking wicked wildly dashed thrice très bleeding ruddy freaking effing decidedly quite completely absolutely totally plumb markedly fair ever so devilishly excessively utterly altogether significantly entirely unusually heartily notably fully obviously profoundly very much singularly wholly inordinately distinctly clearly noticeably considerably strongly substantially appreciably abundantly acutely staggeringly extensively monumentally a lot one hundred per cent ridiculously unreasonably unbelievably outstandingly exorbitantly immoderately unduly prodigiously strikingly prominently gravely suitably superlatively outrageously emphatically drastically deeply conspicuously signally uniquely monstrously overly astronomically horribly disturbingly by a great amount through and through flat-out too much big-time by a great deal to a great extent a great deal to a great degree par excellence good and to the nth degree as all get-out on a grand scale too … for words obscenely palpably genuinely rather radically visibly surprisingly astonishingly infinitely pretty discernibly unhappily discouragingly unfortunately notoriously by a considerable amount loads a ton to a marked degree a good deal to a large extent to a marked extent tonnes tons heaps really bad fast wide entire even out flat all soundly enough clean exactly patently all over all of undeniably unquestionably expressly manifestly risibly indisputably definitely unmistakably certainly insanely stupidly ludicrously foolishly grotesquely critically painfully indeed illogically inanely implausibly preposterously irrationally laughably firmly wonderfully immeasurably too-too vehemently unequivocally decisively incomparably intently easily dramatically unnecessarily materially dangerously massively unconscionably grievously largely sizably broadly plenty hopelessly darned stupendously chronically fatally hysterically hard over perilously passionately precariously mad parlously determinedly sure surely unthinkably farcically idiotically incongruously irretrievably beyond lots to the core no end extremely badly a fair amount by far to too great an extent to a fault in excess to too great an degree in all respects by much in the extreme by half like mad very badly in every way as all get out by leaps and bounds in every respect in a marked degree all that to the hilt every inch over- like crazy a hundred per cent by a mile by a long way no strings attached no mistake no holds barred no catch in spades for a fact no ifs ands or buts by all means straight out of course unspeakably maddeningly intolerably shockingly offensively impossibly senselessly barmily inconceivably crazily absurdly

Động từ

Present participle for to flourish or grow
flourishing succeeding prospering thriving progressing burgeoning being successful getting ahead making progress faring well getting on well making headway doing well going great guns blossoming booming advancing growing making it bearing fruit going well improving going places flying high turning out well rising shining developing flowering arriving making the big time scoring coming on making good maturing hitting it big expanding picking up catching on shooting up moving ahead getting on making strides making inroads going to town getting places spreading one's wings increasing spreading battening bourgeoning augmenting yielding becoming rich doing wonders moving forward striking oil striking gold making good speed triumphing getting there growing rich prevailing going up in the world going forward coming along glowing hitting the jackpot developing well coming of age getting somewhere moving forward in leaps and bounds evolving profiting gaining growing vigorously producing starring working ameliorating becoming better benefiting benefitting excelling doing all right for oneself emerging figuring standing out getting on in the world working out covering ground taking steps forward working up gaining ground growing well dominating reigning supreme having a gift for hitting the target running riot yielding results standing out in a crowd striking it big stealing the show bursting forth going coming to fruition making one's mark taking off leading performing featuring becoming popular fattening bearing multiplying wearing the crown making the most of making good use of reaping benefits putting to good use turning to one's advantage reaping the benefit standing in good stead having a gift feathering nest making mark becoming wealthy making money making out improving in health improving in fitness making a killing striking it rich building living the life of Riley waxing mushrooming pressing forward cracking on coming off pressing on pushing forward moving onward going ahead pushing ahead getting better forging ahead achieving making a go getting results having the desired result conquering doing the business winning hands down panning out delivering coming up with the goods turning the trick winning out doing the trick going as planned paying off coming through winning having legs carrying all before you gaining ascendancy attaining ascendancy beating the system attaining control carrying all before one carrying off gaining control cutting it beating the game cracking it achieving it making the grade getting to the top

Động từ

Present participle for to develop or grow rapidly
burgeoning growing expanding increasing rising escalating swelling multiplying mushrooming snowballing proliferating developing spreading booming enlarging mounting appreciating flourishing ballooning climbing thriving accumulating prospering accelerating gaining progressing waxing blossoming rocketing maturing sprouting skyrocketing flowering exploding building up shooting up rolling up growing rapidly springing up increasing rapidly running riot increasing exponentially becoming more numerous putting on a spurt intensifying bourgeoning strengthening propagating springing enhancing surging soaring improving succeeding spurting picking up being successful doing well coming on rising in value widening out widening spreading out getting bigger spreading wide inflating opening amplifying augmenting building exacerbating heightening magnifying raising aggravating boosting accentuating spiking rousing advancing nurturing aggrandizing breeding concentrating reinforcing uprising cultivating mounting up growing stronger beefing up welling intensating opening out extending compounding adding to upping supersizing broadening pumping up stoking hyping deepening upsurging spiralling spiraling supplementing dilating becoming larger thickening redoubling annexing doubling accruing pullulating gathering stepping up making larger slapping on adding increasing in size leaping up increasing in scope piling up making greater flowing topping up going up going through the roof going through the ceiling galloping luxuriating developing rapidly diversifying leaping detonating bursting bursting forth fortifying making bigger becoming bigger manifolding aggregating overrunning pouring raining rising rapidly pyramiding diffusing metastasizing going off blowing up branching out scaling up parlaying pervading bloating reaching filling out speeding up jacking up getting stronger growing in stocking up inclining becoming large getting to growing full becoming greater starting to be topping emerging amassing elevating lifting extending one's operations broadening one's horizons aping up incrementing cumulating developing quickly spreading quickly arising collecting towering escalading vaulting growing greater growing larger lengthening distending exaggerating tripling padding furthering prolonging protracting sharpening teeming swarming marking up running up tacking on growing quickly

Trái nghĩa của blooming

blooming Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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