Đồng nghĩa của boyish

Alternative for boyish

Trái nghĩa: girlish,


Like a stereotypical boy in appearance or demeanor
adolescent childish childlike immature juvenile young youthful green babyish fresh-faced infantile innocent teenage teenaged boylike bread-and-butter callow girlish pubescent youngish tender young-looking junior fresh budding vernal infant growing underage inexperienced undeveloped new baby developing prepubescent blooming baby-faced raw fledgling untried unseasoned unqualified younger teen unfledged full of life young at heart formative wide-eyed tenderfoot young looking half-grown milk-fed beardless in the springtime of life unspoiled fresh-looking well-kept pubertal naive vigorous active spry infantine sprightly child's children's untrained kid enthusiastic buoyant keen well-preserved small underdeveloped undergrown unworldly unpracticed artless ingenuous newly arrived uncultivated unversed wet behind the ears tenderfooted unskilled cute little unexperienced inexpert early newish newborn blossoming burgeoning not aged not far advanced in one's salad days embryonic nascent emerging incipient up-and-coming inchoate unsophisticated minor dawning emergent beginning youth promising aborning inceptive rising virginal preadolescent preteenager preteen smaller underaged childhood jejune impressionable initial pre-adult growing up spring verdant feminine evolving potential primordial unevolved flirty kittenish naïve girly mincing hoydenish flirtatious coquettish advancing naissant just beginning future aspiring coming unripe unactualized abortive germinal flowering prospective sprouting germinating vegetating pullulating maturing would-be wannabe opening in its infancy in the making with potential half-baked bursting forth shooting up


Displaying behavior associated with a tomboy
tomboyish unfeminine unladylike manlike unwomanly mannish hoydenish boisterous unruly masculine Amazonian butch macho viraginous viragoish mannified manly impolite ill-bred ungracious virile coarse unmannerly indelicate uncivil unrefined rude red-blooded swashbuckling crude uncouth vulgar he-man aggressively masculine chauvinist muscular beefy strong all man masc strapping tough male disrespectful discourteous impertinent ungentlemanly ill-mannered bad-mannered inconsiderate thoughtless boorish impudent ungallant blunt unmannered uncalled-for unhandsome insolent churlish oafish mannerless sharp curt brusque offhand insulting loutish rough unchivalrous offensive short fresh abrupt audacious graceless derogatory cheeky gruff surly ignorant malapert contumelious underbred sullen flip crass presumptuous abusive indecorous brash cavalier disparaging insensitive unpleasant lippy unfriendly uncomplimentary disgracious unkind smart-alecky ungenteel inaffable tactless undiplomatic uncharitable misbehaved low-bred badly behaved tart disagreeable bearish off gauche offish hostile terse uncultured unpolished gross arrogant inhospitable unfortunate cocky brazen smart alecky mouthy unceremonious uncourteous overbearing ungraceful out-of-line insubordinate disdainful peremptory intrusive crabbed yokelish bounderish sassy rustic inurbane crusty unfeeling uncaring frank unsympathetic hurtful outspoken impolitic cruel uncivilized unconsiderate bluff uncivilised speaking as one finds plain-spoken uncalled for calling a spade a spade pert brassy irritable moody

Trái nghĩa của boyish

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