Đồng nghĩa của crass

Alternative for crass

crass /kræs/
  • tính từ
    • đặc, dày đặc; thô
    • thô bỉ
    • đần độn, dốt đặc
      • crass mind: trí óc đần độn
      • crass ignorance: sự dốt đặc

Tính từ

Distasteful, crass or vulgar in nature
coarse gross lowbrow rough rude uncouth unrefined vulgar common crude ill-bred illiberal incult insensible low lowbred raffish rough-hewn roughneck rugged tasteless uncultivated uncultured unpolished churlish indelicate inelegant loutish lumpish obnoxious obtuse philistine raw tactless thoughtless boorish impolite ill-mannered graceless unsophisticated oafish uncivilized uncivil unmannerly discourteous uncivilised brutish ignorant clumsy awkward ungentlemanly rustic bad-mannered blunt unladylike ungracious inconsiderate uneducated gruff yobbish cloddish indecorous primitive barbaric brusque disrespectful impertinent curt unmannered loud barbarian clodhopping savage slobbish gauche barbarous insolent impudent bearish audacious brash insensitive mannerless Neanderthal offensive ungallant provincial plebby harsh swinish undiplomatic thuggish cheeky unpleasant unsubtle ungraceful basic bungling gawky inept clownish blundering classless fresh brazen presumptuous cocky unseemly unchivalrous surly smart-alecky unsavoury sullen sharp plebeian ungenteel stiff base ungainly mean wild injudicious inurbane uncalled-for unsavory impolitic maladroit lumpen untactful lubberly foul-mouthed disagreeable ornery cantankerous loud-mouthed untutored offhand heavy-handed bold cruel sassy insulting derogatory stupid abrupt disparaging simple callous crabbed uncomplimentary hooligan arrogant contumelious short malapert parochial disgracious unhandsome flip uncomfortable uneasy underbred inaffable lewd indiscreet inartistic uncharitable unfinished unceremonious rustical ocker stolid lumbering ill-judged improper stilted hick dour rash artless out-of-line rough and ready illiterate hasty crusty ill-humored inexpert benighted ill-humoured Neandertal low-bred like a bull in a china shop non-U objectionable subhuman uncourteous bad ordinary agrestic cavalier bashful sketchy impure low-minded earthy troglodytic misbehaved poor shoddy bourgeois trailer-park vernacular low-born backward immature unlettered unfeeling rowdy doltish bullying sleazy common as muck wooden ill countrified unpoised unpolitic imprudent unwise inadvisable baseborn native general undiscriminating imperceptive unenlightened materialist unread commercial hoonish dense ill-tempered morose bad-tempered nescient sordid hillbilly backwoods unthinking unperceptive self-assertive self-confident vivacious loudmouthed simplistic one-dimensional raunchy anti-intellectual clunky gangling unskilful careless unkind mean-spirited heathen heathenish natural uninformed ill-advised tough straightforward precipitate bumbling wise severe ribald hard foul indecent profane brutal bluff obscene in a state of nature unconscionable beyond the pale wicked uncontrolled outrageous ungodly unholy gawkish blockish dorky blunderous undexterous klutzy uncoordinated stumbling with two left feet forbidding fierce stern dirty austere bawdy roughcast grim vulgarian filthy dozy butterfingered irritable snippy grumpy ill-natured touchy cussed cross-grained polite miserly unsociable grouchy truculent unneighborly ugly intimidating louring grievous steely stark inhuman saucy arch bold-faced cocksure brazen-faced brassbound brassy flinty onerous ungentle heavy bitter hardhanded oppressive murderous lowering rudimentary ape-like fearless brave plucky forward pert pushy smart badly behaved all thumbs simple-minded uncomplicated elementary nervy amateurish undeveloped unprocessed makeshift jerry-built jury-rigged roughly-made jerry-rigged rough-and-tumble rough-and-ready imperfect rudimental roughhewn roughly made approximate unprecise green inexact imprecise unfashioned abusive mouthy smart alecky lippy overbearing insubordinate disdainful intrusive peremptory yokelish bounderish

Tính từ

Showing no intelligence or sensitivity
insensitive stupid blundering dense asinine boorish coarse gross witless bovine doltish oafish mindless obtuse thick unrefined vacuous indelicate lumpish pig-ignorant unintelligent dumb dim brainless fatuous slow dull idiotic dopey simple senseless stolid daft imbecilic thickheaded half-witted dozy cretinous foolish gormless birdbrained slow-witted dim-witted empty-headed dof simple-minded thick-witted slow on the uptake boneheaded vapid naive lamebrained moronic chuckleheaded unsmart dunderheaded half-baked blockish gullible lamebrain bonehead opaque dull-witted sluggish muttonheaded blockheaded knuckleheaded pinheaded dorky airheaded lunkheaded softheaded dopy divvy woodenheaded soft bubbleheaded glaikit dotish brain-dead wooden-headed weak-minded dead from the neck up deficient idiot ignorant very stupid braindead dippy numskulled impassive lethargic torpid fatheaded as thick as two short planks thick-skulled dunce-like fat-headed not the full shilling soft in the head pea-brained purposeless silly frivolous empty puerile trifling futile worthless risible pointless ludicrous nonsensical goofy thoughtless childish meaningless infantile laughable damfool ridiculous absurd wishy-washy vain vacant weak flat innocuous insipid immature harebrained sappy illogical inane devoid of intelligence uncomprehending imperceptive thick-skinned chowderheaded log-headed hebete thick as mince slow on uptake imbecile simpleminded crazy thick as two short planks unwise illiterate shallow uneducated untaught unschooled barmy unthinking unlearned feebleminded benighted tomfool unread unlettered wooden unreasoning dimwitted uninformed innocent unintellectual inexperienced daffy unmindful unaware green backward clueless featherheaded insensible unwitting feeble-minded oblivious unenlightened untrained uninstructed in the dark unknowledgeable dotty nescient unconversant uninitiated unconscious ill-advised hare-brained thick-headed nonliterate untutored loggerheaded misinformed analphabetic fool uncultured unsuspecting apprenticed uncultivated halfwitted insensate undeveloped late underprivileged delayed checked behind arrested underdeveloped subnormal blind to heavy inept jerky clownish hebetudinous without thought dark imprudent unknowing cloddish blind injudicious preposterous unresponsive rude superficial incognizant irrational mad unreasonable scatty crackpot batty insane lunatic nitwitted unacquainted cuckoo nutty wacky screwy Boeotian unscholarly scatterbrained feather-brained pie-faced not with it short-sighted mentally deficient mentally handicapped not intelligent ill-mannered comatose slumberish unperceptive unimaginative loopy lifeless inert phlegmatic placid unversed stupefied numbskulled duncelike nonrational surd idiotical boobish fallacious unconsidered invalid unreasoned notional buffoonish somnolent inanimate addle-brained limited credulous feeble dummy anencephalic anencephalous crackbrained clottish shortsighted listless inactive purblind impolitic rattlebrained slothful chowderhead deranged incompetent cockamamy irresponsible indiscreet foolishly stupid not bright negligent careless neglectful forgetful impractical dappy out to lunch ill-considered unstudious giddy dizzy featherbrained skittish ditzy flighty inattentive mooning rash spaced-out out daydreaming moony kooky loony screwball looney cockeyed zany whacky kookie balmy ill-informed unsophisticated out of it unworldly unqualified complacent know-nothing pea-brain snaillike pokey tardy leisurely dragging dallying crawling dawdling snail-paced languid unhurried poking dilatory poky laggard dillydallying creeping a brick short of a load wet behind the ears two sandwiches short of a picnic as green as grass lagging

Tính từ

Vulgar or indecent in nature or quality
coarse vulgar indecent obscene dirty crude lewd smutty filthy bawdy ribald gross blue rude foul improper raunchy pornographic profane indelicate impure offensive nasty suggestive lascivious salacious racy wanton naughty indecorous spicy vile immodest earthy trashy risqué gutter porny unprintable sordid unseemly prurient adult stag tasteless saucy raw scatological inappropriate base scatologic broad debased impolite mean salty explicit lecherous lowbrow scandalous rakish colorful colourful taboo tacky vulgarian randy mucky farmyard low X-rated off colour off-color locker-room foul-mouthed nudge-nudge bad-mannered hard-core low-down-and-dirty in bad taste lowdown and dirty uncouth cheap rough unrefined inelegant lowbred raffish tawdry disgusting unpolished common shameless tactless ignoble disreputable immoral roughneck graceless discreditable shameful uncultured scurrilous fruity gaudy unsavoury indiscreet unsavory sleazy near the knuckle degenerate odious shocking uncivil uncultivated disgraceful licentious dishonourable ignominious incult dishonorable boorish despicable porno gamy porn rank unclean flashy rugged unscrupulous distasteful unchaste showy abusive contemptible unacceptable garish depraved grubby unworthy loud brash shabby naff flash abhorrent detestable wretched reprehensible deplorable kitsch abominable abject poor low-minded scummy cheap and nasty scurvy libidinous ill-bred barbaric uncivilized churlish unbecoming carnal unsophisticated loutish sensual undiplomatic unsuitable tatty malicious steamy lustful insensible illiberal unwholesome sick uncivilised unbefitting revolting undignified sickening meretricious tinselly unprincipled unfitting execrable ostentatious unladylike ungentlemanly rough-hewn underhanded outrageous paltry blasphemous unethical despisable untoward wicked worthless deceitful loathsome flamboyant beyond the pale bad shoddy lame lousy in poor taste glaring flaunting disdainable degrading glitzy low-down ratty cruddy scabby sneaky deceptive nefarious close to the bone sorry sneaking slimy no-good barbarian brutish gruff scabrous libellous libelous Philistine lubricious loose sexy erotic titillating goatish dissolute amoral debauched Fescennine ithyphallic Cyprian concupiscent barnyard excessive corporeal voluptuous fleshly sexual atrocious nauseating grody blunt ignorant awkward insulting discourteous unmannerly bizarre repulsive profligate questionable ill-mannered ungracious gruesome Rabelaisian in the gutter appalling thoughtless grimy unvirtuous colloquial disagreeable pitiful pitiable hateful unsettling affronting vilifying vituperative derisive unutterable unspeakable heinous cowardly malevolent meanspirited disrespectful unceremonious snide petty miserable currish pathetic sad demeaning villainous hateworthy measly unstylish ridiculous unfashionable beggarly swinish outcast inferior beyond contempt debasing shaming belittling lowering cheapening humiliating mortifying slipshod malignant plastic gimcrack inglorious cheapjack brummagem cheap-jack rubbishy good-for-naught meritless good-for-nothing no-count no-account over-elaborate overdone brassy unpleasant glittering Brummagem tinsel junky harsh dishonest swanky OTT stupid ornate useless hideous pretentious foolish unsightly outlandish barbarous unclassy trivial artificial unlovely makeshift wild flaring sporty chintzy jazzy screaming blatant brazen twopenny-halfpenny obtrusive unfair common as muck out of place over the top inept incorrect unfit ill-advised perverse inapposite incongruous unhappy amiss unapt infelicitous malapropos inapt wrong crooked shady underhand malodorous rowdy out of keeping ruffian ungodly low-life beastly out of the way

Tính từ

Of an ostentatious nature or overly pompous
large ostentatious pompous bombastic declamatory orotund tumid turgid boastful brazen egotistic flamboyant flashy flaunted garish grandiose jaunty loud pretentious showy vain vaunting extravagant gaudy swanky flash splashy tinselly theatrical tinsel ritzy swank fancy classy affected glitzy dashing kitsch conspicuous ornate glittery brash overdone vulgar actorly bling superfly flaring specious dicty tasteless flaunting chichi obtrusive noisy OTT exhibitionistic sporty peacocky over-elaborate uptown over the top tony razzle-dazzle high-flown fancy-pants fussy splurgy gay spectacular arty-farty bling-bling swaggering bragging conceited swollen-headed cocky arrogant vainglorious egotistical overweening proud self-important bumptious self-satisfied snooty full of yourself overbearing crowing self-opinionated puffed-up overconfident important strutting complacent puffed up smug stuck-up immodest hifalutin prideful bigheaded full of oneself blustering boasting self-conceited consequential swellheaded egoistical biggety biggity egoistic assured persnickety self-centered too big for your boots too big for your breeches self-centred high and mighty self-assertive presumptuous forward opinionated pushy uppish supercilious imperious pontificating sententious uppity haughty domineering huffish lofty patronizing self-asserting chesty masterful assumptive high-and-mighty high-handed stiff huffy high-hat peremptory impudent condescending stiff-necked cavalier highfalutin lordly superior toplofty toploftical presuming sniffy cocksure obnoxious pleased with yourself patronising offensively self-assertive braggart blowhard big-mouthed swanking big-headed big smart-alecky know-it-all self-aggrandizing loudmouth windbag self-applauding exultant on ego trip hot stuff too big for one's britches full of hot air

Tính từ

Showing or feeling no concern for others' feelings
insensitive unfeeling thick-skinned callous heartless uncaring unconcerned cold-blooded compassionless hard hard-hearted inconsiderate unsympathetic merciless pitiless thoughtless cold-hearted indifferent inhuman stony-hearted uncharitable unkind affectless case-hardened cruel desensitised desensitized hard-boiled hardened harsh indurate inhumane insensate ironhearted obdurate pachydermatous remorseless ruthless slash-and-burn soulless stoney stony stonyhearted take-no-prisoners tough unmerciful unresponsive unsparing imperceptive lacking compassion obtuse tactless unpitying unsusceptible aloof bloodless cold coldhearted feelingless hardhearted impervious inattentive incurious oblivious unaffected unmoved unsensitive as hard as nails inured to with a heart of stone hard as nails impassible unimpressionable insusceptible impassive uncompassionate brutal severe vicious unforgiving mean savage barbaric evil barbarous wicked sadistic fiendish atrocious brute butcherly truculent wanton mean-spirited selfish stern apathetic spiteful unfair diabolical bestial monstrous heinous malicious stone-hearted beastly hard-nosed unkindly dastardly flagitious egregious sanguinary unloving inured ungenerous unfriendly heedless grim unpleasant self-centred without sentiment unemotional depraved hellish stingy ungracious cold fish unempathetic uncompromising unchristian inflexible censorious appalling hurtful unsympathizing self-centered unmindful blind indifferent to heedless of insensitive of insensible to insensible of insensitive to wilful disregardful of unjustified malevolent needless senseless arbitrary deliberate unprovoked fierce malign fell unrelenting cannibalistic wolfish malignant implacable relentless hateful ferocious gratuitous motiveless groundless bad unjustifiable unmotivated willed aimless insolent maleficent ornery wayward undisciplined perverse unruly double-crossing contrary unjust

Tính từ

Crass or boisterous in nature or manner
knockabout boisterous rowdy rollicking rumbustious rambunctious riotous rough lively slapstick farcical casual coarse crude mean nasty raw rough-and-tumble harum-scarum raucous roisterous robustious hell-raising wild unruly noisy disorderly loud uproarious unrestrained wild and woolly tumultuous turbulent exuberant obstreperous undisciplined clamorous uncontrolled spirited roistering unmanageable frisky wayward irrepressible disruptive ill-disciplined rip-roaring wilful uncontrollable ungovernable rackety romping high-spirited uninhibited badly behaved gruff rampageous energetic swashbuckling rude lawless loutish intemperate out of control roughhouse loudmouthed rebellious mischievous out of hand tough harsh rugged brusque robust inharmonious refractory swaggering cavalier jarring active animated bouncy overexcited playful carefree merry frolicsome hearty joyous jaunty ebullient vibrant excited sprightly jovial cavorting sportive devil-may-care abandoned lighthearted happy thumping ripping joyful cheerful fun-loving rollicksome glad impetuous full of beans in high spirits clangorous effervescent brawling vociferous strident vociferant over-the-top termagant violent disobedient recalcitrant fractious intractable difficult insubordinate contumacious resounding chaotic mutinous troublesome incorrigible willful blaring anarchic defiant booming froward piercing deafening attention-seeking unbridled lawbreaking screaming headstrong troublemaking clattering thunderous misbehaving thundering ringing naughty tempestuous blasting stroppy roaring sonorous clattery stentorian uncooperative earsplitting untoward plangent slam-bang ear-piercing contrary vehement delinquent demanding self-willed errant shrieking bad shouting hard truculent cacophonous unbiddable restive unyielding stubborn ear-splitting rash perverse reverberating trying impossible exasperating vigorous roguish rascally rioting wrong brutal vicious immoderate ugly anarchical agitated stormy insurrectionary restless callous rebel recusant incompliant balky vocal severe criminal rampant incontrollable distracting aggressive passionate insistent frenzied seditious bolshie hysterical fierce stern forceful out-of-line belligerent pugnacious in turmoil ruffianly awkward out-of-order reverberant heedless reckless carrying uncompliant full-throated heavy impulsive impervious ornery imprudent forward assertive quarrelsome drunken opinionated bawdy inexorable strepitous disturbed blatant inconsiderate emphatic deep out of line resonant intense ear-popping lusty powerful impish tricksy brattish scampish puckish prankish sinful forte full fiendish gallus wanton impudent erratic full of mischief badly-behaved ill-behaved insolent devilish turned up indocile chattering rootin'-tootin unquiet brash talkative gleeful unsettling disturbing upsetting obstinate bawling confused thuggish rampaging limit dangerous divisive antisocial two-fisted importunate crazy nuts outrageous madcap insurmountable berserk deranged disorganised turbid hedonistic uncontained helter-skelter disorganized disordered revolutionary unlawful raging blusterous radge insurgent non-compliant disrupting off-base full-on indisciplined clamorsome raising Cain unconstrained unchecked unhindered unconventional ungoverned uncurbed unbounded raising the roof overpowering unstable unfettered extrovert hardened drunk irregular rowdydowdy raunchy artful kiddish infantile ill-natured sly foxy bothersome thoughtless immature childish disrespectful ear-shattering dinning causing trouble explosive roller-coaster unsettled out-of-control licentious corybantic incautious profligate irrational echoing misbehaved fulminating strong crashing blustering rich big pealing wakes the dead high-sounding rotund full-mouthed loud-voiced threatening thrilled raving outspoken storming fiery shaking amusing perturbed demonstrative entertaining untamed funny bitter witty destructive overwhelming mighty extremely noisy tremendous almighty giddy flighty full of conflict full of confusion full of upheavals on-a-tear wicked impolite very loud annoying teasing worthless dysfunctional clamant sparkling jolly at full volume droll vivacious mirthful jocular full of ups and downs evil strenuous offending bad-mannered hectic frank earnest eager candid forthright open plain-spoken direct sinning head-splitting erring aberrant deviant socially impaired tiresome hot-tempered whiny pesky sullen cantankerous hostile undisciplinable problematic bellicose troublous maladjusted confrontational combative argumentative bold malicious unrestrainable irksome scrappy uncontainable peevish wearisome petulant yawping yauping ranting enthusiastic vociferating caterwauling loud-mouthed yowling squawking wacky culpable transgressing guilty frantic tiring exacting straying voluble shrill eventful arduous frenetic challenging clearly audible laborious exhausting unorthodox shifting stray hilarious deviating miscreant heretic devious fallible off straight and narrow unreliable meandering errable testing unsparing taxing flustering burdensome madhouse tireless furious bustling fortissimo sharp onerous full on wearing imperious busy action-packed bumpy strict uncompromising firm unfeeling cruel unfair abrasive ruthless unjust excessive unbending unkind unrelenting heartless rigorous insensitive unsympathetic savage curt extreme merciless

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