Đồng nghĩa của insurrectionary

Alternative for insurrectionary

insurrectionary /,insə'rekʃnəri/
  • tính từ
    • nổi dậy, khởi nghĩa; có tính chất nổi dậy, có tính chất khởi nghĩa
    • gây ra cuộc nổi dậy, gây ra cuộc khởi nghĩa
    • danh từ
      • người nổi dậy, người khởi nghĩa

    Danh từ

    A person who takes part in a rebellion
    insurgent insurrectionist mutineer rebel red revolter revolutionary revolutionist agitator anarchist antagonist apostate demagogue deserter disectarian dissenter experientialist experimenter frondeur guerrilla heretic iconoclast independent individualist innovator malcontent nihilist nonconformist opponent overthrower recreant renegade resistance rioter schismatic secessionist seditionist separatist subverter traitor turncoat subversive terrorist dissident protester resistance fighter freedom fighter radical Zapatista Montonero objector demonstrator outlaw bioterrorist narcoterrorist ecoterrorist cyberterrorist agroterrorist Bolshevik resister quisling saboteur troublemaker campaigner anarch seditionary deviationist collaborator insubordinate recusant disputant fifth columnist heresiarch freethinker dissentient refusenik independent thinker schismatist sectary misbeliever protest marcher extremist maverick sceptic skeptic partisan unbeliever irregular activist nonbeliever paramilitary supporter marcher free thinker reformer cynic atheist rejectionist agnostic zealot fanatic non-theist free spirit partizan loner bohemian devotee lone wolf bad boy sectarian militant Young Turk true believer reformist leftist lefty separationist pessimist progressive disbeliever non-believer bigot crazy crusader enthusiast ideologue idealogue follower protestant dogmatist negativist belligerent fighter combatant revisionist disrupter lobbyist boycotter picketer striker outsider eccentric dogmatizer disciple underground fighter warrior red hot destroyer existentialist adherent cohort satellite character New Ager rationalist beatnik rarity hippie rare bird irregular soldier commando mercenary bushfighter critic nonconformer boho deviant counterculturist questioner one of a kind odd one out oddball flower child infidel weirdo individual one-off rara avis libertine oner detractor ruiner non-conformist denouncer original image-breaker member of the underground professional soldier member of the resistance soldier of fortune lone ranger enfant terrible

    Danh từ

    A person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims
    terrorist bomber revolutionary gunman assassin guerrilla incendiary radical arsonist desperado hijacker alarmist anarchist cyberterrorist goon guerilla insurrectionist subversive extremist fanatic kidnapper rebel saboteur thug urban guerrilla freedom fighter suicide bomber urban guerilla revolutionist insurgent mutineer agitator resistance fighter revolter traitor partisan renegade malcontent frondeur bioterrorist ecoterrorist agroterrorist narcoterrorist irregular rioter red seditionist paramilitary Zapatista Montonero underground fighter subverter protester irregular soldier member of the resistance dissident resister soldier fighter demonstrator anarch turncoat quisling troublemaker objector antagonist opponent overthrower recreant deserter campaigner demagogue secessionist thief robber disectarian seditionary deviationist nihilist collaborator insubordinate fifth columnist Bolshevik carjacker skyjacker commando mercenary bushfighter member of the underground professional soldier soldier of fortune apostate dissenter separatist betrayer heretic iconoclast schismatic defector tergiversator nonconformist resistance innovator independent experimenter experientialist individualist Judas double-crosser marcher rat snake backslider renegado outlaw double-dealer runaway striker back-stabber informer serpent backstabber activist picketer two-timer deceiver conspirator tattletale whistle-blower sneak squealer treasonist spy snitch fink snake in the grass protest marcher double agent stool pigeon Benedict Arnold counterrevolutionist seceder renegate reformist leftist lefty counterrevolutionary separationist runagate reformer progressive picketers picket convert militant heckler human chain crazy disrupter lobbyist supporter boycotter abandoner refugee turnabout escapee forsaker exile fugitive viper colluder miscreant fizgig scab fraternizer intriguer traditor frenemy snitcher wolf impostor traducer hypocrite

    Tính từ

    Engaged in, or promoting, dissent or revolution
    insurgent mutinous rebellious revolutionary seditious insubordinate rebel insurrectionist subversive dissident renegade disobedient contumacious riotous refractory defiant recalcitrant traitorous disorderly ungovernable radical unruly disaffected unmanageable wilful factious wayward restive anarchistic rioting mutinying intractable uncontrollable disloyal recusant froward contrary balky inflammatory bolshie incompliant resistant iconoclastic willful treasonable agitational turbulent rabble-rousing lawless obstreperous untoward treacherous dissentient nonconformist out of control militant up in arms bellicose underground revolting dissenting treasonous extremist unbiddable anarchical heretical schismatic malcontent incendiary breakaway dissentious apostate difficult obstinate fractious pugnacious threatening warring stubborn quarrelsome rebelling insolent impudent guerrilla nonconforming maverick resistance unorthodox conspiratorial challenging civil disobedience mercenary uncooperative secessionist incorrigible black resistive splinter individualistic armed restless sabotaging alienated attacking undermining troublemaking destructive disruptive separatist seceding perfidious overthrowing unpatriotic discrediting corruptive corrupting harmful perversive unconnected independent separate autonomous nonaligned alternative reforming progressive provocative reformist extreme destabilizing ruinous destabilising progressivist revisionist fanatical rabid fanatic diehard revolutionist stirring immoderate arousing controversial contentious intransigent ultraist nihilistic malevolent aggressive dangerous demagogic wicked rousing loony looney far-out swivel-eyed way out causing trouble anarchic anarchist headstrong perverse undisciplined obdurate wild incontrollable awkward stroppy noncompliant self-willed unyielding non-compliant ornery heterodox pigheaded mulish uncompliant bloody-minded inflexible unconventional pervicacious nonorthodox unaccommodating heretic troublesome naughty delinquent errant renitent out-there bull-headed insubmissive cantankerous unrestrained irrepressible badly behaved unreasonable eccentric mischievous rowdy unwilling unbending stiff-necked undisciplinable boisterous unpredictable truculent obstinately disobedient chaotic adverse loud cussed impish disagreeing noisy unmalleable antagonistic hostile resisting thrawn rascally roguish argumentative indomitable negative immovable contrarious rumbustious unbridled opposing reckless out of hand impetuous opinionated discordant sectarian cross-grained estranged haughty irreconcilable nonobservant peevish unfavorable unfavourable petulant cross withstanding unpersuadable unrestrainable erratic fickle persistent maleficent resolved malicious malign determined spiteful stubborn as a mule disputatious disobliging impotent rampant unresponsive bullheaded obstructive unhelpful opposition protesting complaining objecting opposed vexatious tiresome annoying without law and order capricious original uncomplying intolerable impossible unbearable undependable offbeat uncontrolled daring bold audacious contrariant arsey paradoxical immoral aberrant arbitrary weird unfaithful recreant reactionary outlaw runaway untraditional backsliding antipathetic converse inimical wrongheaded rough tempestuous uproarious raucous vociferous belligerent confrontational oddball clamorous rampaging self-indulgent strong-willed combative rambunctious uncompromising incurable pig-headed roisterous rackety tumultuous feisty unadaptable bohemian rip-roaring scrappy freak rock-ribbed rampageous roistering loath reluctant indisposed hesitant negativistic averse hippie screaming booming strepitous piercing blusterous disregardful cheeky sassy gutsy dareful beatnik attention-seeking insoluble hard-line pat thorny unpliable tough tenacious locked resolute knotty pertinacious problematic indocile way-out ready for a fight raising Cain raising the roof spoiling for a fight lawbreaking lively rollicking romping heedless hang tough locked in tough nut impulsive impervious drunken violent rash intemperate bawdy imprudent forward inexorable assertive mean out of line

    Tính từ

    Relating to crime
    criminal unlawful illicit lawless illegal prohibited dishonest felonious corrupt culpable illegitimate unethical villainous crooked disorderly indictable nefarious unlicensed wicked wrong clandestine contraband iniquitous unsavoury unsavory anarchic delinquent forbidden furtive lawbreaking terrorist wrongful actionable banned bent black dark fraudulent immoral impermissible outlawed punishable shady unauthorised unauthorized unruly unsanctioned against the law anarchical bad disruptive dodgy improper insubordinate insurgent interdicted mutinous mutinying proscribed rebellious seditious unacceptable unofficial vile adulterous anarchistic barbarous evil malfeasant noncompliant nonconformist peccant revolting savage sinful sly taboo unrighteous unwarranted verboten vicious bootleg contumacious criminogenic dirty disobedient disordered excessive flagitious guilty heavy infringing miscreant nihilistic piratical racketeering recusant rotten traitorous transgressing turbulent uncivilised uncivilized uncultivated ungoverned unpeaceful unregulated violating violent warlike wildcat haram tapu out of line black-market off base under-the-table smoking gun against the rules off limits ruled out not acceptable not allowed not permitted contrary to law in violation of law without law and order under the counter under-the-counter under the table ungovernable wild riotous uncontrollable rowdy unmanageable undisciplined rioting refractory revolutionary chaotic out of control uncontrolled intemperate tumultuous uproarious unrestrained reckless brawling unbiddable ugly tempestuous fierce tyrannous unorthodox untamed despotic heterodox terrorising terrorizing rampageous deranged uncontained immoderate disorganised helter-skelter turbid disorganized hedonistic boisterous antisocial rough troublesome obstreperous uncompliant wayward indisciplined drunk out-of-order out-of-line out-of-control noisy raucous fractious on-a-tear out of hand termagant unprincipled base depraved reprobate degenerate dishonourable reprehensible dishonorable unscrupulous shameful dissolute heinous foul erring atrocious perverted disreputable infamous scandalous abominable monstrous ungodly despicable outrageous shocking odious blameworthy detestable warped scoundrelly prosecutable unjust perverse egregious barred morally wrong dissipated unholy diabolical fiendish profane dastardly unfair rascally sacrilegious execrable blasphemous debauched hateful discreditable underhand mean impure unconscionable amoral offending devious contemptible sordid errant irreligious disgraceful indecent chargeable low impious low-down censurable malicious horrible unconstitutional fallen godless ignoble deceitful debased obscene responsible peccable shameless abandoned beastly sinning aberrant blamable deviant knavish condemnable diabolic murderous treacherous sullied tainted roguish profligate cruel wanton sinister underhanded decadent stinking non licet licentious corrupted not cricket devilish indefensible maleficent answerable appalling dreadful untrustworthy abhorrent irreverent straying degraded unspeakable naughty malevolent racket deviating ignominious tabu loathsome unhealthy not legal disgusting offensive incorrigible liable brutal libertine vitiated not approved pernicious injurious black-hearted blackguardly misbehaving terrible transgressive vetoed dangerous ruffianly unregenerate convictable reproachable opprobrious infernal notorious hot smuggled unwarrantable irregular extralegal undesirable condemned swindling inhuman deplorable blameful inexcusable undue blameable disallowed lewd inequitable mischievous lascivious raffish venal fallible wretched cheating unworthy repugnant callous double-dealing sick lecherous loose unwholesome rakish demoralized bribable unpleasant at fault prurient refused no-no louche damnable mercenary lowlife unclean rakehell jackleg prejudicial sub rosa filthy perfidious faithless polygamous bigamous outside the law rakehelly objectionable caitiff scurvy to blame snide demoralised defiled open nasty no go heartless harmful unvirtuous questionable in error two-faced out of bounds low-life in the wrong self-indulgent gone to the dogs fast and loose two-timing undemocratic serious unapproved uncertified unaccredited penal mistaken deceiving malign intolerable vice-ridden atheistic inappropriate accursed facinorous groundless cutthroat Machiavellian imputable scungy buccaneering scurrilous satanic malignant embargoed faulty blundering unjustified flagrant glaring putrid gross restricted triable litigable tortious shy unrespectable shoddy unforgivable bogus unreasonable unnecessary undeserved beyond contempt pillaging plundering thieving exceptionable ill-famed hideous hellish no good convicted uncharitable undignified abject unbecoming sorry ill-reputed cowardly accountable secret hardened debarred uncalled for closed down good-for-nothing incriminated lamentable servile currish shabby inelegant menial paltry worthless rapacious wolfish impeached reprovable deleterious damaging demeritorious amiss baneful hurtful nocuous adverse noxious baleful detrimental ill tough threatening caught censured biased prejudiced off-color low-minded accusable doomed bad news discriminatory closed-up closed closed-down out on one's head ruthless merciless deserving blame on the side partisan inhumane risqué contrary difficult froward unfeeling unkind forbidding slippery bloodthirsty tyrannical shifty brutish bestial unconscientious sadistic scheming inexorable spiteful discriminating partial unequal bigoted thievish smutty salacious not on corruptible pitiless rancorous disparaging exploitative hard-hearted mean-spirited wrathful demonic crafty scrofulous evil-minded self-seeking vengeful contemptuous grisly conscienceless cold-blooded squalid scornful despiteful harsh virulent vindictive gruesome disdainful grafting buyable gangland underworld weighted distorted intolerant coloured slanted preferential profiteering tricky obnoxious badly behaved shifting erratic stray heretic unreliable meandering errable unfaithful extortionate suborned loaded unbalanced uneven arbitrary hollow-hearted on the take unchaste false one-sided petty grievous unrightful non-objective uncalled-for colored off straight and narrow hedonic pervy sleazy libidinous fast lustful concupiscent promiscuous indulgent flagitous twisted unconstrained sicko sybaritic kinky unnatural swinging voluptuary violated easy drunken deteriorated dirty-minded fast-living in the fast lane gone bad pleasure-seeking night owl lacking restraint in the gutter high living

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