Đồng nghĩa của incriminated

Alternative for incriminated

incriminates, incriminated, incriminating

Đồng nghĩa: accuse, criminate, impeach, imply, inculpate,

Tính từ

Culpable of or responsible for a specified wrongdoing
guilty culpable responsible blameworthy erring offending convicted felonious liable reprehensible accountable answerable blameable censurable delinquent iniquitous sinful condemnable criminal errant reproachable chargeable condemned convictable impeached peccant wrong caught censured licentious accusable depraved doomed evil wicked at fault to blame in the wrong in error out of line on one's head blamable faulty reprovable blameful mistaken misbehaving sinning aberrant lawless lawbreaking transgressing deviant discreditable shameful straying indefensible scandalous inexcusable fallible deviating bad deserving blame disreputable unholy amiss demeritorious incorrect misguided corrupt contemptible deserving of censure amenable subject disgraceful objectionable found wanting ignoble obligated legally responsible bound deplorable unworthy opprobrious despicable remiss tied dishonourable odious unacceptable punishable impeachable indictable dirty unjustifiable insufferable regrettable repugnant unforgivable unpardonable exceptionable offensive obnoxious hung up smoking gun off base caught red-handed mischievous dishonorable caught in the act blundering transgressive caught in flagrante naughty troublesome froward difficult unmanageable unruly contrary disobedient uncontrollable wayward devious unorthodox miscreant badly behaved shifting rowdy erratic stray unreliable heretic meandering errable out of control off straight and narrow infamous ignominious shabby base outrageous shady shoddy degrading unrespectable unprincipled sordid notorious louche low shy inglorious vile mean scurvy inexpiable unwarrantable abominable humiliating shocking heinous hateful low-down immoral abject intolerable shameless unspeakable improper loathsome appalling villainous knavish insupportable sorry flagitious egregious dastardly unconscionable mortifying detestable embarrassing lewd wretched beyond the pale unjustified atrocious unscrupulous shaming untrustworthy unreasonable unprovoked gratuitous monstrous disgusting rascally execrable nefarious crooked debasing beyond contempt undignified diabolical rotten without justification without cause without reason untenable unpermissible unallowable unnecessary unfortunate excessive terrible revolting treacherous uncalled for immoderate dreadful unseemly unheroic unsuccessful awful unremittable perfidious traitorous irremissible demeaning failed belittling deadly mortal scoundrelly beastly blackguardly miserable humiliatory indecorous pitiful not forgivable not cricket degraded discomfiting petty craven currish snide degenerate nasty unchivalrous low-minded paltry uncharitable poor peasant modest ordinary reproachful menial simple servile coarse plain dishonest vicious seedy suspect questionable disorderly unsavoury of bad reputation dubious suspicious seamy sleazy slippery unwholesome unwarranted shifty dodgy fishy dissolute pitiable derogatory beggarly unsavory cheap lowly libidinous uncalled-for rude impermissible criticizable impolite in bad no good in low esteem in the doghouse indecent unbecoming drunken reprobate carnal immodest ribald intemperate obscene profligate impure flagrant unclean vulgar debauched

Động từ

Past tense for to feel or declare that someone or something is at fault or wrong
blamed accused censured condemned admonished faulted denounced reproached impeached impugned inculpated reproved indicted denunciated framed rebuked recriminated reprimanded imputed saddled fingered rapped held accountable held responsible held liable accused of assigned fault to laid the blame on placed the blame on assigned guilt to assigned liability to considered guilty of found guilty of passed the buck pointed the finger pointed the finger at pointed a finger at laid a guilt trip on laid at one's door laid a bad trip on charged prosecuted arraigned criminated put on trial for laid charges against preferred charges against defamed taxed put on trial filed charges against cited summonsed implicated sued called to account summoned charged with arraigned for impeached for prosecuted for made accusations about brought to trial for brought charges against alleged indicted for brought charges recriminated for had the law on hung something on pointed finger at let have it taxed with lodged complaint cast aspersions on incriminated for laid blame on brought to trial confronted took to court for taken to court for presented scapegoated tried discredited criticized disparaged reprobated criticised reprehended pegged laid at your door involved taken to court took to court named implicated in imputed blame to held answerable for laid at door stuck on betrayed served summons proved to be guilty slurred brought before the court branded attributed brought an action against apprehended libeled held accountable for condemned for pinned it on held responsible for blamed for served with a summons pinned on attributed liability to tried for laid the blame on someone for held at fault faced with charges filed claim singled out dragged into court censured with brought a charge against had up slandered arrested complained hung on brought a case against libelled attacked did done blown the whistle blew the whistle blown the whistle on whistle-blew blew the whistle on whistle-blown attributed to taken to task took to task

Động từ

Past tense for to condemn or criticize severely

Trái nghĩa của incriminated

incriminated Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

English Vocalbulary

Đồng nghĩa của criminal Đồng nghĩa của crime Đồng nghĩa của incriminate Đồng nghĩa của incrimination Đồng nghĩa của recrimination Đồng nghĩa của criminality Đồng nghĩa của criminalization Đồng nghĩa của criminalize Đồng nghĩa của criminate Đồng nghĩa của incriminating Đồng nghĩa của criminogenic Đồng nghĩa của criminology Đồng nghĩa của recriminatory Đồng nghĩa của crimeless Đồng nghĩa của crimebuster Đồng nghĩa của criminalness Đồng nghĩa của recriminate Đồng nghĩa của criminally Đồng nghĩa của criminals Đồng nghĩa của criminalise Đồng nghĩa của crimefree Đồng nghĩa của crimination Đồng nghĩa của incriminatory Đồng nghĩa của criminological Đồng nghĩa của crimes Đồng nghĩa của criminalizing Đồng nghĩa của incriminates Đồng nghĩa của criminalizes Đồng nghĩa của criminalising Đồng nghĩa của incriminations Đồng nghĩa của recriminations Đồng nghĩa của criminalized Đồng nghĩa của criminalities Đồng nghĩa của recriminates Đồng nghĩa của criminalizations Đồng nghĩa của criminates Đồng nghĩa của criminalised Đồng nghĩa của crimebusters Đồng nghĩa của criminations Đồng nghĩa của recriminated Đồng nghĩa của criminated Đồng nghĩa của criminalises Đồng nghĩa của recriminating Đồng nghĩa của criminating Đồng nghĩa của criminologically Đồng nghĩa của criminologies Đồng nghĩa của criminogenically Đồng nghĩa của crim Đồng nghĩa của crims
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