Đồng nghĩa của discomfiting

Alternative for discomfiting

discomfits, discomfited, discomfiting

Đồng nghĩa: discompose, disconcert, untune, upset,


Tending to discomfit
awkward disconcerting disturbing embarrassing flustering uncomfortable distressing nerve-racking off-putting unsettling upsetting perplexing troublesome unpleasant humiliating tricky troubling discomposing cringeworthy uneasy cringey trying unnerving worrisome incommodious painful cringe-making confusing compromising sensitive delicate shameful demeaning degrading alarming distracting bewildering discountenancing agitating inconvenient disagreeable worrying perturbing toe-curling sticky thorny excruciating exasperating dismaying tense discommoding difficult concerning vexatious hairy fraught wearisome restless nervous anxious bothersome baffling embarrassed ticklish dicey untimely problematical problematic anxious-making gnarly dodgy knotty charged tickly annoying torturous galling bitter disquieting prickly irritating dolorous bumpy rough hard confronting distressed itchy afflictive grievous scratchy frightening startling distressful causing discomfort ill-fitting troublous harrowing ominous discouraging nagging discomforting foreboding gloomy harassing onerous severe sinister nasty devastating depressing creepy provoking pessimistic nail-biting nerve-wracking gut-wrenching mortifying shaming touchy ignominious barro disgraceful discreditable dishonouring blush-making dishonoring unpropitious equivocal inopportune rattling discommodious puzzling unseemly impossible shocking dreadful horrifying scary dire awful terrifying irksome agonizing traumatic terrible horrible ghastly heartbreaking appalling daunting horrendous agonising grim forbidding heart-rending sad tragic tormenting frightful intimidating chilling direful affecting hair-raising pitiful burdensome macabre monstrous fearsome spine-chilling horrific gruesome vexing moving heartrending taxing poignant threatening fearful formidable horrid dangerous woeful menacing miserable pathetic nightmarish stressful wretched hideous redoubtable aggravating bad piteous dismal grisly atrocious unfortunate touching saddening tough harsh tiresome laborious pitiable petrifying deplorable grave toilsome dread plaintive disruptive bleak vile lamentable hurtful spooky lurid eerie unpalatable stirring disappointing displeasing offensive intrusive hostile tear-jerking ugly distasteful regrettable crushing challenging doleful oppressive afflicting tragical unspeakable dark foul abominable haunting unwelcome unhappy loathsome arduous mean impeding consequential unlucky sorrowful niggling heavy cruel demanding disheartening intense mournful hellacious emotional demoralizing poor baleful ghostly objectionable unsavoury impressive disgusting sickening grewsome scaring unsavory demoralising exacting terrific rotten weighty sorry wicked prophetic uncertain heinous gross punishing dispiriting emotive sentimental abhorrent grotesque harrying uncongenial unpleasing exigent cheerless unfriendly fierce unearthly racking perilous torturing nauseating revolting raging wrenching nightmare ghoulish impactful apprehensive tender nauseous glaring eery uphill forlorn repulsive odious execrable lousy morbid desolate bloodcurdling hellish harmful rigorous detestable calamitous mean-looking ferocious unfavorable unfavourable savage rugged brutal unlovely inhospitable murderous repellent repugnant austere killing bothering unbearable adverse inauspicious undesirable searing sombre somber joyless troubled repellant tearing suffering pesky precarious extreme damaging unwholesome gnawing scarring low injurious affective pestiferous plaguy heart-warming maddening jarring infuriating abject powerful weird mind-blowing hateful rueful degenerate disadvantageous outrageous uncanny wearing grating brooding awesome melting tiring uninviting unwelcoming tight stiff stringent tearful back-breaking bodeful imposing spookish to be pitied evil strenuous gruelling exhausting ruthless merciless disastrous grueling persnickety meagre meager anguished icky yukky sour yucky awe-inspiring strange stark frustrating obnoxious dreaded egregious hardhanded inhuman abysmal compassionate intolerable testing overwhelming heart-breaking beastly messy godawful hazardous critical stunning solemn vicious unendurable melancholy eldritch dour parlous comfortless insufferable negative chancy iffy hopeless glum pressing spine-tingling morose violent vehement ill-fated dubious tortuous spartan causing fear blood-curdling struggling suspect questionable bone-chilling desolating offending dampening thrilling insecure distractive disrupting diverting diversionary panicky jittery fretful antsy mysterious Kafkaesque heart-wrenching tremendous pitiless oppressed impoverished warming shattering passionate expressive nostalgic uptight wounding evocative humourless crummy humorless sober desperate serious poverty-stricken embittering Herculean nettlesome useless petty puny commiserable unsatisfactory stinking unacceptable sedate diabolical striking afraid massive overpowering controversial untoward nightmarey phantasmagorical unreal emotionally charged exciting iniquitous nefarious flagrant uncool grotty grody unappealing soaring a nuisance freaky supernatural melancholic pestilential catastrophic fatal edgy sympathetic wistful responsive flagitious teasing fatiguing an imposition extremely upsetting deadly ruinous irritable depressive tormentous anguishing enervating sapping punk excessive scandalous cataclysmic all-powerful glary wearying carking superincumbent villainous acute importunate noncognitive feeling intuitive visceral pestilent perceptual dreary extremely bad strong blinding dazzling hefty piercing sordid squalid corrupt disreputable shuddersome dejected despondent intractable undisciplined murder rowdy infestive ungovernable repressive disorderly exquisite straitened hard-pressed shadowy tortured full of hardship doubtful gray strained black ill-omened treacherous ill-boding grey jeopardous apocalyptic rocky very bad mephitical unkind sullen revulsive unamusing stupid idiotic lethal mortal unsightly obscene draining remote unhandy unmanageable unwieldy prejudicial inexpedient detrimental cumbersome unsuitable unseasonable stupefying deathly hapless fateful destructive heartstopping unpromising evil-looking unaesthetic grinding rancid astonishing noisome fulsome amazing noxious staggering abnormal surprising tedious ill-starred coarse sleazy degraded seedy base worthless glowering life-threatening from hell scurvy unnatural suggestive of evil telling soul-stirring uplifting scungy debauched afflicted derisible commiserative arousing shabby small unrelenting relentless disagreeing sore remorseless great intemperate inclement depraved perverse sick warped twisted heartwarming seamy hard-hearted emotionally moving unhealthy arousing affect more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand


Deserving or causing public disgrace or shame
ignominious disgraceful shameful humiliating discreditable sorry undignified abject disreputable inglorious mortifying dishonourable embarrassing despicable dishonorable ignoble infamous louche notorious opprobrious scandalous shady shoddy shy unrespectable humiliatory indecorous miserable pitiful wretched debasing degrading offensive reprehensible shaming demeaning unworthy contemptible belittling lowering cheapening improper unbecoming unseemly blush-making derogatory infra dig barro toe-curling cringe-making shocking questionable blameworthy unsuitable corrupt low immoral unladylike ungentlemanly base shabby unprincipled suspect unbefitting unfitting dubious unrefined unceremonious chastening bad outrageous scornful disparaging derogative decrying pejorative derisory depreciative contemptuous denigratory slighting uncomplimentary depreciatory deprecatory disdainful detractive denigrative untoward inappropriate unacceptable cringeworthy indecent dishonoring appalling dishonouring discrediting menial bringing shame hateful abominable unheroic unsuccessful failed indelicate tarnished wicked indiscreet detestable derisive depreciating patronizing condescending sneering tasteless vulgar patronising crass culpable deplorable unjustifiable objectionable wrong regrettable unfortunate indefensible exceptionable remiss in bad taste inelegant humbling crushing disgracing beneath you lacking dignity deflating squashing quashing beneath one's dignity corrupting downgrading mean bringing low bringing down dishonest villainous rascally disconcerting upsetting untrustworthy unscrupulous vicious seedy disorderly distressing unsavoury of bad reputation suspicious seamy crooked sleazy slippery vile unwholesome awkward uncomfortable shifty dodgy fishy licentious dissolute lewd pitiable beggarly unsavory cheap scurvy sordid lowly libidinous flustering compromising delicate sensitive confusing tricky in bad no good discountenancing disturbing agitating touchy troublesome discomposing in low esteem in the doghouse cringey discommoding perplexing trying unpropitious equivocal inopportune inconvenient bewildering excruciating troubling incommodious exasperating impossible disagreeable rattling discommodious distracting puzzling worrisome uneasy abusive scurrilous insulting rude vituperative disrespectful insolent contumelious impertinent defamatory hurtful slanderous libelous libellous difficult vitriolic thorny sticky ticklish invective dicey vexatious problematic knotty scurril vituperatory truculent scurrile wounding impudent affronting discourteous hairy uncivil unpleasant damaging personal catty calumniatory injurious critical calumnious disapproving spiteful censorious despiteful malevolent reproachful maligning irritating annoying displeasing restless nervous tense provocative vexing provoking galling unmannerly anxious embarrassed untimely problematical painful censurable crude obnoxious impolite coarse venomous gnarly saucy pert pushy cheeky brazen forward malapert sassy brash unflattering detracting aspersive diminishing unfavourable libeling denigrating dismissive injuring excoriating hurting offending abasing malign defaming libelling reviling malignant reproaching damning negative nasty vilifying blasphemous traducing mud-slinging biting repulsive ridiculing fault-finding deprecating malicious aspersing minimizing sarcastic unfavorable minimising


The state of being bewildered or unclear in one's mind about something
confusion bewilderment puzzlement perplexity bafflement mystification dither wonder befuddlement disorientation wonderment befuddling discombobulation discomfiture distraction doubt fluster muddle uncertainty bamboozlement discomposure disconcertion perplexing stupefaction agitation astonishment bemusement bewilderedness chagrin confounding confusedness daze perturbation shock tangle abashment awkwardness demoralisation demoralization disconcertment dumbfounding embarrassment flap fog lather mixup stew unsettling upsetting whirl addling blurring cluttering difficulty maze misperception misunderstanding obscuring pother surprise tangling turbulence head-scratching stirring up stupor haze consternation amazement awe trance incomprehension distress disquiet dismay muddledness anxiety hysteria mortification nervousness trepidation incredulity nadaville gauze lala-land narcosis glaze uneasiness startlement unease disbelief obscurity fear spin alarm flusteredness shame dazedness discomfort swoon worry disturbance panic upset obfuscation devastation doubtfulness disquietude questioning fright suspicion nonplus humiliation inquietude disorder horror terror vagueness blankness deliriousness dread surprize derangement admiration egg on one's face muddlement insanity madness mania numbness delirium speechlessness fearfulness apprehension stunner marvel frenzy apprehensiveness astoundment state of shock something else one for the books unclearness dumbfoundedness giddiness concern dwaal cluelessness blur angst skepticism quandary wooziness doziness qualms misgiving dimness indistinctness malaise trepidity jumble dubiety fogginess dumbfoundment dwam blindness lack of comprehension disillusion curiosity scepticism flabbergastment astoundedness flabagast obliviousness trance-like state confused state loss of face state of confusion state of bewilderment state of disorientation feverishness fever trancelike state state of stupefaction crazedness harassment discord abstraction mental unclarity lack of understanding frustration beating ruin failure defeat state scare alarum funk tizzy tizz swivet undoing disappointment rout overthrow cold sweat jam crush cold feet rush confoundment stopper flabbergast mental distress comedown vexation descent conquest vanquishment defeasance dementia dementedness blow irrationality trauma bombshell hallucination lunacy incoherence calenture revelation whammy temporary insanity temporary madness injury thunderbolt earthquake excitement encounter rude awakening eye-opener state of agitation double whammy bolt from the blue state of perturbation source of consternation kick in the teeth source of distress a bolt out of the blue source of amazement a bolt from the blue


Present participle for to disturb the composure of
embarrassing disconcerting confusing abashing flustering rattling fazing ruffling unsettling unnerving confounding discomposing nonplussing perturbing mortifying discomforting distressing disturbing flurrying making uncomfortable upsetting agitating chagrining discombobulating discountenancing disorientating making uneasy perplexing taking aback demoralising demoralizing annoying bothering irking vexing worrying worsting making self-conscious putting someone off their stroke setting someone back on their heels putting someone off their stride taking the wind out of your sails disquieting dismaying troubling bewildering throwing distracting throwing off balance alarming shaming humiliating putting off irritating bugging appalling unhinging shaking up shaking getting to concerning crushing harassing frazzling flummoxing puzzling ailing daunting needling baffling distempering galling undoing provoking displeasing frustrating nettling frightening psyching out disgracing dumbfounding putting down scaring startling afflicting exasperating shocking demeaning exercising hagriding alaruming derailing fussing peeving subduing piquing surprising discouraging plaguing horrifying intimidating weirding out freaking out disheartening humbling burning up degrading riling abasing mystifying aggravating deflating discrediting fretting dishonouring putting out dishonoring putting out of countenance taking down stirring up putting to shame stunning putting into a flap throwing into a tizz making someone eat humble pie hassling bullying muddling cowing debasing tormenting chastening jolting angering panicking miffing making anxious spooking owning agonizing making nervous chafing depressing throwing off squashing flooring showing up pestering making ashamed deterring dispiriting agonising bringing down taking down a peg causing someone to lose their composure bringing low making a fool of cutting down to size making someone eat crow unbalancing deranging browbeating terrorizing astonishing unmanning offending saddening affronting amazing astounding awing aweing outraging stupefying haunting discommoding overwhelming hurting disrupting exciting wounding disgruntling grating getting graveling gravelling chillin chilling narking disarranging addling catching off balance paining eating frosting rasping itching griping persecuting quashing grieving fuddling spiting badgering terrorising rattling one's cage snubbing besetting hacking off niggling making someone scratch their head bowling over gnawing at causing to be at a stand taking down a peg or two putting someone in their place settling someone's hash cutting to the quick nagging at disorienting disappointing overawing dejecting terrifying flabbergasting destabilizing aggrieving staggering affecting stinging disordering exposing ridiculing teasing torturing devaluing downgrading destabilising dissatisfying belittling pothering disgusting oppressing sinking letting down stumping flattening breaking sapping sickening withering riding foxing bedevilling bedeviling lowering cheapening thwarting working up buffaloing smirching throwing into tizzy dazing fouling dumfounding preoccupying rocking consternating fouling up beleaguering bemeaning burdening hanging up thunderstriking possessing hounding petrifying throwing into a tizzy lousing up knocking for six putting on the spot giving a hard time giving a turn upsetting the applecart stopping someone in their tracks jarring ticking off making unhappy picking on shooting down tearing down putting the wind up making waves causing to lose face pulling the rug from under casting down hurting somebody's feelings lying heavy on weighing heavily on having the last laugh on striking dumb weighing on getting the better of eating at pulling the rug out from under tangling blasting bamboozling befuddling heating hurrying hindering balking injuring harrying making fretful bustling baulking taking by surprise disarming eating away at dizzying disorganizing jumbling turning disarraying dementing rummaging downing displacing putting on edge crazing flipping harming blinding undermining enervating weakening enfeebling uncalming foiling making a scene imposing upon burning inflaming roiling pouring cold water on throwing cold water on straining throwing into confusion mixing up catching unawares sending into a spin causing anxiety to weighing down causing concern to niggling at causing discomfort to driving up the wall setting back interfering tiring complicating arousing intruding rousing crabbing begrudging grudging throwing into uproar throwing into disorder reducing bemusing getting even putting someone's nose out of joint devastating showing in a bad light making awkward putting away demoting overcoming making one feel small forcing to eat humble pie silencing popping one's balloon pulling down making eat dirt squelching bringing down a peg fixing someone's wagon putting one away getting in the way benumbing cutting disobliging repulsing dogging excruciating nauseating slighting repelling bulldozing hectoring wildering surprizing blackjacking blowing your mind blowing away leaving aghast rendering speechless springing on throwing a curve causing wonder taking your breath away leaving open-mouthed striking with awe electrifying dazzling fogging mourning pushing the buttons of thumbing nose at causing suffering causing anguish bleeding causing sorrow causing offense turning off lambasting giving offence to dragooning mazing taunting bullyragging obsessing posing getting one's comeuppance catching one short obfuscating bogarting baiting jeering interrupting conquering making a monkey of giving a bad time putting in a spot putting in a hole railroading dashing taking the wind out bringing up short tyrannizing barracking booing paralysing disillusioning bludgeoning affrighting disenchanting shouting down besieging paralyzing snafuing hissing hazing knocking sideways tyrannising outsmarting trapping tricking outwitting strong-arming gibing chivying dissing mau-mauing screwing up filling with consternation messing up mucking up recurring turning on the heat pushing around leaning on stirring denigrating outfoxing playing jibing at shouting at heckling racking harrowing preying on maddening infesting staying with coming back to slamming smearing ripping panning blistering tripping shouting catcalls at butting in making game of vanquishing downplaying furbelowing blustering wearing frilling abrading wrong-footing catching out catching on the hop winding up getting across running down playing down causing to feel small trying stressing anguishing moving nagging traumatizing cursing causing suffering to traumatising giving someone grief touching scaring the bejesus out of making miserable scarifying frighting crucifying scaring to death making wretched insulting causing anguish to bumming out scaring stiff throwing into a panic scaring the living daylights out of revolting striking hanging over flipping out overpowering debilitating beating filling with fear striking terror into doing in preying on your mind scaring the pants off taking control of getting down making one's hair stand on end despairing frenzying prostrating taxing fearing stewing sweating occupying damaging tearing wringing unstringing incommoding inconveniencing suffering whelming impressing tantalising tantalizing indisposing martyring overmastering importuning swamping egging on scarring turning on grinding desolating getting at spellbinding stabbing pushing buttons searing pricking scaring witless taking over piercing dampening spirits enthralling leaving speechless snowing under giving someone goose pimples chilling to the marrow freezing your blood chilling to the bone befogging getting the wind up scaring away giving someone the heebie-jeebies causing agony to dumping on relucting hitting for six sweeping someone off their feet dampening curdling the blood putting the fear of God into making teeth chatter throwing into a fright muddying grossing out damping scaring someone out of their wits making one's blood run cold throwing into a blue funk making jump knocking out making someone jump out of their skin going to your head making sad frightening the living daylights out of knocking the stuffing out of muddling up inciting causing disquiet to unquieting stimulating tearing apart making restless mistaking musing labouring laboring fluttering hustling fermenting quickening squirming examining ventilating pressing down on being causing anxiety bugging up making flip buttonholing thrilling deeply upsetting pushing strapping nit-picking galvanizing weighing locoing scandalizing discording jangling disharmonizing disaccording galvanising occupying thoughts inflicting trauma hacking you off rubbing the wrong way disengaging detaching disconnecting uncoupling separating unhitching unfastening cutting up chilling off frightening to death bending someone's ear making someone's hair stand on end scaring silly scaring the pants off of making someone jump out of his skin pressing sweeping over grinding down wronging inflicting anguish on springing feeling unwell feeling pain making flesh crawl arousing anxiety in causing someone distress causing pain cracking knocking over overcharging testing knocking props out rending disrespecting slapping doing a number on making it tough for throwing a curveball giving someone a jolt giving someone a fright giving a shock goading dunning convulsing antagonizing making your gorge rise incapacitating cramping numbing scandalising antagonising driving insane carping caviling cavilling snowing firing up distorting sticking it to dishing it out giving it to dishing out causing trouble to making your head spin stymieing balling up messing with one's head making punchy intoxicating setting someone thinking inebriating keying up laying up getting someone sweating out hitting a sour note quibbling causing pain to devitalizing nitpicking rocking the boat flapping breaking down tearing to pieces disempowering sending over the edge fidgetting fidgeting hitting like ton of bricks raising someone's eyebrows completely surprising shaking out of your complacency absorbing disparaging snarling crippling unglueing taking apart blowing up unzipping taking steam out sending up ungluing blowing out hurting the feelings of taking pains gripping dominating devouring engrossing engulfing getting on your wick labouring over breaking one's heart wearying draining getting worked up getting in a stew dragging down making blue putting a damper on putting into a funk breaking the heart of making a big thing of making a big thing out of monopolizing making a mountain out of a molehill making a meal of making a thing of dragging darkening dulling overburdening eating up reducing to tears making someone fed up casting a gloom upon beating down harshing someone's mellow making gloomy giving someone the blues making desolate making despondent bringing tears to your eyes bearing down breaking someone's heart dashing hopes keeping under consuming monopolising overloading softening melting squicking making sick causing aversion abominating surfeiting making someone want to throw up turning stomach cloying on causing to feel nauseous making shudder filling with loathing palling offending morals of arousing sympathy arousing pity tugging at the heart tugging at your heartstrings making emotional wrecking killing shattering destroying steamrollering subordinating throwing into panic stiffing scaring off making one's flesh creep giving one the creeps running circles around scaring someone half to death


Present participle for to frustrate or prevent (someone) from achieving an aim
beating foiling thwarting baffling frustrating overcoming baulking balking outwitting worsting checkmating preventing throwing checking stopping blocking defeating obstructing hindering circumventing impeding disappointing dashing stymieing curbing derailing ruining scuppering cramping forestalling scotching countering fouling up hampering restraining barring upsetting the applecart snookering doing for spoiling upsetting crimping nobbling halting putting a stop to putting paid to putting the kibosh on holding up screwing up standing in the way of putting the mockers on putting a spoke in someone's wheel trammelling trammeling smashing opposing crossing crabbing nullifying rooting bilking crippling disconcerting rattling lousing up putting the stopper on giving the slip nipping in the bud hanging up cramping one's style undoing conquering neutralizing snafuing counteracting inhibiting traversing fettering deterring hamstringing obviating hobbling neutralising fazing taking down messing up playing off cooking someone's goose taking wind out of putting a brake on throwing monkey wrench in countermoving deflecting diverting stalling heading off contravening scuttling overturning invalidating debarring throwing a curve squashing repressing repelling suppressing confounding vanquishing gaining cornering triumphing repulsing parrying eluding counterplotting blanking burying queering promoting shaking skipping juking buffaloing bollixing ducking ditching dodging beating down getting the better of taking wind out of sails putting end to causing setback halting in its tracks running circles around running rings around throwing a spanner in the works giving the run-around shuffling off throwing a monkey wrench in the works shaking off braking delaying quashing crushing confronting stifling retarding encumbering disrupting slowing cumbering banjaxing handicapping shackling prohibiting precluding forbidding licking canceling annulling arresting negating cancelling stumping manacling clogging handcuffing damming borking interfering with interfering stonewalling freezing putting the lid on rendering null and void giving the run around dashing one's hope chaining embarrassing entangling binding short-circuiting tying up throwing a spanner in the works of getting in the way closing off shutting down shutting off hog-tying holding back saddling with getting in the way of cutting off throwing a monkey wrench in the works of giving a hard time slowing down confusing skinning stultifying taking the wind out of your sails restricting interrupting bridling sabotaging staving off putting an end to wrecking constraining warding off averting destroying fending off quelling shattering dishing limiting resisting devastating marring demolishing shutting out avoiding intercepting ending curtailing holding off nixing setting back defying withstanding staying blighting impairing subduing clobbering squelching fighting annihilating making a mess of escaping playing havoc with interdicting withholding bringing to an end blowing a hole in forfending damaging subverting ruling out undermining extinguishing smothering offsetting bucking controlling catching suspending pre-empting confining doing in challenging cruelling euchring helping combatting combating disputing blowing anticipating pausing abolishing sandbagging taming reining in shelving stemming chillin chilling reducing killing injuring making a hash of canceling out cancelling out holding rebuffing choking putting a damper on holding in holding down defending against bringing to naught putting off keeping lid on cooling keeping at bay keeping off putting down denying attacking disturbing evading terminating eradicating breaking eliminating dispatching obliterating stilling threatening negativing sidestepping bypassing harming unsettling disabling discouraging contesting dampening obscuring inconveniencing skirting decimating dueling duelling preempting reining rebutting impugning keeping containing tying remitting bottlenecking governing cutting short second-guessing mucking up straitening regulating intermitting weighing down countervailing cracking down on steering clear of driving back driving away fighting back drawing up putting a wrench in the works stamping out hemming in refusing botching fighting off abrogating forcing back debilitating getting ahead of getting in before warding pulling up pulling in going against beating back fetching up turning aside providing against stealing a march on bottling up abating rendering ineffective beating off overthrowing choking off corking stemming the flow of picking off dragging your feet standing off turning away thrusting back turning back vitiating overruling throwing cold water on beating someone to it keeping back putting to flight making ineffective beating someone to the draw beating someone to the punch putting up a fight against brushing off striving against redressing sending packing wiping out wreaking havoc counterchecking pouring cold water on turning down causing havoc putting a spanner in the works seeing off struggling against finishing finishing off acting against discontinuing disorganizing disarranging disordering getting out of surpassing convulsing shunning hitting spiking turning upside down deranging puzzling bringing to a close making an end of circumnavigating eschewing causing turmoil in throwing into confusion causing confusion in throwing into disorder throwing into disarray mystifying exceeding nonplussing leashing burdening muzzling bringing an end to ceasing missing flummoxing commandeering crashing preventing from making progress enmeshing ensnaring capturing netting pigeonholing dead-ending staving incapacitating ravaging mastering tiing one's hands forefending beggaring heave-hoing snagging putting the damper on sweeping aside entrapping affecting postponing forcing away throwing back damping hanging fire taking out of play putting the brakes on tethering heading off at pass preparing for tackling influencing tampering detaining retardating boxing in cheating toppling dissuading saving letting putting on hold jamming conflicting discommoding incommoding troubling besting deferring protracting throwing a spoke in the wheel of warring oppugning counterbalancing turning shunting veering scaring disadvising disaffirming contradicting gainsaying swallowing muffling surmounting putting at risk aborting putting on back burner resolving proroguing standing fencing bitting tabooing enjoining outlawing counterpoising staunching moderating breaking up breaking down slowing up holding over bogging down backing off putting back bringing to screeching halt holding off on prolonging making late throwing a monkey wrench into choking back intruding on acting like a wet blanket talking out of coping with bringing to an end to battling against turning off making a stand against keeping in bringing up clouding dominating keeping in check shoving aside looking away turning from putting on brakes putting an stop to impoverishing crazing outmaneuvering outsmarting overreaching outfoxing unbuilding wracking outmanoeuvring having razing compensating for balancing slackening pace keeping under control keeping a lid on biting back ballsing up prevailing over gaining control of winning against triumphing over getting a grip on gaining mastery over coming to a standstill wreaking havoc with bringing to a standstill petering out not moving working against bringing down making waves playing for time raining on someone's parade measuring ruling constricting incarcerating interning imprisoning making up for correcting strangling at birth scarring equalizing counterweighing balancing out staining disfiguring voiding gaoling necessitating concussing fencing in disallowing closing in depriving locking in banning shutting in shotgunning jailing immuring cooping up decaying tainting trashing rescinding repealing afflicting counterweighting defusing equalising deactivating evening up squaring up overriding locking up reversing revoking retracting cooling off glitching up throttling screening foreseeing projecting preoccupying predicting monopolizing envisioning forecasting expecting protesting complicating countermanding putting half nelson on battling relucting monopolising weakening nulling dissolving vacating disannulling rendering invalid hurting compromising monkeying with facing down refusing to accept rebelling against removing dissenting with kicking against dinging breaking with taking up arms against locking horns with contending with rolling back taking issue with setting your face against speaking out against belying dumping standing up to baulking at taking on blackballing turning thumbs down taking a stand against flying in the face of objecting to fighting against striking down disproving diminishing sapping rejecting declining enfeebling eating away whittling away disempowering chipping away at digging out softening knocking the bottom out of destabilising tunnelling wearing denting destabilizing torpedoing emasculating demoralizing corroding attenuating dragging through the mud blunting demoralising queering the pitch of tunneling poking full of holes digging mining hollowing out clipping one's wings disowning kicking cutting dismissing giving cold shoulder to standing up against keeping at arm's length casting aside knocking down chasing away driving off keeping away forcing off

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