Đồng nghĩa của subjugating

Alternative for subjugating

subjugates, subjugated, subjugating

Đồng nghĩa: keep down, quash, reduce, repress, subdue, subject,


The act or state of subjugating
domination subjugation subjection conquest dominating overpowering subduing subjecting vanquishing mastery suppression beating rout overthrow vanquishment defeat trouncing conquering triumph victory thrashing drubbing annihilation hammering clobbering pasting massacre crushing caning coup routing defeating killing victory over triumph over grand slam clean sweep oppression enslavement control bondage repression persecution exploitation slavery abuse whipping licking hiding worsting reverse besting slaughter demolition shellacking thwarting trimming plastering pounding pulverizing flattening trashing quelling quashing whitewashing squashing downthrow wipeout whitewash takeover elimination destruction overcoming embarrassment blow extermination repulse pulverising breaking rebuff lacing extinction sweep foil ambush whaling waxing scalping paddling defeasance pwnage ownage win over KO success over game, set and match glory over supremacy over murder downfall score subdual success win discomfiture splash big win loss lump walloping flogging debacle battering going-over ruin belting tanning check thumping collapse fall lashing nonsuccess failure insuccess overwhelming defeat crushing defeat birching mauling setback flaying fiasco bashing slapping smacking pummelling thwacking punching cuffing buffeting pelting cudgelling lambasting clubbing whacking walkover count breakdown trap break flagellation biffing bopping slugging duffing-up doing-over beating-up scourging leathering chastisement landslide end pummeled cudgeling cane birch spanking dusting bludgeoning humiliation state of defeat washout kicking working-over disappointment horsewhipping romp bullwhipping strap belt lathering pulverisation pulverization defeatedness switching strapping punishment game scourge castigation lash pummeling switch clampdown crackdown superiority runaway victory decisive victory advantage overwhelming majority prevention stopping prohibition termination discontinuation cowing the strap dissolution halting arrest hitting striking knocking boxing attack assault stamping out suppressing abolishment dominance obliteration overriding abolition mate ending checkmate corporal punishment snuffing out


Overbearing, dictatorial or authoritarian
domineering authoritarian overbearing autocratic bossy dictatorial imperious arrogant despotic masterful tyrannical coercive oppressive high-handed iron-handed peremptory autarchic bullish haughty authoritative autocratical controlling draconian forceful iron-fisted magisterial officious strict tyrannic tyrannous arbitrary assertive commanding dominant egotistic harsh high and mighty imperative imperial insolent pushful pushy regnant severe strong-willed crack the whip in driver's seat on high horse dominating undemocratic overpowering cocky throwing one's weight about anti-democratic overweening lordly presumptuous pompous supercilious bumptious uppity proud self-important conceited lofty self-assertive pretentious superior patronizing cavalier uppish snooty sniffy condescending high-and-mighty disdainful overconfident repressive forward patronising swaggering highfalutin vain huffy smug presuming absolute hifalutin toploftical toplofty dogmatic opinionated important egotistical vainglorious stuck-up huffish heavy-handed brash self-asserting boastful high-hat stiff-necked confident pontifical snobbish self-opinionated cocksure chesty stiff totalitarian prideful self-satisfied self-confident monocratic aloof rigid assured tsarist czarist tough full of oneself puffed up demanding narcissistic assumptive illiberal contemptuous cruel willful wilful inflexible grandiose bigheaded hard egoistic egoistical firm swellheaded immodest self-conceited blustering bold doctrinaire brutal self-assured audacious scornful affected impertinent sententious unyielding ostentatious impudent stuck up snobby selfish self-centered ruthless rough assuming hoity-toity imposing toffee-nosed pushing insistent stern swollen-headed exacting merciless inhuman bragging bullying self-centred rigorous heavy obtrusive burdensome biggety biggity egocentric bloated onerous summary hubristic murderous rugged self-affected self-promoting self-engrossed self-congratulatory self-contented self-adulatory self-glorifying holier-than-thou blusterous aggressive cool absolutist ironhanded loud obnoxious snotty pontificating hardhanded complacent know-it-all snippy rude saucy stringent fierce dismissive trying excruciating grievous bitter grim searing elitist powerful intrusive unjust one-party prying interfering meddling meddlesome ambitious stuffy disciplinarian strutting Neronian unlimited busy uncontrolled autarchical thrusting protrusive nosey intruding snoopy nosy mean showy inconsiderate highhanded puffed-up taxing offensive backbreaking pitiless relentless inexorable uncompromising excessive hefty obstinate smart-alecky full of yourself strident loudmouthed nervy austere formidable unrelenting sure big-headed self-serving too big for one's breeches self-righteous too big for one's boots orgulous braggart self-complacent self-flattering self-applauding extraverted bombastic self-loving braggy self-pleased unreserved self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery extroverted uninhibited all-powerful self-willed puffed masterly unaccountable unconstitutional single-party decisive abusive dystopian ordering bidding compulsatory obligatory mandatory required compulsory self-aggrandizing loudmouth high fascistic driving czarlike restrictive inhibiting standoffish majestic regal august judicial stately dignified unreasonable autonomous unrestrained refined sure of oneself driven dogmatical over-assertive airy honourable honorable gracious throwing one's weight around clamorous crack-the-whip dictative downright smarty consequential high-pressure enterprising in-your-face go-getting militant absolutistic hectoring wiseguy aristocratic go-ahead no joke flat-out straight out brusque on one's high horse cold-shoulder wise guy on an ego trip self-respecting high-minded la-di-da portentous la-de-da abrupt brisk sharp-elbowed throwing weight around no ifs ands or buts positive overproud grand spectacular flatulent highfaluting magnificent puffy splendid flaunting exaggerated flowery overstated insensitive tactless intolerant emphatic vaunting lording it compelling undeniable decided definite fixed certain finished preponderant ascendant prevalent stifling full of hot air flinty ramrod thoughtless smart brassy inept undiplomatic bungling remote swanky flip wise contumelious tony persnickety unabashed brazen sassy bustling boldfaced fresh barefaced cheeky procacious unblushing pert malapert overstrict sadistic OTT overzealous over the top offensively self-assertive high-flown putting on airs overbusy pleased with yourself importunate inquisitive pragmatic overwhelming crushing challenging punishing unfair punitive bureaucratic fussy intermeddling grueling arduous testing laborious disheartening gloomy discouraging weighty sombre dispiriting worrying troublesome stressful dismal depressive troubling superincumbent bleak distressing exigent somber depressing confining headache killer tall difficult strenuous toilsome gruelling herculean hardheaded uncharitable solid single-minded dour intractable resolved hard-line dogged hard-nosed obdurate callous hardened hard-core hard-hearted steadfast drastic dire unforgiving no-nonsense resolute ascetical immovable by the book dyed-in-the-wool hardhearted browbeating mulish extreme ossified ascetic unsparing determined unflinching pressing unsympathetic astringent unbending disciplinary grave bullheaded back-breaking uphill moiling sweaty hellacious effortful grinding rough going very difficult pick-and-shovel Augean


Present participle for to forcibly impose obedience or servitude
conquering overpowering subduing vanquishing licking crushing defeating enslaving mastering overcoming quashing quelling suppressing taming hegemonizing breaking colonising colonizing dominating humbling oppressing overthrowing pacifying repressing subjecting subordinating tyrannising tyrannizing bringing to heel clobbering coercing compelling enthralling forcing hammering overwhelming reducing ruling triumphing underyoking gaining ascendancy over gaining control of gaining mastery over putting down ruling over bearing down beating down bringing under the yoke holding sway kicking around bringing someone to their knees bringing to knees holding sway over keeping under thumb reeling back in walking all over wiping the floor with beating besting trouncing routing triumphing over thrashing prevailing over getting the better of worsting owning drubbing demolishing tanking whipping skunking stuffing making mincemeat of blowing out of the water creaming surmounting stopping dispatching slaughtering overmatching upending overbearing destroying annihilating shellacking winning against getting murdering overrunning taking undoing pasting massacring crucifying trimming blowing out flattening totalling totaling getting around taking to the cleaners smashing running rings around pounding pulverizing wiping out doing down controlling slamming annexing pulverising knocking out giving someone a drubbing giving someone a hiding caning trashing beating hollow flooring outplaying overturning pipping at the post trampling curbing upsetting torpedoing finishing prevailing walloping wallopping surpassing outdoing marmalizing defeating utterly winning outclassing waxing whomping zapping killing swamping lambasting shutting down putting an end to blowing away seizing extinguishing occupying dropping throwing subverting outstripping devastating capturing ruining bulldozing sinking skinning obliterating outmaneuvering decking outmanoeuvring outrunning tanning gaining a victory over excelling rendering incapable rendering powerless rendering helpless winning a resounding victory over putting paid to taking over edging out grinding down KO'ing taking it all taking possession of burying chastening restraining checking staggering bridling busting squashing immobilizing overshadowing whacking steamrolling immobilising frustrating squelching outwitting thwarting whitewashing pommelling pommeling silencing smothering wasting flogging slaying edging topping decimating ambushing butchering routeing outhitting shipwrecking outflanking entrapping outjumping getting the upper hand over cracking down on overmastering appropriating transcending putting away exceeding bettering working over plowing under taking care of outperforming invading checkmating nosing out running rings round getting over outshining winning a victory over mowing down running roughshod over finishing off rising above getting under control bringing to ruin taking to cleaners rolling back cutting to pieces snuffing out knocking over doing better than unseating putting someone in their place picking apart putting in the shade going one better than knocking off coming out on top putting a stop to wiping off map taking control of pwning stamping out getting a grip on snowing under slapping down clamping down on outsmarting humiliating solving mullering undermining keeping down crippling enfeebling defeating easily defeating heavily eradicating foiling giving someone a pasting circumventing breaking the spirit discomfiting confounding overriding astonishing rendering speechless demoralizing demoralising regulating managing governing shooting down outfighting blasting taking down beating up disabling prostrating wrecking whelming surviving downing weathering directing commanding doing in eclipsing treading stunning hurdling shocking outliving walking over rendering knocking for six winning over icing strangling quelching succeeding over capping making a fool of gaining the advantage over getting one up on bringing under control dealing with getting control of obtaining acquiring coming out on top of knocking socks off trampling underfoot trumping overtopping outmatching outgunning blotting out bearing down on forcing down outrivaling overtaking shooting ahead of outdistancing knocking spots off improving on towering over outrivalling hosing treading on succeeding taking control achieving ending gaining the upper hand over stifling getting the upper hand disciplining terminating abolishing denying sweeping populating peopling settling quenching extirpating gaining a victory taking the crown gaining mastery of coming first taking the honours taking the prize winning out winning through getting last laugh winning hands down prevailing against taking the cake carrying the day being successful queering punishing abasing pioneering getting rid of sitting on putting the kibosh on putting the lid on nipping in the bud smoking mortifying founding whupping whopping whapping dusting bombing transplanting immigrating inhabiting migrating opening up settling in tromping larruping larrupping laying claim to establishing a colony in putting down roots in putting to flight throwing back in confusion driving off blowing out of water shutting out beating back putting to rout cleaning up on dumbfounding overawing stretching blanking taking out gaining control over bowling over shutting off rolling over laying one out razing shattering desolating ravaging vaporizing exterminating pulling down tearing down battering vaporising bringing down rubbing out spanking bashing striking levelling leveling impairing spoiling blighting desecrating scotching scuppering dashing nuking sabotaging liquidating nixing messing up giving a drubbing to wreaking havoc on bringing to naught hiding belting bludgeoning threshing thumping mauling steamrollering leathering buffeting buffetting cowing rolling slogging pummelling basting whaling pummeling doing currying damaging chastising executing wracking marring taking a stick to blowing ruinating eliminating banjaxing dishing assassinating botching despoiling ravishing scourging cruelling euchring shaming roughing up bunging up mangling doing for mutilating maiming disposing of laying waste knocking down bumping off leaving in ruins putting to shame blowing a hole in leaving desolate dismissing unbuilding razing to the ground turning something inside out running circles around mopping up taking apart bringing about the downfall of scrunching squishing knocking the stuffing out of outranking dwarfing upstaging improving upon overpassing outpacing passing shooting ahead shaking off throwing a spanner in the works of sealing the doom of putting the skids under throwing a monkey wrench in the works of towering above leaving degrading dispiriting weakening driving to the wall taking off taking someone's life doing away with carrying off moving in for the kill demoting smashing down breaking down wearing down incapacitating disrating sapping downgrading killing off gutting impoverishing cutting down torturing putting to death sticking sending to the gas chambers putting to the sword consuming inhibiting discontinuing dismantling cancelling canceling halting arresting enervating erasing bombarding putting lid on driving underground keeping inside trampling on shushing bottling putting out clamping keeping in holding in holding down blocking out putting kibosh on cutting off stemming interrupting spiking havocking shelling disrupting expunging attacking injuring effacing cannonading dilapidating disfiguring breaking up wreaking havoc defiling defacing poisoning bodging causing instability strafing depleting abating assaulting cleaning out making a mess of screwing up bringing to nothing lousing up reducing to rubble reducing to nothing wreaking havoc upon laying in ruins fouling up benothinging cleaning up wiping from the face of the earth wiping off the map wiping off the face of the earth sweeping away blacking out rooting out barraging hitting targetting targeting blitzing lathering cooking one's goose fixing one's wagon wiping off the mat


Present participle for to rule over or control arbitrarily or arrogantly
domineering dominating tyrannising tyrannizing bullying browbeating intimidating oppressing hectoring pressurising pressurizing bulldozing ruling persecuting terrorising terrorizing threatening menacing bossing overbearing railroading prevailing predominating preponderating reigning blustering squeezing swaggering bending henpecking bossing around bossing about strong-arming riding roughshod over pushing around ordering about ordering around leaning on pushing about dictating to giving orders to lording it over trampling on walking all over ruling the roost calling the shots kicking around running the show using strong-arm tactics on keeping under thumb running things putting the screws on being in the saddle ruling with an iron hand leading by the nose pushing the buttons throwing weight around ruling with a rod of iron bending to one's will subjecting suppressing repressing subduing coercing keeping down dictating harassing hegemonizing overpowering cowing holding down holding sway over directing commanding leading crushing influencing heading tormenting controlling hounding abusing harrying maltreating mastering enslaving picking on treating harshly tyrannizing over dragooning badgering governing pressuring bludgeoning managing bullyragging blackjacking bogarting mau-mauing victimizing frightening overshadowing eclipsing swaying forcing victimising outshining overruling monopolizing handling running despotizing trampling overwhelming distressing aggrieving exploiting monopolising presiding over wronging overcoming heading up torturing domineering over ill-treating grinding down trampling underfoot calling the tune prevailing over sitting on top of wearing the trousers keeping under one's thumb having one's way putting down bringing someone to their knees having upper hand playing first fiddle laying down the law keeping under steamrollering outnumbering superabounding mistreating reigning supreme yoking scaring compelling manhandling detracting from holding sway nagging goading overawing misusing brutalising mishandling brutalizing pestering pushing castigating squashing keeping in subjection squelching keeping in submission playing the heavy with ill-using messing over disfranchising twisting somebody's arm putting heat on getting hooks into disenfranchising depriving hobbling putting through the wringer putting the chill on supervising overseeing superintending administering regulating guiding overlooking administrating stewarding captaining tending vanquishing conquering subordinating quarterbacking pacifying disciplining micromanaging affecting regimenting ruling despotically besteering bewielding having someone under your thumb treating brutally puppeteering taking over scourging exercising control over having ascendancy over having the whip hand over keeping under your thumb ruling the roost in having the upper hand in having mastery over having the upper hand over putting screws to handicapping outraging plaguing straining vexing besetting beating down putting the squeeze on bringing to heel bringing under the yoke annoying overthrowing pressing encumbering worrying smothering ruling over overloading weighing heavy upon riding taxing putting upon saddling pulling the strings holding purse strings being in the driving seat having someone eating out of one's hand having someone in the palm of one's hand dealing with having something in the palm of one's hand having a hold over pushing buttons holding the reins having authority over calling the signals reigning over holding the purse strings having someone in one's hip pocket driving constraining impelling obliging making prevailing on hustling appalling terrifying awing aweing daunting putting pressure on impressing obligating alarming prodding muscling sandbagging unnerving brainwashing fast-talking dismaying using pressure on urging spooking twisting someone's arm press-ganging disconcerting enforcing bringing pressure to bear on hassling petrifying persuading buffaloing ruffling affrighting bothering bouncing deterring fazing discouraging turning on the heat shaking shocking startling putting the heat on panicking rattling horrifying frighting alaruming perturbing agitating ordering disheartening psyching out disquieting requiring acting on insisting chillin chilling working on scarifying putting under an obligation blackmailing striking terror into putting up to scaring off scaring to death scaring the bejesus out of tightening the screws on having someone do something teasing baiting heckling abashing discomfiting admonishing spurring inducing necessitating cajoling flustering giving orders troubling telling someone what to do concussing binding causing ramrodding upsetting discomforting issuing threats to demoralizing astounding repelling stiffing unhinging demanding charging insisting on demoralising imposing breathing down someone's neck putting the wind up walking heavy coming at putting the frighteners on scaring away curdling the blood making teeth chatter putting the fear of God into chilling to the bone turning the screws on making blood run cold hogging barbarizing vandalizing chivvying inhibiting irritating leaning compressing vandalising wheedling assailing importuning condensing constricting suffocating arguing politicking selling restricting hindering shotgunning talking besieging frightening off working over acting the tin god antagonizing taunting chivying striking terror in high pressuring twisting one's arm pulling rank on antagonising twisting arm treading on forcing somebody's hand unmanning filling with terror inspiring panic in prevailing upon effecting tightening the screw on having turning the screw on imposing on disturbing kicking about putting the arm on making an offer they can't refuse making it hot for someone frightening out of your wits making things hot for someone crowding riding roughshod embarrassing throwing into panic droving blinding someone with something bewildering confusing scaring witless scaring stiff taking someone's breath away warning nonplussing perplexing filling with fear freezing your blood confounding making one's flesh creep scaring someone out of their wits getting the wind up making someone jump out of their skin making your hair stand on end throwing into a panic making your blood run cold giving one the creeps scaring the living daylights out of giving someone the heebie-jeebies scaring the pants off throwing into a blue funk giving someone goose pimples throwing into a fright chilling to the marrow scaring someone half to death unsettling discomposing making uneasy making anxious fulminating growling snarling cautioning forewarning scowling comminating jeoparding imperilling endangering periling adventuring jeopardizing venturing risking compromising imperiling hazarding destabilizing unbalancing jolting baffling throwing foisting occasioning encouraging advising imploring moving using force on conscripting urging by force burdening contracting obtruding enjoining choking using duress on applying mystifying flummoxing promoting exerting force on inciting begging training taking aback destabilising blinding shaking up putting off advocating expediting pinning down bearing down putting the bite on gambling with looming impending portending lowering jeopardising putting squeeze on bearing hard on bringing pressure to bear upon flexing muscles making threats to threatening to harm making threats against threatening to kill looking daggers making threat beseeching inspanning soliciting throwing off balance bringing force to bear on recommending motivating inspiring prompting spearheading putting to work working pounding adjuring propelling nudging shaking fist at pulling the rug from under pulling the rug out from under exhorting entreating steamrolling uttering threats to whipping around keying up trying to persuade speeding up putting the screws to scaring hell out of railroading into holding a gun to one's head pouring it on dragooning into pushing for steamrollering into taking charge trying to control turning on bulldozing into making one's hair stand on end scaring the daylights out of making one's blood run cold being in charge selling on appealing to firing up exerting influence on egging on going to town on browbeating into bearing down on


Present participle for to cause (someone or something) to undergo a particular experience


Present participle for to deprive someone of a franchise, generally their right to vote


Present participle for to bewitch, charm or captivate
enthralling bewitching charming engrossing absorbing captivating entrancing fascinating gripping intriguing beguiling enchanting mesmerising mesmerizing riveting rivetting alluring attracting dazzling delighting enrapturing ensnaring hypnotising hypnotizing luring spellbinding winning ravishing transfixing transporting enslaving holding spellbound carrying away holding in awe rooting to the spot bedazzling arresting catching up hooking subduing preoccupying grabbing subjecting engaging magnetizing magnetising interesting occupying compelling involving thrilling exciting pleasing immersing bemusing busying enwrapping entertaining amusing diverting witching killing wiling drawing seducing gladdening capturing rapturing knocking out bowling over tickle to death holding catching ensorcelling distracting electrifying rapping impressing influencing affecting sending into raptures sending into transports taking someone's breath away grabbing the attention of holding the attention of appealing to bedeviling controlling vamping sending tickling voodooing bedevilling wowing forspeaking slaying tricking taking tickling pink turning on knocking dead casting a spell on putting horns on sweeping off one's feet putting under magic spell putting the whammy on tantalizing enticing tempting enamouring infatuating provoking arousing inviting intoxicating stirring titillating firing kindling overpowering interesting greatly tantalising piquing stimulating enamoring animating overwhelming appealing putting under a spell


Present participle for to submit or surrender to the will or demands of others

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