Đồng nghĩa của ramrod

Alternative for ramrod

ramrod /'ræmrɔd/
  • danh từ
    • que nhồi thuốc (súng hoả mai)
    • cái thông nòng (súng)

Tính từ

Strict or exacting in standards
hard stern severe harsh strict austere rigorous authoritarian tough rigid flinty heavy-handed merciless unsympathetic cruel inflexible unfeeling unyielding stony ruthless unbending callous draconian exacting hard-hearted unforgiving rough hard-nosed hard-boiled adamant pitiless steely oppressive heartless cold firm grim insensitive unmerciful relentless unrelenting despotic unemotional dour obdurate sadistic tyrannical brutal stringent fierce illiberal hardhanded unsparing maleficent tormenting torturous brutish wolfish violent barbaric savage truculent barbarous uncompromising hard-hitting inhuman unkind mean drastic unsentimental tyrannous inhumane dictatorial abusive intolerant cool murderous suppressive onerous unpitying uncaring intractable resolute ferocious critical refractory hardheaded desperate pugnacious hard-line stony-hearted hard-shelled two-fisted headstrong immutable hard-bitten hard-shell formal stiff serious grave forbidding solemn overbearing tactless reserved high-handed autocratic frigid chilly unfriendly unsmiling icy frosty stuffy distant aloof inconsiderate thoughtless uncharitable louring gruff inept undiplomatic bungling domineering remote intimidating solid rugged lowering forceful overstrict OTT excessive coercive ungentle sombre astringent inexorable earnest somber mean-looking no-nonsense over the top sour sullen surly morose stark bleak glum sober frowning crabbed sulky disapproving humourless humorless grievous implacable bitter excruciating boot-faced inhospitable gloomy dismal dreary uncommunicative poker-faced dejected melancholic ugly saturnine hard-faced moody difficult fiery angry brooding crabby cast-iron dark hostile mortified furious unappeasable joyless cheerless uninviting dire unapproachable formidable threatening churlish grumpy fell sinister menacing cross burdensome trying repressive nasty searing staid sobersided sedate distressing scowling weighty po-faced uncomic gray splenetic grouchy cantankerous glowering vicious grey crusty bad awful agonising harrowing disastrous straitened unendurable comfortless crushing spartan calamitous biting wretched uncomfortable agonizing tortuous painful scabrous discomforting bad-tempered ill-tempered

Động từ

To compel by force
browbeat bulldoze charge dragoon drive force impel impose muscle pressurise pressurize push railroad sandbag steamroller strong-arm press shove coerce constrain compel pressure bully oblige harass intimidate nag blackjack squeeze harry hound badger threaten tyrannize pester brainwash bludgeon goad lean on prod influence use pressure on impress obligate make put pressure on bounce hustle fast-talk act on work on bring pressure to bear on prevail on put under an obligation tyrannise put the screws on put the squeeze on urge cow hector menace induce use strong-arm tactics on terrorize press-gang incite terrorise require mau-mau prompt enforce oppress hassle bullyrag necessitate bogart spur twist someone's arm bluster domineer provoke persuade push around frighten egg on instigate put up to torment nudge encourage bind stir persecute turn on the heat command put the heat on plague goose trigger insist whip demand scare insist on overawe boss about propel extort exact concuss boss around shotgun cause move awe twist one's arm buffalo wrest sic inspire pick on blackmail appall twist somebody's arm appal tighten the screws on fire up have someone do something terrify subdue daunt restrict subjugate beg bother milk implore admonish wring unnerve beset exhort beseech overbear enjoin cajole promote adjure restrain bleed despotize wheedle dominate entreat solicit petrify motivate rowel sound dismay ask steamroll stimulate worry ride roughshod over ride affright spook dragoon into order extract browbeat into try to persuade key up come at put the arm on railroad into breathe down someone's neck walk heavy push for crack down put the chill on bulldoze into appeal to turn the screws on scare the bejesus out of smother suffocate commit boss compress astrict indebt entice constrict condense squash importune assail repress hinder suppress inveigle argue crowd dishearten kick besiege talk sway sell politick castigate chivvy leave someone no option high pressure trouble vex plead pressurize into coerce into dog spur on rouse force somebody's hand make indebted work over bludgeon into bully into discomfit psych out faze disconcert showboat rattle abash embarrass ruffle order around give orders order about tell what to do inflame prick sting excite challenge twist arm terrorize into intimidate into appeal request bring force to bear on hold a gun to someone's head irritate tease heckle bait swagger tighten the screw on high-pressure have impose on turn the screw on prevail upon effect will needle commandeer maneuver sanction manoeuvre lord it over put heat on propose dictate ride roughshod make necessary roust lash titillate advise advance rationalize rationalise tempt conjure countenance commend make an offer they can't refuse make compulsory invoke force upon exert expect leave someone no option but to throw weight around push about put through the wringer work up scare off advocate expedite inspan psych up call on recommend alarm speed up put the screws to shock panic scarify horrify fright victimize alarum startle pour it on steamroller into screw rack turn on scare to death strike terror into upset put the fear of God into fill with terror make things hot for someone inspire panic in strike terror in make it hot for someone victimise put the frighteners on frighten out of your wits sell on exert influence on bear down on go to town on obtain by force worm something out of someone put the bite on someone for blackmail someone for arm-twist obtain by threats worm out obtain by threat foment overcome occasion foist use duress on burden conscript use force on urge by force choke apply obtrude contract exert force on fix emphasize to set instil in instil drum into establish stress to inculcate inculcate in instill stress bear down pin down put the bite on ransom shake bribe bear hard on put screws to put squeeze on bring home to drive into ingrain in knock into din into extort money from bring pressure to bear upon demand hush money from hold to ransom put the shake on shake down bring home get into head fix deeply in someone's mind establish in someone's mind drive home leave in no doubt

Động từ

Steamroller or bludgeon
steamroller bludgeon bully coerce compel drive intimidate bulldoze railroad force dragoon browbeat pressurize pressure pressurise strong-arm press push oblige make harass impel constrain blackjack muscle prevail on badger put the screws on use strong-arm tactics on sandbag hector menace obligate impress cow lean on urge hound require enforce twist someone's arm tyrannize oppress terrorize bullyrag necessitate bogart mau-mau tyrannise torment plague bluster hustle terrorise tighten the screws on put the heat on have someone do something threaten domineer persecute shove cajole goad squeeze harry bind nag ride concuss charge cause demand impose order command blackmail induce turn the screws on push around put the squeeze on put pressure on pester prod spur bring force to bear on hold a gun to someone's head use pressure on scare terrify bounce chivvy tighten the screw on put up to turn the screw on high-pressure prevail upon have impose on effect will frighten fast-talk worry daunt subdue wheedle importune assail argue dominate irritate tease hassle heckle bait swagger bull unnerve besiege talk beset sway awe overawe ruffle buffalo ride roughshod over trouble vex elbow jostle affright spook appall appal crash thrust push about scare the bejesus out of scare off pick on pressurize into coerce into bludgeon into browbeat into dragoon into bully into come at insist on ram intimidate into restrain terrorize into shotgun jam shoulder leave someone no option but to twist somebody's arm put under an obligation put the chill on make necessary crack down throw weight around put the arm on turn on the heat bore overcome occasion foist choke use duress on insist burden apply conscript obtrude contract use force on enjoin urge by force move exert force on bear down bring pressure to bear on pin down put the bite on bear hard on put screws to put squeeze on press-gang bring pressure to bear upon boss about subjugate boss around influence persuade exact prompt propel inflict motivate incite encourage inspire claim provoke brainwash extract instigate solicit direct rouse stimulate bring trigger send extort lead exhort dictate work on call for convince set actuate promote request expect requisition introduce effectuate key up express unload egg on land someone with push for take lumber someone with saddle someone with bear fire up spur on twist one's arm force upon instruct get act on challenge create stir nudge ask excite incline wreak dispose engender beseech prick spark seek determine render levy steer invoke summon quest press for work stir up breed bring about result in burden someone with commit stipulate for cause to be clamor for cause to become whip up bother restrict palm pass off lay inveigle draw tempt put palm off goose advise wish bid steamroll beg leave pulp fob off implore need wrest adjure precipitate overbear condition inflame crave postulate ordain predispose rally despotize produce breathe down someone's neck prescribe whip turn sting rule generate entreat establish invigorate call animate arouse coax galvanize embolden mandate beget spawn galvanise envigorate enact enkindle inspirit activate decree carry out strike do catalyse catalyze authorize authorise shanghai clamour for call upon appeal for talk into pester for nag for translate into lay claim to give rise to badger for bring on contribute to lay down the law bay for petition for insist upon ask for bring pressure upon throw place astrict indebt compress constrict condense squash repress hinder suppress catapult apply pressure mobilize sell politick leave someone no option make indebted high pressure reduce kick lean mobilise enthuse force somebody's hand pitchfork intrude castigate work over egg twist arm dog put the frighteners on orient root walk heavy ride roughshod commandeer forcefully persuade make an offer they can't refuse needle put through the wringer lord it over put heat on proclaim decide assert oneself admonish exert achieve accomplish pronounce roust sic lash titillate pull advocate expedite volunteer someone unwittingly pray for arrogate beg for apply for hit up supplicate hold out for sue for impetrate whistle for inquire about inspan recommend tell employ milk work up foment advance bring forth perform fulfill fulfil develop attain pull off foster adjudge make compulsory pick abet brew raise ferment bleed subject fine assess announce read the riot act put one's foot down declare lay down speed up try to persuade set on drive on procure put the screws to manipulate tell someone to volunteer wring warrant carry railroad into elicit impassion agitate for forward craze agitate taunt get to set off juice fan the fire root on psych further pour it on assign consign involve energize incentivize evoke steel task beckon steamroller into bulldoze into turn on subpoena appoint warn hearten impact exhilarate convert uplift empower vitalize entail sell on appeal to ransom shake bribe give orders to give orders give the order to call on call the shots give the command to put foot down give directions sweep condemn doom incentify refresh incentivise energise help exert influence on voluntell go to town on extort money from bear down on want mean hint to pump up cheer on pep up win over boost up suggest to unleash shake down suck behoove affect bias vent demand hush money from hold to ransom put the shake on give obtain bring round make willing impress on entice yield behove be grounds for subject to prevail kindle deliver administer indulge exercise bestow perpetrate visit fix emphasize to instil in instil drum into stress to inculcate inculcate in instill stress execute gratify offload dump begin lead to look for lay on wreck end in draw on trigger off press out touch off make happen spark off mete out serve out squeeze out be the cause of give free rein to give vent to deal out bring home to drive into ingrain in knock into din into leave no choice but to finagle bring home get into head fix deeply in someone's mind establish in someone's mind drive home leave in no doubt shift on to compel to accept pull a fast one ram down one's throat thrust upon inflict upon get rid of sneak in insert fraudulently

Phó từ

Stiffly straight

Danh từ

The leader of a work crew
foreman boss chief superintendent supervisor controller manager governor overseer captain chargehand foreperson gaffer steward director ganger grieve head headman helmsman honcho induna inspector jefe kingpin leader maistry master super taskmaster administrator baas executive line manager overman pusher team leader boss man head honcho straw boss Big Brother head man pannikin boss pit boss slave driver manageress taskmistress forewoman crew leader boss lady boss woman employer principal top dog chieftain sachem organizer commander bigwig big cheese skipper exec owner ruler organiser padrone superior president big wheel numero uno proprietor lord chair sherang chairperson chairman chairwoman big gun officer CEO comptroller conductor administrant chief executive managing director Mister Big high muckamuck custodian head person archon dominator number one big shot President overlord big kahuna premier monarch sovereign suzerain official helmer taskperson wheel authority ringleader curator person in charge zookeeper big person commanding officer figurehead patron mistress caretaker tycoon patriarch agent elder liege guv'nor top banana general commandant mandarin big noise representative lord and master head woman old man kahuna Mr Big big white chief fat cat chief executive officer head of department liege lord front office planner tribal chief accountant bossman driver checker marshal financial officer business manager seigneur potentate ariki minister senior supremo dictator top woman top man examiner sitter bureaucrat brass hat headmaster key player top brass top cat headmistress superior commander helm matriarch pedagogue pedagog trainer prez mayor dean functionary commissioner consul admin judge producer ambassador headship handler reins higher-up better overling brass prime minister magnate outfit co entrepreneur capitalist management corporation juice businessperson establishment person slavedriver head teacher Big Daddy Big Chief person upstairs grandee mogul baron nabob industrialist lead-off person driver's seat skip workers big cheese meal ticket Capt. macher CFO four-striper operator pilot royalty guide top cap big enchilada guardian pilot in command higher up warden keeper protector watchman convener moderator factor MD watchdog warder king queen emperor reeve bailiff tsar prince princess groundskeeper estate manager land agent chamberlain guru mentor counsellor torchbearer counselor big hitter mover and shaker big name

Danh từ

An enlarged and rigid state of the penis, typically in sexual excitement

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ramrod Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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