Đồng nghĩa của bestow

Alternative for bestow

bestows, bestowed, bestowing

Đồng nghĩa: award, give, place, present, put,


To transfer the possession of something to someone
give grant present accord award vouchsafe commit confer contribute donate endow entrust lavish volunteer accord to allot apportion award to confer on impart present to afford to allot to apportion to assign to bequeath bequeath to consign to devote distribute to donate to favor favour gift give away invest in offer vest in commit to entrust to heap on honour with impart to lavish on come through hand out honor with kick in put out render to provide furnish supply afford hand over deliver yield leave proffer transfer assign hand consign turn over transmit extend render pass endue vest purvey dispense bless invest put up pass on cede surrender bestow on lend pledge grace come up with present with indue chip in allow tender convey lay on endow with make over advance relinquish trust fork out shell out stump up give over allocate pony up hand on hand down devolve give out gift with provision sign over give to delegate pay cough up serve pitch in dish out permit dole out sacrifice make available feed produce furnish with distribute will issue ante up bear intrust designate share throw in provide with apply concede part with give up let someone have earmark confide grant to enable subscribe empower bequest equip accredit arm give a donation of make a donation of commend fix up subsidize bring recommend repose get rid of dower cater sweeten the pot subsidise accommodate inject dedicate consecrate reserve sweeten the kitty stake lay save spare relegate invest with supply with decorate with put in someone's hands appropriate set by set aside give up to hand out to favour with avail make something over to someone put forth put at someone's disposal loan venture do treat show reward provide for make a contribution of give of credit arrange make a gift of put oneself down for bestow to shower prepare line up organize decree abdicate act with do your part get it up feed the kitty pass the hat accede crown put forward get in the act charge place lodge acquiesce replenish feed into allocate to bless with contribute to let oneself in for bring forward add submit fund sponsor cede to yield to sub pay in advance supply on credit pay out deliver up give out to extend to giving honor vouchsafe to concern bind obligate appoint nominate name install as devise demise entrust with occupy authorize commission kit out accommodate someone with mete enrich impart with trot out place at disposal give over to restrict enhance begift legate entitle sanction qualify licence license put in the hands of settle pertain belong organise lay something on create warrant certify depute authorise charter leave to let lend-lease oblige shark offload dump leave in one's will leave to by will endow in alienate foist attribute decentralise decentralize occupy oneself vow hallow enshrine set apart sanctify concern oneself ascribe loan shark give and take leave with provide use of be generous with allow use of pass to let go of hand to pass down fob off be handed down palm off lay on one give authority impute connect associate reattribute put slip attach place on put on lay out


To provide housing or accommodation for
lodge accommodate board house quarter shelter harbor bunk domicile room harbour billet roof camp encamp chamber bivouac put up take in settle make room for provide with accommodation provide shelter for give accommodation to entertain give a bed to receive station rent take install instal provide accommodation for give someone a roof over their head contain stay live dwell reside post inhabit sleep sojourn place cater for feed canton nest provide lodging for crash provide a roof over someone's head refuge hang out be quartered be domiciled have rooms provide refuge camp out locate garrison berth stow position base admit keep bed welcome take care of make space for let in provide with a place to work give shelter to provide with a place to sleep give lodging set up camp pitch a tent roost let crash accommodate guest perch be settled have one's residence be housed have your home in be billeted have one's home make welcome provide accommodation domiciliate establish hold fit provision provide give accommodation give a roof to find a bed for afford put a roof over someone's head abide bear have room for have space for have beds for squat be big enough for have capacity for stop park occupy hostel dwell in live in lodge in be domiciled in take up residence be settled in have lodgings be a resident of stay over have digs be a lodger stay in take lodgings bide in sojourn in take a room hole up bide rest remain tarry linger stick around hang around wait stay put tenant nestle endure continue hang hover reside in hang round sit tight hang on hang about hold the fort wait around stay on hold on persist stop over take up residence in be established in be present make one's home establish oneself ensconce holiday visit vacation vacay be last populate sit pause stand prevail lie exist stick people possess be accommodated delay have as your home be established keep on keep house put down roots be an inhabitant of settle in abide in make one's home in be ensconced in establish yourself be left stay behind set up home in bunk out make camp cling hold over hang one's hat tent inhere provide beds for loiter pitch tent hang out in hang one's hat in have taken up residence in have established oneself in await dally halt spend some time break outstay lag stop off indwell bedwell remain behind sweat it out put down roots in set up home emigrate to hang up one's hat go to live in become domiciled in go to live set up housekeeping in move to take root set up house stay out own break one's journey maintain be in residence pervade be the tenant of permeate ensconce oneself in establish oneself in be in command move into use be in residence in have a break relax be found be located be set take it easy put your feet up take a break be situated be positioned be sited are be perched


To cause (a large amount of damage or harm)
wreak cause create effect inflict unleash vent engender administer deliver exercise express indulge perpetrate visit work apply bring about effectuate exact execute gratify impose result in carry out deal out do force mete out serve out wreck lay on force upon give vent to give free rein to levy enact make perform accomplish achieve enforce lay fulfil bring off carry off fulfill pull off dispense commit introduce put demand set produce place generate occasion prosecute negotiate compass fix complete strike be responsible for bring precipitate induce prompt yield beget spawn put through kindle give rise to require give invoke follow through with be guilty of breed make happen catalyze be to blame for catalyse begin draw on bring on translate into bring to bear transgress issue act out engage in deal pull trigger dish out dole out spark act catch fetch hit promote enkindle go through compel influence sway deposit land lead to dispose extract be behind end in trigger off stir up whip up touch off be the cause of spark off contribute to charge claim up and do institute ordain decree establish foist promulgate fine slap gather assess tax collect oblige clap appoint saddle bring into effect lay down prescribe dictate take mete extort apply to administer to expose deliver to subject command mete out to deal out to cause to serve out to give to dump on bring upon stick it to give it to lay down the law conduct realize implement attain carry through launch engineer organize consummate administrate finalize initiate manage put in place provoke discharge contrive succeed in arrange for call forth finish bring to pass conclude originate render set up start actuate cause to occur cause to happen run finalise realise turn the trick actualize organise turn out put across foster elicit incite instigate affect set off bring forth secure set in motion inspire put in motion evoke bear bring to fruition advance clinch hatch make for procure put into action develop observe spur reach put into effect stimulate score earn put into practice work up be at the bottom of arouse drive arrange perfect gain be conducive to meet kickoff acquire work out win muster culminate in foment form deliver on net go through with make good on transact succeed make possible cultivate contribute sew up follow through on put into operation live up to follow entail frame capture further act upon exert wangle swing activate bag get done conduce to satisfy deal with draw take care of manoeuvre maneuver make it get there plan settle rouse chalk up arrive at bring in undertake motivate be true to keep devise materialize get be instrumental in act on honor obey scheme concoct make real operate conceive dispatch spell conduce employ expedite practice practise have determine amount to finish in materialise construct sow the seeds of fill obtain formulate honour reap seize authorise bring out garner sort out authorize add up to handle take care of business find carry snag give birth to pull something off comply with put in force abide by adhere to conform to turn clock up notch up involve project bring into play polish off bring to completion wrap up do justice to be faithful to act in accordance with reify push forward incarnate pursue return resolve broker excite add to propagate help progenerate provide multiply plot have a hand in actionize afford thrash out draft have a part in direct supply engage tackle follow up on present ply manipulate mastermind stage inaugurate make concrete design orchestrate lead encourage work on pass action accelerate heed concert use finagle play a part in tender found confirm bring into being stage-manage conquer carry to completion finesse machinate terminate in decide on annex make up conjure grasp serve nail draw out instil instill reach an agreement inherit set in deliver the goods leave annexe refine play a role in acquit oneself of put on mean tap invent draught come through survive move keep to process rig come by crown cook up put over jockey angle make good do the trick put to work put to use derive rake in pull in pay out finish off be true be faithful rack up nail it top off round off fashion drum up come up with pick up play games keep faith with knock down put forth see through make it through cop come into possession of scrape together make short work of pull down bring home the bacon put the final touches to get through capitalize on make the grade play on make use of wrangle be as good as make the most of stand by stick to put the finishing touches to do one proud lay out hit upon put into force be a source of undergo bring something on acquit break in break the ice constitute open be a factor in impel pose put something into effect open the door for put into place oil the wheels of be partly responsible for forward have the effect of wax equal imply objectify exhibit mediate get up press start in on take action on make work be the origin of get something done dawn spring break appear arise commence grow into push through fulfill your potential bear out gain fulfillment redound to source regulate start off bring up have as a consequence have as a result enable result put screws to necessitate fire up get things rolling start the ball rolling legislate declare run into invite risk redound tick symbolize represent portray assume manufacture fabricate put finishing touch on idealise bring to perfection idealize reach the summit of polish cost dispose of summon magic engineer a way shift work it elaborate cogitate swing it find a way follow out follow up follow through provide the means for symbolise blueprint cap wind up be engaged in reorganize reorganise corporealize pay wrest have an effect on go that route merit deserve justify accrue ratify sanction furnish warrant do to a turn run with the ball bring to life give life make something appear produce as if by magic be done with cut proffer wield improvise excogitate think up draw up wage approve proclaim make a reality hack get someplace latch onto get out of the way take over chart dream up utilise exploit harness utilize respect uphold blossom beam offer admit stir fulfill one's potential make hay quicken put it over put the tin lid on do a bang-up job accommodate play out becast vamp up trump up vamp forge agree on sketch out set out strategize sketch lay plans diagram describe block out cast dope out delineate trace accede to be elevated to come into come to have clean up be in line for be entitled to be gainfully employed make it big profit sock bring home scare up make fast buck bring home the groceries be deserving of hustle be worthy of have a right to eke out pay dues redeem answer acknowledge adopt order cast about throw together haul in sell for gather in give off sanctify deploy do the job sail through grab purchase agree earn one's wings intend glean access buy coincide with pay regard to fall in with cohere with measure up to tally with pass muster agree to assent to yield to cope with square with be good enough submit to be guided by be bound by be heedful of go along with fit the bill respond to cooperate with act according to check with fill the bill goose-step to harmonize with accommodate to cut the mustard match up to perform according to cater to be in accordance with be loyal to chord with do to a T close seal pocket nab receive retrieve be given hammer something out get at save occupy beg borrow or steal gobble up blag recover hoard schlenter get your hands on scrape up salvage get hold of lay up lay hold of corral bid bargain call upon prepare transform treat wish want come to terms about form a resolution about choose rule figure control call into play avail yourself of avail oneself of convert insist request enjoin will approach set about devote oneself to go about occupy oneself with get on with get busy with attempt work at be employed name decide opt come to a satisfactory conclusion on come to a decision on make ready see to alter settle upon settle on choreograph mobilize mount superintend choose to do optimise optimize adapt act with attend to recondition redress transition adjust change vary metamorphose repair perform on encompass coordinate hammer out reach terms on come to terms on tie up put together con doctor supervise mobilise plant scam cook upstage button up set the seal on shake hands on fix up pull strings pull wires put one over


Give an unofficial name or nickname to
dub call name label style term christen designate entitle denominate nickname nominate tag baptise baptize classify clepe title bill categorise categorize characterise characterize class knight confer describe as give a name confer knighthood upon hail as brand describe identify mark stamp define address pigeonhole typecast pronounce cognominate denote refer to give the title of identify as bename portray compartmentalize typify stereotype ticket immerse hail bless asperse indicate compartmentalise individualize individualise subtitle give a name to phrase flag depict define as paint specify stipulate answer to the name of go by the name of ordain decree authorize deputize deputise authorise name something character represent sketch esteem introduce peg constitute regard personalise declare individuate consider personalize sprinkle dedicate sanctify godparent give a handle reckon put tag on refer to as give the name of hype as publicize as promote as talk up as put down as conventionalize standardize cast catalog fix normalize catalogue systematise standardise institutionalize rank institutionalise normalise grade sort ghettoise codify methodize ghettoize rate systematize take to be group distinguish place assort assign tab type index separate relegate break down distribute compartment range order file digest arrange bracket list tabulate button down put down for organize appoint select divide choose elect allot pick delegate coordinate commission organise sort out slot decide on settle on point to pin down point out sectionalize sticker collate partition type cast assemble line up regroup manage regulate focus organize systematically colligate subcategorize portion reclassify put together recategorize marshal marshall sequence lay out position bring together structure determine decide announce install establish handpick set resolve employ vote in recognize detail opt for put one's finger on figure cherry-pick recognise conclude single out propose settle upon instal sign up take on show delineate underline pinpoint notate illustrate exemplify betoken tick regard as depute evince trace hold as set down as look upon as class as view as think of as judge to be count as look on as categorize as characterize as consider to be rate as mark off show the position of check off earmark induct opt charge finger prefer favour make favor plump for co-opt systemize put alphabetize allocate segregate size collocate docket consign stratify match number correlate regiment size up put into sets rank out put away take measure


To bestow (a thought or gesture) towards (someone or something)

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