Đồng nghĩa của conclude

Alternative for conclude

concludes, concluded, concluding

Đồng nghĩa: assume, close, end, finish, gather, infer, presume, reason, stop, suppose, terminate,

Trái nghĩa: begin, commence, start,


To bring to, or come to, an end
end close finish cease stop terminate complete halt lapse consummate culminate discontinue expire cinch crown desist dissolve elapse quit ultimate close out finish off round off round out wind up wrap up break off break up bring to a close knock off top off call a halt to dead-end draw to close leave off let up put a period to put to bed wink out be over bring down curtain bring to an end call it a day come to an end put the lid on draw to a close pass determine die go suspend drop settle pack in cap give up put an end to lay off desist from fulfill give over can put a stop to finalize pack up sew up fulfil break climax achieve cut off cut out abandon finalise accomplish do belay perfect cut short shut down run out close down wind down shut off pause perform carry out execute refrain from pull the plug on surcease bring to a halt bring to a conclusion sort out discharge polish off axe relinquish come to a close call it quits adjourn abolish interrupt cancel end up ax run down call a halt lay off of disappear set the seal on eschew nail vanish add the finishing touch to wrap forgo realize renounce scrub effectuate polish avoid bring to a stop fizzle out actualize come to a halt come to a head fade away peter out complement pack it in nip in the bud carry off get through bring to fruition realise forbear refrain put the kibosh on add the final touch to abstain fade recess prorogue come to a stop clinch tie up kick annul dwindle curb get done abate die down scrap come to a standstill run its course come to a climax withdraw call off die away cap off die out finish up bite the dust bring to a standstill abstain from put the finishing touch to melt away give something the chop knock something on the head make good go whole hog go the limit make perfect go through with bring to maturity do thoroughly put the last touches on make up put the finishing touches on stay check top scratch abort arrest keep from peak hold back evaporate round up ebb dispatch quash withhold from swear off result intermit collapse stop oneself from restrain oneself from come to rest evanish stem wane kill lead up to build up to reach a finale dispense with dispose of eliminate immobilize become invalid cut immobilise become void become obsolete put a lid on disunite put paid to liquidate disconnect cut it out sever button down deal with fold up hold up do away with take care of come to a crescendo cease to exist reach a pinnacle put finishing touch on get rid of top it off succeed be a fitting climax to put the finishing touches to rise to crescendo pass away blow over put the tin lid on forbear from kick the habit quit cold fade out clean up do without kick over run your term bring something to a close forswear fail keep reach a crisis hold back from disrupt wrap something up withhold wrap-up be through with sth clear depart yield resign have done with resist the temptation to resolve dissociate prorogate extinguish subdue suppress quell back off be at an end turn back sunder reach a crossroads deactivate forsake quit cold turkey be put to bed cut loose button up be no longer valid bring to an untimely end jack something in tie up loose ends be through with come to the end forlet stop dead draw to a halt turn out not continue get on the wagon hang it up take the cure not do do for stifle switch off wind something up leave down tools stop work head off cool it stop in one's tracks reach a standstill shut phase out pull the plug mop up put into effect put away disjoin dissever intervene separate interpose part transpire call a stop to hold stand get shut of get shot of nip something in the bud expedite effect turn out to be shutter put lid on call a day get off stop trying bag it blow off lift fold put the stopper on pull out of get out of throw in the towel throw in the sponge come to a conclusion reach a critical point reach a turning point come to the crunch be brought to an end accelerate remove slip away be no more fly by carry through push through make short work of hang up relieve sell out raise trail off go by tail off close the door on terminate the account close the books dismiss decline sink content tower please summit orgasm crest satisfy wither subside wilt close with finish with conclude with end with max out hit high spot reach a peak reach the zenith break the record moderate weaken be the climax be the climax of be the culmination of recede decay lessen decrease diminish add the finishing touches to terminate with disband slacken evanesce degenerate retrograde deteriorate crumble bate droop disestablish shoot one's wad go the route molder dilapidate moulder disannul rescind nullify void null repeal overthrow negate vacate abrogate invalidate rise to a crescendo go over the mountain come to an end with run low wear away fall away ease off go down grow less go dead go downhill dismantle refuse strike down wreck split up disorganize loose wrack decimate postpone unmake annihilate destruct shoot ruin eradicate roll back destroy shatter demolish reject forego abjure resolve into render void prevent oneself from not give in to cease to indulge in go without prevent yourself from keep off block impede obstruct frustrate stall bar hamper still catch hobble staunch freeze hesitate falter waver teeter dither balance stagger vacillate wobble scruple wabble limp stumble whiffle draw up pull up bring up be suspended put a sock in be broken off shilly-shally be abandoned wiggle-waggle blow the whistle on draw to a stand hang back stand still hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill fetch up prevent thwart restrain hinder inhibit foil restrict retard forestall baulk balk stymie prohibit repress delay slow interfere with curtail derail slow down limit avert fetter circumvent preclude neutralize forbid cramp scotch counteract debar shelve deter defeat neutralise shut out counter baffle obviate ward off stave off stonewall hold off dam hamstring intercept stand in the way of oppose contain control interdict put a brake on trammel forfend reduce bridle encumber cripple brake clog resist choke dash squash shackle scupper beat crimp rule out squelch outlaw constrain turn off crush exclude put off take a break discourage checkmate enjoin park crack down on rein in remit fend off rest proscribe revoke cool ban pull in veto defer disallow handcuff stamp out spoil shun disappoint cumber cry off snooker turn aside discomfit embargo pass up put back hog-tie steer clear of criminalize hold in taboo plug put down put out make illegal arrive clamp down on criminalise set back stanch handicap sabotage disable bork close off repulse manacle occlude embarrass congest interfere regulate smother take five skip stuff decelerate overturn jam shake defend against divert silence have a breather dodge crab take a breather stop up short-circuit contravene hold down hold over ditch ease up close up ward outwit lay aside dissuade spike put a spoke in someone's wheel jack in get in the way of put on ice plug up choke off slap down snuff out slow up foul up put in cold storage place an embargo on screw up throw a spanner in the works of wait call recall shorten unplug fence pull over draw in estop save ignore evade bottleneck rein abbreviate abridge detain screen offset disengage repel sidestep clip pigeonhole obscure fix skirt sandbag bottle up help conquer shrink clot restrain from throttle deflect keep in check table parry pass on stop short stay away from keep back keep under control smash shy from pre-empt bung mothball block out fill up clog up fill stem the flow of lower have a break waive take ten set aside censor nobble chill jam up bung up muzzle protract disconcert duck hold in abeyance relax put on hold get in the way bury rattle skip out on not touch nix taper off queer bottle dull cross faze stump bog down leave alone stopper bring to naught overcome lay on the table cramp one's style throw monkey wrench in take a rain check on keep at bay lock up put on the back burner give a rest keep in box in put the brakes on withdraw from pour cold water on put the mockers on beat down declare illegal upset the apple cart bilk mess up throw a monkey wrench in the works of throw a spanner in the works keep lid on bring to screeching halt throw up retire from be a hindrance to wipe out gum up cork throw cold water on buck louse up land strangle at birth put a stop to something clobber bring to end withstand sidetrack brace kill off flick off stop working disturb close shop finish work finish working clock off surrender despair lose heart capitulate admit defeat be beaten give in concede defeat bring deny yourself jack it in censure circumnavigate retardate douse leave out back out of leave work withcall shutdown bit confront power down stave anticipate pick off confine prolong take a breather from put on a back burner ease render powerless crash put on brakes put an stop to say goodbye to lose speed cut into slam on the brakes break into crool banjax burden simmer down compose collect detach log off put the brakes on take out of play dish give up hope abandon hope stop doing lie by spell back out renege render null and void give the run around dash one's hope lick upset the applecart overpower take down hold off on make late stop oneself reschedule put a stopper in put half nelson on put chill on put a lock on zing gridlock stop midstream extirpate snub exsect marginalize oust carve isolate usurp delete extract overlook excise shirk retreat be the end of drop out take time out take time off elude bypass barricade seal caulk black decommission give notice throw a spoke in the wheel of knock it off back off from break the habit of shrink from check out from root traverse relent drop off put aside fight shy of take the pledge give a wide berth to go on the wagon avoid doing sit out be temperate have nothing to do with banish boycott blockade kibosh surcease from escape from call it quits on constrict scuttle hit the switch halt in its tracks give the slip shake off give the run-around buffalo promote shuffle off juke run circles around run rings around bollix throw a monkey wrench in the works damp vanquish push back procrastinate inactivate hang fire omit put on back burner count out put in abeyance file pink-slip keep in abeyance lay over put on the shelf look away turn turn from veer shunt shove aside confound upset blackball disqualify complicate cut dead take out marginalise take away choke up pack block up throw a curve obturate quench cow switch something off get there haul up let taper de-escalate pall drop away fall finish the working day forfeit undo bulwark defend guard declare ineligible pass by illegalize ice out curse officially forbid divorce sacrifice jilt triumph over block off continue respite put over suspend proceedings blank counterplot attenuate dampen disadvise scare stunt dam up gibbet gunge up wring noose squeeze drown silt up put out of business put out of action bring someone to their knees escape deprive deny overwhelm dominate clamp shush trample pull off the road muffle swallow slack phase down coast cool off drain away become weaker chill out unlax ratchet down gag unaccustom take a recess break short stop cold cover fend keep inside put kibosh on drive underground trample on sit on weigh down declare taboo take wind out of sails get the better of upset one's apple cart cause setback put end to leave unfinished stop in full flow govern fight back monkey with resign from eighty-six dust off part from forget about turn your back on part with break with write off tame rebuff choke back give the thumbs down to put the chill on give the red light to say no take a rain check deliberate dock languish flag talk out of keep from happening safeguard against secure against protect against shield against put a damper on act like a wet blanket keep a lid on slacken pace bite back stand up for guard against skirt round defend oneself against fight off keep at arm's length wean cut back mark time linger sideline take a breath reflect tarry lag emaciate tire shrivel sag truncate retrench stop briefly play for time counterbalance think twice call time minimize totter faint lose spirit impoverish debase minimise give way depress grow dim waste away wear off grow faint thin out fall off relapse vitiate lose tremble grow weaker pare down elide cut down lop trim syncopate chop break it up come to standstill catch one's breath minify tighten up crop slim down downsize contract slash stand off not move deaden counterpoise negative countervail cancel out stop what you're doing dumb clam correct remedy compensate for boil down rein back get to meat put in nutshell put a restriction on put a limit on keep down say nothing equilibrize make up for counterweigh balance out even out countercheck respond rectify stabilise redress right go against stabilize counterwork


To arrive at a judgment or opinion by reasoning
gather deduce infer judge assume decide determine establish suppose construe reason reckon derive extrapolate figure intuit presume surmise adjudge conjecture draw make understand analyse analyze collect ratiocinate make out sum up work out add up draw the inference have a hunch boil down come to the conclusion the way one sees it be afraid think guess believe imagine consider suspect fancy expect estimate deem speculate hypothesize theorize conceive hypothesise glean feel divine theorise postulate presuppose be of the opinion hold regard posit take it opine esteem discern say anticipate perceive predict daresay evaluate assess be given to understand foretell calculate see sense ascertain take for granted adjudicate foresee dare say gauge hazard a guess take forecast gage call figure out find view maintain resolve suspicion discover comprehend ween allow count appreciate declare apprehend project predicate premise guesstimate pretend read settle get have a feeling be of the view take as read learn dope out have sneaking suspicion induce realize educe trust appraise prophesy envision prognosticate pronounce realise accept arbitrate count on rule take as a hypothesis soothsay put forward foreknow extract hear grasp decree take it as given distinguish recognize evolve observe cognize suggest savvy tell augur approximate compass twig suss out presage vaticinate be led to believe philosophize announce envisage recognise forewarn think likely bank on portend be inclined to think tumble to previse auspicate spae take a stab take a shot catch on to predetermine cotton on to adumbrate get the picture see coming size up generalize generalise advance have the feeling rate contend submit cogitate propound be convinced propose deduct umpire referee venture philosophise draw conclusions register hazard assimilate know decipher proclaim draw a conclusion compute develop come to understand rank decode excogitate be of the conviction notice catch seize read into interpret put dig suss place regard as behold grok rule on ordain see as dream hear tell be informed track imply have a sneaking suspicion think it likely forebode contemplate plan dare-say prevision telegraph visualize visualise be of the opinion that forefeel reckon on foreshadow come to the conclusion that cotton to get the idea count upon take as gospel truth see it coming psych out take stock in get the message swear by vapor be metaphysical stay in the clouds take something read solve take something as given take something for granted syllogize vapour evoke assert state grant look upon identify pose concede evince hypothecate hold that set forth consider it right call the turn demonstrate depend rely draw inference arrive at reach conclusion form a theory formulate a theory detect be under the impression obtain fathom read between lines get to know rationalize valuate rationalise contextualise calculate roughly number put a figure on count up gain jump the gun comment remark put two and two together risk assuming become cognizant of take in come to know become aware of become conscious of hit on pick order dictate direct fall for contextualize stumble on feel for air volunteer moot make a guess at pick out make an estimate of jump to a conclusion go out on a limb take a shot at form an opinion of latch on to take a stab at cook up have a sneaking suspicion of dream up think out venture a guess get the message about get the picture about have an aha moment assign picture omen procure theorize that think it likely that postulate that differentiate see through take something on board see the light read between the lines tip foreshow asseverate plan for signify bode see handwriting on wall forespell tell in advance warn of crystal-ball divine forespeak halsen have a suspicion fear charge sentence apportion award acquire receive fix set prescribe command take to mean think it probable disbelieve accuse wonder reflect editorialize note class make a judgement lay down lay down the law pass upon elicit attain have a sneaking feeling be suspicious harbor suspicion be wary have a foreboding have doubt have doubts weigh value elaborate arrive reach formulate trace follow editorialise weigh in smell a rat think probable view as believe to be espy entertain point the finger at foretaste preknow answer try examine rate as form the opinion class as rank as put together crystal ball bargain for regard as likely contemplate the possibility of plan on wait for be prepared for allow for pre-empt see in the cards figure on look for call it watch for bargain on be hopeful of count chickens have a hunch of prepare for be afraid of hope for express an opinion look on as take to be look at ref see ahead clear up make an educated guess have an idea that pronounce on pronounce judgement on pass judgement on sit in judgement on make a judgement on give a verdict on make a ruling on pin flash feature copy get vibrations pick up on be aware of feel in one's bones pick up familiarize oneself with absorb digest find out gain an understanding of be informed of master imbibe bet have have as one's opinion get across be told image vision get clued up about become expert in get the point of become proficient in become skilled at acquire a knowledge of acquire skill in familiarize yourself with become competent in get wind of be notified of be made aware of find out about drink in get the hang of learn of wise up get on to catch on have an idea take it as read get the impression await brainstorm spark admit build on have a funny feeling take it for granted credit repute have in prospect look ahead to look forward to weigh up just know explain become familiar with chalk up become versed in conceit get vibes define fathom out be conscious of have the impression be aware fantasize ideate have funny feeling have vibes see daylight be cognizant of become conscious be aware of the fact that be conscious of the fact that get a fix on become conscious of the fact that become aware of the fact that get through one's head get it make of make sense of figure it to be fantasy fantasise conjure create conjure up think up trump up head trip think it conceivable have knowledge of unearth apperceive descry tumble pursue get word enroll review swot be advised be told of prepare cram work at read up on con apply oneself to have lessons in apprentice mug up hit the books know inside out grind peruse know backwards be made aware get wind get wise to have on good authority get down pat check get the knack of improve mind brush up on major in specialize in become able become versed minor in take course wade through train in be trained watch pore over crack the books soak up burn midnight oil be taught enrol larn


To reach a decision or recommendation
resolve settle accomplish clinch effect negotiate agree arrange achieve broker close complete establish finalise finalize seal bargain engineer fix choose confirm figure rule concert decide determine name opt swing bring about bring off carry out pull off settle on settle upon work out come to terms on hammer out reach an agreement reach terms on sew up thrash out tie up button up set the seal on shake hands on consummate finish execute perform wrap up effectuate secure discharge agree on fulfil manage realize carry off do fulfill conduct carry through make implement decide on perpetrate transact designate prosecute realise set attain succeed in bring to fruition arrive at guarantee appoint nail specify compass select commit see through cinch reach ordain follow through with make happen deliver on follow through on put through nail down enact finish off administer firm up produce organize ensure bring to completion polish off hit win perfect seize chalk up clock up notch up assure schedule rack up observe stipulate solve wind up decree organise deliver survive work close out prescribe resolve on assign take care of come to a decision about make it through sort out get through go through with bring something off string contract polish bring to a conclusion shake hands come to terms about put the finishing touches to insure complete the arrangements for reach terms hash out allocate define put away impose cap put the icing on the cake stamp instruct dictate bring to the end pursue operate limit walk off with come away with ice guaranty walk away with handle agree upon fix up decide upon lay down fix on allot prearrange follow through see to run with the ball do business carry on button down TCB deal with make certain set a date for agree to rule on pick score arbitrate adjudicate deem authorise judge adjudge grasp honour meet conquer strike honor land earn bag wrest acquire gain net procure satisfy snag call the shots come to an agreement come to a conclusion make a decision come to a decision fix upon authorize square up figure out pin down call the shots on take a decision on square off get done make it get there make good on pull something off get someplace live up to nail it latch onto do justice to keep faith with put the tin lid on do a bang-up job fulfill one's potential make hay put it over do one proud be true to do the trick enforce launch log ring up cause bring administrate initiate generate put in place provoke contrive create arrange for call forth give rise to occasion bring to pass originate render set up engender start actuate precipitate cause to occur cause to happen wreak run kindle induce draw on breed prompt invoke bring on yield catalyze beget spawn turn the trick actualize catalyse turn out begin result in translate into put across undertake put into effect come through succeed find get something done make work bring home the bacon bear out make the grade make good make ready gain fulfillment do proud fulfill your potential engage in apply promote advance stage objectify further cut present make for hack lead to dawn appear spring form arise break materialize reify incarnate commence act out play out put into practice put on acquit oneself of represent make real portray symbolize instigate play a part in put over do the job sail through drive be instrumental in take care of business earn wings trigger spur do to a T make concrete symbolise materialise set in spark play a role in activate foment impel elicit incite have a hand in encourage contribute to add to foster stimulate be a factor in amount to culminate in be conducive to arouse stir up inspire cultivate set in motion set off instil introduce instill open the door for spark off push forward influence be responsible for end in affect trigger off kickoff whip up evoke have the effect of touch off enkindle bring forth entail finish in draw out add up to have a part in make possible be the cause of conduce to forward help be partly responsible for put in motion conduce oil the wheels of bring out bear spell be at the bottom of contribute bring into being bring to life give life


To reach a decision or recommendation
decide determine choose resolve opt elect aim decree establish figure pick plan purpose reach rule agree cinch guess name select settle take vote adopt award conjecture mediate poll surmise will come to a decision commit yourself go for make a decision make up your mind reach a conclusion reach a decision reach decision settle on settle upon arrive at conclusion cast the die come to agreement come to conclusion come to decision commit oneself draw a conclusion fix on fix upon form opinion go down line have final word have in mind have the intention make up mind take a stand call shots make your mind up settle on a plan of action come to a conclusion end with mark decide on single out appoint prefer designate cull nominate propose handpick pick out judge plump for tag opt for cherry-pick vote in plump come down commit undertake intend take a decision make decision come to the conclusion remain firm make a point of feel disposed see fit pitch on make a selection plump on exercise choice assign vote for identify return specify announce install delegate declare put in accept optate receive tap admit ballot commission allot employ peg ordain brand place set denote decide upon put in power vote into office choose by ballot go down the line cast one's vote for fix recognise authorize constitute recognize detail instal tab classify slot authorise put down for put finger on sign up point to pin down take on favor favour desire hand-pick like wish want embrace fancy please make a choice feel disposed to take up love crave sift out finger feel like elect to choose incline toward wish for be inclined toward come down in favour of agree on espouse pick and choose incline towards have as a favourite lean towards think more highly of lean toward be partial to like better show favouritism towards cotton to have a preference for commit oneself to have a bias towards treat with partiality hold in higher regard side with go in for pull out vote someone in want to make a choice to move for stipulate help yourself cap demand yearn would like settle for winnow thin sift discriminate forechoose aspire end up elect for indicate cite resolve on make the choice of see fit to make the decision to predestine incline think fit feel inclined to have a mind to think best discriminate between set aside make choice point out make up one's mind on weigh call for co-opt be inclined feel inclined make up one's mind sort out mark out ponder make a decision on deliberate on take a stand on come to an agreement on reach a decision on come to a decision on consider come to a conclusion on make a choice on flag up present recommend submit suggest invite put up put down put forward


To produce a total by adding
sum up abridge close condense digest encapsulate epitomise epitomize estimate examine inventory recap recapitulate review sum summarise summarize synopsize total size up give a summing-up review the evidence summarize the argument summarize the evidence get the measure of put in a nutshell perorate outline abstract reprise brief boil down wrap up shorten abbreviate compress precis précis run through cut cut down go over run down give a summary of trim contract sketch summate reduce give a precis of give the main points of give a synopsis of capsulize describe give an outline of give an abstract of give the gist of truncate prune clip skim rehash concentrate restate reiterate repeat compile snip curtail decrease telescope capture compact narrow chop limit pare get to meat give main points record express cut back cut short give a rundown of make a summary of characterize portray write a critique rip judge zap rave evaluate take down study depict characterise read through swipe at skin alive slam assess report discuss correct bad-mouth pan trash put down revise inspect weigh knock give one's opinion reedit consolidate write a summary of make a outline of come down to make a résumé of lessen wrap-up get to the meat nutshell cut to bone diminish crop downsize recount shrink represent reproduce denote show syncopate dock edit pare down elide run over restrict slash delineate paraphrase rephrase replay list enumerate reword draft indicate give a rough idea of draught touch on skeletonize give a quick rundown on make an outline of adumbrate skeleton give a rough idea lay out tell about give a thumbnail sketch of state again give a digest of put in nutshell blue pencil run through again go over again go over same ground go the same round write about profile give an account of write an article about retrograde cipher cypher

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