Đồng nghĩa của proscribe

Alternative for proscribe

proscribes, proscribed, proscribing

Đồng nghĩa: disallow, forbid, interdict, prohibit, veto,


Forbid, especially by law
ban prohibit forbid bar interdict embargo outlaw disallow veto enjoin boycott make illegal rule out taboo banish doom sentence debar exclude block stop preclude prevent restrain inhibit criminalize criminalise reject shut out restrict blackball place an embargo on obstruct halt dismiss deny ostracize refuse put an end to put a stop to hinder ostracise suppress check estop cancel repudiate nix blacklist black forfend kill throw out pass by give the thumbs down to pass on put down impede illegalize expel limit freeze spike stymie curse censor obviate forestall declare illegal overrule hold up lock up quash forbid to eliminate avoid censure except squash zing suspend turn down snub give the red light to put the kibosh on ice out pass up declare null and void close out freeze out thumbs down count out steer clear of curb let condemn interrupt destroy counteract felonize misdemeanorize place injunction on place an injunction on disqualify declare ineligible disown overturn countermand rebuff reverse invalidate officially forbid close down close up disclaim abjure disavow penalise penalize vote against ignore unchurch throw say no to set aside disacknowledge gridlock cool cork remove eject denounce thwart cut off discard discount make something punishable declare something a punishable offence consider undesirable shun override circumvent exile keep back spurn bottle up box in hang up jam up tie up anathematize refuse to employ put an embargo on hit list put on hit list avert abolish revoke recant keep lid on put chill on negative disfellowship takfir oust strike shut off bring to screeching halt put half nelson on put a lock on put a stopper in throw cold water on bate deter shut out of withhold patronage pour cold water on down nullify rule against wash one's hands of turn your back on brush off have nothing to do with stay away from impose sanctions hold aloof from abstain from refrain from give a wide berth to cold-shoulder refuse to take part in stave off leave out put paid to ward off close one's doors to not consider forget about cast out excommunicate pass cut negate dissent decline shoot down defeat disapprove discountenance burn throw away refuse permission to give thumbs down not go for oppose deprive withhold declare taboo shut down say no put the chill on


Denounce or condemn
condemn censure denounce attack criticise criticize reject denigrate decry reprehend reprobate execrate excoriate deprecate anathematize vilify castigate revile blame reprove rebuke knock reprimand slam pan upbraid deplore hammer slate blast objurgate vituperate diss reproach fault arraign slag slash dis dispraise denunciate skin inveigh against find fault with slag off lay into take to task give something a bad press have a go at abominate excommunicate comminate berate disparage chastise disapprove cane flame call down send up the river punish judge send up adjudge thumbs down on hang something on come down on let someone have it pin it on chide depreciate point finger at belittle put down name frame put away blow whistle on give someone a bad press pronounce lay at one's door discredit malign besmirch slur savage maul stigmatize prosecute impugn declaim derogate asperse impeach indict scold stigmatise ostracise rate ostracize fulminate against rail against pour scorn on bad-mouth cast aspersions on declaim against hit out at lace into pull to pieces pull apart animadvert on dress down run something down show up charge with give some stick to lambaste rubbish roast monster pillory abuse tear into admonish pummel bag bash bawl out pummelled flay trash crucify carpet chew out run down lambast haul over the coals skewer disapprove of cut up take to pieces pitch into tell off lecture harangue rant at ream out pick holes in rap rail at jump on object to rag belabor remonstrate with throw brickbats at tongue-lash tear off a strip assail give someone a roasting belabour give a rocket give someone hell frown on defame oppose keelhaul take apart read the riot act baste jaw tick off rap over the knuckles potshot give someone a rollicking scathe ridicule vilipend take exception to give someone a dressing-down scorn cavil at carp at object traduce calumniate complain do a hatchet job on accuse inveigh be against give a bad press to bollock curse give a talking-to insult smear score give someone a bollocking disfavor despise vituperate against slander shoot down trim remonstrate frown upon deride carp contemn criticize severely abhor pull up dislike gripe tear to pieces disfavour blister wig row rail discountenance tear a strip off lash light into protest moan grumble scorch take a dim view of kick grouse rollick discount beef detest detract give someone a telling-off give someone an earful give someone a mouthful kick up a stink about nag give someone what for give someone a row give someone a rating give someone a wigging slight libel express disapproval of minimize cry down kvetch animadvert dismiss sound off diminish dump on cavil nitpick about fulminate grouch underrate dispute whine jump down one's throat give flak to slap down disesteem give someone a caning kick up a fuss about mock whinge drag through the mud take issue with fuss bleat poor-mouth trash-talk bellyache disgrace rip into minimise play down growl write off kiss off talk down crab complain about make a fuss about give something a battering call to account underestimate find fault undervalue sail into rave at expostulate challenge tear apart thunder protest against look down on quibble about look askance at incriminate disdain lampoon pick to pieces do down beef about sneer at raise objections to ream pooh-pooh grizzle brand find lacking scoff at sledge argue against slap on the wrist wail grump keen caterwaul scream repine loathe lash out at speak ill of take a stand against kick up a fuss quibble rage hold responsible rake over the coals yammer squawk whimper murmur croak yawp maunder holler mutter squeal gripe about demur charge give someone some stick point the finger at blow up downgrade rant find unacceptable trivialize moan about grouse about exprobate yowl yaup except impute grouch about call over the coals oppose strongly expostulate about lower recriminate spurn bellyache about discommend treat lightly shun sound off about rip speak out against tsk-tsk speak evil of check detract from minify tear down complain vociferously about laugh at deflate misprize mislike monish take exception mind lesson sneer trivialise make light of go for the jugular spread lies about hate hold cheap hold accountable argue with bring into disrepute let fly tut over tut about tut-tut over tut-tut about put on the mat take down a peg blacken the reputation of blacken the name of sully the reputation of throw mud at slap someone's wrist send someone away with a flea in their ear not take kindly to cast a slur on call on the carpet conduct a smear campaign against speak badly of give a bad name give someone bondi rage against nitpick nag at bag on whine about carp about controvert tear to shreds niggle hit degrade nitpick over be in opposition to quarrel with remonstrate against protest strongly at remonstrate about whinge about pass strictures upon think wrong fume marginalize animadvert upon discourage argue criticize harshly storm vociferate chunter split hairs backbite opprobriate make a protest against kick against mither nit-pick hypercriticize create inculpate negate speak out laugh off resist chasten satirize get after disagree with lam into complain bitterly about lodge a protest against express disagreement with take on regard with disgust satirise rake rant about dissent tax adjudicate wade into take issue make a stand marginalise disagree violently with jeer at disrelish jawbone kvetch about treat with contempt let fly at affront trounce take down pass judgment dishonor dishonour make a stand against resent go after mouth off about eschew antipathize go on about pick at regret deliver judgment not think much of not appreciate point a finger at make faces at lose interest in have no stomach for be allergic to not care for lay down the law jump all over have no taste for be averse to grossed out on give opinion climb all over be turned off to have hard feelings bear malice toward not endure shudder at put up a fight against frown at round on get angry with mumble lash out rebut contradict be anti give a rough time hit out refute badmouth take gainsay be hostile to bring under fire heap rebuff discipline confront fustigate exprobrate come down hard on assault verbally read out look askance pick apart cudgel slap smother shellac strike scourge destroy give a tongue-lashing set upon pile in review unfavorably criticize strongly show someone up start on start in fry zap discourse orate perorate pick on be scandalized by be offended by be shocked by lash into debase blacken rap someone's knuckles harass sell short peck bother withstand combat squabble bicker rain object strongly to fight jump down someone's throat protest strongly weigh into humble clamor against snap someone's head off jump on one's case bite someone's head off mistreat caluminate voodoo dig demonize mudsling cuss jinx explode pick holes put hooks in blacken someone's reputation carp on lean on have words with have no use for avoid not feel like express strong disapproval of lay on give comeuppance go on take someone to task expose to ridicule demonise have your knife in burst out make a protest mouth off hold up to shame crush call to task give the devil niggle about pettifog be on at someone spout bluster huff rave bring to account give one hell squash downplay understate squelch demean allege skin alive rip up rag on criminate present mortify shame snub humiliate downcry comment negatively view with dislike show disapproval of indicate disapproval of view with disfavour devalue snipe at take somebody to task go on at talk to take to the woodshed get on speak to blow up at give a hard time burn one's ears keep nothing back erupt with anger hold forth against question intimidate take a stand menace bring charges against mark down take away poor mouth pooh pooh sour grapes scapegoat single out vociferate about thunder against label give a black eye put a whammy on be picky be hypercritical lay take swipe at throw stones at think badly of express disapprobation of express disapprobation stick it to lay at your door swear at imprecate do a number on rant and rave not support have a low opinion of raise objections cut down to size take a swipe at shoot full of holes cut to the quick accurse lose one's temper with give vent to one's emotions give free rein to one's emotions express objections whip objurate mark not believe in hold someone answerable veto express disagreement lodge a protest express objections to express disapproval feel revulsion to feel aversion to feel disgust for be in opposition express a poor opinion of zing be hostile towards hold someone to blame complain to characterize designate classify class stamp tag have a problem make a fuss hold in disdain regard with contempt raise an grumble about draw the line have a problem with kick up take great exception to characterise mark out offend shock outrage disgust cry baulk draw the line at balk cross disavow disagree pass on horrify appal beg to differ look down upon look down at lower the boom send someone away with a flea in his give a piece of one's mind give the dickens not stand for hold no brief for not go for count me out be displeased raise objection kick up a stink yelp yap bawl saddle cast a slur upon sicken nauseate repel revolt make an objection make a stink tangle with finger lay out go-one-on-one mix it up with look down one's nose at turn one's nose up at slang displease appall rile hold liable have at work over crack down on don't like find distasteful be unable to stomach recoil from have no liking for have a down on shrink from not be able to bear find repellent hold in disfavour be repelled by be unable to tolerate find intolerable be unable to abide be unable to stand be unable to bear regard with distaste have an aversion to have no taste give offence to blackguard blackball scandalise cause a few raised eyebrows amongst embarrass raise eyebrows amongst cause raised eyebrows dismay scandalize belie assign fault to lay the blame on place the blame on accuse of assign guilt to assign liability to complain vehemently about debunk disprove consider guilty of laugh taunt jeer find guilty of point the finger pass the buck lay a guilt trip on lay a bad trip on uncover catch invalidate unmask snigger scoff tie into beat up on yell at bark at jive gibe expose nail turn up one's nose hold up to ridicule fleer sniff at jest burlesque flout swipe dump hold in contempt sneeze at gird give Bronx cheer turn your nose up at grin crack rally make cutting remarks about caricature say contemptuously gibe at quip at travesty be contemptuous of rank out twit turn up your nose curl one's lip at leer cast doubt on set straight raise doubts about throw light on


To hide or conceal something (literally or figuratively)
suppress conceal hide censor gag redact ban belie blanket burke cloak cover curtain disguise enshroud hush up mask mute muzzle obscure occult screen shroud smother stifle stonewall veil withhold cover up keep hidden keep secret outlaw blot out not disclose paper over keep dark draw a veil over keep silent about keep under your hat not breathe a word of sweep under the carpet sweep under the rug sweep something under the carpet sweep something under the rug camouflage shield secrete whitewash bury harbor block out harbour dissemble envelop cache keep under wraps sit on repress blank out shadow hold back adumbrate mantle wrap ensconce keep back keep quiet about obstruct guard cloud eclipse gloss over shelter shade surround deny erase overlay befog keep a lid on keep the lid on dress up shut off keep quiet stash keep to yourself close squash shut out wipe out sugarcoat airbrush separate block swathe coat bottle up obfuscate muffle ditch canopy plant blind not tell obliterate beard drape tuck away put out of the way give a false idea of keep out of sight give a false account of put up a front isolate cover something up downplay minimize forget pull a veil over cocoon clothe refuse minimise wallpaper dissimulate squirrel keep from front hush not divulge retain omit finesse launder smuggle make light of shutter hole up seclude masquerade stow gird hem sheathe umbrage keep under one's hat keep something from someone make up keep in the dark shut in wall off put in a hole misrepresent make inconspicuous put up a smokescreen distort board up do on the sly stop something being overheard bush up falsify withhold something from keep something from hide something from overshadow warp blur fog mist haze colour misinterpret enfold enwrap dim darken bedim blear overcast overcloud encase becloud miscolor pervert misstate color garble mislead twist carpet pall submerge hinder dislimn benight blacken bemist pettifog murk obnubilate overspread crown top overlie cap cast a shadow over put out of sight pave trump up put a spin on extend over protect reserve keep unknown not give away hide from view salt away keep cover keep mum about fudge misreport cook bend misrelate slant alter change manipulate misquote fake take out of context quote out of context doctor embroider exaggerate embellish adulterate skew lie con deceive tamper with phony up misconstrue confuse strain bias overstate overdraw counterfeit corrupt promote equivocate palter prevaricate varnish mangle angle snow massage tinker with jumble put the wrong slant on muddle overdo dramatize enhance slur mistranslate hyperbolize mutilate mix up poison magnify misrender twist around misarticulate romanticise pad dramatise romanticize forge affect elaborate on prejudice spin fabricate invent deteriorate wind interfere with scam knot crush melt decline curve writhe slump gnarl put one on sag make out like deviate collapse touch up varnish over doctor up give a false picture of debase vitiate fix contravene salt four-flush contort rig fiddle traverse gloss deacon fib put on an act fake it frame up parody travesty cheese blarney stretch pirate dress puff blow smoke pass off build up

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