Đồng nghĩa của dispossess

Alternative for dispossess

dispossess /'dispə'zes/
  • ngoại động từ
    • ((thường) + of) truất quyền sở hữ, tước quyền chiếm hữu
      • to dispossess someone of something: tước của ai quyền chiếm hữu cái gì
    • trục ra khỏi, đuổi ra khỏi
    • giải thoát (cho ai cái gì); diệt trừ (cho ai cái gì)
      • to dispossess someone of evil spirit: giải thoát cho ai khỏi bị tà ma ám ảnh
      • to dispossess someone of error: giải cho ai khỏi sự sai lầm


To deprive someone of the possession of land, especially by evicting them
dislodge eject evict expel oust banish exile bounce cast out defenestrate drive out out turn out boot out chuck out heave out kick out throw out turf out show the door put out in the street throw someone out on their ear remove deport dismiss ban bar rout chase exclude relegate drum out slang reject sack send packing run off expulse put out expatriate displace transport separate outlaw ostracize give one the gate extradite uproot debar excommunicate proscribe blackball send away evacuate ostracise discharge cashier blacklist push out thrust out black sling out fling out throw out on your ear give the bum's rush get rid of give the boot fire give someone the big E suspend drive away fordrive bin off give someone the push give someone the air give the hook throw out on ear bust give walking papers show you the door give the elbow ask to leave force out give someone the boot can axe give someone their marching orders ax unseat depose retire boot release give the heave-ho pink-slip let go extrude eliminate lay off make redundant give someone the bullet terminate muster out topple shut out give someone their cards give the old heave-ho defrock dethrone supplant demote discard disqualify ignore give someone their notice repudiate overturn boycott turf give someone the sack overthrow bring down unmake turn off freeze out unfrock deprive disallow veto snub preclude smoke out keep out disfrock embargo unthrone uncrown remove from office replace lock out chuck impeach dispel disfellowship disbar shift bump omit shun prohibit drive off except rule out interdict send home send to Coventry flush out leave out scatter drop count out leave out in the cold let one go give notice to disperse disband clear vote against move nix hand someone his hat supersede eighty-six upset discrown break transfer dislocate give the sack to send off ship refuse forbid discount disclude stop disregard take over chase out toss out close out declare redundant put an embargo on miss out cut out deprive of office give someone notice give one notice show the door to let out take out pink slip give somebody their cards give marching orders hand walking papers run out of town give the sack ride out on rail give the cold shoulder to give a pink slip give somebody the boot give somebody the push remove from power rusticate send somebody packing attaint throw someone out consign coldshoulder repulse empty unchurch yeet prohibit from entering denounce heave downgrade degrade ferret out anathematize unhorse subvert court martial overlook takfir curse excuse give somebody notice strip of rank disentitle ditch unloose irrupt dump toss purge give heave-ho dissipate force to leave unsettle chase off vote out give one's cards unhire give somebody the pink slip shed dehire give somebody the sack give pink slip give bum's rush throw overboard kiss goodbye squeeze out do away with give someone their P45 give the chop show the gate to usurp disenthrone disthrone say no to declare ineligible refuse admission to refuse entrance to deny stand in the way of reposition abolish not include fail to include factor out relocate expunge pull detach relieve of duty disturb budge abstract delete cut squander chase away avoid elide forget slur erase knock over disentangle extricate repel scramble free bring low step into shoes of take down see the back of give something a miss leave off knock out of position knock out of place clear out dig out get out knock loose bring about the downfall of withdraw consider undesirable split up beat off break up estop deny access to obviate prevent block sideline bate occlude steer clear of thumbs down place an embargo on hit list refuse to employ down negative kill not count refuse to admit put on hit list break it up pass over ward off set aside refuse admittance prevent from entering shut the door on cold-shoulder spurn take away move out shoot down clear from send to a safe place remove from undermine liberate demobilize dispatch rid bundle demobilise relieve displant substitute override give the cold shoulder wrench out crowd swap places with substitute for sit in front for fill in ring outplace take over from ring in back up force stand in take the place of pension deselect furlough shelve recall disemploy depone show out allow to go dispense with dispose of do without cast off slough off push aside give the ax give the gate wash out pay off give someone his turn away give notice kiss off give warning


To take property unlawfully from (a person or place) by force or threat of force
rob cheat defraud skin swindle bilk con fleece despoil gyp mulct stiff rip off con out of do out of rook out of steal someone blind trick sucker dupe cozen sting hoodwink diddle bamboozle deceive victimize rook do gull shaft snooker double-cross victimise take advantage of flimflam bleed take for a ride put one over on pull a fast one on pull a swifty on stick fiddle screw finagle gaff scam euchre burn beat gouge hustle shortchange fool mislead hose hoax squeeze short chisel skunk ream delude beguile thimblerig chouse pluck nobble milk exploit chicane have goldbrick take in clip sell bunco shake down do in short-change take to the cleaners lead up the garden path give someone a bum steer sell down the river outwit pilfer sandbag illude rush snow overcharge plunder take hornswoggle swizzle shuck sharp double-deal pull fast one rope in sell a pup to stitch up jerk around filch embezzle abuse heist use jive sucker into sell a bill of goods to take to the cleaner's do number on do someone in the eye cross fudge trim blench lirt rogue belirt crib give the shaft fast talk take out break the rules pull one's leg screw over give bum steer do a number on ensnare misguide entrap inveigle seduce kid lead on betray gammon catch humbug spoof juggle misinform buffalo bluff play joke on suck in hook impose upon fake out have on string along pull the wool over someone's eyes lie to falsify put on fake circumvent take to cleaners take for ride beat out of take for play away disappoint cuckold cross up step out steal soak sell a pup sell a bill of goods run a game on


To loot or plunder by force
pillage plunder sack loot ransack despoil maraud raid rob rifle spoil strip ravage depredate devastate spoliate denude deprive harry forage freeboot lay waste rape reave reive steal from appropriate arrogate confiscate desecrate desolate destroy devour embezzle gut invade ruin trespass waste divest relieve clean out demolish wreck wreak havoc on raze annihilate fleece vandalize lay waste to vandalise level burgle total smash pirate defile stick up decimate wrack pulverize extinguish shatter cream nuke vaporize attack pulverise vaporise leave in ruins ravish tear down do in rub out pull down violate burglarize foray burglarise requisition liberate lift grab loft clear out abuse flatten depopulate damage wipe out rip off moonlight requisition knock off deface smash and grab trash debase leave desolate mess up take apart assail assault overrun havoc consume prey on rustle tear apart corrupt prey prowl kip burn do maraud over obliterate empty out wreak havoc knock over stiff mug steam make desolate empty harass lay low scourge turn over hold up break into go looting go pillaging stamp out wipe off map do one in raze to the ground go on forays go on raids picaroon profane reduce boost take swipe salvage snatch make thieve pollute contaminate dishonour mar blaspheme pervert injure impair harm do over tip over disfigure blemish befoul commit sacrilege infect degrade scar flaw dishonor prostitute insult outrage treat sacrilegiously upset blow blight hurt break endamage vitiate undo cripple bloody compromise crab treat with disrespect blaspheme against crool disfeature make lose face commit sacrilege against make useless be a blot on the landscape prejudice disgrace put a damper on blot squash screw up cross up


To throw away (something unwanted or useless)
discard scrap dump jettison chuck ditch junk throw out cull dispose trash unload eliminate remove shed toss ax axe bin cashier dispatch drop exorcise exorcize expel reject relinquish eject lose pitch can throw away cast off chuck out dispose of toss out cast away fling away get rid of part with deep-six lay by shuck off slough off cast aside chuck away do away with fling off have done with throw on the scrapheap dispense with eighty-six get shot of sweep away shake off throw overboard thrust aside set aside abandon dismiss get shut of cast forsake discharge give up throw off desert boot out weed out see the back of throw yield fire sack slough clear out write off kick out cast out exclude let go send packing give someone the boot cut fling oust release surrender root out retire shrug off throw aside evict displace toss aside turf out give someone the bullet give someone their marching orders give the heave-ho show the door give someone the push leave wreck maroon shuck forgo offload renounce waive moult omit cede free oneself of rid oneself of put out to pasture heave abdicate disburden disregard exuviate nix bounce terminate molt repudiate sacrifice pink-slip slip drum out hand over turn off muster out sluff off leave out turn down let go of give away let drop make redundant peel off give someone the sack give someone their cards let fall extract manage without do without cope without shelve throw something off scrub bung out bung away disown hurl banish doff unhand away negative 86 knock on the head pull the plug on auction chase refuse extrude unburden clear adios fling out trim put aside give the boot shipwreck strand destroy give the old heave-ho give someone their notice loosen one's hold on loose one's hold on demolish recycle decommission annihilate obliterate cast ashore leave stranded wash your hands of exfoliate divest yourself of file in circular file kiss goodbye kiss off deep six fob off relieve yourself of make over sluff peel throw up leave behind supplant excuse flake mew melt off reduce take off break up supersede bump replace bust consign to scrap heap flake off skin scale leave high and dry freeze out lay off run out of town relieve of duty deprive of office ride out on rail let one go declare redundant give someone notice lock out give one notice disqualify resign depose dethrone lay down deliver turn over render unseat boot break delete dislodge slur elide erase forget cancel back down cut loose take the pledge forbear drop out kiss good-bye withdraw opt out sign away take the oath cough up deliver up let pass stand down lay aside quit cold turkey let go by turn in swear off drop like hot potato ignore court martial leave off topple force out defenestrate overturn defrock deprive uncrown unthrone unmake overthrow unsettle give a pink slip throw out on your ear give the bum's rush give something a miss take out miss out turn out out drive out rule out disthrone discrown usurp step into shoes of bring down take over disenthrone remove from office cross out cut out shut the door on


To cease to have or retain something
lose expend squander waste blow burn deplete drain exhaust outlay spend burn up consume dispense with dissipate go through lay out run through shell out splurge suffer the loss of use up be deprived of burn through cough up discharge fritter away stop having throw away waste away disinherit divest fiddle away lavish misspend no longer have sacrifice trifle away spend like water misuse fritter pour down the drain blue be prodigal with spend recklessly make poor use of throw around like confetti be wasteful spend unwisely be wasteful with spend money as if there were no tomorrow spend money as if it were going out of style gamble away scatter trifle frivol spend freely get through throw down the drain frivol away play ducks and drakes with spend money as if it grows on trees splash out cast away run-through finish sap spend as if it grows on trees spend as if there were no tomorrow pay out spend as if it were going out of style invest empty divert misemploy misapply ebb eat through wash up dump use run dry indulge oneself kiss goodbye devote spend money as if it were going out of fashion overspend liquidate idle dally fool away idle away be wastefully extravagant with pour something down the drain diddle away let money slip through one's fingers spend money as if it grew on trees chuck something down the drain prodigalize throw money around spring for pour money down the drain spend money like water throw money down the drain put out pass occupy devour suck dry absorb bleed impoverish mismanage while away draw down take up employ kill beguile milk utilize utilise eat up fill abuse play out misallocate misdirect diminish draw disburse bankrupt pay wear out bleed dry dry up swallow up give fork out embezzle misappropriate dish out stump up ante up exploit pony up strain dry eat attenuate slash fill up fill in run out finish up take last of dig into run down empty out put in part with contribute spend foolishly fribble away throw donate wanton fiddle while allocate laze lay something out loiter void reduce disperse dispel make use of shirk evacuate decrease gobble guzzle lessen lower syphon siphon break bust pare down weaken cut back slim down undermine tap catheterize draw off get rid of pump out free from get last drop burn out filter off drop dole out pervert dispense use fraudulently foot the bill throw money at prostitute distort profane warp garble mishandle misinterpret misrepresent steal defalcate misconstrue put to wrong use make bad use of run up put to use blow through have recourse to avail oneself of

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