Đồng nghĩa của get out

Alternative for get out


To formally send out or put into circulation
publish issue print put out disseminate circulate spread publicize make known publicise make public broadcast purvey release put about propagate communicate promulgate advertize advertise bring out bruit about bruit abroad produce distribute transmit diffuse get round declare pass on get around get about post come out proclaim give out air out leak out break impart report spread around go the rounds noise abroad pass around exchange spread about be passed around blazon abroad bandy about feature bruit share out sow give transfer transfuse allot convey repeat scatter conduct blazon announce reveal utter divulge state propound deliver churn out put in circulation disclose send out trumpet herald enunciate flash blare sound annunciate placard blaze bring to public attention bring to public notice leak spotlight drum expose unfold gazette notify propagandize have printed put in print propagandise let it be known splash call shout from the rooftops pass the word hand out celebrate promote splatter flourish renown inscribe depict describe boast pass decree intimate tell toot endorse pronounce blow wide open tweet travel carry make official move spring preconize set forth advance immortalize bill immortalise spot press-agent headline extol soft-sell billboard skywrite cry sound off shout something from the rooftops issue a statement about blast give notice of say run off at mouth read out display move around make the rounds hard sell put on the map write up play up make a pitch for present run bare unveil spill


To leave or escape
bolt escape abscond break free break loose break out clear out decamp flee fly get free get away make off run away run off take flight take off bust disappear vanish make a break for it make a escape make a getaway run for it scarper skedaddle skip slip away sneak away steal away vamoose beat a hasty retreat cut and run do a bunk hightail it do a moonlight flit fly the coop hook it leg it make a run for it take French leave do a disappearing act do a runner do a vanishing act head for the hills show a clean pair of heels take a powder go on the lam make one's escape go out lam cut loose break out of leave burst out depart run make oneself scarce break away disentangle yourself make a break beat a retreat scram split beat it bail out bug out duck out take it on the lam break hightail take to one's heels slip pass double elope emerge desert clear off make a quick exit skidoo get off go through peel out cut out light out levant make your getaway run out on make getaway wriggle out shun avoid shoot through work out of play hooky get away with go scot-free do a Skase retreat bust out make one's getaway take on the lam escape from absent yourself go away dodge elude circumvent duck evade blow break with separate make your escape be gone turn tail run from take to your heels hasten away hide clear absent oneself withdraw give the slip go south depart secretly go AWOL get make scarce make a quick getaway quit dog it jump ship skip out pull out spread skip off run away from leave hastily leave abruptly have it away make have it away on one's toes break away from break loose from burst out of sunder out come out flee from abscond from make one's escape from slip through your fingers make good one's escape get out of someone's clutches eject leave the aircraft parachute to safety make tracks push off shove off scoot go flit evacuate slope off hotfoot it absquatulate sneak off exit vacate move abandon hit the road retire take a hike part emigrate migrate sally start go forth say one's goodbyes pack your bags take leave up sticks set out say goodbye pack one's bags sling one's hook bog off walk out move out run along bunk go missing depart suddenly do a moonlight slink off slink creep sneak skulk creep off embark forsake defect cut relinquish issue stir jump scamper hotfoot disengage from go from be gone from take your leave of head out move out of go away from fly from do a bunk from pull out of withdraw from take one's leave of retire from say one's farewells depart from decamp from ride off slip out walk away sling your hook disappear from slope off from exit from bolt from remove oneself check out take oneself off from set out from absent oneself from take yourself off from step down come away make yourself scarce make quick exit step on it step on the gas bail begone book abdicate remove repair git advance absent push on bug off head off pack off abstract oneself blast off dig out set off move on get going step along buzz off rack off be off set forth make an exit move off be on one's way peel off hit the trail proceed sally forth break camp betake oneself march out take your leave pike off troop go off hit the bricks pack up pike out


To escape a fate
emerge transpire become apparent become known materialise materialize become common knowledge be disclosed be discovered be divulged be reported be revealed be uncovered come out come to light be made public be publicized be released leak out be noised about be noised abroad prove to be the case get around leak break circulate surface spread come out in the open slip out become public break out turn out be made known be promulgated disclose make public go the rounds propagate do the rounds disseminate be passed around be passed on become widely known take shape become evident come to pass take place pan out come about be issued pass arise go down show up develop come out in the wash come to the fore ensue be brought out crop up result enter the picture manifest fall out be announced turn up evolve appear eventuate be published unfold be exposed occur issue follow happen flow proceed emanate stem spring come forth come hap derive present itself befall arrive spring up originate supervene rise betide grow come up be caused by be produced by pour be brought about by progress spread out accompany eventualize take form be be consequent on flourish crystallize originate in crystallise supervene on come into being come off come down pop up gush out be transmitted be emitted chance start mature fall attend pour out culminate show form dawn bechance bear fruit advance chance to happen make an appearance go on be unearthed present succeed come after accrue come next roll up come along unravel be attended by follow on be uttered broaden deepen stop end terminate be subsequent to fare hit be the consequence be the result intervene recur naturalise increase perform be a consequence debut erupt take effect be consequent naturalize loom change come into existence see daylight see the light of day become a fact merge come into view come into sight become visible come together be a consequence of have its origin in be taken be due to be the result of be brought on by be had be got vent birth ooze exude pace get along go off be presented do spew out spout out spurt out reveal tell well derive from enter society make one's debut in society action sally pour forth seep gush forth seep out ooze out seep forth flow out flow forth ooze forth disembogue exit sortie overflow elaborate unroll expand blossom debouch blurt out give away untangle move out evidence demonstrate evince well up trickle upspring germinate work out


Leave hastily
beat it depart go get going scat split buzz off clear off get lost push off run along shove off be off with you be on your way bog off bug off get along hamba hop it leave light out naff off scram shoo skedaddle vamoose voetsak avaunt begone go away haul off nick off on your bike rack off sling your hook beat off hit the trail hurry away sod off take a hike take a powder beat a retreat go jump in the lake go and jump in the lake clear out exit take off scoot get bail out walk out hit the road part quit scarper decamp make oneself scarce move along bail move bug out step along get off be off vacate pack off pike off pack up pike out withdraw retire set off check out set out take wing absent oneself book sally forth push on cut out dig out go off pull out bolt move off run off make yourself scarce take yourself off take leave run away hightail fly duck out draw away pop off skip off retreat walk off hop the twig back out disappear take a long walk on a short pier push along get stuffed get moving hop the stick peel off head off go your way make tracks get away make a start start out absent yourself get out of my sight take your leave make like a tree and leave make like a tree and get out of here flee go off in a huff make a sudden departure get up and go storm off leave suddenly storm out flounce out escape abscond strike out head for the hills make a quick exit beat a hasty retreat make off hightail it make a break for it head make a run for it make hit the bricks take flight evacuate go and chase yourself take one's leave sign out head out say goodbye move out pull stakes be on one's way blow make an exit up sticks do a bunk hook it cut and run vanish flit abstract oneself say one's goodbyes slip away get under way slope off make a move desert do a disappearing act start pack one's bags sling one's hook embark steal away break camp remove repair go AWOL go forth betake oneself take French leave fly the coop peel out do a runner abandon pack your bags show a clean pair of heels sneak away skip proceed run hotfoot it set forth remove oneself step out go out sneak off go on the lam do a moonlight flit skip out say one's farewells migrate issue emigrate sally stir forsake git kite alight skiddoo skidoo walk get on your bike go to hell leg it levant turn tail advance absent blast off move on make a break march out abdicate troop absquatulate take one's farewells run out drop out strand take a walk maroon post security put up bail stand surety obtain somebody's release do a Skase take it on the lam depart suddenly go through shoot through run for it do a fade march slink off slink creep sneak skulk separate say adieu make one's departure go offstage flake off exeunt do vanishing act bid farewell ship shove flow leap bustle off-load move about hurry say farewell break up conk out dedomicile break start off sail set sail break off ship out ease out part company leave flat range cruise creep off wend lam mosey split up quit the scene make one's farewells walk out on go one's ways go their separate ways go separate ways get on the road begin one's journey set about set forward make one's way make for disengage from go from be gone from take your leave of cut relinquish move out of go away from fly from do a bunk from pull out of withdraw from take one's leave of retire from depart from decamp from ride off flee from slip out abscond from give the slip escape from run away from defect walk away break away elope disappear from slope off from exit from bolt from take oneself off from set out from absent oneself from take yourself off from step down come away hurry up get your skates on get cracking get a move on get on buck up


To obtain by flattery, guile, or trickery


Knock or force out of position
dislodge remove displace oust eject topple depose evict move shift unseat upset disturb expel overturn defenestrate disentangle drive out extricate force out knock over uproot bring down bring low dislocate free throw out boot out drum out get rid of kick out knock out of place knock out of position turf out dig out bring about the downfall of knock loose dismiss turn out discharge out show the door dethrone give someone the boot overthrow supplant remove from office bounce relocate reposition transfer chuck out banish exile cashier budge give the bum's rush throw someone out on their ear put out cast out push out transpose send packing uncrown unthrone defrock deprive unmake fire usurp deport sack eliminate heave out disarticulate remove from power give the old heave-ho give someone their marching orders give the heave-ho put out of place thrust out defeat evacuate purge discrown can misplace rout chase axe extrude slang exclude ax reject expulse irrupt fling out throw out on your ear run off force to leave throw out on the streets give someone the push vote someone out overcome throw someone out disjoint put out of joint replace triumph overwhelm degrade dispossess disestablish get going set going change the position of put out in the street expropriate move out of place retire relegate abolish release show out heave-ho chase out shut out toss out on ear pull expunge detach unsettle throw overboard give the boot toss give the sack to do away with kiss goodbye give someone their P45 eighty-six ditch send off unloose squeeze out give the chop give someone the bullet bump give someone their cards drive off show the gate to dump ship abstract disthrone discard disenthrone pink-slip muster out separate rummage perturb disunite divide unhinge break interrupt take down see the back of take over step into shoes of belch disgorge issue ejaculate spew eruct vomit jet erupt excrete spout spurt let out void ostracize transport pass exhaust exudate send forth exude ostracise spew out flush out spit out pack off let go give the 1-2-3 bundle off lay off remove by force expatriate ban bar proscribe debar give the elbow repatriate excommunicate drive away send away extradite boot cut disfellowship make redundant send home bin off drop send back give someone the air give someone the big E outlaw repudiate blacklist blackball terminate disallow suspend dispel dispatch disown smoke out freeze out give one the gate leave out leave out in the cold cast off disperse scatter embargo give someone their notice veto clear ship out give someone the sack boycott disband rid black erase omit keep out disbar empty sling out turf chase away set aside show you the door disregard sideline give walking papers clear out cut out miss out take out toss out cut dead lock out take off sail consign repulse unchurch chuck ferret out denounce prohibit from entering yeet outcaste marginalize anathematize invisibilize marginalise pay off retire early dissipate show the door to fordrive bust takfir curse sentence to transportation sentence ask to leave give somebody the boot give somebody the push give notice to deprive of office declare redundant isolate rusticate extradict sequester give their cards give the axe give the hook squander strip throw out on ear repel scramble snub prohibit shake off drain vacate jettison extract withdraw vote against except split up beat off break it up break up delete zero nix down negative kill shun refuse forbid slur elide forget ignore spurn cold-shoulder preclude interdict leave off close out estop stop deny access to disclude obviate prevent bate discount block occlude rule out shoot down clear away draw out bring out give something a miss count out not count refuse to admit demobilize liberate pass over put an embargo on ward off send to Coventry prevent from entering shut the door on refuse admittance bundle demobilise give the cold shoulder give the cold shoulder to allow to go dispense with dispose of slough off do without push aside


To make known, especially confidential information and in a discrete manner
leak divulge disclose reveal tell betray break blab broadcast communicate expose impart out release unveil publish admit confess pass relate slip uncover transpire trickle bring to light come out let on make known blow wide open bring into the open give away make public pass on spill the beans take the lid off blow the gaff let slip blurt out let the cat out of the bag spill let out declare proclaim discover announce bare unmask report unbosom let drop publicize air circulate let on about tattle give the game away publicise come out with unfold disseminate lay bare spread blow the lid off squeal babble promulgate uncloak inform post acknowledge display give out go public with sing blurt snitch spill the beans about vouchsafe bring out into the open mouth trumpet enunciate cough show bring to public attention talk manifest bring to public notice avow utter squeal about evince open up fess up herald advertise advertize distribute let the cat out of the bag about transmit blazon issue flash blare annunciate placard blaze sound put out exhibit tell tales gossip concede blow demonstrate affirm get off your chest cough up confide narrate tell on own up cry spill your guts about tell all about come out of the closet come clean mention propagandize let fall bespeak splash describe present spotlight propagandise own profess state bewray allow agree tip off go public on come clean about grant crack break the news fink blow the gaff on unearth take the wraps off grass confirm prove clue in show up own up to spill one's guts make a clean breast blow the whistle on smoke out let cat out of the bag make a clean breast of 'fess up spill your guts tell all cop to rat on spread rumors talk out of turn exclaim ejaculate celebrate jabber spout open unfurl overshare let something slip splatter flourish renown give up gazette inscribe depict boast break out get around be revealed have printed run off at the mouth cry out call out burst out let the cat ouf of the bag burst out with utter suddenly open up on blow something wide open shout from the rooftops put in print intimate spring open one's mouth let it be known nail debunk undress go public bring out whisper tip one's hand lay open let hair down blow the whistle unclothe breathe brandish squeak detail recount express relay articulate convey let cat out of bag tell of spill the beans on put on view nake denude trot out find out make manifest make obvious catch out pull the plug on hint buzz suggest insinuate unburden voice explain stool tip grass on inform on somebody split on split turn in document recite chronicle unload on spill to crack to notify talk about accept accede recognize represent open your heart lay the gaff lay it on bend an ear let in on share a confidence give the show away dish the dirt assert become known realize assent appreciate attest aver admit guilt acquiesce concur indicate realise recognise yield accept responsibility self-declare chirp dump on self-respond self-disclose humble oneself vent make clean breast of weasel sound off level with unload tell the truth accept blame unbosom oneself tip hand finger get something off your chest plead guilty make a clean breast of things be completely honest self-report open one's heart self-divulge spit out make a clean breast of it provide details keep posted set forth share give details of fill in give the low-down go into details get something off one's chest bring out into open put cards on table get out of system give the facts give an account of let somebody in on squawk reveal everything blow somebody's cover tell a secret advance bill immortalise headline extol soft-sell skywrite immortalize spot press-agent drum billboard expose information hard sell write up play up make a pitch for put on the map elucidate expound clarify decipher delineate spell out enlighten unriddle demystify explicate clear up give make clear propose illuminate unravel set out produce illustrate portray say rehearse get across resolve interpret chart advise specify simplify raise market signify pronounce bring forward decode pitch construe define apprise itemize acquaint verbalize enumerate offer translate give notice of verbalise point out itemise sort out solve promote shed light on hype speak plug disburden imply tout put on the table propound puff peddle ballyhoo outline list spruik push endorse flog flaunt discuss sell boost paint note teach flack characterize spin catalogue sponsor brief retail spill all confide in cite huckster circularize particularize figure out dope out characterise untangle merchandise spread around analyse analyze circularise catalog break down throw light on put across particularise hype up put into words bang the drum for get to the bottom of give publicity to cast light on give insight straighten out give a plug to give insight into give a puff to call attention to get off one's chest speak about lay out beat the drum for submit transfer highlight moot elaborate denote preconize formulate transfuse tweet conduct work out settle summarize purvey wire cable render write give notice repeat noise abroad instruct put forward picture print praise trail trailer suss blazon abroad answer summarise educate defog puzzle out blurb alert clear make out give voice to illumine make plain go into detail name account for suss out wise up reel off run with get on soapbox for make clean breast shed light give the details of spread abroad make a pitch clear the air comment on run through put in plain English build up make head or tail of out with it go along with run over soft sell beat the drum testify to crack up flesh out shout out trust entrust pinpoint propagate ferret out ventilate unshroud introduce put the spotlight on lay something bare signal establish unburden oneself hand on feed unjumble declare one's preferences unroll bring into view cue telephone radio debrief debate cop to make clear put ring up get through allow to be valid hold up to view address remark crystallize crystallise crack wide open decrypt descant expatiate discourse voice-over testify cover deliver launch evoke give vent to edify package explicitize vocalize sketch out send word let know pass out give expression to let it all hang out package as understand conjure up put in circulation bruit about send out bruit abroad churn out explicitise charge familiarize give utterance to put forth allude to touch on remark on refer to bring up give a account of inform of advise of give a description of paint a word picture of provide details of paint in words give the facts on give a rundown of put in words recap give details on adumbrate have one's say hold forth tell a story give a report of paraphrase rationalize read draw a picture of clear the air about make simple get something straight make perfectly clear rationalise reword be an indication of sketch familiarise level vocalise verse weave bring word communicate information give details bring word on frame tabulate deduce twig gloss rephrase stipulate numerate catch up give an account put in the picture make explicit fathom designate cipher make sense of cypher encipher spell retell sling track leave word put before give facts call upon shop circumstantiate identify epitomize embellish recapitulate instance penetrate work convert find the key find the answer to find the key to offer for sale spit it out give evidence of be evidence of quote epitomise individuate individualize individualise specialise break a story spin a yarn give the word lay it on the line run down clue one in let one's hair down shoot the breeze restate recast draw up get down to brass tacks fly speck quote chapter and verse be specific about specialize report on sweat details tick off rat dish make available riddle out incriminate oneself put your hand up to something acknowledge information admit to one's sins admit to one's actions admit to one's crimes confess all implicate oneself put on the market put on sale reveal all speak up speak out find an answer to get straight see tell the facts give it up reveal information divulge information metaphrase transpose perceive cognize know advocate issue a statement about call blast bow to agree to approve of accede to acquiesce in cooperate with certify concur with be aware of be conscious of do into state in layman's language champion defer to attest to popularize read out recommend back take on board take an oath be wise to encourage supply pass the word come out of closet cop a plea get off chest subscribe to posit run off at mouth shout something from the rooftops aggrandize annotate disentangle paint a picture unscramble diagram make intelligible express in words spell it out set the scene put in plain words guide give an explanation of traffic in campaign for set down get behind deal in popularise cry up puff up talk up


Expression of disbelief


A reason or explanation given to justify a fault or offense
excuse justification reason plea defence explanation grounds extenuation mitigation pretense pretence vindication evasion front rationalisation rationalization alibi apology basis cause cover defense palliation pretext apologia argument coverup line story disguise expedient fabrication routine subterfuge whitewash cop-out get-out cover story cover-up mitigating circumstances ostensible reason song and dance why and wherefore fish story case rationale assertion account reasoning exoneration declaration answer support claim exculpation evidence statement accounting acquittal premise validation advocacy allegation approval logic stall contention polemic retort apologetics proof thesis expostulation reasons pleading line of reasoning appeasement escape action suit apologism apologetic out right substantiation ratification meaning modification qualification moderation reduction dodge sense fish tale motive clearing compurgation revenge endorsement explication proclamation appeal petition exposition presentation postulation confession copout expounding excusing explaining response promotion an excuse argumentation way around jive apologizing return cleanup testimony apologising ploy ruse issue questioning discharge pardon acquittance device the why and wherefore profession affirmation reply assurance defending evidence avowal warrant simulation stratagem demonstration dialectic absolution feint con foundation airtight case extenuating circumstances whitewashing wherefore palliative just cause whatfor red herring supposed grounds fig leaf alleged reason false excuse raison d'être whole idea

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