Đồng nghĩa của take the count


To leave or withdraw from a position or agreement
bow out quit withdraw abandon leave retire exit demit disengage forsake chuck get out bail out drop out pull out wriggle out give up get out of resign back out back out of chuck in jack in pack in pull out of resign from step down from stop participating in withdraw from opt out call it a day make one's exit walk away from give something a miss throw in the sponge throw in the towel abstract oneself step down stand down vacate go abdicate walk out give notice pull stop participating hand in your notice hang it up secede step aside cease work retire from depart stand aside bow out of pull back back off hand in resignation absent oneself renounce the throne pull the plug opt out of terminate sign off renege on stop get off relinquish one's position renounce disengage from recede from scratch from detach yourself detach relax come off full alert stand easy give up the ship leave your job give in one's notice end service give up your job resignate make oneself scarce take a hike adjourn get away take off betake oneself take leave shut oneself away recede take oneself move out of draw retreat from draw away seclude oneself absent yourself back away blow check out drop back fall back retreat repair remove go off go away decamp clear get lost run along step aside from bag relinquish desert abandon ship walk off walk out on depart from walk away turn your back stand down from cede abnegate surrender discontinue cease bail move from sell walk out of drop out of call it quits sell up sell out abstract dissociate disassociate delink beat a retreat move out weasel out

Trái nghĩa của take the count

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