Đồng nghĩa của dissociate

Alternative for dissociate

dissociate /di'souʃieit/ (disassociate) /,disə'souʃieit/
  • ngoại động từ
    • (+ from) phân ra, tách ra
    • (hoá học) phân tích, phân ly


To separate or force apart
separate divide disconnect sever part split divorce disjoin uncouple sunder decouple disassociate unlink detach unyoke dissever resolve disjoint isolate ramify segregate disband abstract distinguish unfix disrupt scatter break up cut off set apart break off disunite disengage remove break split up withdraw disaffiliate undo distance alienate partition cleave disentangle come apart delink unhitch free diverge cut rend unfasten dissolve section keep apart rive dichotomize slice take apart break apart loose untether unhook insulate sequester seclude quarantine leave disassemble loosen luxate branch quit spread sort out disarticulate tear off bifurcate dismount subdivide segment dismantle single out break away break down dissect withdraw from break with avoid move away divide in two split in two pull out cut in two abjugate unstrap untie extricate decompose reduce dislocate factionalize draw back disintegrate splinter unmarry clear dislodge relocate move dismember shy disperse estrange embroil put away unclasp cut up tear apart unbuckle unbolt rupture unravel go separate ways set at odds dock bisect amputate uncombine divide up tear fork unpin unbutton set at variance chop off hack off lop off hew off shear off slice off pull apart carve become disconnected come away become detached divaricate open particularise itemise factor itemize portion strip particularize articulate break open wedge apart break from place far off put at a distance walk away keep at arm's length unsnap unclick move apart branch off branch out put asunder draw apart fork off turn off differentiate sift closet exclude shield protect winnow out sift out filter out extract defect choose select island ghettoize put to one side weed out draw retire retreat discriminate against ghettoise pull become estranged secede from pump suck tap pull the plug drop out back out back off weasel out opt out move out close off set aside separate out sunder out bust up part company with sever connections with reach a parting of the ways break off relations with draw off take away take out pluck out untangle spread out release anatomize analyse take off analyze distil crack halve assay untwine unloose prune trim unwind slice up open up expand come between tear asunder distill excise rip purify refine disentwine slash carve up open out slit unlace deconstruct fractionate lop liberate drive apart intersect untwist unbridle saw off screen quarter shear unlock shatter cut across shred hack pierce unknot screen off lacerate gash solve section off radiate unstick incise decompound ravel unfold split off lay open study pit against one another straighten out rectify drive a wedge between demarcate clip crop pull off cross ribbon breach snip unbind unsnarl crosscut part company disturb snip off tatter disembarrass share fan out traverse fracture distribute interrupt polarize triangulate chop nick rip apart nip off yawn separate off portion out share out unbraid unweave unlay think through set against parcel out puncture polarise unlash unwrap unloosen divvy up unkink wrest mangle mutilate lay bare set free rip asunder notch cut in half let out set against one another transect wall off fence off rip in two scratch cut into rift split down the middle ravel out snick injure gape gap work loose chop up break in two create a rift in cause dissent discumber cause disagreement among decipher faze atomize dig out end things redivide compartment consider snap off come off unitize intercut stand between sort go your separate ways rope off group burst test skim spread wide widen nip something off truncate yank out prise out tug out unzip disaffect bust disembed abandon concentrate thicken compress examine scrutinize abscise curtail eliminate remove surgically uncoil unroll unfetter unshackle unmanacle prune off clip off hold erupt fragment smite broaden carve out meddle intervene interpose interfere strip off unreel crumble evaluate investigate inspect crack open abscind unseal disburden let loose hoick out go through with a fine-tooth comb cause a breach unfurl split open rip off ray extend condense hydrolyze electrolyze partition off unshut unclose unblock unstop scrutinise rip open ease slacken cut away issue fragmentize parse determine get divorced get a divorce displace shift transfer unlatch filter process straighten divide off curtain off mark off fan X-ray splay move off uncork unleash take something out reposition transpose budge apportion lay out lever jimmy pare cut loose fall open frondesce open wide yaw dehisce mitigate unbar unscrew untighten shave boil down obtain deal disburse dispense cause disagreement between sow dissension between put at odds bob divvy cut out nip meet ray out poll shorten force work free sow dissension among cause to disagree draw out pit against cause a rift cause disagreement sow dissension sow disaccord stir the pot evulse frazzle impair wrench fray claw grab pluck run snatch yank damage seize vivisect crisscross span furcate dimidiate hemisect exscind operate exsect dislimb prosect cut in size into dole out measure out become unfastened come loose slacken off clarify simplify comb card intercross touch interconnect overlap cut through pass across mete out score wound penetrate work out disencumber emancipate remove the knots from smooth out let off clear up unscramble disembroil bail one out let go disinvolve go fifty-fifty in go fifty-fifty go even-steven go halves with go halves in rip to pieces tear in two tear to pieces cut back trim off cut open schismatize perturb unhinge go Dutch pay half rummage misplace go halves cut apart separate into two lance graze saw pry cut into pieces perforate behead chip flitch saber sickle skive scarify scissor raze sliver scythe fell guillotine sabre lever open force open give way fissure display unjumble create a schism in break out cause a rift between unstitch unpick come undone


To remove oneself from a group that one has been associated with


To put an end to (a connection or relationship)
sever terminate discontinue dissolve cease end stop suspend abandon break off conclude bring to an end put an end to adjourn postpone cancel delay defer shelve check cut break stay hold up halt put off lay aside put back leave off interrupt cut off cut short put a stop to bring to a standstill bring to a halt put on ice put in cold storage bring to a close take a breather from put on a back burner dismiss disband finish disestablish abolish axe vacate abrogate prorogue void nullify annul null quash disannul abate repeal rescind invalidate negate overthrow avoid break up scrap disunite wind up dismantle wrack strike down get rid of wreck annihilate fade out wind down discharge disorganize decimate shoot ruin destroy shatter eradicate destruct ax loose split up roll back render void close do away with close down demolish unmake resolve into collapse call a halt to round off wrap up recess quit let up pigeonhole complete expire lapse elapse prorogate dead-end close out knock off round out wink out come to an end hold over table mothball abort call off pass determine consummate drop ultimate lay off take a rain check on put on the back burner call it a day arrest put a period to intermit reschedule put aside can culminate belay hold in abeyance crown die wrap suspend proceedings take a break sew up shut down finish off top off desist take a breather take a recess take five lay on the table hold off put the lid on be over set aside pull the plug on put on hold draw to a close retract revoke bring something to a close hold something in abeyance cinch go bring down curtain draw to close put to bed scratch eliminate run out extinguish scrub bring to a conclusion bring to an untimely end cap clear cut loose fold up button up button down be put to bed put a lid on withhold liquidate bankrupt take time out take ten rise sideline drop it call time shake bar retard hold pink-slip keep in abeyance put in abeyance file waive omit procrastinate inactivate protract hang up stave off push back put on back burner count out rule out lay over put on the shelf hang fire put into liquidation sell out pause continue put over remit respite curb restrain hold back call a halt take a rain check resolve relinquish sunder settle cut out desist from give up end up put paid to shut off dispose of wind something up pack in switch off pack up pull the plug get done give over give something the chop knock something on the head nip something in the bud get shut of nip in the bud pack it in get shot of

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