Đồng nghĩa của alienate

Alternative for alienate

alienates, alienated, alienating

Đồng nghĩa: alien, disaffect, estrange,


To cause to feel less close, friendly or caring
estrange distance isolate detach disunite divide divorce part separate alien disaffect disgruntle sever sour turn away drive apart set against set apart antagonise antagonize cut off wean set at odds sow dissension break off come between keep apart make hostile to make indifferent make unfriendly push away put at a distance set at variance turn off drive a wedge between turn your back on withdraw the affections of break up sunder dissociate segregate disconnect disengage set in opposition set as rivals turn against split pit against split up decouple disassociate break away withdraw leave quit disjoin disenchant disillusion disunify insulate sequester seclude dissever disaffiliate quarantine sow dissension between ramify disjoint uncouple resolve unyoke unlink disperse remove break with withdraw from dissolve make hostile withhold partition disband dismantle disrupt free lose meddle intervene interpose interrupt interfere upset disturb repel disquiet discompose agitate rive embroil avoid dissatisfy divert break undo drive away break from walk away keep at arm's length place far off move away sever connections between pull apart part company distance oneself set at odds with cause antagonism between destroy the affections of put on the outs cause disagreement between set against one another put at odds pit against one another unmarry break apart put away delink defect cocoon exclude cloister secede from become estranged close off shut away cordon off seal off abstract confine rope off fence off island keep out screen off bust up part company with sever connections with tape off shut off partition off curtain off keep in solitude form a ring around block off put a cordon sanitaire around reach a parting of the ways break off relations with unfasten unhitch cleave unhook disentangle rend dichotomize loose unfix diverge disarticulate loosen splinter factionalize untie take apart cut disassemble slice dissect come apart tear asunder extricate branch luxate spread triangulate rupture bifurcate section unbutton subdivide tear off unclasp dismount tear open unbridle dislocate untether break down go separate ways go in different directions cause dissent cause disagreement among unstrap fork move release displace relocate unbind dispel divaricate liberate shatter unlock crack segment scatter unbolt disentwine bisect clear unloose disintegrate unravel chop off hack off branch off dislodge branch out unclick divide in two cut up unhinge split in two stir the pot set free cause a rift sow dissension among cause to disagree cause disagreement put to flight sow disaccord go their separate ways cut in two abjugate decompose reduce unbuckle draw back dismember unpin break open wedge apart unsnap tear apart fracture burst fragment divide up dock amputate unzip rift crumble puncture breach lop off hew off shear off slice off unwrap shift transfer particularise itemise factor itemize portion strip particularize articulate uncombine rip asunder carve unfetter unlace unmanacle unshackle bust move apart clip off nip off pull off prune off fork off schismatize reposition budge transpose put asunder draw apart come away strip off unlash unseal fragmentize become disconnected become detached rip in two split down the middle disappear dismiss demarcate hack rip off disembarrass untangle ease differentiate unloosen let out unshut unclose unblock unknot unstop polarise polarize vanish rout create a rift in create a schism in cause a rift between quarter rip chop halve slash dissipate demobilize banish pierce smite send off demobilise drive off chase away cut loose cut out crack open chop up split open lay open slice up rummage perturb misplace get rid of drive squander send chase migrate clear out set asunder disject move in different directions unjoint slip subluxate put out of place put out of joint put out


To legally give up one's possession or ownership of (something)
convey transfer alien assign cede deed abalienate devolve make over hand over pass on pass give consign relinquish grant leave demise devise surrender hand down delegate transmit entrust deliver commit turn over sign over hand on lease dispose of bequeath attorn will deliver up give the title of give the right of divert refer designate allocate commission redirect charge channel task allot place vest intrust cast appropriate repose relegate confide abdicate trust reassign apportion give over hand change confer depute bestow dump offload foist decentralise decentralize be handed down hand to get rid of pass down give to fob off palm off pass to let go of part with recommend commend send on send reach deliver to let someone have submit invest throw dispatch forward direct to consign to pass on to turn over to direct buck remit toss send to chuck circulate bung lodge shift offer let have authorize authorise hand out readdress relay appoint present confine handball shunt parcel out endow escalate deposit engage hand round send on errand hold responsible for send on mission ordain move send out lay employ destine promise provide exchange jettison bestow on grant to settle confer on pertain furnish belong entrust to invest in give up leave to give custody of leave with give custody give free rein deposit with tender point patronise advance let patronize aid store loan lend command guide present to transfer to convey to hand over to put in the hands of rid unburden divest allow to look after let out put into hands of make trustee put into the hands of route free from relieve of steer show usher marshal marshall put in touch with


To deprive someone of a franchise, generally their right to vote

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