Đồng nghĩa của let go of

Alternative for let go of

Đồng nghĩa: let go, release, relinquish,


To (willingly) let go of (something)
hand on cede give grant hand part with pass relinquish surrender transfer bequeath leave will hand over yield turn over give up deliver lay down cough up turn in abdicate sacrifice renounce abandon render resign give away commit waive make over deliver up forfeit forgo consign entrust delegate transmit abnegate convey sign away sign over give over yield up shed forsake concede cast off lay aside forswear present trust commend vest depute render up intrust lose assign be handed down hand to pass on alienate decentralise get rid of pass down hand down give to fob off devolve palm off pass to decentralize bestow dump offload foist give in discard dispose of confide repose recommend relegate send confer submit dispatch remit send on furnish fork out communicate invest place provide allot supply charge refer deposit circulate feed shell out pay up let someone have dish out hand out dispense pony up ante up set down come up with make with allocate tender deed direct authorize lodge commission authorise forward alien fork up apportion route fork over cast throw relay show come across with hand in send out produce unload proffer come across issue task make something over to someone confine broadcast let off give custody of leave with give custody drop off deposit with impart find disseminate endow give free rein stream lease hand round give back shunt pay pay out spread register demise lay put aside put down finish with let fall toss send on errand send on mission parcel out hold responsible for chuck enter vouchsafe engage settle up lay out devise accord bestow on grant to confer on invest in settle pertain belong entrust to exchange reach bung abalienate shift offer ordain move carry remise send in put forward promise employ destine point purvey guide send forth patronise advance let store loan lend patronize aid command stump up foot the bill give the title of give the right of telex fax put in the hands of ship allow to look after let out make trustee put into the hands of put into hands of leave to transport steer post defray the cost of mail usher marshal marshall address send to direct to turn over to put in touch with consign to pass on to deliver to shoot send off pack off


(walk away from) To abandon someone or something
walk away abandon desert leave strand ditch forsake dump jilt abdicate maroon leave behind break with cast aside cast off run out on walk out on turn your back on wash your hands of back out of hang out to dry withdraw from bin off leave hanging kiss goodbye walk away from leave high and dry leave in the lurch run away run away from cut loose break up with leave stranded give up the ship turn back on take a powder flake out give someone the big E cop out storm out give someone the push drop out fly the coop take a walk bail out bow out screw opt out of orphan let someone stew in their own juice dispose of leg it pull out of quit throw over chicken out chuck drop give up discard reject give the elbow resign betray leave flat relinquish withdraw rat on disown resign from step down from disappoint bow out of finish with exit blow off get rid of break off with retire from fail pull out pack in get out step aside from jettison back out get out of renounce retire kiss off depart from disengage disillusion walk out disenchant opt out throw in the towel stop participating in leave someone holding the baby jack in repudiate stop cast ashore ignore spurn beach surrender cast away discontinue bail on throw away go vacate bail bag go away from pull split up with brush off move from let down renege on drop out of wriggle out step down bail out on give the heave-ho call it quits abstract oneself walk out of back off stop participating call it a day chuck in eighty-six isolate forbear wreck shipwreck trap bereave leave isolated cease shed forget deceive eliminate dispose neglect fail to support give notice to coquette cut off stop going out with walk off leave all alone break off one's relationship with throw up leave in trouble leave holding the bag leave helpless kiss good-bye leave in a lurch fall short of expectation pull the plug contract out yield sacrifice secede detach make an orphan leave alone leave parentless break off split up turn down break up end depart disengage from pull back recede from scratch from absent yourself detach yourself do the dirty on escape abstain from drift away sink move down let fall take your leave of change one's tune give someone the air take the oath show the door refuse to have anything to do with absolve yourself disregard give the old heave-ho leave at the altar stand down from let someone down stab in the back finish terminate avoid break snub be gone from be done with cheat split from shun bail from escape from clear out from check out from cease work give notice stand aside hand in resignation sign off hang it up stand down shirk get off take off from say goodbye to abscond from disappear from exit from set out from absent oneself from run along from refuse dissatisfy pull down depress lower leave in lurch take down fall short put behind you steer clear of go back on default on give up on welsh on have nothing to do with give a wide berth to shy away from stay clear of weasel out of demit give something a miss take the count throw in the sponge make one's exit


To release from a leash or captivity
unleash release untie free unloose loosen unchain loose unbind unlock discharge unshackle unloosen uncork unbridle untether unmanacle uncheck set free let go let loose let fly allow to run free allow to run riot give a free rein to liberate unfetter disengage extricate unfasten let out disentangle emancipate set loose undo deliver turn loose spring manumit rescue clear uncage unclasp detach bail out unbutton unfix enfranchise untangle disencumber disenthrall disenthral relieve save unstrap let off unravel unwrap unblock unclose unstop disconnect slip remove unshut unclick unpen unbuckle unyoke ransom absolve spare reprieve disimprison acquit enlarge befree redeem take out cast loose dismiss bail get out set at liberty pardon disembarrass let off the hook cut loose put on the street free up extract express explode go ape vociferate holler exempt pour out disentwine dislodge unburden give vent to unstick disburden divest parole cast off get loose pull free get free pull out rid excuse affranchise demobilize demobilise except dispense unlatch unbolt separate whitewash strip exonerate free from restraint free from restriction turn out give rights to lighten exculpate wipe the slate clean write off make exempt unsnap disjoin unscrew unlash unlace mitigate unbar unhitch untighten unpin let off the lead salvage come loose become unfastened slacken off work free break up work loose protect pull out of the fire save the day save from danger save the life of save one's neck lift get someone out save life of get off the hook bail someone out come to the rescue of get out of hock bring off save someone's bacon give a break come to the aid of expel set at large allow to leave

Trái nghĩa của let go of

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