Đồng nghĩa của split up with


To end a relationship with
throw over abandon cast aside cast off desert discard finish with jilt leave break up with chuck ditch drop dump leave flat leave stranded rat on bin off eighty-six forsake leave in the lurch quit run out on walk out on break with leave high and dry give someone the push give the elbow give someone the big E blow off kiss off leave someone holding the baby break off with give the heave-ho strand maroon leave behind turn your back on reject betray abdicate kiss goodbye jettison disown relinquish renounce screw give up turn one's back on withdraw from abstain from split up break up go away from cut loose let go of hang out to dry leave hanging leave someone in the lurch bail out on split from beach disappoint deceive repudiate depart from coquette resign yield spurn surrender sacrifice wash one's hands of take the oath drift away take your leave of show the door change one's tune give someone the air kiss good-bye break off walk out turn down give up the ship flake out cop out walk away bail out opt out of orphan let someone stew in their own juice leg it pull out of chicken out take a powder wash hands of back out of storm out drop out walk away from fly the coop take a walk bow out dispose of get rid of give the old heave-ho leave at the altar do the dirty on separate part split divorce bust up become estranged end relationship part with reach a parting of the ways tell somebody it's over get divorced part company go one's separate ways part ways stop living together neglect disregard depart discount ignore repeal forget disclaim abort flee revoke disavow escape rescind disappear from fly from retire from bail on flee from abscond from cheat on escape from refrain from run away from be gone from do away with back out on take oneself off from set out from be unfaithful to be disloyal to fail

Trái nghĩa của split up with

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