Đồng nghĩa của flake out

Alternative for flake out


To fall asleep from exhaustion
collapse faint drop fall swoon expire go succumb doze off nod off black out conk out fall asleep go out zone out drop off go out like a light go to sleep pass out sack out keel over lose consciousness check out fall unconscious drift off crash out go off get to sleep become unconscious crash nod snooze drowse doze catnap zonk out have a nap have a fainting fit crack up break down have forty winks get some shut-eye take forty winks go under be overcome go out like light fall in a faint draw a blank crap out slip into coma nap sink down die pass on demise peg out flatline decease depart croak perish exit kick in pass away part fall down end step out kick off pop off bite the dust buy it kick the bucket give up the ghost snuff it depart this life cross the great divide go the way of all flesh go belly up shuffle off this mortal coil buy the farm be no more go the way of the flesh pass be lost cark it bite the big one pop your clogs go to glory kick it peg it go bung hop the twig hop the stick meet one's end go to the great beyond breathe your last go the way of the dinosaurs meet one's death be killed cease go belly-up push up the daisies drop dead draw one's last breath go to one's last resting place pass over cash in one's chips be six feet under lose one's life meet one's maker turn up one's toes cease living cease to exist cross the Styx pop one's clogs kick in [slang] exterminate wane desist ruin abolish cave decline meet one's Maker run through fold up invalidate vanish disappear meet your end be slain be a casualty be a fatality run out call off all bets cool off buy a one-way ticket deep six waste be destroyed OD strike out up and die cash in chips meet your maker shove off go to the wall go west take your last breath lose life lose your life wilt meet waterloo go down give way give up pack it in feel lightheaded faint away feel giddy weaken conk suffocate drown relinquish life suck the kumara go to meet one's maker breathe one's last rest in peace go way of all flesh be taken lay down one's life hand in one's dinner pail


To leave behind or stop caring for someone or something
abandon desert leave strand ditch forsake dump jilt abdicate maroon orphan quit screw leave behind break with cast aside leave stranded bail out break up with cast off run out on walk out on cut loose let go of turn your back on wash hands of back out of bow out dispose of hang out to dry withdraw from bin off drop out leave hanging kiss goodbye walk away chicken out fly the coop throw over walk away from cop out leave high and dry leg it storm out leave in the lurch opt out of pull out of give someone the push let someone stew in their own juice take a powder give up the ship take a walk give someone the big E turn one's back on give up drop chuck relinquish resign reject renounce withdraw surrender discard betray repudiate renege give the elbow yield back out pull out disown rat on resign from escape ignore stop cede go back on retreat leave flat back off jack in pack in step down from let down apostatize get out of tergiversate abjure retire get rid of renege on neglect hand over get out bow out of disappoint step aside from avoid defect finish with forgo spurn exit go backpedal blow off disregard retire from forswear break off with fail opt out leave in trouble leave helpless jettison sell out throw in the towel throw away vacate shirk turn down recant depart waive depart from eschew turn back down abscond pull back kiss off disengage run away wash your hands of balk recoil bail on disillusion leave off cut off run away from default on flee walk out disenchant change sides backtrack stop participating in break fall away from leave someone holding the baby abnegate leave someone in the lurch decline refuse cast ashore miss disinherit beach welsh cast away bypass throw up cancel fink out forego baulk discontinue retract dodge evade revolt shun tergiverse rebel sacrifice dismiss let pass give up on duck decamp disclaim disavow bail concede weasel out bag disgorge beg off back pedal go away from pull fail to honour give someone the air split up with brush off move from change your mind fail to take advantage of drop out of go over shift ground take back walk out of wriggle out part with step down have nothing more to do with bail out on run out give the heave-ho have done with turn traitor call it quits deliver up abstract oneself divorce oneself from call it a day give something a miss turn coat go over the fence stop participating break faith chuck in shed forget evacuate refuse to have anything to do with turn over to absolve yourself shrink recede throw something up eighty-six turn away from trap isolate divert snub put behind you duck out stray backslide forbear wreck shipwreck stand down from bereave leave isolated cease give over to turn over deceive dispose eliminate fail to support pull the plug shy away move away back away go backward draw back coquette welsh on give notice to disprofess stop going out with give away leave all alone break off one's relationship with end relations with kiss good-bye secede detach sink leave holding the bag play one false move down let fall leave in a lurch fall short of expectation walk off end disengage from recede from detach yourself absent oneself scratch from make an orphan leave alone leave parentless break off split up break up have no more truck with violate oath defect from jump ship revisit turn back double back deny oneself brush aside do the dirty on waste squander cheat abstain from drift away finish give the old heave-ho leave at the altar take the oath take your leave of change one's tune show the door let someone down stab in the back pass up forfeit terminate be gone from be done with let go by miss out on retrace your steps quitclaim elope run off shut eyes to cop out of pay no attention to take no notice of wash one's hands of default sidestep bail from clear out from escape from check out from split from depress lower leave in lurch take down dissatisfy pull down fall short say goodbye to disappear from run along from take off from abscond from exit from set out from absent oneself from hand in resignation stand down cease work give notice stand aside sign off hang it up get off welch pass something up scratch retreat from skive skip shrink from skirt round change return revert be unfaithful blow bag it submit bilk steer clear of rationalize duck-shove cut excuse revoke funk skive off back down on break your word withgo break a promise botch fritter away expend fail to honor row back on go back on your word backtrack on cry off call off wiggle out shy from worm out apostacize go back accede climb down reconsider demur acquiesce admit give in concede defeat rat pass over fail to grasp lose out on let slip fail to take let go lose drop the ball duck out of use pretext have alibi rationalise wriggle out of slide out of demit blow it off get cold feet chicken out of accept defeat wimp out give ground admit defeat hold back cave in throw off change allegiances revolt against secede from go over to the enemy go AWOL change loyalties be apostate get cold feet about give the slip admit you were wrong have no fight left eat humble pie withdraw from agreement or statement toss over take the count throw in the sponge make one's exit

Trái nghĩa của flake out

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